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Friday, March 30, 2007

Flooting on the spring time air.

rains came, hurryed rushing along as if late for some appointment some place fast as it came it was gone.

the rainbow came as a sign the storm was past.the grass started to green up.and the beauty of the spring again refreshed my winter chilled spirit.the sun,s warmth melted the touch of the winters icey fingers off my soul.and gave me the hope for the new season ahead.and for a better.

I love the fact God put a sign in the sky that he would never destroy the earth again with a flood.he had made it in the sky to tell noah and his family, that their new life had begon .so they could walk out knowing that it was a new start.

I hate when others use this sign for anything other then what God intended.its a sign of blessings being restored to people who were faithful to do as God told them.

a rainbow is a sign to me that God keeps his word.there has not been another whole world flood.and that is what this sign means.

To me its a sign of hope.and the treasure at the end of it is Jesus,not a make believe pot of gold.or for a sign of sin but the end of it.

Today as I was thinking about what to write.I took a look at my comments and read some that were on here the other day.a dear friend who I call (blue eyes )gave me a Idia.( its the little things,blog)
she was talking about flooting down a river in the nude ("HOLD ON HOLD ON SHE WAS ONLY THINKING ABOUT IT!!!!SO DONT GO RUNING OVER THEiR JUST YET").now she could get away with it she is pretty and shapely."me" Id scare the crap out of the fish ,wild life ,and any people along the way.and all those save the animals people would be trying to drag the whale back out into salt water.
but that is another story.

I said all that to say this.I remember a day I went down to the creek .it was when I was about 7 or was one of those days a kid cant wait to get outside and find some thing wonderful to do.the sky was so blue you could just lay down in the hay and watch the clouds roll by.there were fuffy little jolly clouds dancing across the sky.the birds were busy making nests in the maple tree by the creek road.the dogs were hunting for some thing in the hey field south of the house.granny was hanging up clothes and mom was washing them in the ringer washer on the north side of the house near the hack berry tree.

she had the two rinse tubbs full of cold water. and had put the blueing in it to make the sheets come out so white you would think they were Dad was in his shop welding some broken farm parts for some one who brought them to his back smith shop.everyone was busy with the every dayness of farm life,and living.

Me I was itching for addventure.I asked mom if I could walk down by the creek?she said you better wait till granny can walk with you.I said Moooooom you know I will stay away from the water.I just need to go for a walk and see what I can see.she ran down the rules.
1.dont go near the water.(that ment dont get so close you can fall in and drown.)

2.stay away from animals that ment, dont let a stunks spray, you I already have too many clothes to wash!!!. and dont get hurt by badgers,and dont let a bears eat you.

3.stay away from the water!!!!(that ment dont get any bright Idias of going in for a swim!!!to cool off.)

4.come back when granny calls for you.(OOOOO mom you know she will call the minute I get over by the crabapple tree by the bee seller ,that was not even out of the yard!!!)

so I said please dont tell her tell I have to come home please!!!!she said ok but you be careful!!yes mom .

I took off on a dead run.down the drive way to the creek lane as fast as I could so granny didnt see me.going to the creek.
she was hanging clothes and almost saw me as I ran past the house.but I flew by her like the the time she looked to see what went past I was on the other side of the old shop,and well on my way to an addventure.

I loved the creek was just plain dirt.with little tufts of green grass growing up here and there in the middle where the tracktor tires or car tires didnt touch.there were big ruts in it from when the rainy times made it so muddy Dad would have one heck of a time getting to the fields.those ruts held rain and I was a avide puddle Id spend a good part of a day with my feet in the was heaven.

as I walked along the dust flew up and made little I got close I could see and smell, the plum tree was in bloom .and I could hardly wait tell granny made wild plum jelly.yummmmmmy!!!and the choke chreey bushs were in bloom to.the hey was coming up and was filling in nicely after the winter.things were green and life was good.

the road was about half a mile long so it took me a while to reach the creek, its self.I aways slowed down and was as quiet as a Indain hunting.Id walk ever so slow and quiet so the wild life didnt know I was there.Id check the skunk den at the base of the old snarly oak tree on the hill,to be sure mommy skunk wasnt sunning her self.Id walk past fast so she couldnt surprise me and spray me.

but as I pasted by it didnt look like she was there this spring.there were no tracks in the sand at the I breath alittle easyer.

I was only a short way from the creek now,it was only about 20 feet to my left down a small bank.the old cat tail rushs from last fall ,were blocking my view of it.I would go to the little road Dad put in so we could go across the swampy area to pine Island.

