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Sunday, September 02, 2007

day dreaming.

It was a lovely day and she desided to take a drive up to the cabin.seems like it had been years since she was able to take the time to get away.she packed a small bag and her suitcase.enough clothes incase she would stay longer.put her laptop in its case,and her journal in its bag.
took a few art things with incase she felt like drawing.she called and let the kids know she was off on an addventure,and not to look for her till they seen the whites of her eyes.but she did tell
where she would the "cabin ".
as she loaded the rest in the van she felt as she always did as she was leaving.a exsitement to be on the road to the north,widerness awaited,wild life called.she could hardly wait to get out of town.
as she drove out of town the eagle flew over her and off to the north.almost as if he were saying come on girl you been cooped up too long ,we missed you.
she felt as if she were full of life and that all the pain and heart break of the years before were melting away.but she would not dwell on that was a day for addventure and fun..
as she drove along the river road she came around the bend and she stopped to take a picture of some canadian geese resting,as they made their way south.
the sound of their cry in the night skys out side her window always blessed her in the fall.many a night she had lay awake listening to hundreds of them as they drifted over.

the river road was the one she always seemed to take to go it wound its way north it followed the river all the way.the fall colors were in full glory,and the air hinted of winter to come.the days were mild and the nights cool .gone were the hot and moggy days of summer.the harvest was nearly in and the farmers would soon be able to enjoy some slower times.

the view along the river was breath taking.large oaks and maples,elms,alder,ash,apple,aspen,basswood,birch,dogwood,willow,locust.all lined the banks and shore line.around every corner was beauty beyond she made her way along,it was hard not to stop every mile and take a picture.but if she was going to make it to the cabin before dark she needed to keep moving.

the stress of the day had melted away as she drove.there was no need to do anything but enjoy the day and the lovely view.
she wondered why it had taken her so long to get up the nerve to go.she hadnt felt much like doing any thing.just sit in her apartment and veg.
it was as if she had died inside.or some how lost herself.her heart felt emtpy and cold.almost as if it was broken or no longer worked.
she had prayed for help and it was long in coming only cause she hadnt been ready to hear the answer.
and it came one night as she lay talking to the was a comforting voice one she knew well ."child leave the pass and move on.its time to stop dwelling in the past and live again."
Yes it was true she couldnt go back, there was nothing to go back to.she had to live and live she would.
hadnt this been a attempt to destroy her?hadnt this been some thing she could not yes she had to give it to the Lord and move on.
she had been blaming herself.but she wasnt to blame.she had known she had done all she could it was time to let the past go.
forgive herself and move on.some times you cant do any do your best and it still doesnt work.she had done her best and now it was time to let it go..

yes it was time to live again.time to care for herself and give her the care she needed to servive.not look to help someone who didnt want her help any way.who didnt care to be her rock.
only Jesus could do that.and he was her rock.
she remembered what princess Diana had said about one of the men she had helping her.that "he was he rock".
well I feel sorry for her cause men arent lest the ones I have known.
only Jesus has been mine.maybe that is way Diana had a sad because she trusted men more the she did God. it was hard to believe she was gone now 10 years..

the birch tree,s along the shore told her the cabin was only a few minutes away.she drove down the tree lined road and along the bank of the lake till the cabin came into was always a joy to come and see it nestled there in the woods like a haven..
the porch had a welcoming smile with its large screened in frame.the fall flowers were making one last glory shot.and the maples with their bright red and yellows were breath taking.their leaves drifted down like little showers every time the wind blew.making the ground look like it was a blanket of red.s and yellow,s.

she stepped out of the van and breathed in the air.sweet with the smile of poplar leaves and the musty smell of the water.she always thought if they could only bottle the smell of fall you could make a million.
she busyed her self in getting the things out of the van.opening up the cabin first to air it out.the big windows that looked out over the lake.the smaller windows in the bedroom that over looked the woods.
and the sink widow in the kicken.and the little vent in the pantery.
she desided to go get the food the next day.she had picked up some chicken and potatoe salad the day before and had packed it in her would work for supper.she had also taken a few cookies and some milk she didnt want to leave home.that would work for breakfast if she didnt feel like going to town early.she had tea already here in a tin on the shelf.
she went to the basement and turned on the water,and turned the fuse and there was lights.she went back up the stairs and pored water in the tea pot and lite the stove.
soon she would have tea.
she put some of the stuff away in the was a cozy room.a bent willow, chair sat in the corner buy the window.lace curtains graced the windows,the view was still easy to see.
the big oak tree and the maples,a few small white birch,and one old white pine.and woods as far as you could see beyond that.the wind was coming in and the lace was moving ever so slowly.almost as if saying glad you came I have hung here with out moving and it feels so good.
the bed was a Queen size white metal one. it was a beauty and comfortable.
she had made sure when she moved every thing up here that the bed was the first thing in the truck.

