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Thursday, December 06, 2007

O christmas tree O christmas tree how lovely are your branches

My girls love teddybears.they collect them.and they have some of the sweetest ones.this tree with all its little fuzzy friends under is a post for Lucy,Anna,Em,and sarbear.
I love you all and cant wait till christmas to be with you all.
I love this time of year.its the time of year when all things seem posiable.when no prayer is too hard to answer.and no dream is too hard to come true.the time of year when God was the gift giver to show how its done.
a baby was born for all man kind and peace on earth was granted to all men.this peace was with God.for he had finely sent the one who was able to pay the price to get it.that one night changed every small child came on the seen and forever would be inportant in this old sin covered world.
the child came as a poor child who was forced to be born in a barn and layed with loving care in a manger intended for animals .this was so even a poor man could call on him and be not afriad.he was given gifts of great value so even rich men could call out to him and feel unafraid.
this small child who seemed so helpless was God himself wrapped in human form.the loving father come to buy back his lost family in the body of his son.
the night must have been proud to have Jesus born.the stars twickled alittle brighter.the wind blew alittle softer,the animals bowed down in worship and awe.
did his mother know who was looking back at her as she tended to his needs?she new he was Gods son, but did she know one day she would have to cry out to him for her own salvation?yes she was blessed to have been given the chance to bar him.but she to needed what he came to give.
the story of this night has been told over and over for over 2000 years,but it never loses its wonder or shines down in time as the greatest christmas there ever could lovely as all the ones that came after are ,they will never out shine the very frist.and I think that is why babys born are blessed alittle more on their frist christmas.
I think about what it was like to have been there to see Jesus as a baby.what a blessing it was to those who had waited years in the temple for the time to they could see with their own eyes the son of God the redemer come to pass.
it fills my heart with joy to know who he was and just why he came.for he was fully God and fully could have not been done any other way.only God could live a sinless life to save us.
the God of heaven and earth gave up his place in heaven to come here in a babys form to live a life for us that we could not do for our self.and one day he hung on a tree and died to give the blood that would wash us clean.because there is no salvation with out blood to pay the price for sin.Jesus is the lamb of God.
Do you ever think about how he lived here as he grow.people say all maner of things that are not true about him.there was a movie out just short time ago that said he was married and had kids and all things to belittle what he did.and they were all lies.because the bible said he was not married cause he gave up the right to have a family ,to buy us back.we you see are his family.we are his says so in the last book of the bible.
and the bible is the word of God.yes he inspired God fearing men to write what he layed on their hearts.just like he is inspiring me to write this now through his Holy spirit.
I am no great fact if you were to talk to my teaches in school they would tell when I left I barely could read let alone spell so anyone could understand what I was writing.
they would tell you I was a person who they pushed in one door and kicked out the report card was very colorful if you get my drift.
so you see if God had not worked with me for years to be able to use would surely not be reading this now ,nore would there be a blog here called the view from the eagles nest.this is His blog not mine.
had he not made a way for me to get the computer there would be no blog.and he helped me learn how to work this thing.he used my grandkids and daughters and son in law to give me the pointers and then I was on my own.and I felt like teaching it to fly out my 7th floor window many times.
so if God can use a dummy like me and get me to where he can speak through then he can surely use anyone.
it says in his word he uses the foolish, to confound the does he use men?yes he did it back before he came and he is doing so today.only diffrence is back then the Holy Spirit hovered over them not live in them.
do you remember the word that says "God didnt want to live in tents in the desert,but in the hearts of his people?well that is why he sent Jesus,and Jesus sent back his Holy Spirit when he he could live in us when we were born again.
"Christ in you the hope of glory ".he still uses men to day and women who will recieve him and then be willing to hear him and spend time with him.
em I special?no Iam just willing to let him work through me.em I some big inportant person?no.Iam just a little house wife,who isnt very smart,or who would not be able to do any thing with out Him.
does God work through people today?yes ..
does the devil work through people today? only has to look around at the evil in this world.but one can also see the good.
but it depends on what channels you watch on TV.cause the NBC,S ,and CBS,S,and channels like the so called family channel dont want you to know there is Gods work going on.if you dont believe me take a good look at what is said when 700 club the only christian show on it is , says "we do not agree with what was said in this show".
in other words we dont believe in a God who is God of heaven and earth.we only believe in money and big bucks.we are just letting this 700 club on because they owned it frist.
sence it was taken over I dont watch it any more.only when 700 club comes on.why you may ask?
well cause its gotten as bad as some of the nasty cant let your kids watch cause they have some pretty risky junk as for calling them self fox family they should be called foxy family channel.
just for the record I liked it much better before fox took it over.if Iam not mistaken ted turner took it over,I rest my case.he was the one who divocred his wife shorty after she got saved when her driver had been telling her about Jesus for two years.
I also love the fact this time of year shows who is christian and who is just playing both sides of the the stores who forbide their workers to say Merry christmas.
O you want my money this time of year but you dont want to be caught saying merry christmas.well dear christmas and Jesus are the reason for the season.and if he aint in it it aint if ya dont want me in your store saying merry christmas then sweetie you can get along just fine with out my bucks to!!!!
can you believe the stupidity of some people.they cut their own nesks and dont even know it.
I feel this way."if ya dont like what I believe in fine.dont get invalved.dont put up a tree,dont even put things in your store for gifts.after all God started the gift giving at christmas you will have to find a diffrent time.and then us people who do believe can have our holiday in peace.and if others are offened by what we believe so what,we let them come here to worship as they who gives them the right to have a hissy fit when they came to a christian country in the frist place for the freedom we have cause (we are) a christian nation.
I dont care if you worship the back side of a bull or UFO,S or little green men ,we all have free will.I will share the truth with you cant say I didnt at judgement day.but if ya want to skiss the back side of a bull or what ever, fine.but I have a right to believe in and worship the one who saved me so I knew it.
now when your bull can do that then and only then would I even pay attention.
but Ill still believe the truth and stick with Jesus.even if your bull stands on his back feet and sings the battle hem of the repblic in the key of c.and does the moon walk holding a budda,mohammed,the easter bunny and if your offended by that then you know how I feel when you dis my Jesus!!!!
christmas is the time my soon coming kind was born and its a wonderful time of year for dont tell me I cant say merry christmas or put a manger seen in my yard.cause them are fighting words.
how do you feel about the stores and people who want to close down Christmas?
or kill the jews or whip them off the face of the earth?
we need to stand up for them and us.cause we have the same God.He picked them frist and grafted us in later.
sorry so long but things jsut tee me off when someone trys to stomp on my party.
please leave a comment and let me know how you have seen the christmas killers.
the ones who say happy holidays or the winter season.those who want to take christ out of christmas and turn it in to a X "Mess"..cause with out Jesus in the season it is a mess...
thanks for reading and God bless you. if you didnt get time to read the story I gave all my blog friends for christmas please check it out.its called "the lamb of God".


