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Monday, July 16, 2007

high lights from the trip.more below this one.

this is Em and one of the puppys.
pretty girl.the puppy is a little cuttie to.
kids grow too darn fast.makes me feel older then dirt!!!and guess I am cause thats what I am made from...

Sand hills in the front of the house.I took these pictures when Lucy took me to show me her new apartment.the sandhills were so close to the car.I enjoyed my trip a lot.but Id have liked it more if it had not been so warm.and I did not feel so dragged out.guess I aint as young as I use to be.I still got the spunkyness and the big mouth..but I need the body to go with it...
I just love to see and hear sand you know what a blessing it is to see Gods wildlife up close and personal???

And this is a praise I drove home from Anna,s the other day.after she asked me to come visit.I seen this cute surprise along the road.its the two top stars of the movie( Car,s).I just caught it out of the side of my eyes as I flew by.I took a better look and a mental note to be sure to tell Anna and the boys when I got home.
as I drove the thought "they wont believe me" I whipped the van around and headed back.pulled in and took this picture to prove it.
the boys love this movie.and the fact I was able to see it and get a picture is a blessing.I can give a copy to the boys and the girls for their gives big brownie buttons for a old Na Na with her grandkids.also gave me a big smile.aint mater the cutest thing you ever saw????if you aint seen the movie do so.its a cute clean little movie.mater is the one I like the most.
the Lord blessed me a lot the last few days.I went to garage sales with Anna and the some stickers for my new cook book I am writing for my self.they were ant,s watermelon,s lady bugs and borders.they work good to spruce up my pages.also picked up a makeup brush.a girl can never have too many makeup brush, they say "if the barn needs painting ,paint it!!!!"
and believe me kids this old barn needs more then other words "I need all the help I can get!!!!"
and it would take more then paint....
any way the blessings just kept coming.we had DQ cause I treated the boys and Anna to dairy Queen.yummy yum yum!!!!me I had the stand by.heath bar,extra heath bleezered.and the rest had their picks.we drove down to the river and sat along the bank and stuffed our faces.yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy..
we seen a eagle in a dead pine along the river bank.he flew a few times but came back to set.
I also got me some news used shoes.sketchers...they are so dang and Mary Janes..and my size.I put the shoes stretchers on and they will work great.the best is they were a buck...they had been used to walk out side in ,and some one most have stepped in some undesireable thing and was too lazy to wash them I desided to be the one to do it.why do people feel they can through a good pair of new shoes away because they get a spot on the bottom.these were new shoes guys...
a little water and a brush and I was in business...
yes I am cheap....its ok I came from a generation who lived through the depression..
its called" waste not want not..."if Id have throwen a pair of shoes away cause of dog doo,my grandma would roll over in her grave and come back and kick my pass!!!!she taught me well.I dont throw any thing I can use away.if I do I give it to someone who can use it..

I m feeling chest feels better only hurts when I cough real I try not to.
I read some books while at the son in laws..dumb love storys..but it helped pass the time.TV sucks...the son in law has all kinds of channels.but there is nothing on them.Id tell the dish company to take a hike and get their worthless dish off my yard.what good is Tv if all that is on is crap?????
so I looked out the window a lot and read.or wrote in my and the Lord spent time chatting about things to.I got some stuff off my chest and prayed for a lot of things that needed praying guess it was good the TV sucked!!!

got time to visit with Lucy to.she is looking to the future.and leaving the mistakes of the past way behind.that was a good thing for me to means prayers were hope the Lord gets the rest fixed soon.
but like all things it takes two to work things out.and if one is not willing to work at it, it will not work.
I pray the Lord can mend the bridges and put the good back..then the family will be together again..

they say you can never go home.but that is not true.cause any time you turn around and go back to the Lord your going home....and if you trust him he can mend the things needed to be mended.and only he can do it.
but hearts need to be mended,and anger and hurts need to be healed.and revenge and pride gotten rid of,and trust needs to be replaced.
but the biggie is FORGIVENESS...with out that on both sides nothing will happen.
and the Lord needs to be in both hearts and the Lord of both lives before any thing will work.cause alone aint going to cut it.

