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Thursday, August 23, 2007

diamonds dancing on the water.

Its wonderful to live by the river,s and lakes.but not if your in a flood plain.
26 people have died in the floods that have hit places in the mid west.and more rain on the way.
I watched the new,s and saw the aftermath of the 12 or more inches of rain that has caused people heart ache in low laying land along rivers.

I went out to visit with Anna and the kids.Sar bear was there to.we all watched movies and just enjoyed the day.

we have had rain for days now.the boys and girls are getting ready for another school cuts and school clothes.signing up and paying for school.busy time for all.

the Lord made a way for Em my oldest grandaughter to be able to go to the school with her friends.if a friend of the family hadnt spoke up poor Em would have had to go to a main stream school instead of the one her friends were going to.
thank God for people who arent afraid to speak up for someone.
Em wasnt able to come up and visit cause she was out of town with friends.
but at lest Sar bear did.maybe Em will be able to later.

I dont have much to write about.havent really been doing much this summer.and the weather has been the pits lately.rain rain rain.
but the eagle has been coming by every day.sometimes so close to the window.he is out now over town circaling its been nice to see him.
he is by the river now doing his flying in place.he hovers in place and watch,s for fish.

as I drove out to Anna,s there were two tuckey buzzereds eating off some thing dead.they are ugly birds. at first I thought it was a eagle but the closer I got the more I could see it sure wasnt a eagle.
the tell tail red skin on the turkey buzzereds face gave it away.and when he flew I could see its wings.

I saw a crime on TV the other day ,it made me sick.
a born again christain man killed his wife and little girl.his wife found out he was addicted
to porn on the internet.
she told him she was going to leave him if he didnt get the stuff off his computer.he didnt want to so he killed her and the little girl and throw their bodys in the trash.they never found the little girls body.its still in the land fill.they did find the mothers body.
good old Dad is found gilty and will spend rest of his miserable life in the slammer.can you believe a man would rather kill his wife and child to keep his dirty little secret?
Like I said before.dont trust people who mess with porn.their minds are sick...
first you have it,then it has you!!!!
this was a church going he wasnt some wierdo so to speak.he went to one of the churchs who have their paster on TV.if I said the name you would know it.
if your married to some one who is playing with porn on TV or careful..get some help and have someone talk to him...
and if ya have to, do what I would do.
go to the hardwear store and get a slidge hammer. and when the old pev is gone.go in the room where the computer is and do some work on it.

hit it real good all over tell you know full well its dead.then drag it out to the trash and have the trash man take it away.better the computer then you and your kids...
a computer is a safe thing, only if those who own it are not addicted to on line porn.sick minds do sick things.

its sad that a full grown man would rather be with a picture on a computer screen or Tv screen,then with his wife and child.that is how messed up this world has become.where once the TV was the only sewer pipe that came into the home now there is one that is worse by far.
if your hubby needs to have his computer in a place where he can be alone.then you need to see why?
if it cant be where every one else is it just maybe Old pops is up to some thing...check it out girls before you find out too late...
there are ways to find out what is on the would pay to check.

if big Daddy is cooling off under the sheets he maybe doing his thing in front of the computer screen..thats how you tell.cause if a man is a one man band then he isnt interested in you.
and if he is interested in new ways to have sex find out where he is learning this stuff.
if your having douts about him and feel some thing is wrong then check it out.cause most women say they had a feeling some thing was wrong.and their feeling was right..

men are just little boys at heart.if they think they can get away with it they will try.
its a pain in the grass to have to be his mommy.but its either that or end up finding out your playing second best to a computer screen..or worse dead...

this poor lady should have gone to her paster first and told him what she found out.and had the paster talk to the old boy.
and then if old bubba still wouldnt get his act together then she should have left with out telling him she was going.
then tell him over the seem,s now there is a Idia the men have that its cheaper and easyer to kill your family off then get divorced.
if you dont believe me check the news now and then.its not just a few men its a lot of the last few years more woman then I would like to see are being killed.
its the sign of our times...and the time we are in..
how many have to be killed before some thing is done????
while the porn kings and Queens in this world sit and make money off someone elses wickedness,and people die.
and no one does anything.there are xxx stores all over and the people do nothing.
it shows how far the USA has fallen.years ago people would have drummed them out of their towns and citys.but they keep getting bigger and bolder.
Its like having a sewer pipe in your back only leave the tap turned on a tiny bit.
but that tiny drip can soon become a flood..and soon your whole yard is covered with sewage.

its the same way with porn.or the porn industery.give them a inch and they will take a 100 miles...
its like a camel and a puptent.if you let the poor cold camel put his head in your morning you will be sleeping on the ground out side. and the whole camel will be in your tent..

you cant play with a snake and not get bite...sooner or later it will bite you.
its the nature of the beast...