I look down by the old cabin foundtion my great granpa had lived in when he frist moved here.there was a dark thing I always thought was a bear.but it was a blowen over alder tree,and its roots were still covered with the black dirt from the it had looked like a bear once when I had come along after a storm.believe me my heart stopped and I stopped dead in my trakes tell I saw what it was that day.but every time after Id still check it to be sure.and the same feeling would grip my tummy.

there was a great blue heron in the water at the creek shore.he didnt see me cause I was still down wind and behind the rushs.I could see him but he didnt see me. I stood still and watched him walk along looking in the water for his I came closer I slowed down again and watched him some more.I love the way they walk.they pick their long legs up out of the water so they dont cause waves and scare the fish away.they put them selves between the sun and their food,so they look like a old cloud flooting over.that way the fish dont know they are about to get picked out of the water.its awesome how God made them.

soon I deside I better get my self going.he heard me before he seen me and flew up and over me and was gone off into the swamp.a blue jay heard the comoshion and gave his sentinal cry,to let everyone know there was a intruder in their home.I love jays but they make me mad.I miss out on the eliment of surrpise then.he flew off and I thought good!!!big mouth!!!

I walked along the trail out to the little diving dock.I was going to walk out to the meadow beyond but the spring flood had washed out some of the little road.Dad would not be happy about would take him some time to fix before he could go over there.

I sat down on the bank away from the water a few feet. so I wouldnt get in dutch with mom when she asked how close I was to the water."geesh," I love the water didnt she know how hard it was for a kid on a warm day to keep her feet out of the water?no all she cared about was that I didnt fall in and drown before I could get out.
I never did figure how one could drown in about 6 inches of water.but then you know mom,s!!!the creek its self was deep over by the swimming hole,there it was about 10 feet deep in the very middle.but I never went there alone.

I layed back on the grass and looked up at the clouds.they were just flooting along ever so slowly not in any hurry.a barn swallow drated by and was gone.most likely dipping mud form the creek bank to build his nest.the site of him in flight made me wish I could fly.

as I lay there I heard a dove in the distance calling for her mate,soon off in the swamp I heard him call back.I cupped my hands and made the call .soon one flew over to see what strange new dove called.I lay still so it didnt know what I sat and looked around and soon left when it didnt hear the call again.

I was enjoying my self so much.a wood picker was pecking on a tree off in the woods.a dargon fly flew past my head and scared me.a fat bumble bee came and landed by the water to get a drink.poor guy looked tired from his flight.he stood there a second or so as if getting strangth to go on.soon he lifted off and was gone.and acorn ,left over from last fall hit the ground behind me making a thod sound.

I was so peaceful I was almost ready to fall asleep.only a few seconds more and Id have been fast asleep.but the curly hair, fast footed, shrill ,addventure stopping granny called off in the distance.I could hear the high pitch eeeeeeeeeeeeeee at the end of my name.yap it was time to go home.I reluctantly got to my feet and headed home to the corous of the curly hair in the distance.I picked up my pace as the sound got more intence.soon I seen her looking down the road.I waved and she waved and the eeeeeeeeee stopped.

many times, over the years that eeeeeeeee would call me those times Id hate the sound cause I knew it was the end of some great addvernture.but as I got older and the years passed by, and that wonderful call was heard no more .Id give anything to hear that eeeeeeeee just once more and run to that set of open arms .and hear I love you,I was worryed about you.
OOOOOOO I miss those good old days of wonder, and beauty,and voices and faces I will not see till I go home.

treasure the voices,the faces,the addventures you have.cause time passes and things change and you can never go home again.but only in your mind.

written by PLS.all rights reserved.

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Blogger Merle said...

Hi Leann ~~ Another great story from your childhood memories. Good one. Loved the Rainbow photo too. Glad you enjoy my jokes etc, because I enjoy
reading all yours. Take care, Love,

12:32 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

Hi merle~~ its always good to see your smiling face.glad you liked the story.
its easyer to write happy times.but this blog is to tell the real I have to put the bad with the good some times.
glad you enjoyed the raindow.

have a great weekend and God bless.

10:58 AM  
Blogger audrey` said...

Hi Leann

I like rainbow =)

6:41 PM  
Blogger Raggedy said...

Thank you for sharing your childhood romp to the creek with us. I enjoyed walking along with you and seeing all the things you saw. Great memories!
The pictures are beautiful as well.
Have a wonderful day!
Huggles and Love,

8:14 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks girls for stopping by.glad some one is reading my blog.have a great day.

12:30 PM  

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