the tea pot was singing so it was time to make the tea.she opened the tin and got her cup off the shelf.and put the tea bag in the cup as she pored the water.placed the sauser over the cup and let the tea steep for a while.
she walked to the porch and took the two bent willow chairs down from the nails on the kept them from getting rained and snowed on.
she dusted them off and went to get her tea.she took the sugar and coffee creamer out of the sack and put some of each into her cup.picking up a spoon she stired it as she walked to the porch.
the sun was sending long shadows across the lake.the loons were singing off in the distance.and ducks were flying in and landing in the cove to the right of the cabin .
the dock looked warm and inviting in the afternoon sun.but the shadows of the trees would soon cover it,so she desided to sit where she was.after all tomorow was another day.she spiped her tea and took in the beauty all around her.

off deep in the woods she could hear a wood picker tapping out his supper looking for the lake a few fishermen were still fishing.but they were far away and couldnt see her.the cabin sat in a cove.and if you didnt know to look you would never see it.but you could see all the lake and the cove from its porch.
she could hear a russeling sound off to the left of her.a little red squirrel was running up the side of the big white pine next to the cabin.he must have been scared when he seen her move her arm to pick her cup up.he disipeared into the woods jumping from tree to tree.
down the shore a doe and her yearling came to the water to drink.the doe looked to the cabin with no fear.she knew no one there would hurt one was able to hunt on the land.they soon slipped back into the woods and were gone.on the far shore a bell rang calling a family to supper.
she felt she was getting hungry to.but the night was too good to miss on the she went to get a blanket and some more tea,supper could wait.
when she came back to the porch she could see a black bear over on the other shore running along the water line.she was glad he was over there and not on her side.
as she sat down she seen a chipmonk on the stunp by the shed.he had some kind of nut and he was making short work of the shell.soon he had it shelled and eat.he soon was off to find more.a blue jay flew over and cryed.he was telling everyone someone was in their wood,s.she told him he was about a hour too late.

the sun kept going down in the west.and the night sounds started.the loon,s in the cove sang a few more times and then were in their nest.the ducks came up on the bank and tucked their heads under their wing and went to sleep.the shadows became one.and soon all that could be seen were the lights across the lake,in the cabins and homes.the breeze slowed to nothing.and the fog moved in like a curtain being shut.soon all was still.

she sat not wanting to move and break the spell.the smells and the sounds had carryed her into a place she didnt want to leave.and place she always carryed in her heart when she wasnt here.the wilderness called and she was home.she sat still and listened but there was no sound only the whisper of the night wind in the pine tree.then her tummy growled.and it was time to go in.

she picked up her cup and the blanket and went in.closing the door behind her to the night air.she closed the windows all but the bedroom and the would air out the cabin but still be warm.
she lite the woodstove in the livingroom and turned on the tiffiny lamp in the corner by the couch.she would read her bible for a while before going to bed.the woodstove was giving off heat to ward off the coolness of the night.and she put the tea pot on top of it for another cup of tea.
looking around for her bible she remembered she left it in the she took the keys and went out to get she stepped down off the porch something ran from under the was a mother rackcoon and three babies.they run across the yard and into the wood,s.

she walked to the van and as she did she looked up and stopped in her tracked.the sky was velvet blue and the stars were twickling and she couldnt believe how much she missed being able to see the sky at night.she stood there and drank in the beauty all around her.
in her heart a praise went up to God for the many blessings in her life.a new start and a refeshing addventure,would make her alive again.he was so good to her.she wondered how people could make it with out him?she knew she could not go a second with out him.she was glad she never had to.

soon she heard the tea pot and hurryed to get the bible.she locked up the van and started back across to the she did a falling star raced across the night sky and fell some where beyond the tree line where she couldnt see it.the moon was just coming over the tree,s to the east.and the stars werent as clear anymore.

she closed the door and made her tea and a plate of chicken and a helping of potatoe salad.and headed for the couch.put her legs up and put the plate on the footstool.covered her legs with the blanket.and picked up her food.she listened to the clock in the hall she would have to set the right time before she went to bed.she could hear the fire snape and crack in the wood stove.she eat and marveled at how coming here alway refreshed her.she always felt alive and free.
soon all the food was gone and she put her plate on the tool.picked up her cup of tea and her bible.and turned to the psalms,40 was the one she would read tonight.then if she wasnt too sleepy she would read 41.

(I waited patiently for God to help me;then He listened and heard my cry.he lifted me out of the pit of despair,out from the bog and the mire,and set my feet on hard,firm path and steadied me as I walked along.He has given me a new song to sing,of praises to our God.Now many will hear of the glorious things he has done for me,and stand in awe before the Lord,and put their trust in him.many blessings are given to those who trust the Lord,and have no confidence in those who are proud,or who trust in idols.)

