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Monday, September 24, 2007

(number one) the Villa,trip to the lake.

I drove along the high way on my way to the cabin.
didnt know what it would look like only had to trust the Lord had picked a good one.
as he always has in the past when we went away.I had called one place I really wanted to go only to get sticker shock so bad it made my hair stand on end!!!!holy moloy 1800 for a week.good Lord was it gold plate or something?
no just a log cabin on a was cool I may add hence why I wanted to stay there.but it would have made my penny pinching nature hurt for a long time.
as I found out it was not the place we were going.
so I looked through my flyers from the town I felt maybe we would go.since it had been the place the Lord had me go before.
cool place with friendly people and small town life.all built around a lovely six lakes.
I said ok Lord where we going?I looked at a few flyers and just didnt feel they were the I sat there I kept coming to just one.
I had been there before years before.
way before me and hubby got married.but I had stayed in a little two bedroom one.this time the kids were going to come up for a few I needed at lest a three bedroom.and with comfortable beds for all.
so I called the place to see if they had anything.
the lady answered and I told her what I needed.she said O you need the has three bedrooms,a deck facing he lake and its a nice place.there is a dock and lawn chairs.
so I said Ill take it.Ill see you the 14th.I asked if I could stay till the 23rd and she said yes.
when I drove in her hubby said just go and get settled in and Barb will come over later.
I headed the van to a long drive went back through big pine tree,s and was near a small wood,s.
from the out side it looked very small.and not too classy.but I desided to give it a chance.I walked in to the place and was very pleased.

the yard was nice and the view from the yard showed me the lake was pretty.and not just a little peek of the lake a big wide view.
the place was very nice ,clean and well kept up.every thing was new and looked as if they had only remodeled a short time before.the windows were big and let in a lot of it was bright and friendly.
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Blogger audrey` said...

Happy Holiday =)

1:18 AM  
Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

What a neat cabin, and as I've been reading, you'ved such a great time. I'm enjoying my visit here. So much to see and read. And of course, you're a spunky lady. Good for you. Thought I'd say Hello.

Best regards,


2:53 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

Audrey and Renie;thanks for stopping by.

Renie;new people are always welcome.
God bless you both.take care and have a great week whats left of it.

7:17 AM  

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