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Thursday, September 27, 2007

number two.

Peeping tom alert...
I woke up to a lovely morning.had fixed myself some hot coco and was sitting watching the lake.when all at once I heard a sound.I looked around and didnt know where it was coming was a picking sound or scratching sound.
now I was hopeing it isnt mice! althow I like the little guys ,having themi n the house is no joy.
well just as I was about to get up and check it out.I seen movement and there was the little bugger.
he sat there with his beddy little eye looking at me.
I said boy you have guts to be peeping at a lady with her night clothes on.
he just kept staring as if he didnt care that I saw him.I said whats the matter,never seen a fat lady in this window before?
he just continued to stare.I said ok if your that beauty starved enjoy your self!!!!
he sat for a long time and just watched me.even if I moved he stayed..
soon he got his eyes full and left.
so dont think peeping tom,s wont show up in th you see they do.and they are even bolder then city ones!!!!but aint he the cutest thing you ever saw???
I know the Lord sent him to bless me and brighten my did just that..
if you push on the picture it will inlarge ad you can see him better.
he is a little chic a dee,right on the pine tree.

I took a ride to check out the colors.and they were getting so pretty.I drove down the high way for a while tell I seen this flash of color.

so lovely was the day I felt some how renewed and alive.
the problems of the past went and I was starting over anew.
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Blogger USAincognito said...

Love that last picture with all the leaves changing colors!!!

8:31 AM  

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