I pray
some day the world will be a place where this kind of junk is a thing of the past.but I am not dumb,I know it will only come when Jesus comes back to set up his kingdom for a 1000 years.then the lion will lay down with the lamb.
but tell then we are in a bad time in the worlds history.
a great falling away from God has begon.and its plain all over.

Jesus said it would come before he called for us who believe in him.
and it has started.if you dont believe me then you havent been watching the by one the book of Revelations is being played out before us.
but also the "good" God talked about is coming to pass to.
millions of people are coming into the kingdom of God.
countrys who wouldnt have christains come into ask for pasters to come and speak to their people.
the harvest Jesus spoke of is coming in...


"I choose to fill heaven not hell."
Jesus please help the people who will hear today to come into your them turn to you before its too late.
help them to see clearly and know that what you said is true.
that if you believe with your heart and confess with your mouth that JESUS CHRIST is Lord you will be saved.

My happy note for the day.some where in this world some one just got born again, and came into the kingdom of God.
one less person will not go to hell.
but even happyer note is the numbers are much more then do I know? cause the time is short and thats way they are coming in faster...
have a great weekend.and stay safe.
thanks for reading....
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Blogger deborah wilson said...

Hey Leann,

That's a pretty pic of the lake! I think this is the time of year when many people slow down, with school starting back and all this weird weather to boot. Plus, it does one good to give the computer a rest. I always try to balance my free time and of course my family comes first. I don't have small children anymore, both of my boys are grown up, but I do have 3 grandchildren, ages 10, 5, and 5. Whenever they come over, they want to play all day, so we go do things together. That's what life is all about, spending quality time with your family.

All that porn stuff, it's no good. But unfortunately, it seems the world is obsessed with it. News media too, after all, it sells. As long as people keep on investing in the market it will never stop.

But do you know, it's not just women anymore. Men do it too. Here's a true story:

I'm not naming names nor places but a certain woman ask a certain man to come over to her home and reformat her hard drive. It seems that she and her husband had split up and she had filed for divorce. Didn't take the certain man long to figure out why - when he got to her house, she showed him a few files in his documents. One file contained a photo of him, nekked as a jay bird. Upon futher investigation, he had been posting this pic of himself all over the Internet trying to pick up women.

So, in my opinion, she did the best thing - got rid of him.

Hasta La Vista, Baby!

11:36 PM  
Blogger Merle said...

Hi Leann ~~ I love the title of your picture - Diamonds on the Lake -
it's lovely/ I agree about the users of porn - no good can come of it.
Thank you for your comments about the awards and also sending the friendship ball to me. I liked it and that is why I sent it to all my friends. The Drink Driver story was so sad. Take care Leann, Love, Merle.

3:02 AM  
Blogger fifi said...

Hello leeann,

Your river is such a pretty place, especially with the jewels all over it. I wish I had an eagle living by my house. Sometimes a sea eagle comes in the summer. and occasionally a black-shouldered kite, which is like an eagle.

Yeah, people are sick, and porn is so easy to get. Always two clicks away from us at any time.
That was a horrrible story.

Have a great weekend.

5:59 AM  
Blogger it's the little things... said...

I've personally heard some horrible stories about men preferring porn over their real life ladies.
I don't get porn.
It's so impersonal, and it does nothing for me.
I don't see the attraction?

6:24 AM  
Blogger Merle said...

Hi again Leann ~~ Recently I was given an Inspirational award and had to pass it on to 5 others, so I haven chosen to give it to you. The logo
is on top of my side bar. Take care,
Love, Merle.

8:47 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks everyone for stopping and leaving your comments.its always good to see you all on my makes me feel as if I am writing for a reason.and like at lest people are reading.
God bless you all and have a great week.

6:29 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks Merle for the award.and for thinking of me.

7:39 PM  

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