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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


the fall color from a few years a place far from here.

I went to Anna,s and we had a visit to see my step mom and my father.he was home from the hospital and was doing alot better.I went in his room and talked with him.he looks so much older and so much more skinny.
I talked with him about the old days when his life was much better.and things were good.he got tears in his eyes and said he wish he could talk better. I told him it was ok and that I loved him.he got tears again.
my half brother took the kids down to the little lake.and then my step mom took me on their golf was a bumpy ride but I enjoyed it.

it reminded me of years ago when she and I use to put the kids who were baby,s at the a cart and hook it to my Dads tractor and drive all around the farm till they fell was so fun.
then she made supper for us,home made taco,s.yummy yum yum...
the two boys went nuts over step mom is from the Ukraine and any thing she makes is great...
it was a great day for all...

poor Anna had the starting of a tooth ache and she was taking something for it.I told her she would have to go in and get it fixed.thank God she was able to get in the next day.and put it on a card.cause she had a infected tooth that needed a root cannal.
and if you have ever had one you know how fun it is if the stuff they use doesnt deaden it.

well she went in that Monday morning.I was asleep and she didnt wake me.
but the Lord did only minutes before she called for me to come and get her.she was so sick and in I was glad the Lord had woke me and I was dressed and ready.I met her at the place she was going to get the med,s.
I forgot to tell her not to get codean cause me and my mom would almost die when we took it.I took one pill and thought I would die.

well she got her stuff and she drove home and I followed her.she made it home ,and I got her some thing to eat and she eat and took the pill.
she was out in a flash 10 minutes later.she slept for hours not moving a 5;00 almost 6 hours later I told her hubby to see if she was ok.
he had a heck of a time waking her.she got up and went to the bathroom and I fixed her some thing to eat and she took another pill cause she was in bad pain.she was out tell 11;30pm and I fixed her some little thing to eat and she went to bed for the night.

the next morning I got her something and she lay back down on the couch.but this time she was still in pain and the pill didnt seem to help.and about half hour or so she was sick as a dog.

she got up and ran to the bathroom and felt like throwing up.she tried but couldnt.the phone ran and we had to go get her youngest son from school.
I didnt want to leave her alone so she came with.she got sicker and time we got to town she was very sick.
I picked up Jake and she was trying to throw up.she still couldnt so we prayed and she did throw was green.and I was scared.her hubby came cause Jake had called him to come.

I told him Anna was so sick.he said to go talk to the dentist to see if she should do something else.I headed over there and the office girl said take her to the doctor we went to the hospital.they got her in right away.and he said the pill was the problem.he said if me and mom had problems with the pill then it seemed Anna did to.he gave her some thing to help stop the feeling of throwing up.and we headed home.

she got home and I made her eat some chicken soup and yogert.I know it helps your tummy get back on track.she didnt want to eat cause she didnt feel good but I said you cant take Ibperofern on empty tummy.she eat and took the med,s and went to sleep.she woke up later and felt better.and today she was good but she lay down and only did a few things.we watched movies and just took it easy.I came home it was a good thing I stayed for the extra days.if I hadnt been there she would have not had help.not that I can do much cause I aint as young as I was.but at lest she wasnt alone.

well this is going to be short cause I have alot to do before we go up north and I aint even this will be my post till I get back unless I get everything ready and have the time.

I will be gone from the 14th through the 23rd.I will be coming home that day.but may be too tired to post so Ill post when I can.hope everyone is fine and every thing is going good for you.God bless and Ill see you when Iam get back.I may not get to comment on your blogs till I get know I am thinking of you all.

please go on the post below this one and click on the name" Anna "and send her a get well hello.she is back on line after being gone a long please say hi and tell her to get back to blogging.she feels she has nothing to give and she lost the ones who were on her please welcome her back on line.thank you..

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Blogger deborah wilson said...

Leann -
Good to see you back - you go and have a nice trip and we will all be looking for you around the 24th or so. Enjoy!

8:44 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks for stopping.Ill see you when I get back.take care.God bless.

10:41 PM  
Blogger Margaret said...

Hi Leann, It is nice to be able to look back on happy memories, especially in times of sadness. The little lake is a beautiful tranquil spot, it would be lovely to actually be there Love Margaret

4:16 AM  
Blogger Anna said...

Learning experience, never will I take Vicodine again or anything stronger then extra strength tylenol, so glad you were there mom, I have never felt like that before...

7:52 AM  

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