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Sunday, April 29, 2007

beside still waters.

As I was doing my reading in prayer time.I ran across something that has helped me alot in my walk with the Lord.its to be able to listen for the Lords voice.some times we think he has to do some great big thing to show himself.but he uselly just speaks in a still small voice.

I remember a story about Elijah.he was in some place and had destroyed over 450 of baals prophets.and Jezebe the Queen had desided to kill him.he took off on a dead run to the nearest cave he could find.he was in fear for his life.he was most likely worn out by all the powerful things God had done through him.after all killing 450 men by your self is some feat.he was huddled in his cave out on the far side of lost.and he was scared spitless.he was even wishing he could just die.
dont we all get like that sometimes.we have seen God do great things through us and we let our graud down and the devil comes spouting his trash and we get scared.

well Elijah was telling God how messed up he felt.and God said "what are you doing here?now Elijah knew what he was doing there!!!he was running for his life from that crazy woman!!!but God asked him in a calm way.What yah doing here boy?in other words why are you scared?didnt yah just see me kill 450 worhless prophets of the devil.why on earth are you scared of one sin filled crazy woman?

now Elijah was looking for some sign that God was still with him.God told him to go stand out on the mountain before the Lord.
and the Lord passed by.and a great wind blew the mountain and broke in pieces the rocks infront of the Lord.but the Lord wasnt in the wind.then a earthquake,but the Lord wasnt in the qake,and a fire;but the Lord wasnt even in the fire.but then in the stillness a sound of a gental still small voice,spoke to Elijah.(1 Kings 19:11-12.

Elijah was like us.he had seen God do some really big things.and we were all impressed with the bigness of it all.but when he comes to us gentally and speaking in his still small voice we dont hear him unless we are where we can.and its uselly when we are in deep doo!!!then we listen real well.we have no choice.we get so side tracked by life we forget how big God is and how much he can do if we let him.

we look at the devils storms and smoke screens and get all scared.but God isnt scared cause He knows what he can he has to get our attention so he can use us again.

I love Elijah he was a cool man and did so much with the Lord.Elijah out ran a chariot pulled by strong horses.and Elijah was a old man!!!now thats cool.he did all kinds of stuff,and tee,d off the devil every chance he could.God even took Elijah up to heaven in a chariot of fire alive.the man didnt die!!!now thats way cool.

well you see that if one man can be used of God anyone can.Elijah was a believer,and thats all it takes.and he didnt even have the Holy Spirit dwelling in him.the Holy Spirit was just on him.boy those old men and woman of God did cool stuff.and they listened to God and did as he said.

now I think it was Elijah who had to run around naked for 3 years .to get some thing across to the let me tell you I love the Lord and I listen.but there aint no way in heck I would have run no where in the buff for anyone.I dont even look at me in the nude!!!
Good Lord the thought of me in the nude is bad why unearth would the Lord do that?
(note from leann.I think it was Elijah but couldnt find it in the bible now.if Iam wrong Iam sorry.but there was one who ran 3 years nude. so if it wasnt Elijah some poor guy had to.and it worked to get the jews attention.)

well I thought about it for a while one day.and you know the jews aint any diffrent then any of us.God had to get their attention.and what better way then some old guy running around in the buff?the first site of him most likely got them to look.and they wondered what the heck was wrong with him.then they most likely just thought he was six bricks short of a load.then they most likely got mad at seeing his scrawny butt flashing them.and the women most likely got sick of seeing his tallywacker flopping in the breeze.and they most likely went to praying.(Lord this man is driving us Lord if your going to send us a naked man then send someone who at lest looks good naked!!! what are you trying to tell us?)

and I was thinking God was telling them they thought they were hiding their sins but they were as clear to him as Elijahs naked butt was to its funny to see how God did may not be the way we would but it did the job.

(a note from leann to all you sex staved women out there,so I dont get in dutch.NO GOD IS NOT GOING TO SEND YOU A GOOD LOOKING NAKED MAN!!!!he still believes in marriage so dont get any bright Idias!!!!HEHE...)

and if we look through the bible God did all kinds of odd stuff to get through to us.He will do what it takes to reach us.and if its a naked man ,a man dieing on a cross,a jackass that tells a man off.or what ever he uses,he loves us enough to get out attention anyway he can.and believe me we are just as hard to reach as the jews were.and the rest of the world now.

so what will he use now?

I been so busy lately worrying about the dumb past and the messes of the last few years I couldnt think of or hear anything.well do you know what woke me up?now hold on to your hats and dont get all huffy.cause this isnt a bad thing.cause it woke me up.

I was at my daugthers.and I was trying to fit back into the grove.but I was feeling like warmed over spinage.and the boys always like to have me come out.well I guess I wasnt giving them enough attention so my youngest grandson mooned he gave me enough warning so I shelded my eyes.but it made a point."hey Na na I need your attention.
granted I warned him I would take a picture of my ugly butt and wallpaper his room with it if he didnt stop that they both went ewwwwwwww and said we wont be able to sleep with that thought in our heads ewwwww!!!I said well then dont do it to me!!!!!they laughed and finely calmed down knowing they had my attention.we had a good time from then on.cause I was paying attention to them.

And no I do not approve of mooning.and no I dont take pictures of my ugly back side and wallpaper rooms.I just make threats!!!!and they work. so please listen to God ok.that way Iam safe from having to run in the all and all!!!believe me you dont want to see me in the buff!!!it would singe paint off a wall 10 miles Iam being funny but if your so far gone that God cant get your attention then I am scared.what will he use?is it a still small voice or worse?

God bless you all and hope your weekend is going great.thanks for stopping .and your friendship is a great blessing to me.
Lord help them all hear you.cause I dont want to have to do like Elijah had to.and Lord help them to recieve all the blessings Jesus payed to give them.

check out good old Elijah he was a cool dude.he had gots and he loved the talks about him in 1 kings.I just love to read about the guy.but I,m sooooo thankful they didnt have cameras back then.some butt head would have put a picture of him in the buff.and it dont trip my trigger.ewwwwwwww...

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Blogger it's the little things... said...

That is hilarious!

4:53 PM  
Blogger Merle said...

Hi Leann ~~ Great post. I have heard about Elijah but never about him in
the raw before. Thank you for your entertaining story and the blessings
as well. Glad you liked the Empty Chair story - it was a nice one. Also glad you ejoyed the jokes. Take care,
Love, Merle.

2:28 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks girls for stopping.just had to blow off some steam.and the story helped.GOD Bless.

10:07 AM  
Blogger audrey` said...

Nice pic...

5:50 AM  

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