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Friday, August 10, 2007

always some thing to see from my window.

about a week or so ago.I was sitting in my chair and happened to look up just in time to see this hot air ballon drifting over.
I watched it for a short time as I wished I were up there drifting silently over the country.drifting with the breeze.

As I took pictures I didnt even know the bird was on this one.I never even seen him.he is just to the left of the ballon.
looks as if he is having just as much fun as they are in the ballon.people say its so wonderful to go up in one.they say its some thing evveryone should do at some time in their life.I was in a air plane once when I was a young uncle had his friend stop by and give my mom ,Dad , granny and me a was a little piper cub and it was the best addventure of my young life..our hay field was cut and the plane came in and landed was pretty bumpy,but he made it.

He took me up first cause I was so exsited
. we rumbled down the field picking up speed and shot up into the air just before we ran out of field.I was scared but thrilled just the same.I was just speechless at first.and he was pleased to see the joy it was giving me.he took me over our farm and it was so cool to see it all before me.I felt like a bird or rolaltiy all at once.

He asked what I would like to see next?I said Id love to see our swamp and creek.he headed east and there lay the swamp as far as I could see.the ponds and ditchs Dad had dug.the creek and the pine Island.all were rich and green and lush from the spring rain,s.
I could have stayed up there world seemed to get a whole lot bigger as my eye,s slowely over all I saw..

then as fast as it game the ride was over,and we drifted out of the sky and rumbled down the field and stopping just west of the house.someone else hopped in and off they went.I ran to the my tree house and lay down so I could just think about the time in the heavens like a bird.

I loved how every thing looked.the field,s looked like patchwork blankets like granny and mom made for our bed,s for winter.the ponds and creek looked like silver coins and silver ribbon,s.the tree,s looked like little plants in our garden.the house and shed,s looked like my doll toy,s.and the dog,s looked like little mice.our cow,s were afraid when we flew over and ran for a safer place tell we went by and they could go back to grazing..

as I lay there thinking about all I had seen I wanted to travel all over this country.I day dreamed about being able to see all of the USA..I wanted to go over sea,s and see all this old earth had to offer.but as a kid how did I know Id be in my 50,s some day and had only seen all of my own state.and the USA was still waiting for me to travel its roads and by way,s.but for that day I could dream of things I wanted to do when I grew up.

Lord willing one day I will travel,even if I have to go alone,I have had to most of my life.when I got married the hubby and I traveled for over 8 weeks all over the state and into two or three more.but now that we are not together.I havent felt like going.I just need to get back on my horse and go.

I still want to travel see new things and new thing,s.and I should not let what happened with the hubby stop my desire to see my heart seem,s to need some mending yet..

I use to go all the a cabin up north some place and just go. Id enjoy being there alone.Id read,and do art work,and just spend time with the Lord.Id do my journel.those were some of the best times of my life.Id dream about the time when I could be with some one I loved and who loved we could share the joy,s of traveling togehter.but little did I know that being with someone again would break my heart so badly that I would never want to be with anyone again..

so I need to heal and move on and do the things I wanted to before I was foolish enough to get married again.had I been smart Id have never gotten invalved in the frist place.but its too late and now I have to go on.

deep in my heart lays a young girls dream,s and hopes..places still call me.and travel is still in my grandfather and great grandfather were travelers.they traveled from our farm ,out west,and my great great grandpa came from from germany.

the one from England setteled in pennsilvana frist before coming to the mid west to settel.he made a cabin down by the creek and the homestead was born.5 generations of family have lived on the farm..yes traveling is in my blood.its my anseters who were travels,their love for travel flow,s through my vain,s.I come from good stock..yes there was some black sheep I suppose some place in the bunch.every one has a skeltins in their family.

I have a great uncle who went out west to homestead and never was heard from again.someone said he was shoot,and who knows what happened to his of the other uncles went to hollywood to see how the movies were made.and he was not to happy to see it.he was in a movie as a extra.he wore a long black coat.we seen the one he was in but I didnt see him cause their were alot of people milling about.he was very tall and I spotted one very tall man so I guess it had to be him.

he was a cool man.he was full of fun .he use to drive his mom nutty.he hated to get his picture taken, but his mom always made one time as a protest he did a nasty.he rolled up and 5 dollar bill and placed it in his zipper,right where some thing else should be,if you get my drift.well just as the mom who was standing next to him happened to see the bill,she was horrified and the camera man had snaped the picture.and believe me if you didnt know better you would think it was what she thought it was.she was fixen to whale his hid when she could move.
she chased his butt tell she caught him and his ears got some choice words.he was trying to tell her the truth but she was haven none of it.finely after she cooled down he showed her the bill.and she finely saw he was not a nasty old man...

