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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

what do you do?

What do you do if you see some one do some thing that could be hurting them. and not even know it.or maybe doing some thing that could hurt their family down the line.

do you stand by and say nothing or do you run the risk of losing their friendship or love by speaking up?

if you see some one who you know could end up in a place they do not want to be, do you keep still and let them keep on the road they are going on?or do you put a road block up that says this is the wrong way?

that is the thing I go through every day.I see things and hear things and I have to deside if I should speak or be still.

I am no chicken but I also do not like to fight, or not be liked cause I told the truth and the person didnt want to hear it.
its hard if its close family,but its also hard with people you just know.

you see a aditude or mind set or habit.

a man (not someone I know ) found his young daughter was putting sexy pictures of her self on the net.he asked her why she was doing it?
she said she liked the attention she got from the people who seen them.and that every one was doing it.
the Dad said well you live in my home and I will not let you show your self to strangers in those kind of pictures on the net.
first because I love you and want to protect you .and second I want you to know its wrong.

others maybe doing it but its not right,so you will take those pictures off the net.

the girl was very mad at her father but took them off any way.she was very stand offish with him for a few week,s.
the so called friends she had made over the net soon moved on to places they could see what they were looking for.

one person called her a baby cause she listened to her Dad.others said there was nothing wrong with pictures that were revealing or sexy.and for a while egged her on to do even more revealing ones.
they called her father old fashioned and weird.

but soon she began to think about what they were saying.and then she began to think about what her father said.

he said he made her stop cause he loved her and it was wrong.these people on her my space were strangers.
they didnt even know her.some she didnt even know if they were young kids or people like ones she heard her father and mother talk about.
who get friendly with young girls or boys and say they are their age and want to meet.

they say to not tell their parents cause they would stop them.
and they ask the young boy or girl to meet them some place.and the person ends up being a child molester or some one who ends up killing them,and dumping them like trash some place.

she went to her Dad and said she wasnt mad at him any more cause she knew he did it to protect her because he loved her.

I watched a date line show about catching a perditor.and you wouldnt believe how many freaks there are out there who surf the net looking for teen,s for sex.

these men are nasty people who cant get normal relationships so they pick on kids.
some were married men with kids.who drove miles to come to a house where they knew a 13 or 14-15 year old was home alone.and there were over 125 men and more cause they did the sting for a while.

just a while ago I heard about a guy in I think it was florida.who watched for teens alone and he came and raped the four girls in four diffrent homes.

it takes only a few times for any weirdo to know if the kids are alone.

if I still had my girls home they would not be alone.nore were they when they were home.they were my girls and I loved them too much to leave them alone.

it hurts me to think there are young girls who are left alone not only by their mothers ,but the fathers go along with it to.
how scared they must be to know their alone with no one to watch out for them..

kids are kids!!!they dont know how to handle a sneeky adult.that is why they need some one to protect them.and if their own mom and Dad wont then who will?

I also know of some one who is a mom and is always putting revealing pictures of her self on the net.and I wonder if her kids see her my space?and if they do if one day they will do the same as her.
and if she would want her young daughter to do it?or if her daughter would be ashamed to know her mom was putting nude pic,s on the net for all to get embaressed easy.I know I did when I was young.

some one told me its so easy to find out who any one is on the net.and it scared me.its some thing I wouldnt share cause I do not want any more wierdos to know then already do.

now if its that easy to find a person and their town and their other stuff.then wouldnt it be easy to go to the one,s who have no fear of showing thier self on the net?

I know some one who also is a grown woman and dresses like a little girl.she wears clothes that are like things the street walkers wear.and she has kids who are ashamed of her cause she does.

now do I say some thing to these people and get called a weirdo or old fashioned.
or do I speak up and get in trouble?and even if I do say some thing would they listen?

you would think if they love their kids they would.
but I have found some would just push off warning,s to prove you wrong cause they do not want to be wrong them selves.

so I do as Jesus did I tell story,s and pearables so they hear and maybe listen.

