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Monday, November 12, 2007

God bless our vets.

today many of our men and women are in a place where they arent safe.they are busy doing what the country has asked them to do.

are we safer for the things they are doing ?YES!!!and again I say Yes...some people feeel by bitching about the war they are doing someone a favior.
no they are doing more harm then they know.they are making young men and women laying their life on the line feel as if they have done something they are fighting for freedom.for us and others.

does a person like freedom when they have never had it?at first they may not understand it.
when God freed the jews from slavery they were scared when they were out of their comfort zone.and they cryed to go back to the place they knew.but when they were finely in the promise land they were thankful.the people in Iraci people are better off now then they were.

if you have freedom then give thanks for the ones who gave their lives to fight for it..
thank you to all the people who have given their time their lives to see I can have and enjoy the freedom I have..
give the men and women a welcome home and dont mess them up. like the vets who came home from nom..
can you believe people had the nerve to call those poor guys names and blame them for things they didnt even do.

I believe protesters should have to fight for three weeks in the place of the people they protest against.then they can bitch all they want if they come back alive...

  • GOD BLESS ALL THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO HAVE FAUGHT IN THE WAR,S .and all the ones who are in harms way now.Lord bring them home safe and meet the needs they will have when they do come home...


Blogger Nessa said...


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Blogger Leann said...

thanks girls for stopping.

no one who fights for freedom dies in vain.

there is no greater gift then to give ones life for a friend,but there is no greater love the to give onces life for a stranger...

God bless our men and women in harms way,keep them safe night and day...

4:09 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

I say Amen to that too...Our soldiers need our support not our criticism, many of them come back depressed and some have even committed suicide, such a shame Im sure it may have a little to do with how some of the people view the those dumb-ass people out there who say our president was just itching to go to war and that we went over there because of greed for oil and stuff, are like my children love to say "rediculous" perhaps they have forgotten 9/11 we were at war before the first tower fell, if we had'nt gone to war in Iraq, we would be fighting it here on our soil, it seems that people cant seem to get that straight in there heads....Thank you Lord for the freedom we do have and bless the brave men and women who serve in our armed forces, and bless their families too.....

4:48 PM  

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