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Friday, September 07, 2007

Iam going to visit Anna and the guys.

isnt she a pretty girl?both my girls are pretty.
I will go out for the night and come home tomorow.we will watch a movie and just enjoy being together.I will have to make this short cause I need to get ready soon.
every one have a nice weekend and enjoy the weather where you are.hope everyone is having nice weather and everyone is safe.
today the hot and muggys are being removed by a cool canadain front that is moving through .it will bring rain and some storm,s but thank God for cooler weather.its been 90,s so any help is welcome.its fall like weather for the next week or so.

the picture below is of a fall a while was like all the colors ,and the sky, and every thing that fall ,was just there to bless me.I love the fall of the year.I was born in the fall.and that is most likely why I love it mom was born in the fall and she loved it to.
I plan on taking Anna and the boys to the DQ for ice cream.
so hope that TJ dont read my blog before I can surprise them!!!

this picture reminds me for a walk in a woods and How I felt once long ago.I was up at the very tip top of the farthest you can go north before hitting canada.
and I was walking in the wood,s.the day was cool and the weather was a could hear the sounds of the wild life.
birds little woodland animals.the breeze through the tree,s.I walked along alone.and sat on this big rock over looking a small valley.the tree,s were big and the valley lovely and the wilderness went on for as far as you could see.the little creek that ran through the valley was sparkling in the sun as it danced over rocks and pebbles as it made its way along.I couldnt hear it cause I was too far away.but I could enjoy its beauty from where I sat.

over to the right I saw the leaves on the ground move.they were moving and flipping up.I wondered what kind of little guy was sneaking his way along,so I sat still and watched.
he came with in two feet of me and popped his little head out ( it was a small mouse).he looked around and then his eyes met mine.he looked scared and didnt know what he should I just said in a whisper "I wont hurt you."he looked at me as if he knew what I said and went on his way right by me.and soon he was gone cause I didnt hear him any more.

I could smell the fall leaves as I moved my feet it crushed them ,and the smell of poplar drifted up into the air.I just breathed it in and was so glad to be there.a small breeze brushed my face almost as if God reached down and touched my cheek.I knew I wasnt alone.

I was up at the hunting cabin of the man I was married to.his family and two other familys owned the cabin.
they were off hunting in the other part of the woods and said Id be ok where I was cause they didnt ever hunt by the I enjoyed my self in the sun.the sky was doted with little white popcorn clouds.the colors were almost past peak.but it was still lovely.

I felt blessed to be able to enjoy this time.I had been sitting in the cabin reading all morning and had ventured on the walk to clear my mind of the book I had read.I had only a short time before the hunters would be i wanted to enjoy this addventure.

as I sat there I saw a movement off in the first I thought I was only dreaming.but as I watched I saw it again.low and almost crawling.taking one careful step at a time.a big buck came slowly walking into the small clearing.he sniffed the air and looked around.I sat dead still.I dont even think I breathed.
he was so pretty in the sunshine.he scanned the hill where I was sitting and the valley what he could see of it.he didnt even see me,I wondered why.
he took a few more steps and then heard something and was gone in a flash of his white was as if he had never really been there.
and I wondered if in deed I had dragged that dumb gun along ,if I would have been able to shoot him.the answer? no!!!!he was too wonderful too alive .no I would have done just as I did.sat and shared the time with him.
Had I had my camera,no cause if I had moved he would have been gone.a hunter Iam not,yes I can shoot and use to do well when young.but now I just like to shoot my camera.

dont get me wrong if some one says I got a deer would you like some meat? I jump at the chance.I surely love the meat.I was born and raised on it.but for me to kill one of those animals I just cant do it.

as I sat on my little rock I was wondering what the future would bring?and if I had known all the things Id go through in the years ahead Iam sure I wouldnt have been able to enjoy that wonderful day.I am glad I didnt know.

I sat a while and closed my eyes and let the sun shine on warmed me and took the coolness of the day away.I lay my head back aginst the tree behind me and just listened.the wilderness sounds are wonderful.
wish I had all the sounds from the days i have spent in the wilderness,.to go back and listen to.but I dont and its my fault that I didnt do as I should have before some one else thought of it first.
yes I had thought of doing it.putting it on tape.but never did.could have made alot of money.cause now these cd,s and tapes of wildrenss sounds are all over.someone has their dreams coming true.all because I didnt jump on the if you have a idia do it before some one else does.

I slowly and gruggingly got off the rock and headed back to the cabin.and I saved the memorie.its there forever and I can go back there any time I like.I am sure the cabin and that lovely place has changed hands by now.maybe not Ill never know cause the man and I are no longer married.but it was a wonderful place to go.

well hope you enjoyed todays little day dream of time long past.that was back in the 70,s.I need to get going or my grand son,s will think I aint coming.have a great weekend and go some place where you can make a memorie or go to one long past and relive your youth.God bless you and keep you safe.

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Blogger Mountain Mama said...

A lovely story. I remember times in the forest like your adventure and you are so right. The memory stays with us forever. Around here in the autumn, the forest has the smell of damp earth and rotting leaves as well as the evergreen resins. It isn't an unpleasant smell but has a rather calming effect on me.
Hope you have a good week-end.

10:11 PM  
Blogger USAincognito said...

I absolutely loved that picture of the trees changing colors!! :) Fall is my favorite time of the year as I just love all the beautiful colors and the crisp air! :)

7:56 AM  
Blogger deborah wilson said...

A great looking girl, Leann.
I too loved that fall picture - it's absolutely enchanting.

10:08 AM  
Blogger Anna said...

Always enjoy havin you come and stay mom, we always have lots of fun, and Ted sure loves his na-na coming to share his chair with him...Oh and thanks for the DQ you should have had the cotton candy it was great....

10:14 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks everyone for stopping.I just got home today.Anna was sick and had to stay longer then I thought.glad you all liked the fall picture.

it was fun Anna coming to stay,only wish you hadnt been so sick.but now you have your tooth fixed and soon the lest good did come of it.
love you,and enjoyed the visit with you all.

4:24 PM  

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