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Friday, April 13, 2007

trip to the park.

I headed up my favorite drive along the river.and I figured Id find a good place to camp when Anna and her hubby pull their camper up there for was a lovely day.mild and sunny.I sat in the van with out my was a change from wearing all those darn winter things.

as I drove along I was on the look out for anything the Lord had for me to see.
but there didnt seem to be much as I just drove along the river.that in its self is beauty enough.the
sky was so clear that not even a cloud was seen.
the houses along the way where cleaned of the winter dead grasses in their yards.and the people where ready for spring flowers cause the gardens and flower beds looked like someone had been getting them ready.
I came to one of the farms that had stopped being a working farm long ago.a son and father were raking and doing yard work.they didnt even see me when I went by,they were so busy getting the work done.
they had a very large yard to I figure they didnt have time to pay any mind to some fat chic flying by in a big white van.

when I came to the town where the park is I seen the fire danger was high.on the sign at the DNR office,smokey bear was waving and telling me to fight forest fires by not starting them.
I came around the bend and seen that there were no geese in the lake.they come to that place and sit along the little Islands in the lake.but today there werent any there.
I drove past the info office and the ball fields,along he little drive past the boat landing and past the houses where all the deer use to be .when I had stayed here at my uncles for three months to watch his house for them.but today there were no deer.
I drove to the ranger station and went in to get the info I needed.the ranger was there drinking his moring coffee.

His name is mike.I told him about why I came and he gave me a bunch of papers on the numbers of the camp sites ,and the prices ,and some other stuff.we talked for a while about the park and the day.then I told him about the Lord healing me of cancer.also let him know I was a follower of Jesus.

then I asked him about being a ranger.cause the grandsons are thinking about it.we talked alittle more and he said you need two years of collage and some natural resorces back round.and the one place to get the training is in a town where we have the boys could go and be able to stay with family.we talked a little more and I moved on.

the picture above is what was waiting for me as I pulled into the first part of the can see them in the water by the two pine branches.push on the picture and they will get big.I will go put the other pictures on now.

this is number one picture .

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Blogger Raggedy said...

What a lovely day!
I see the pair there floating calmly on the water.

2:35 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

yes isnt it nice to think some stay together for life.geese and swans do.its sad to think if they lose their mate they some times are alone the rest of their lives.
every time I see a pair of Gods ceatures together I wonder why I have never been able to find someone just for me.
maybe I am just ment to be alone?
all I know is this last time has made me feel I will never try again.

7:45 PM  

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