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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

number one, more trip sharing.

Big foot and little bear siteing in the north wood,s..
yes teddy headed right to me when he came running in the I had to do a bigfoot siteing.remember I said Id do them now and then.he sure love to sit by me when I am with him.I guess it maybe cause he misses my mom.he love to sit with her to.the kids use to say he was babysitting her.she would laugh and say teddy loved her,and he did.she use to sneak him food when no one saw.
dont tell anyone but I do to.he is so dang cute how could I refuse?

Anna came back from the store with these pretty flowers as a gift and thank you for me invieting them to come and stay those few days.these flowers blessed me with lovelyness even after the kids went home.she gave me the little candle to.she is a sweet warm hearted you Anna.thank you.I enjoyed havng you guys with was lonesome when you left.

Little green tree frog,s are so cute.TJ found this one by the boat parking lot near the cabin.he jumped off TJ,s hand into the jeep.and TJ had to find him.he was between the seats.he called him cermit.

the kids took out the boat and this was when they were coming back in.just before they were getting ready to go home.
when the guys were out fishing one of the days Anna and I ran up to one of the little towns north of there.
they have some very nice stores and we like to shop town has a place called the crossroads cafe.its got the best darn hot beef,s Anna wanted to take me out to eat.I hadnt been there for a very long friend Doris and I would come there every time we came up north.and Id get the hot beef.yummmmy.O them baby,s are the best.I try to make them but just don,t teaste the same..
Anna had their patty melt..they are great to..
when we went to the store I picked up some journals small and large and mid.they are so nice and only cost me 1.39 large.129 mid,and 99 for needless to say I stocked up on them.
I do a lot of writing in the winter so this will save me a lot of money.
they have pen,s I like , 3 for a I stocked up on them .
we also found a little store with some cool stuff, in the town where the hot beef,s were.
the store had some rainbow clog,s in the window.they are so comfortable, I had Anna stop to check out he store.
they have all kind of goodies.we went through the whole store.finding little treasures her and there.
we both got some of the shoes and Anna got me another gift.
its three pretty plates that hang on a wall.Ill take pictures later when I get them on the wall and share them with you.
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Blogger USAincognito said...

What a cute little green tree frog! I have never seen one that small before! :)

11:13 AM  
Blogger audrey` said...

Anna is such a sweet girl =)

9:05 PM  

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