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Thursday, September 27, 2007

number one.

All alone.But not alone.
the kids left on monday and here I was alone.a sadness over took me and I was lonely for the frist time in a long time.for some reason I felt very alone.I was in a strange place far from home.the weather was not good to say the lest.
the rain was coming down like cats and dogs .and I was wondering what I could do to keep busy.and get rid of this nagging feeling of lose or lonelyness,sadness,just couldnt put my finger on the emotion.
and right in the middle of the guiet in the room,came a friendly voice.
your never alone my child."
and this feeling of a blanket of love covered me and I felt like all was well.I looked out the window and there sat three men in a boat.I hadnt even known they were there before.

for some reason seeing them there in that rain storm comforted me.and knowing the Lord was right here with me in the cabin,in fact in my heart.only 18 inches below my head.
I sat and said ok Lord what can we talk about today?its raining so hard I can heardly see those poor guys.and I havent the guts to go out to go anywhere,so what do we do?
I got my field glasses out and looked at those poor was three men,no ladys I know would sit in pouring rain and fish.
they looked content to be fishing when ya couldnt even see your hand in front of your face, the rain was coming so fast.
thank God they had rain coats on.I watched them for a long time.I wondered who they were.and if they would be so faithful to do some thing for the Lord?
I wondered if they were in need of money and they were trying to win the fish o roma money.
but soon they moved on and all I could see was rained for a good part of the day.and I read in my bible and just spent time with the Lord.
and at one point he said some thing.
(you all know I been thinking its time to move out of this small apartment and into a bigger place in the country.)
well I been asking the Lord to help me know if I should, or stay here.
and if I did move would I find a bettter place then here.its easy to pay for this place and all is taken care of snow removal,lawn and every I was just asking for help to know what to do.
and the Lord said "this cabin and the trip were to give you faith to believe site unseen I can find a place that works for you."
and as he said it my faith that he would guide me into what to do,came flooding in.
it would all fit together just like the trip did.
no problems no worry just do as he said and all fit like a comfortable clove.
so I looked up and the rain had stopped alittle.and here were some little coots right out in front of the cabin.I love to see the little ones.
they are so cute.they were bobing up and down in the rough water,and they reminded me.
God cares for the wild life and meets their needs.why wouldnt he lead me to safe harbor.he had always found me homes before.great places to live.wonderful places,always better then the why would this time be any diffrent?
the coots were busy feeding.once in a while one would disapair into the water and come up some place else.I sat and watched them for a long time.they werent at all afraid of the future.they knew God would provide for them.and if it didnt come it was their time to go ,before they couldnt take care of their selves any more.that is how I want to go.long before I am not able to care for myself.

I looked out again after doing a few cleaning tasks,and the storm had moved on and the sun was was going to be a lovely night.I thanked the Lord for the lovely evening.and the much needed rain for this lovely place.
also I thanked him for the insite to know all was well and he would provide.and all would fit as well as all the rest he did in my life.
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Blogger USAincognito said...

Isn't it great to have a day to just relax by yourself?!? I could definitely go for one of those about right now!

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