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Friday, April 13, 2007

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I drove to the camp site and checked out the places I would like to stay.the one is near the water.and I will be able to see the lake from the camper.and its close to the showers and bathrooms.
this picture is of the fishing dock at the end of the was so pretty I stopped to just enjoy the color of the water and the beauty of the day..the birds were singing and I could hear geese off in the distance.

I could have just sat in that place and fallen asleep listening to the wildressness sounds.but I had a few things to see yet.I drove along the water till I seen something in the water around a little bend in the road.

there in the water was a animal I didnt know what it was cause I was still too far away.
I was careful and drove as close to the water as I was able to get a good shot with the camera.
it was a young otter.he had a fish and was eating it on a little stump that was sticking out of the water.he saw me and didnt know if he should stay or leave.he jumped into the water and then desided he better take his fish he came out on the stump again.then he desided he should leave and eat some where else.
He didnt like some lady watching him and snapping pictures of him while he tryed to eat his fish!!!he went in the water and was gone.
but I already had the picture so it didnt can see him on the stump in the water.I sat for a short time and was thinking how good God is to bless his kids.
I was able to see a otter in the wild.I had seen one years ago when I was a kid.but this one was more of a treat cause I am not out in the wilderness as much.and this was a blessing.
the animals come out in the winter cause the park is deserted and guiet.and I came on a day that was mild and here I was able to see the otter.thank you Lord for the blessings.I sat for a little longer and desided to drive back through once more before I left. being by the water always refeshs I drove through once more.but anything that had been there was gone now.I looked once more at the two spots I had picked to camp.and then headed out of the park.

as I drove along the lake I desided to drive along the west side of the park.and along the lake from there.and Iam so glad I did.cause there sat a goose on a log sunning himself.
if I had been able I could have snaped a shot of him and the odd looking ducks.
but a car was right behind me and there is no I missed the shot.
I hurryed and went down and turned around and headed back.and was able to get this shot.
he sat there and let me take his picture.there were other ducks off to the left but couldnt get him and them in the picture.but this is a cool picture anyway.
I had to leave then cause another car was I headed I drove along I was thinking about when I come up to stay.and the time Ill have to take pictures and enjoy my self.I love to camp.but cant do it the way I use to.

I would take my tent and little twin bed and off Id go up north about 80 miles form home.Id drive slow and enjoy the Id pull out of town the cares and worrys would melt in the beauty of the drive.Id forget the things that had been so worry some at home.
the closets that needed to be cleaned.the house work that needed to be done for spring.problems that needed to be worked out,all drifted away as I drove.
Id get there to the land at around lunch.set up the tent and unload my stuff.and then go get the water in town,and eat.Id drive out by the lake to see if it had changed.and sit for a long while and just write in my journal.draw what I saw,and just look out across the water.

the nights in the tent were the best.Id pray and talk to the Lord,and listen to the night sounds.the night birds off in the forest would sing me to sleep most nights.once early in the morning off in the distance I could hear wolves or coyotes.they howled and it was so cool.I never felt scared or alone cause the Lord was with me.
Id make my meals in mom,s camper but sleep in the couldnt hear the wilderness sounds as good in the camper .so that is why I slept in the tent.
every thing always teasts so much better up north in the wild.I havent figured out why but it mom and stepDad always said "its the air"and maybe it is.
the air is cleaner and fresh,and your so dang hungry you could eat a bear.I remember mom,s pancakes, bacon and eggs.boy that was doing her breakfast would wake us all up.the smell of bacon and egg frying on the cool moring air is just too tempting to sleep through.yummy yum yum!!!!

but this time I was alone.and breakfast was some sweet roll and tea.Id sit and read in the camper for a while and then write in my journal.
by then it would be time to take a drive to the river.there was a cool log cabin over by the lodge a few miles I would drive there and sit by the river a was peaceful and pretty.Id take my lunch some times and just stay gone all day.find places to sit so I could draw my addventures.I didnt have a camera working then.and the money was needed for the trip,not to get pictures Id draw them.
one fall it was the best time I ever had,also the last time I went up there to camp.little did I know it would be the last time with my tent and the last time Id be able to camp there by my self or camp at all.I enjoyed that trip the most.

the leaves were all ablaze with their fall colors and the weather was perfect.the time was just right for me.the Lord had worked it all out to bless me.the maple tree down by the falls was so was blood red and so beautiful.the sky seemed so blue,more lovely then I had ever seen it.every thing was intence and breath taking.I remember wondering why every thing was so alive and wonderful.
I remember just saying Lord its so beautiful.thank you thank you.
I drove along the wilderness roads and was just like a little kid with a new toy.I felt more alive then I had ever felt in my life.
I met people and talked about the Lord and how he had always been there for was like this time was just for my blessing.

I read a few books that even blessed me.I had put the books there years before and found them and read them.they were even a blessing.the storys went along with what I was was as if God had put every thing in place to refesh and revive me.
a thunder storm came through on evening and the pitter pat on the roof from the rain sang me to sleep.

early one moring geese came right over top of the camper and were so cool.the Lord knows I love to hear the geese in the fall.and watch them fly over in their V,s.the time was ment to bless and get me ready.but at the time I didnt know what for.
but I learned a year later.and those days would help me in the years to come.Id run back there to that time in the wildreness and Id be refreshed.

that october and early september was the time I would remember when the next year rolled around.
my step Dad died in september,and then christmas time found me sick and needing to go to the doctors at my daugthers.
I ended up having a DNC there only to find I needed to go to the doc when I got home.see the doctor down there found I had cancer but he didnt want to tell me tell I seen my own doctor.

the Lord knew he needed to get me ready for the time Id be layed up.almost two years before Id be able to get around like I once had.and the tent was gone and my wanting to be alone in the wilderness was buryed under a cain to walk with and a feeling of being weaker then I had ever felt in my life.for a while didnt think Id ever do things like I use to.but the Lord knew He would bring me back.the devil tryed to kill me off,but the Lord healed me.

Now I can hardly wait till I can go and camp again on my own,just me and will be cool.Ill take the time to take pictures and share it with you.well guess I better get this post done or someone may come and miss the whole story cause this part took me so long.
hope you enjoyed my ride up to the park.and the memories of the fall I spent in the wilderness up north.


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Blogger Kathy Finfrock said...

Thanks for sharing. It is a beautiful area and how wonderful to have spotted the otter in all that open space.

3:40 PM  
Blogger Penless Thoughts said...

Is the water truly that blue. That is absolutely beautiful!!!

9:00 PM  
Blogger Raggedy said...

What a beautiful post!
I am sorry for the loss of your step dad. Your own struggle sounded long and hard and I am proud of you for making it all the way back to be able to enjoy the things you once loved so much. The park looks beautiful and I know you are going to enjoy your camping adventure!
Thank you for sharing with us.
Huggles and Love,

2:47 AM  
Blogger The very nice man said...

Hey, Leann, are you currently working in your "blue phase"???
You certainly are a colourful creature!! Blessings!!

5:18 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks for stopping kathy.

penless and nice man.
blue is my color.I could have made them black and white but I figured you would like color better.

glad you enjoyed them.

thanks raggedy for your nice words.

7:40 PM  
Blogger Merle said...

Hi Leann ~~ I have been away and have just read the story of your trips
and how lovely it all sounds. I am so glad you got over your cancer. I had breast cancer many years ago and was also healed. God is Good.
I am glad you are able to go camping again Leann, and enjoy reading your stories. Take care, Love, Merle.

3:39 AM  

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