The words seemed to be speaking of her own life.of the way the Lord had picked her up and stood her on solid ground and given her a new warmed her soul and gave her faith a lift to know God was indeed with her,and he cared for her and would never leave her.

she was getting sleepy with the warmth of the fire and the full tummy.she needed to go to sleep.she put her cup and bible down.
she would wash the dishes in the morning.she put two logs on the fire to keep the cold night air from getting the cabin too cold.
she took her bathrobe and nighty and went to the bathroom.brushed her teeth and washed her face.she shut the lights off in the room and took the empty tea pot off the stove.
and headed to the bedroom.she closed the window just a little to keep the cold night air out, but let her hear any night sounds.
and she layed her bathrobe on the foot of the bed,pulled the clovers back and got in.she snuggled into the clovers and pulled the pillows close to her.and begin to say her night prayers.she talked to God about the day and thanked him for the wonderful day and all she seen.she told him how thankful she was for a place to get away and enjoy herself.for the beauty all around her.and then she was still and the distance a wolf howled and a owl hooted out side in the white pine.the night breeze whispered in the pines .and she fell asleep.

all rights part of this can be used.written sep 2 2007.

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Blogger fifi said...

Oh, Leann, that was SO beautiful, I have goosebumps. I feel as if I have been there in the woods at the cabin-what peace and solitude!

I am so glad that autumn has come for you. I hope you have many more lovely adventures going to that lovely place with the animals all around, the smells and the water and the stars. Lovely.

Thank you for that moment.

5:18 PM  
Anonymous t dogg said...

cool pics but u need to write less so i can read it remember teenage attention span

5:38 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

glad you enjoyed my day dream.thanks for stopping by.
God bless have a great week.

6:06 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

yes t dogg aka TJ.I know its hard for you to sit long and read.but its good it keeps your brain working...
reading takes you away to a place your body may not be able to go at the time.
love you TJ..thanks for stopping by.

6:09 PM  
Blogger it's the little things... said...

I hope you were really able to enjoy such a lovely scene.
But something tells me you were just venturing out and writing creatively.
Lovely. Wonderful job!

8:39 PM  
Blogger Kathy Finfrock said...

There is just something about the open nature that uplifts the spirit. It quiets the mind and one can see things clear.
Thanks for your comment on my blog. You are right of course about forgiving. I've removed those two posts as they would do nothing but cause additional pain and that is not my intention. I was just taken by surprise at the force the memory hit me with. I think no matter how much we say we forgive, still deep down, the anger remains until it peaks to the top and I guess this was one of those moments. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

8:59 PM  
Blogger Raggedy said...

That was beautiful!
Thank you so much for your continued support. I can't express in words how much it has meant to me.
Thank you!
Huggles and Love,

12:37 AM  
Blogger Merle said...

Hi Leann ~~ Wonderful post and I hope it really happened and was not just a day-dream. It
sounds like a beautiful place that is so restful and helps renew your spirit. I enjoyed it and felt as though I was there with you.
Thanks for your comments on my post. That girl was so lucky that the attendant spotted the man gettinto her car. Thanks for prayers for John who is still not well.
Take care, my friend, Love,

6:07 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

the place I went is in my heart.its not a real place yet.but one day God willing it will be.I cant go awayause I have no place as yet to go.but I can go in my mind.a gift is to share with your friends your hopes and dream,s.this one was one of my dream,s or hopes.
I use to go every fall that I could up to a cabin.Id rent it and stay a week.and some of the story was of things I did or heard while on those trip,s.I just lumped them together to help me through a time when I wasnt able to go any where.
I just hope it blessed you to read it as much as it blessed me to write it and day dream.
one day I will be going away to have a refreshing.and when I do you will come with me.
this has been a dream of mine for over 57 have my own cabin by the go to and renew.and Lord willing it will come to mom always wanted a place,and my step Dad and her had a piece of land.we went there almost every was a 40 and right in the middle was the campers in a big clearing.we would have bon fires and sit and watch the stars.roast marsh mellows and just enjoy being together.the land is gone and so is mom and Dad but the memories still live on.
thanks for stopping every one.and for the kind long as people enjoy what I write its worth it to me.
have a great week.and God bless you all.find a place for you to go to refresh it doesnt have to be far,it doesnt even have to be real.a day dream is a hope that some day becomes a place.dont ever let a dream die.

4:30 PM  
Blogger deborah wilson said...

What a daydream - I was there!

I find the wilderness to be so soothing to the soul - even if it's just for a day.

12:00 PM  
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