Blogger Gods gangsta said...

hey na

12:03 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

hey T dog.nice picture dude.

12:07 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

Great post mom, I agree with you about all the "christmas killers" Im so tired of hearing how people get offended by things. Get a grip people get offended over things that are really offensive, they just dont want to be held accountable.
Love ya

12:41 PM  
Blogger Sister--Three said...

Christmas was destoryed long ago. NOt much remains as it was first celebrated. Commercialism is the killer of christmas...and we feed the killer when we buy.

2:30 PM  
Blogger Andrea said...

Great post. It is sad how commercialized Christmas is. It is about the celebration of the birth of JESUS.

3:38 PM  
Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

Wonderful post, Leann, and I agree with you as well. In Hungary, when I was a child, eons ago, Christmas was more oriented on the real meaning of the season, the birth of our Savior. Thank you for the reminder of what it is all about.




3:59 AM  
Blogger audrey` said...

Hi Leann

Yes, may we remember the real meaning of Christmas =)

4:14 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks every one for leaving your comments.every time some one speaks up for the real meaning others know now many of us there are.and if they see our numbers they will think again about trying to kill christmas.they couldnt kill him back then cuase he walked out of the crave.and they cant do it now cause he lives in the hearts of his kids and even if on goes another one will raise up in their the christmas child will never die cause he lives in our hearts.

8:38 AM  
Blogger Mountain Mama said...

A long read but worth every minute!!You go girl!!
I love how you say it just how it is. You don't play around with words, you just get to the point. And you make some excellent points too.
I feel the same way you do. Anyone who calls themself a Christian has to.
As for me, I will never stop saying Merry Christmas whenever, where ever and to whom ever I wish. If I choose to put a manger scene in my yard or anywhere else, I will.
As you and many have said, this is the United States Of Aamerica, We are a CHRISTIAN COUNTRY and we will not change that for anyone or anything.

2:31 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

thank you mountain mama;it helps me to go on knowing others back me with their strength to.

some times its hard to stand up in a crazy world like this.with waco,s tryig to kill people who dont believe in their twisted relgion.
like wanting to stone you cause some little kids wanted to name their stuffed bear their Gods name.
now Jesus would have loved it and told the kids so and hugged them and gathered them around and talked with them.this bunch of people prove every day what kind of a messed up God they believe in.
it sure isnt the kind of God I want for my family.nore for any one else.

if this bunch of people dont look out the religion like that will kill them all off for making some dumb mistake.

8:56 AM  

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