I tryed not to do things so when it came time to tell my kids not to do it.I could say it cause I wasnt doing it.

if I told them not to smoke and had a cig in my face would they listen?no.they would say well you smoke why cant we.

or if I tell them not to drink and have a beer or what ever in my hand.will they listen?no..they would say you do so why cant we.

or if I take drug,s and tell them not to.will they listen to me?no.they would say you do mom why cant we?

if I dressed like a street walker and tell them not to , will they listen to me?no.they would say well you do mom why cant we?

if I were to put nude pictures of me on my blog and tell them not to ,would they listen to me?no they would say you do mom why cant we?

if I hang in the bar,s and tell them not to will they listen?no they will say well you do mom why cant we?

if I lie and tell them not to,will they listen?no they will say you do so why cant we?
kids do what you do not what you say...

I find what the parents did in moderation the kids will do in excess..

it says in the bible the sin,s of the father or mother are passed down to
the third and fourth genration.
so if my sin,s aint covered under the blood of Jesus my kids would be visited with the junk I tryed out.all the way to the forth genration.

when I found it out I went to the Lord and got my sin,s covered under the blood.and tired to be a good mom.Lord knows they needed one stable one in the family.their father wasnt.I wasnt perfect just tired very hard to do what was right.thank God filled in where I fell short.

but if my kids do not get their sin,s covered then their kids will be visited.thats the way sin is it leaves a door open for the devil to mess with you kids.

if ya do not believe me check out the story of king David in the bible.his sin cost him his son,s life.

getting your sin covered closes the door.and the messes we got into will not visit our kids or grandkids.
but if they choose to sin knowingly then they need to be the ones who turn to the Lord them selves.

I thought about just keeping my big mouth shut.but I cant let it slip by.if I did Id feel bad if some thing happened.and I would be to blame.but I will not set by and be still.if it helps one kid to be safe then it would be worth it.

I wish people would spend more time worrying about their kids then doing their own thing..

I know a lady who told me once long ago before I even had kids.
she said "when you have kids do not be afraid to check to see if they are where they say they are."
she said "Id drop them off at a place and Id go check a hour later to see if they were there.Id go right in the place and want to speak to them.and they never knew when Id do it".she said" they are your kids if ya do not watch out for them no one else will."

I admired her a lot,she raised 7 boy,s...

I may be in dutch for speaking up,and I do not like the feeling.but I also do not like to hear the news and hear the sad tail,s of what goes on in this world.

and I do not want it to come to my family..

so if any one gets mad at me its ok cause at lest you can not say I didnt say some thing.

I can not do anything about this but the Lord can.

it says in the word."not by might or power but by my Spirit says the Lord."

Lord I have spoken out and said some thing.I have not been still,but I can not do anything about this only you can.
turn the hearts of the fathers to the mothers and kids,and the hearts of the mothers to their hubby,s and they will all watch over and protect the little ones you gave then.and turn all their hearts to you.Amen.

and forgive me Lord if I messed up on what I said or how I said it.I am no great speaker just a old house wife with not much learning.use what you can and bless it and trash the stuff you can not use...perpair the hearts to hear it.

and please Lord help me be right with you so my mistakes or sin,s do not get visited on my kids or grandkids.cause you said if I put my family in your hands you would get them to where you want them to be.
I did the best I could when they were with me.and I can not be with them now only you can.
so please Lord do as you promised..whisper in their ear,s and get their attention and get them all right with you.none missing...none lost...I ask it in the name of Jesus amen and amen..


Blogger Merle said...

Hi Leann ~~ A great story full of advice on how to keep the children safe. There are so many dangers
out there for them and it is up to their mothers and fathers to look out for them. Take great care my friend,
Love, Merle.

4:35 AM  
Blogger fifi said...

Yes it's horrid that children think its ok to do these things.
They have no idea the wickedness that is out in the world.

You take care, I hope there are no more storms.
Is the eagle still in its nest? Or was it blown away?

4:17 AM  
Blogger deborah wilson said...

I think that you have to use your own judgement on when and how to speak to someone who is not family or a close friend. But when it comes to our kids, we should provide good foundations and protect them, regardless of the consequenses of what they may temporarily think about it.

Kids Internet activities should be monitored by parents - we are responsible for their safety.

