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Monday, July 16, 2007

high ligths from the trip.

Mylow and Lilly.
the mom and Dad to the puppy,s.

the sand hills in the field out side the kitchen window.what a view to start your day.I loved to hear them early in the morning singing.they sound so much like it would sound if dinasores still
walked the earth...

One of the kitty,s coming to get breakfast from the big lady who came to house sit.this cat always had a skip to her walk and a joyful look on her little face.she knew there would be water and food when she walked the long way to get it..

Sar bear with one of the puppy,s.
pretty little girl.she is growing up too seems like only yestruday she was a new baby and sitting on my lap.where does the time go?
and aint the puppy cute?
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Blogger fifi said...

I decided to pay you a visit and I am rewarded with these beautiful pictures! What a delightful and lovely place!!!
Beautiful children, pups and the greenness of the countryside, I feel privileged to have been given a glimpse in to this world of yours. Could you tell me where abouts you are?

and here are some hugs back:


5:51 PM  
Blogger it's the little things... said...

You have such an eye for imagery, Leann. And Sandhills...ha, I kept looking for hills of sand. I didn't realize there was such a creature!

8:42 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks fifi;I live in the middle of the country,midwest,northern part.where the winters are cold and the summers hot.for safety reasons I do not say many petifile,s and wierdo,s rom the web.and I have grandkids to pertect..thanks for stopping by.
have a great week,God bless..

Hi blue eyes.
yes we have sand hill cranes around here and Lucy,s part of the world.they are so nice to see.they come early spring and leave in the fall.they have their young in the fields and swampy area,s and they are good parents.its always a blessing to see them fly in early in the morning to the hay fields.

they stand nearly 4 feet tall.and they would chase you if you mess with their young ones.they fly hundred,s of miles every spring to come here to have their young.
the young ones will find their way back to do the same.the ones that come to a place come back every year.

Glad you both enjoyed the makes me happy I braved the heat to take the pictures for you.


6:24 PM  

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