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Friday, May 11, 2007

what a nice little family.

Mom Pop and the youngens.

the day I went to the park there were geese swimming near me.they looked so happy with their little family.the little ones stayed close to mom and pop.and they came over near me as if to say "see our kids!!!
they stayed near me for a little while then swam off down the river.
I felt blessed to see them.its always a blessing to see young familys enjoying the warm weather at the park.
its nice to know that the geese mate for life.they stay together as long as they are alive.if one is shot the other is lost without them.its sad to see a goose alone back at the place they nested the year before.its as if they hope the other just got lost and would come back to the nest.but some one eather has the lost one on their plate or one poor bird is without their life mate cause some hunter needs to feed his ego by killing some thing.

I look at this family and hope they can stay safe.but in this wild and crazy world its not real easy.I envey the animals and birds who have mates who dont run off with someone else just cause they think the grass is greener.or eye up others cause they look better then the one they are with.or arent grown up enough to be in a relationship. how wonderful it must be to have someone who loves you enough to want to stay with you for life.this family looked so peaceful and happy.hope they are able to be together all the days of their life.and no one shots them just for fun.and their little ones grow up and find their mate and have some of their own little ones.

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