Myspace - I don't like it at all. For one thing, it was originally designed specifically for teens, but the default mode for the profile page provides a way for kids to reveal way too much personal information than is appropriate. Information that, in the wrong hands, can be very dangerous.

The big problem with Myspace is not the idea of kids communicating - but the fact that anyone can create an account, adults too. There is no way to verify who someone really is, they can upload any pic that they want, be it male or female, and use a phoney name and lie about their age, whatever. In other words, they can pretend to be just another teen, with ease.

This type of atmosphere is going to naturally be attractive to a child predator. They can hide their true face from the public while they lure kids.

Kids have to understand that most people you meet on the Internet are strangers. They wouldn't give out all of this personal info to a stranger on the street, so why to someone on the Internet? Someone they have never seen, someone who can hide their identity.

Myspace has taken steps to up it's security, but I don't feel it is anywhere near enough.

I don't believe that child predators are just turning to kids because they can't get a date. I believe it's just the way they are - kids are their sexual preference. Can they be cured? I don't believe so - although I do believe that a percentage, under correct therapy, can be taught to control their impulses.

I don't believe our children are safe anymore, even if we never leave them alone and keep them under our wings.

We are now facing a new breed of predators - those who find perverse pleasure in kidnapping our kids from our homes and with parents present. The Jessica Lunsford and Groene cases are just 2 prime examples.

Finally, I also have to stand with you about the porn. It's not just children who are preyed upon. There are many men out there who will stalk, even kill a woman. They will do this without a woman even taking their clothes off. Example, Ted Bundy...

Of course, many people who don't approve of what we are saying, may call us prudes or crazy or judgemental. My response is that it is none of those things - but about making safety decisions for our children (and women) based on crime statistics, fact, common sense, and what some of us perceive as our own set of beliefs and morals. We do have that right.

11:55 AM  
Blogger deborah wilson said...

I hope that I didn't come off too strong in the above post - but I feel that it is a subject that needs to be met with strength.

Leann, you just follow your heart and use good common sense -

If someone is really your friend, they won't discard you for voicing your concerns.

But don't be discouraged if someone won't listen (adults). Everyone has to live their own lives, and make their own choices.

I've lost many friends, family members, neighbors to violence and/or substance abuse. And it's not easy to deal with.

12:41 PM  
Blogger Mountain Mama said...

Yes, if we really love someone and see that they are heading for trouble, it is our responsibility to speak up. It doesn't hurt to ask the Lord for the proper timing though and all should be spoken with love.

Yes there are many dangers in our world. We need to inform our clildren of these and pray for their protection too.

9:32 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks to Merle,Fifi,Deborah,and mountain mama.
your words were a sign that what I said was not just my judging but fear for others to be more careful.
I feel so small and unable to do any thing in this old wicked world we live in.
but if we all stand together in prayer and our faith.maybe we can turn things around and get things back to a more innocent time.

where kids and women can live in safety, with out fear some freak may kill them or kidnape them.

I am glad for your comments.
it says others see the dangers not just me.

yes people can make their own choices,but when it could hurt others then we need to say some thing.

yes men do come into homes that adults are in.but the door was unlocked at the Lunsford home.
the guy who did it knew the ruteen.he lived across the street.

and the Groene were having a party and drugs were there.people who let any one come into there place run the risk of that.

we need to think "unsafe world" and be more careful.and we need laws to protect rape victums,and us, instead of the ones doing these thing,s.
the law has more care for the evil people then the ones they hurt.that is wrong.

people who bury a little girl alive after he raped and abused her.
needs to get the death sentance if he is mental unstable or not.

why should he be able to be let out again to do the same.

none of the men who do this kind of thing should ever be let to see the light of day again.

I do believe that God is able to free people from the evil lurking in side them.
but its hard to tell who is truly delivered unless you are very close to them.

I know of people who were changed.
Carla fey,dont remember her last name.she killed some one with a axe.
she got burn again in prison.
you could tell she was changed.

but not everyone who says they are,really are.
Oh seem,s her last name was Tucker.
people can be changed but it can only be done by God..

11:19 AM  
Blogger audrey` said...

Hi Leann
Thank you so much for the advice =)
We need them.

11:45 PM  

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