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Monday, November 12, 2007

deer hunting and kittys

all over there are deer hunters sitting in the woods.their bows near and a ever open eye to the country side.the air freah and clean unless your near a farm.the wind blowing in your face the thrill of the hunt and just plain peace a sit for hours just watching.
trying not to make a sound or move too much.all around you is beauty.
the sky in its fall pastels with geese flying in long v,s crying their farwell call for another season.the chic a dee,s who sing to you and check to see what you are by landing on the end of your bow.the russel of dry oak leaves in the branches that make you wish you had picked a much quieter tree.the squirrls in the under brush.the mouse in the cat tails getting fluff for his winter nest.the ducks on the pond splashing and hear a church bell off
in the distance.hear a child giggle just for the joy of it in the farmers yard.
turn just in time to see a eagle land in a tall tree.and just sit and look off in the field.
as you sit you think of the problems of the day and they seem with every minute to drift get comfy in your blind or tree stand and wish this time of year could last forever.the leaves no longer show their colors but the bronze and drowns are still lovely in the fading light.

the eagle is still sitting in the tree and seems to be on his rost for the night.
he seems to be enjoying his rest from the day screaching for food.he looks at his sroundings and seems at peace.
the sky turns to golden rays and the clouds are pinks and purples and blues.the sun set is so lovely you forget to look for a deer.and as you look back one runs by and you miss the shot.but you dont care cause the beauty of the day has blessed you.and after all tomorow is another day.
the eagle still is looking off to a spot he has kept his eye on.soon he flys and lands on the ground at the foot of the tree.but what ever he seen is long gone before he lands.he lifts off and returns to his purch high in the tree.
as the last rays of sun dispair in the west.
darkness falls fast but you sit just a while longer to enjoy the quiet .the night birds sing off in the distance.the russel of the night wind blows and you can see the first star.the leaves move in the breeze and you start to climb down from your walk out into the meadow and you hear rather then see the deer who have come to eat in the darkness.they will live to run another day.and you will hunt another day.but your both able to enjoy the beauty God placed all around you.

this is jilly bean Lucys cat.isnt she a sweetie?she hasnt been with them long but she already own,s them.she is a cute little girl.and she is smart to.I was there as she was getting use to being there with them.
she was a little poop , Lucy had just got her before they came for my jilly bean wasnt too pleased at being dropped off at a new house with a strange cat and left with no people to teach her the ropes.
so jilly bean made it known she was none too pleased.when we got back there Lucy had to clean up a big mess.and jilly bean almost didnt have a home.but she was good that next day as I sat home alone with her.I yelled at her when she was doing some thing she shouldnt.and she listined. after a few days she learned to be a good can see she is a keeper.she sat and posed for me all the time.she even helped me get some good pic,s of speed it was a good time to be there..

as you see speed bump enjoyed getting his picture taken to.he is a sweet little guy to.let me tell you his story.he was run over by something and hurt see he lost part of his tail.
he was only a kitten and it was cold winter and the girls Daddy saw him ,and picked him up.Lucy desided to keep speed bump got a the girls had wanted a kitty for a long time.but Lucy hadnt wanted to have a cat in the house cause they stink.but as the Lord some times does ,a childs prayer over rides a house rule.and the kids got their kitty.
well speed bump was lonely, with the girls and lucy gone all Lucy felt she should find him a little friend to keep him company.well jilly bean is just what he there wont be any kittens cause speed bump is fixed.but he will not be lonesome..

sorry I havent been on here much lately.I have been doing some of the stuff I need to get done.and still just getting my self back to my ruteen..I was just reading some stuff and writing in my journal.
had some things I also needed to pray about.and some things I been asking the Lord to give me wisdom on.and its seems that I am about to make a clean break from a relationship that has not been good for me.I prayed and have seen its not a wise Idia to go back but to move forward.
I was sure of the fact that Id made the right choice before but was given the asurance it was better to end it and move on.
I looked over all the past and saw that I would always be the one who would have to hold it together.and I would be the strong one in the relationship.and that my needs would always come last if at all.I desided it was best for me to be alone then to suffer useless heart ache over some one who didnt really want to be with me any way.
he doesnt see the picture through eyes of truth.he clovered over the reasons why things ended as they did.and you cant move on if you do not take responsiblety for your own part in a ended nothing can be saloved if you cant see the truth.
when one makes a disction it does afect every cant run off from a problem and figure it will just work its self out and you can run back and still have some one or something to come back to.
you cant figure that you can just step back into the heart of someone you choose to leave in the frist place.
you cant figure you can step out of a relationship for six months with no word or contact of any kind and figure things have just layed dorment and not can come back and say Oh now I desided I love you.and figure one can trust you now to mean it.
I did my best to hold on to see if a change of heart was coming.but then I found it was my heart I was waying for.
I loved a person who had been in alot of things and forgiven them all.
but then also told that person Id forgive the past but what went on after that we were together was a diffrent story.meaning dont think Ill let foolishness while we are together go on.I promised to lovethat person for as long as we were give all my love and do what I could to meet his needs.
but I didnt promise to hang around when he left me to go back to his life away from me. when he left it said."I dont want to be with you any more".when he eat the ring and it was gone the covenet we made was gone.when he walked out the door he walked out of my heart.I didnt understand it till I finely sat down and just asked the Lord to help me to see the truth.
when he had come back to see if we could make it.I finely was able to see the eyes were not blinded by any thing and I could see that it had been the best when he left.
the Lord had given me a way to see the truth so I could know it was not ever going to be the same again.and my heart let the past go.