if people can forget the mistakes and forgive and try to work it out, it will work.but if one is always going to throw the past up and use it to make a point or dwell on it.then it will never work.only forgiveness and forgetting will make it work.
only time will tell.Gods time,and his way will work...

some people are good together.and its clear for all to see it.but if the two do not see it themselves its a waste of time.I can see both sides.and I can be mad at both.but I remember the good..and that is where my prayers are.with the good!!!we cant change the past...but we can change the future...and we cant make what the devil did go away.but we can make him wish he had never messed with us at all.and we can let God turn to good what the devil ment to destory...

some times we do not want to hear the truth.and some times the Lord needs to get real pain...if a drunk never hit rock bottom he could never see he needed help.or a druggie bottom out he or she could never get the help they need.
its the same with anyone.what we need is to see the problem in a new light.the light that says "hay I am a screw up to, and its not every one elses problem its Mine"".
yes we get hurt and people do things they should,nt.they make stupid mistakes.and they do dumb -ss things.but we do to...we all do..aint a one of us who aint made some really dumb mistakes.said or did some thing that hurt some one else.we all have!!!if we say we have,nt we are lieing.cause the bible says "we all have fallen short of Gods that says the truth.WE ALL HAVE MESSED UP!!!and we need to be forgiven..and we need to forgive..
cause it also says "if we do not forgive,God cant forgive us tell we do".not that he wont forgive us,"he cant forgive us tell we do".we tie his hands when we do not forgive.
He knows what the person did.He do not like itany ore then we fact he hates it.but he is the one who gets the revenge,not us. cause it says "revenge is mine says the Lord".
we need to forgive so we are free.He does not say run and kiss their pass.he says forgive the bugger and let me work it out.he does not say you need to go be their friend and let them do it all over again.he just says forgive so I can forgive you.then let the Lord get on their case.believe me He can get though to them a lot faster then you ever could.and you will be free and moved on to the hights the Lord has for you.
or you can not forgive and sit and spin!!!
its all up to YOU!!!
who knows maybe the Lord can use this to work change in your life and the person who hurt you.and you may be glad down the line your did forgive them....
FORGIVENESS heals both people,and free,s God can work.
unforgiveness stagnates and kills...
you cut off the flow of fresh water into a pond and soon it stinks to high heaven.its the same with cut off Gods work in their life and soon no one wants to be around them..they begin to stinketh!!!!if you get my drift?????

Well that is the end of this post.hope you got some thing out of it.hope the Lord can show you some thing that leads you to the answers to some thing you need answered.but most of all I hope you see the Lord in a better way,and your able to trust him more..
and let me say thank you so mush for stopping and reading.cause your loved and needed...and not only to me but to Jesus...

God bless you and give you the desires of your heart.
and help you be always honest with him and your self....
you cant fly with eagles if you hang with turkeys ....
remember a turkey is always a trukey,but a eagle learns to fly....
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Blogger Penless Thoughts said...

Loved the Cars picture. I'll have to show that one to my grandson!!!

Sounds like life is treating you well and you've had a grand time.

2:35 PM  
Blogger audrey` said...

Hi Leann
The cars pic is so cute.
Thank you so much for your words of encouragement.
Take care =)

5:57 PM  
Blogger Merle said...

Hi Leann ~~ Great post and photos.Glad you got some bargains at the Garage sale. I used to love going to them. Thanks for your comments, glad you get a smile when you visit my blog. Take care my friend, Love,

8:37 AM  
Blogger Kathy Finfrock said...

I gotta say I looked and looked at the picture of the sand hills trying to figure out where they were. I couldn't find them. All I could see where a bunch of birds. Hmmm Made me laugh at my self. I hadn't ever heard of that type of bird before.

1:18 PM  

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