he also was the one who dressed like a old gypsy woman and came down the long drive way when she thought she was home alone.she was afriad the woman would see she was alone and tell her family and she would be when uncle came down the road great grandma was beside herself so much he had to tell her the truth..she waled his you see I have some wierd family.he was a cool old guy but he sure liked to bedevil his poor mom..his Dad would climb up to the top of big pine tree,s and leen way out to get his picture taken .he was a very tall man.and his wife was very short.he would lift her up and stand her on a tree trucks or stumps to get their picture could see in her face she was the blunt of many short joke,s..maybe that is why she didnt smile much..

I guess I get my funny bone from the guys and my fistyness from the women.they were all good cook,s and strong.wish I could have met them all.but thank God for storys of them and pictures so I can know them that way.

the uncle also was the one who wanted a shed on his place but didnt have the room.only place he could ,there was a big old oak tree standing.
so one day he went out and started to build.soon there stood a nice shed with a oak tree growing out of it.
everyone thought he had lost his mind.but that old oak lived a long time.and uncle had the use of a shed.
when the oak grow too big he would just cut a little of the roof away to let it grow.the rain came in and watered the foot of the tree.but didnt cause other problem,s cause he put a ring around the foot to catch the water.
he was a smart man.but his wife left him cause she didnt see the wisdom or the funny blone as others did.he lost his two daughters and wife.after that he was a loner.he still was a wonderful man and kind and caring.he always made others welcome in his home.he just never would trust his heart again to anyone.

one day my mom and granny and I went to visit him.he welcomed us into his little home.
my grandma almost had a hissy fit when nanny the goat came out of the bedroom to say hi..she came and lay down near us and listened to us visit.
when uncle fixed the coffee for the women,mom drank it with milk.uncle called nanny goat over and took mom,s coffee cup and nanny goats utter and soon mom had her milk.
mom just stood there not knowing what to do.. I winked at her hopeing she wouldnt hurt his feeling,s.
she said well B,that sure is a handy ice box you have there to keep your milk cool.he leened back in his rocker and his big blooming laugh filled the room.

I loved that man then and there.he was real!!!!
we sat and visited some more,once in a while he would stoke the wood stove next to him.he shut the oven part cause it was a cook stove to.and we settled in again and the three adults talked while I petted nanny who took a likeing to me.
there was a lull in the talking almost on Q.and a heck of a nose and a rattle and out of the oven came a very warm cat,she let out of there for places on known.
mom screamed,granny almost fell off her chair,and me I sat in wide eyes amazment.
and uncle laughed tell he could laugh no more.he finely calmed himself down and and said I wondered where she had gotten herself to.
that old cat loves to be warm.but guess she was a little too warm..and he laughted again.all of us did.
I wanted that day to never end,I wanted to set at his feet forever and hear the stories of my family and hear his wonderful laugh.but soon it was getting close to supper and chore the lady,s washed up the few dishes for him and we were about to leave.
when uncle said say you need to see way nanny is in the he took us into the bedroom and in a box near his bed were two twin lamb,s.they were sound asleep.
mom and I fell in love with them.they lay so nice and warm in their little bed.uncle petted them and smiled down at could see he loved nanny and the lambs.they were his family too.
I got as close to him as I could,I wanted to feel the love I felt in the room.he toselled my hair and winked at me.then he said would you and your mom like these two when they are big enough to come with you?
we both let out little happy "O yes please....well that was the day I knew my uncle was a good man, no matter if his wife and girls didnt think so,I did.and not cause he gave me a lamb,but because he was a good man.
we left and went home.the lambs were too young to go with us mom said dont tell your Dad or he will say we cant have I kept my mouth shut.

but one day when Dad was gone uncle showed up with the lamb,s.he asked if my Dad had said it was ok?but mom said she would have to talk their way into the for the time being they were beded down in the bath tub.they went to sleep,and were there when Dad came home.
and where do you think he went when he came in the house?yap the bathroom.and mom hoped they would stay asleep
so she could kind of smooth the way.but all at once you could hear him say "what the"!!!! and the jig was up.
mom went into get the lamb,s.and try to talk him into them staying.but Dad said this was a cattle farm.and sheep were not good cause they eat the grass to low.he let us keep them for only a few weeks then took them back to uncle.
uncle was ok with it,but he said he would give us a pig to make up for the lose of the lamb,s.

so for a while in the spring we had a pig in the parler as granny called her.she was little and pink and so cute.she got out of the bathroom,and headed for the parler on the double.that was a laugh to see. mom and granny chased that little pig all over the house.granny yelling mom laughing and the pig sqwelling to high heaven.I laughed so hard I almost pee,d my pants.

