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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

pray for his family.

Today the news spoke of the animal who killed 32 people.they ran him down and called him all manor of things.they showed his face and made him out to be little less then human.yes he killed those fine young people and he killed teachers who touched lives.
but they forgot one thing.Jesus died for him to.he died for the sins this young man did on that day.
and they forgot the pain and the sorrow of others who loved him and also lost their loved one.
this young man was troubled and he was let slip through again.people knew so why didnt they do some thing?why did they sit back and only say some thing after its too late?depressed people are at risk!!!!they can kill them selves plus others.they arent in their right mind.they are sick.they need help.

but its far too late now.the damage is done and no one is coming back from that day.but will anyone find out what set him off.was it a life of harrasment from kids who didnt let him fit in cause he didnt have the look?was is not fitting in.was it a bad home life or was it just the hard ships of life.or was it he didnt know the Lord.people dont just one day slip a coge and go and kill 32 people for no reason.there is always reasons.this young man was having problems and others knew and did who is the animals?the ones who did it or those who knew and looked away?

pray for the family of this young man.they lost to.they have a hard roll ahead of them.will they be able to live in the same town,will they have a job to come back to.will they be safe to walk the streets.will people treat them as they have the memorie of their sick son.

pray for them cause the saddness and lonelyness and fear most be beyond standing.

we should send out our prayers and love to the parents of this young man.

CHO SEUNG HUI is the son of someone.he is a mothers son a fathers son.and a brother to his sister.and he no longer has a chance to get the help he needs.and no one can turn back the time and change the thing that happened.but we can forgive and give grace and reach out to everyone who is hurting.yes what he did is uncalled for.its sick and its evil and it was done by someone who was decived into believing that if he did this he would feel better about what ever was causing this pain and hell he was in.instead it put 33 people in the ground.and caused a wave that will keep washing over this world tell it is stopped by forgiveness.


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Blogger Kathy Finfrock said...

It makes me wonder how tortured this young man's soul must have been to have committed the murders he did.
I'm not watching the news coverage on this. It does not change the past and is only further upsetting.
It is unfortunate that this man is not alone in his actions. The man who shot up the Amish school house comes to mind.
I don't think it has anything to do with the abortion issues. I think it has to do with giving value to your own life. I think these people are just in pain and empty of soul.

9:25 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

this guy you speek of had lost a baby daugther and blamed God for her death.God does not kill.but this guy being a person who had
not learned that.was able to be lead by a lie to get back at inocent kids for the death of his a sence saying God you killed my child Ill kill some of yours.
sickness and disease kills people, and its not sent by God to teach us some comes from the evil one who was let in at the garden of eden.and no God didnt do that eather.
this young guy Cho was in a mind set where he couldnt even see the truth any more.its because he didnt get help all this happened.
and today as I watched the news to see what other junk was set lose cause of this.there was a 14 year old who was going to kill 100 to one up Cho,s record.
this stuff has got to be taken off the air gives sick minds Idias.
today after who knows what reason Fox news finely took their gloryfieing of a murderer off the screen.
some one most have finely told them enough was a enough!!!
seems odd they didnt have the since to do it long before this.

and yes abotion has alot to do with the way this world has gone.
once we let the country start killing inocent babys we dropped into a hole.and we will not recover again tell it stop,s
one day all who had anything to do with it will answer for their part.
Iam against it cause it is murder not a choice.

11:03 AM  
Blogger audrey` said...

Oh Leann.
You're correct.
Everyone needs our Lord in their lives.

1:17 AM  

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