I looked for love in a friendly face and thought I had found some thing that could last.
but love doesnt grow when your left alone to pick up the pieces..
I looked for love in the face of a friend only to find pain and sorrow again..
I looked for love in some one who promised to always stay,only to find he would run away..
I looked for love the kind that would last,only to be left like Id been left in the past.
I looked for love in so many places and in so many faces,only to find it would not last.
some one said love never fails,and its true when its Gods love.for "he" will never ever leave you..
and His love will never die.
am I sorry for the love I gave away?no but Iam sorry it wasnt good enough for the one I gave it to...
am L sorry for the best I gave?no but Iam sorry I wasted it on some one who couldnt treasure it.
am I sorry for falling in love?no only for being so dumb as to believe that some one who didnt really hold a friend ship together. was given some thing as valued as my heart.
am I free from blame?No I was fighing common sence all the way..letting love hold on for a while more.
Love never fails..out of this whole mess and all I went through I found only God is there for you come what may.
do I plan to trust an other man again?No!!!! Id be a fool..
I gave my heart many times in the past and found that men do not know how to value it.they only want their needs met.
is it cause woman baby little boys and wait on them hand and foot?I do not know for it cause they are not taught to care about a womans needs cause they and their fathers are waited on hand and foot.but mom,s needs are not even thought of.I dont know.
but I do know the men who I have seen figured I was their maid or cook or toy.when I needed some one to step up when I had no strangth every man I loved let me fall.and I needed to muster up the last once of strangth I had to go on alone.
its even harder having some one and still being all alone.
I feel after years of screaching that I am better off not trusting anyone but the Lord.cause if I depend on anyone to much I am only giving into be let down..
if I just muster up what I hve and keep going I dont get let down and have to crawl back up again.
Iam ok...yes I was a hard time this time.harder then I ever been thought in my life.much more painful and full of sorrow.butwith the Lords help I made it.and Ill contiue to make it a long a the Lord needs me here.
do I blame the man who didnt value me?no he just wasnt what I needed and wasnt able to be.he has his own problems.and I pray God will bless him with a new start and a stronger faith to keep on keeping on.
I will not ask for anything from him or exspet any thing from him.cause he has nothing I need.
I hope he understands some day just how it all ended and why.and will look back and see he was loved and understand just what he lost when he ran away.but I will not hold my breath,cause he has always figured he was the catch in any relationship. he was always the treasure given up.that the ones who lost him lost some thing good.
Me I know better then to think Iam any great prize.I know I gave it my best shot and loved with every thing I had.but it still wasnt good enough.and its ok cause at lest I didnt feel I had failed cause I had done my best...
you cant make someone stay who doesnt want to,and you cant make them love you if they dont...
someone who loves you will never leave your side no matter what.even if the problem is more then they can bare..they will not run...
but once you see its a lost cause then its time to move on.I saw it was not good for me to hang on to a person who didnt value me as a love interest.he just didnt love me...he loved the promises of what the Lord had given me.but he didnt have the time or the faith to believe till it came to pass.
some of Gods promises take years to be fullfilled.and if our for fathers had given up they would never have seen their dreams come ture.Abaham and Sarah waited a very long time for their son to be born.and for Abarham to be made the father of many nation, fact that promise is still being fullfilled even thow Sarah and he are long in their graves.
Gods promises dont come to pass just cause you want them to,they come to pass casue He said they would with or without you...
God does not lie.
He said Id find a hubby,I would marryhim.I did."He said Id love him with all my heart and forgive him for all the dumb things he did before we met,and I did.God said he would love the way I cooked,and fixed the house,and he did.
"He told me about the dress Id marry this man in and where to find that dress and I found it."He helped me step by step..and so much ore came to pass.but "He didnt tell me this man would leave me and run away...
but it happened and its sad that a love story turned into just a joke.

