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Friday, May 11, 2007

spring time drive.

This is a picture of a apple tree in the was so pretty and happy all in bloom I needed to share it with the rest of you.I drove in and just looked at how poudly it stood over the grave of a loved one.someone planted this to mark the even if all the family went.this tree would forever say every lays someone who is loved and rememberd.I wondered who the person was.and their story.if they knew Jesus when they left.if they were a nice person.and I thought no one would plant a tree for a mean person.this tree was for a person who was loved by someone.

This picture is of the little chaple,its so cute I just had to take a picture.the sky was so blue and it was just too pretty to miss taking a picture.
and its a peaceful place.I have a few friends buryed in this was a guy I had a big crush on when I was a teen.he was mean to me for a long time.called me names and was just plain day I found out he had cancer.I stopped in to see how he was doing.
I had seen his mom and asked her how he was.she said why dont you go in and say hi.he would like to see you.I was scared to death.but I went in.he was in his room and he said to come in.he almost fell over when I walked in.
I stood there and he stood there and he finely said sit down.I sat down and was going to say how are you.but instead I said why did you hate me so much?and started to cry.I said I cared alot about you and you treated me like crap.he came over and put his arm around me and said he was sorry.I said I did more then care about you I was in love with you.

he said he had just been mean cause his friend had liked me and he didnt want to get him mad.that he had liked me to.he said that is why he had stopped one night at my place when his friend was out of town.or thought his friend was out of town.
I had walked out to see what he had wanted.and the other guy was in the house by the window.I didnt know what was up.and by the time I figured it was a set up, it was too late.(figured they both had planned it to see what Id do.but it was the friends Idia.guess he was testing us both.)
the one I cared about had said would you go out with me some time.and the guy in the house heard it.
the guy in the house came out and went nuts.he chased the one off I liked and started yelling at me.I told him he didnt own me.and Id talk to who I liked.he was a jurk.and I wouldnt be his friend anymore.he ended up killing his Im real glad I didnt go out with him.

any way here I sat next to the person who I had cared so much about for a long time.and he was saying he had cared for me to.but I didnt feel the same for him as I had.and I belonged to someone else.I was wearing a engagment ring.
I told him I would pray for him and I hoped all would go good for him.but in my heart I knew it was only a short time.back then that kind of cancer was a death sentence.
I hugged him and we both said goodby.he said he was sorry he had been like that to me.and I said I forgave him.he asked me to stop again.but I didnt get the chance.but that night as I walked passed his open bedroom window, on my way home from baby sitting.I said good night brian.he said good night.
a few weeks later he was taken to the hospital.and a few weeks later I got a call from his mom but I was gone.when I got home my mom said his mom had called.I called his mom to ask what he wanted.she said he was in the hospital and had asked for me.
I said how do I go to see him.but she said she was sorry he already passed away.I felt so bad.I said did you know what he wanted.she said he had wanted to tell me something.I will never know what it was.I felt bad for a long time after.

but I know why we were able to see each other before he was for me to forgive him.and for him to say he was sorry to me.we were both given the chance to part on good terms.he was able to know someone had loved him in life.and that I was able to know he had cared for me .
I would think of him alot as the years went on.I knew we didnt belong was just a young girl crash.and if we had gotten together Id have ended up in sorrow over his death.I felt bad he died and I was sick about it for a long time.but if he had been my boyfriend or hubby it would have been some thing I may not have been able to take.I was 17 he was 19.

his name was Brian (duke was his neck name.)his family moved off down south cause the mom couldnt handle it any more.I think about him every time I drive past the home they lived in.he had two brothers and one sister.I was friends with his little brothers.they were good kids.I wonder if they ever think of me.

I have a praise report .the probate hearing went off like smooth brother wasnt even I didnt have to even deal with my son in law is able to take care of all this now.the Lord worked it all out.the days before the hearing I was so worryed.but each time I took it to the Lord he told me not to fear.and when we walked into the hearing and my brother didnt even show up it was a blessing.the Lord said he wouldnt be able to cause me I was glad.any way it doesnt pay to mess with Gods kids.

more little praise reports.I was having problems with my darn when I was driving home I couldnt stop and pick lilac,s.I said Lord they smell so good I wish I could get out to pick some.
but my darn hip hurts and I just want to get home and put my feet up.I had the window open in the van and could smell the lilic,s every time I went by some.
I drove in the parking lot.and went into the I walked through the hall I looked over on the counter top.
some times people put things there they dont want.there was some thing there so I went to check it out.
what do you think was there?one branch of lilic,s .
I desided someone must of layed the lilic there and would come back to get I started to walk off.
the Lord said its yours pick it the Lord picked me some cause I that is love.
I came up and placed them in water and they smell so Jesus loves me.
once I wanted snacks so bad and didnt have money to go get some.I wanted swiss cheese and crackers and some thing good to eat.I felt I should go down and get my mail in the evening instead of waiting for the next I walked down the hall.

on the table in the family room was crackers, cheese,summer sausage,and some other!!!!now I was so surprised.I had my snacks.God is so good.I often wonder who the angel is the Lord uses to do these things.

my sister in law says she thinks the Lord picked the lilic and put it there before I came in the door.and he is able to do what he wants.I know one lady said when Jesus came in her room one night she could smell sweet flowers.and all the windows were shut.guess its why they call him the lilly of the valley. or the rose of sharon.

Have a great weekend and God bless.thanks for reading.
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Blogger it's the little things... said...

What a wonderful story about your high school crush!

3:31 PM  
Blogger fifi said...

That is such a great story.
Good thinking not to get together with the wife murdering person!

You are such a gorgeous person, and I love the picture of the chapel and the vivid blue sky. So lovely.
And the smell of lilacs too. I feel like I am, America, somewhere.

5:00 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

Hi girls thanks for stopping.thanks for the nice comments.

God bless you both.

12:03 PM  
Blogger Lois said...

You write such wonderful things. It really makes my day to read them! Thanks so much for posting.

6:31 AM  

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