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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

day dreams firestove weather

ocean day dreams on a cold blustery day.
it was one cold windy day today.I stayed at Anna,s over night.she invited me to stay after I had her put some white minks in my hair.
now I never used it before.Lucy got it for me and said it would lighten and brighten my white hair.
well I figure a little pick me up wouldnt I had anna,s put it in.
now we were enjoying being together and having a good time,till she looked at her white towel and said Oh my God mom the towel is purple.I said what the????she said I am not kidding mom the towel is pretty purple!!!
I said I better not end up looking like some over the hill punker...or Ill ring that girls neck..
well it didnt turn my hair the color the towel was.but if you get me in the light I look like I over dosed on grape juice ...
Oh well life goes on..

it wase very cold and so I came home from Anna,s and put on my little fake seems to be making me feel warmer.guess its just the Idia of it and the look of real flames to fake out your mind.I got my self all cuddled into my chair and eat supper and did some blogging.

I am going to call this picture of Lucys, "Jilly bean "
Hooked on the boob tube....
or carpet potatoe..
or do you have a better name if so share it with me...

this is Anna and her hubby.they looked so nice when they went to his company for his 15 year party.
they had a nice time and he said he loved her new blouse..
I think it was cause she could show off her double D,s..
she is a lovely girl and needs to dress like this.she is bashful and thinks she isnt pretty cause she has getto booty, like my grandson says.
well she can stand her own with anyone.she is a pretty girl.and she doesnt have to starve to be...
Id rather be as big as I am then to act like people who lose wieght and act like fools who are in love with them selves.some of those la wieght lose things on T.V make me want to puck.the women act like they are in love with them selves or Gods gift to the world.
if your pretty you dont need to stripe down to nothing to show it off.some people who had a wonderful personality when they were heavy when they lose wieght they are so ego stuck you cant stand to be around them.

my grand son says to me Nana you need to look for a black man cause they like big women or getto booty.
I said thanks TJ but I think Ill just stay single from now on.not that I have any thing against black men.its just I dont want "anyone".
and I will say there are some fine black men.Danzel washington is a babe...
and I have seen some who trip my trigger and make my heart pump and my cheeks color.
but I just dont feel I could take one more relationship.I just dont have the mustard no sorry all you good looken black men this getto booty is off the market..
my one friend use to say once you go black you never go back.well Id believe her,but then I see how much problems the black women have with them and I think I made a wise choice to go single once and for all.
I may be off the market but I can still enjoy a nice face once and a while,and they do fill out jean,s very well.a cute little butt in a pair of jeans can still make me look.
no I didnt look when I was with hubby.I dont believe in it.but now he is no longer my hubby so I can look till the cow,s come home if I want to.and I dont have to have all the problems of a relationship..
well every one have a great week,and God bless you all..hope your all having good health,all the love you need or want,peace of mind and heart,all your needs met,and a few of your wants.
and till we talk again your loved and you have a reason for being,and a place in my heart.

Oh all you black and white people out there give" Dog the Bounty Hunter Chapman" a break,aint a one of us dont say some stupid thing when we are mad at our dumb kids.and who wouldnt be mad at a dumb kid who sets up his own father for money???
yes it was dumb of Dog to say what he did,but does what he said make any one what he said????
if someone called me a dumb honky does it make me one?or if they called me a hooker does it make me one???no only I can make me one...
Good Lord I get sick of people with their small minds and eger willinness to keep this bigget crap going..
Get the hell over it God loves blacks just like he does any color.after all he made us all.and like it or not we all will stand in heaven next to color.and hell will have color to for all you who cant get over the race thingy!!!!
all skin color means is they were made with richer dust then us!!!!
the chic who was taping Dog was after the money.
Dog dont let the kids who come stright out of jail work in the buisness.he makes them prove they are done with their stupid ways for a year or so.if they stay stright they can come work in his bounty this kid was right out of jail,got himself a little gold diger who had a Idia when she heard Dog say some thing he shouldnt have.desided to use it against him to the highist bider and went for it.
I hope Dog tells them both to take a flying leep on a rolling donut when he gets back on his feet.
one day hopefully that son of his will get his head out of his butt and say he is sorry for what he did.

and Dog I prayed for you cause I was afriad your mouth would get you in dutch.and it cant be a christain
and speak like that and have people think your sinser.
I respect you and your family for what you do.but Ill tell you alittle something.its not you who made you" the Dog" ,its God !!!.
give him, not your self the glory and you will beat this dont have a repution away from dont let the fact your on TV fool your ego.God is the one who permotes or demotes.let him ,not holly wood build your life up and no one can nock you down..
Let not man think him self more highy then anyone.but think himself always in his own eyes less then others.for then God can use him. for he will love others more then himself..for one who loves others more then them selves will care for their needs more then his own...
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Blogger audrey` said...

The pics are so nice =)

2:58 PM  
Blogger Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

So much to respond to I had better stay of safe ground and say, "as much as I like sitting by my wood cookstove feeling my kitchen really cozy, (like tonight with it going down to -8C) it is a lot cleaner sitting by a fake stove, also less work."

Your right. I enlarged the picture of your friend and her husband, she is very attractive. Nothing wrong with a woman built for comfort!

3:27 PM  
Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Leann,

Anna and her husband look really nice in the picture. And you are right, she is very pretty.

I have a little wood stove, because I really like it. Primary heat is propane, but the wood stove with the crackling wood, is just so cozy, and I refuse to give it up. It even has two burners, if that's what they are called, on the top, so I could cook on them, if I had to. I usually don't though. I just enjoy the warmth and the flames and the crackling wood.

Well, my daughter and family will arrive Wednesday, for 6 days, and I can't wait. It's nice that you get to visit with Anna more often. And I have a cat just like her Jilly Bean, but he is a male, a neutered male!

I enjoyed my visit with you, Leann. Have a nice evening.



6:01 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

enjoyed haven you here, glad your little stove is helpen you feel warm, gotta love um....I agree with the Dog thing he shouldnt have said the word nigger, but then were called honkeys and crackers and many other ones and im not offended by it, what does offend me is murderers, rapists, child molesters, drug dealers etc. I wish everyone would focus on more important issues- who cares what Dog Chapmen said to his kid on the phone, it should have been a private call. And for that matter the good that him and his family are doing should count more, their helping to clean up the streets, and trying to help the criminals find a better life.

4:26 PM  
Blogger Merle said...

Hi Leann ~~ I am glad your hair didn't turn out purple. I like purple, ut not for hair. White is OK.
Your Anna is a very attractive lady with such a pretty face, It is nice that you see her so often.
Thank you for you comments ~ Steve Irwin was a remarkable young man. I feel so sad for Terri and the kids.
Terri has written a book "My Steve"
Glad you enjoy the jokes. Take care, Love, Merle.

10:20 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks everyone for stopping.have a great weekend and new week.
God bless you all.

10:15 AM  
Blogger Blondie said...

nice pics and I agree with your comment about dog and his family. Hope all is well with you and yours. One of these fine days I am going to figure out how to blog again. Miss you. Take care!

10:42 PM  
Blogger deborah wilson said...

Leann, let us know what brand of hair color that you used. With natural red highlights in my hair, I'm sure that I would come out looking like a purple petunia!

Go! Anna!

9:13 AM  
Blogger Mountain Mama said...

Hi Leann. I hope your week has been nice and you are ready for Thanksgiving day. I baked a little today and will ake it to my daughters tomorrow where most of my family will meet to celebrate and east.
Your pictures are so nice and Anna is a very beautiful girl. I can tell by just looking at her face that she has a sweet spirit too.
Happy Thanksgiving!

4:12 PM  

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