its sad that the story didnt end on a happy note or with all the promise of a love story should hold.but it didnt.
it ended the way it did.and does that make the promises of God worthless?
No not by any just means they will come to pass some other way.I still need a home to live in,and Id live there with just me and the Lord if that is what it I need a man to go on?No!!!!I already have one his name is Jesus and he is the best hubby a girl can ever have.
"His love doesnt grow cold,and he doesnt look at you when your not young and lovely any more and say,I dont desire you any more cause your fat.He says "your as lovely today as you were the day I came into your heart.cause I dont look at the out side beauty I look where beauty begins,in your heart.

God bless you all..have a great week..and have a safe hunting season,and thanksgiving...
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Blogger audrey` said...

Hi Leann

The cats are so cute.
My child would love them very much =)

2:41 PM  
Blogger Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I enjoyed your visit ti my blog. I love my stove too. It and the beautiful river that crosses my property are the reasons I bought this place. Not a very business-like decision. . .alas I am a romantic dreamer.

4:46 PM  
Blogger it's the little things... said...

Leann: I've never had a relationship end without feeling thankful for it at some point in the future. I wish the same peace for you!

4:53 PM  
Blogger Merle said...

Dear Leann ~~ The cats are really nice. I am so sorry your husband did not love and treasure you as he should have. You are better off without him, but you may find another decent man one day. They are not all bad. Thanks for your comments, the stroke info is handy to know. I hope you enjoyed the ride with Anna and cleared your head of all your worries. Take care, Love, Merle.

3:21 AM  
Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

. Dear Leann,

We have deer season right now, and I can't wait for it to be over!

Your kitties are adorable. I love cats, and have 5 of them, mostly that many because people dump them in the country, and they find their way to my house. I have such a soft spot for all animals, that I can't stand to see any of them suffering.

Dear Leann, I am sorry you've had some bad experiences when it comes to love. I only had one bad experience, and that was enough for me! I was never inclined to try again. Now, I'm so independent and set in my ways, that I would never change things. I am happy this way, and am not sorry for the bad expereince, for I was blessed with three wonderful kids, out of the experience. And you are right, God never abandons you. His love is and always will be faithful and true!

God bless you, and bring you peace. He already loves you for your wonderful self.

Big hugs,


8:36 AM  
Blogger deborah wilson said...


I too hope that you will find peace in your mind and heart.

9:13 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thans everyone for reading.I was kind of venting n the end.working out things in my mind and heart.I was going to delete it when I got home.but guess Ill just leave it.
I know there are nice men out there guess for some reason I guess I dont seem to draw them to me.
and now Iam like renie,I guess I am better off by my self.
tonight when I came home I was thinking,as I walked in the was nice to not have to come and have to cook or have to try to have to put up with any one but me.
I was able to go to Anna,s and when she invited me to stay over and watch movies with her.I didnt have to run home cause I had someone waiting for me.
I loved my hubby when I felt he loved me.but now I dont know if he ever really did.some who loves you doesnt run off and leave you when you need them most.and they sure dont close you off for 6 months and then think its ok to just step back in your life and act as nothing is wrong,well unless your six bricks short of a load that is.
I just think that for some reason I just dont know some thing that isnt good for me tell I am stuck with it.
I will be ok but it takes me a while to get back to being just me and Jesus.
God bless you all.

2:40 PM  
Blogger USAincognito said...

I can understand the heartache. I, too, have just separated from someone I thought loved me. I hope you will be okay and that you will be able to enjoy your new found freedom and independence. :) Sometimes being single is a wonderfully liberating experience!

3:19 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

usaincogniteo;sorry to hear you had a heartache to.its not fun and hard to get on with your life.but healing does come.
God bless you my dear.

4:05 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

Mom; what you had was no joke, but I do have to say you are better off without him.
When you guys were together I felt like I didnt even know my own mother, you changed and in some ways not for the better. When being with someone means you change everything about yourself, your not with the right someone. He has problems and needs help but will not get the help tell he can see that for himself. Its sad when God blesses people and they walk away from the blessing, he wont force it on someone......Its time to let go and move on and be happy with the plan God has for you. You will know what that is when the time is in that and know your family loves you....

5:13 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks Anna your right.and I am glad you do love me.wouldnt have much of a reason to be here if not for your love.

12:51 PM  

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