Yes it was a life of fun and wonder on the farm.every day was a new addventure.a fitting place for a child to grow and live.a place where you could learn the wonders of God,s critters.a place that only lives unchanged in my heart and mind.
O the farm is still there only its not the same any more.there are no sheep,or baby pig,s,or cow,s in the field,s.only corn and beans cover the hay is in the barn cause the storm in the 80,s blew it down.
no chickens peck or scratch the ground.the shed,s are gone.and some of the tree,s that shaded the house.
and the happy family has long sence changed to a diffrent one.O my Dad still lives there,and he is remarried to my step mom.and they have a son.and he has his own family.its not my home any more,only in my memories..

so that day long ago as I lay in my tree house is all I have to remember of the day the plane landed in our hey field.and the ride I had in the sky like a bird.but those memories replay in my mind,and so many more.
days of a child,s life before the door,s were open to sin that let the devil come in and rip our family apart.and forever change the farm and the family who once lived there on the farm...

( note from the writer.I need to tell you one more thing about my uncle.he was the kind of man to see if you had a hissy fit about anything.I seen him watch the ladys when nanny goat came out.and I could see what granny was thinking.
her nose wrinkled and she didnt like the fact the goat was in the house.she didnt give him the benifit of the dout that there maybe a good reason.there was cause it was too cold for them to be in his shed.they came too late.
and I also saw some thing else that day.he knew that cat was in there,I could see it in his eyes when he looked at me.only I didnt know what he was up to.but his eyes told me to watch .and when it all unfolded I shared something with him..
and when mom asked for milk his eyebrow when up as if he were giggleing to himself or thinking of a joke only he knew.
when mom said what she did his smile showed he was pleased to see she could take a joke in style..I dont know if he seen me wink or not I will have to ask him when I get to heaven..right after I give him the biggest hug he ever had.that is if his mom aint chasing him around for some thing he did to her..
Jesus please tell B for me that I love him and miss him..and Ill see him soon.)

All rights to this story are resevered.and belong to the writer.Aug 10,2007.


Blogger Merle said...

Hi Leann I am so glad you posted this about some of the happier times in your life =
and I am so glad you had some nice uncles. Going up in the plane would be wonderful and thank you for sharing these
with us. Thanks also for your comments Leann. Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

12:47 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks Merle for seem to be the only one who is still on.O I am sure some come by and just dont leave a post.
but if interest doesnt pick up soon I may close down for a while.if I do Ill still check up on you and post.
its been stormy here today.
I just love seeing the lighting .in the night the thunder woke me up.I lay and listen to it.the rain falling softly.I fell asleep its so peacefull..

12:38 PM  
Blogger deborah wilson said...

Hi Leann,

Thanks for stopping over on my blog. I just finished reading a few of your front page posts, and I must say that I really like the hot air balloon photos. The lake photos are also very nice.

Oh, don't close down! I've been on the Internet for a long time and one thing that I can say for certain is that more people are reading your blog than you think - it's just that most people won't comment. Still, even if they don't comment, they are either learning from or enjoying your posts.

I'll be reading from time to time -don't give up!

Every American has a story to tell - that's what makes computers a great thing - communication. then we can all travel and see places that we've never seen. :)

6:22 PM  
Blogger fifi said...

What a beautiful description of the ride in the airplane. I was travelling with you.

I hope you love rainstorms, I do, and I really love the smell.

take care!

2:44 AM  
Blogger it's the little things... said...

I think you were just feeling a little low, and I have no intention of letting you shut down.
More people read than you know.
Some are just more comfortable remaining anonymous.
You have a lot of good stories to tell.
Keep them flowing...

5:58 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks Deborah for stopping by.I still cant get over how much you look like Holly hunter.thanks for the nice word,s.have a great week.Ill stop by your blog now and then to..God bless.

Fifi;I love thunder storm,s.while other kids went running for their mom,s when I was young,I stood and watched them come in over our farm.I would wait till it came so close it started to rain and Id run to my room so I could listen to the rain on the roof.:)

"Its the little things".
I was more then low.I was at the point of being just plain gone.
it wasnt about some thing I have was just too much of life coming all at once.and just every thing.
I had to just go into my room and talk to the Lord and dump a whole bunch of crap.I may explain it if I can on my post.have a great week.:)

12:00 PM  

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