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Saturday, July 28, 2007

I have been tagged by Belinda.

five things I love about Jesus.
1.He is faithful..
2.He is true..
3.He is alive...
4.He is not a man that he should lie...
5.He keeps his promises...
the best way to answer this is. He has been my best friend for over 37 years.always here when I needed him and even when it looked like I didnt.He was always a prayer away.or like Jesse Duplantis says "18 inches from your head.meaning in your heart...
my blog may not always look like it but it yell,s "I belong to Jesus.. his hand is on my life.with out him I am nothing or can do nothing..
what does that mean you may ask.well it means that I lived without him for about 19 years.and I messed up my life good.and when I asked him to come into my heart, life got a whole lot better.cause now I had some one to lead me and help me..I was no
longer alone. Oh
I still had problems we all do.I just had some one who could help me live my life .and get me out of the problems
that came along.

it seems so odd to me that people would rather go it alone then to have a loving faithful father to help them..this makes no sence to me.
but then this old world just keeps getting wierder all the time.guess we are closer to the end then we think.cause the bible says in the end times it will be just as it is now.
people will be lovers of themselves,disrespectful,lovers of evil instead of good.
I look at the news and read blogs and see the junk on TV and I know we are in the last days.Sodom and Gamora were destoryed for the stuff going on right now.and in revelations it says in the end it will be like the days of Noah..
well its worse now then, much more will go on before Jesus comes back?well He is being mercyfull.
but I know the time will come when all who will come in will be in the numbers.
and then grace will close and then the end will come.but I know the believers will be pulled out of here first.just like in noahs time.God does not leave his people face wrath...
yes God is faithful,but if you refuse his salvation your on your own.for 2000 years sence Jesus came the believers have preached the good news of Jesus to anyone who would hear.but if they refused to hear. is God or the believers to blame?No they said the truth and told the news of the gospel to who would hear.but the ones who refuse and would rather believe lies.
will answer to a holy God why they would rather believe a lie then believe in Jesus...
people can believe in the foolishness of humans coming from apes.or something crawling out of permevil ooz and after years becoming
a human.but they cant believe in a creator,or loving father who would want a family and creat a home for them.
people say I am dumb cause my spelling isnt so good and I didnt go to collage.but yet they can believe the word of a school teacher or collage teacher who dont know their soul from a ape or monkey or their ancesters from apes or monkeys.
good Lord evelotion was proven to be bull long ago.but they refuse to look up the truth..
so I say "who is the fool,or stupid?
the truth is that if one does not believe in says in the bible."the fool says in his heart,there is no God...
that is pretty plain!!!!
the sad part is if one doesnt believe in God or Jesus here on earth.they will two seconds after they are in hell..but by then its too late.
the scarey fact is there will be good people in hell.cause its not how good we think we are or any one else thinks we are.the fact is we are all unable to live up to Gods standereds .
He says "all have sinned fallen short of Gods glory.and that is why we all need Jesus.
there are 10 commandments.and if you have broken one you broke them all.
ask your self honestly.
have you every lied?if you have that makes you a lier..
have you ever stolen?if you have it makes you a thief..
have you ever looked at some one and lusted after them?
have you ever had sex out side of marriage?
if you answer yes to any, then you have sinned and you need a savoir and his forgiveness.cause God has to punish sin.and if your sin,s are not covered under the blood of Jesus then your still guilty of them..
its not how good you are that gets you into heaven its what Jesus did for you that does..
and all the terroists are blowing hot air out their butts by saying strapping bomb,s on their butts and killing people will get them 70 virgins.well no virgin in heaven would want a man who killed inocent people in the first place.and besides there is no one up there who is male or female.we are spirits and sex is not needed up all those Idiats who thought they were heading to a heavenly orgy are in a real hot climmet .and I dont mean the desert.
it amazes me the male mind.
some one comes and says you can go to heaven if you blow your self up..
now I may not be as smart as others.but aint no way in hell I am going to blow my self up for any one.and for a male virgin.heck you couldnt give me a man right now..much less 70 of them...
only way these guys are roped into this is they aint getting any and the woman dont want any thing to do with them cause they are so dang homely or just plain dumb...
and what gets me is the parents who willing let their kids do this crap so they can get money.and some bull crap peice of paper that says their son or daughter blew themselves up while killing inocent people.
yeah like Id want my child to do some thing so evil!!!!!
what kind of people are they any way?peacefull religion my foot!!!!!who you trying to kid....
I cant stand it but dont know what to do about it other then what the USA is doing by the gives those people the chance to hear the truth..what they do with it is up to them.
and believe me they are hearing!!!!
christain TV is hearing from them in droves.they are recieving Jesus as Lord.and asking for more about him..
if this war does any thing at all ,its has done that..
stop the war I say hell no.if we do we will be fighting it here next..
911 showed us that..
how do you go to heaven?
you ask Jesus into your heart,and ask him to forgive you for your sins past pressent and future.and ask him to teach you how to live your life to please him.he will do the rest.
read the bible and pray and tell him all your needs.prayer is simply talking to God..
here is a sample prayer if you dont have one of your own.
Jesus this chic tells me I need you in my life.I dont even know if she is telling me the truth.but I dont want to go to hell if there even is one.I am coming to you cause I know I have sinned.and I want to be forgiven.please if you are real please show your self to me so I know.I come to you believing by faith you are a rewarder of those who seek you with their whole heart..
come into my heart Jesus and clean me up.
I by faith believe you are who you say.
now thank you Lord for coming into my heart.thank you for forgiving my sin,s.
I am now a child of God and headed to heaven .
if you said this prayer and ment it in your heart.then welcome to the family of will never be the same again.
get your self a bible that is easy for you to read.the Living bible is a good with the king James and living in the same bible is good.and start to read in John,that is Gods love letter to us.
but any where you read God will speak to you..psalms was the first place I read when I was a young gave me words of comfort.king David was a man for God,a man after Gods own heart.
in other words in some of Davids way he thought
like God.David loved his people..he was a good shepered..
yes David was a sinner to and had to call out to God to be forgiven.and God forgave him..
we arent perfect when we get saved only forgiven...
so dont get all bent out of shape if you mess up now and then.just run to the Lord and ask him to forgive you.
and get up and keep going..all of us mess up now and then.thats why Jesus came so we could be forgiven for all the dumb things we have done.
but I will tell you "do not go thinking "Oh now I can live like hell on the week days and go to church and get forgiven on Sunday."no you need to try to live a good life with Gods help.
get all known sin out of your life.his 10 commandments tell you what he does not like.
so ya cant go out and have sex before your married.ya cant go on stealing.or lieing or doing what ya know darn well is sin.ya cant live out side of marriage with some one.
cheat,on your spouse,you know what is wrong.
but if ya do slip up and fall Jesus said if you ask he would forgive.and he does.that is why I love him.he is faithful..

when I first came to him I messed up cause I was still a smoker.its not a sin but its a poisin to Gods temple. that is what your body is now ,the temple of the Holy you need to take care of it.
well I was a smoker.and I wanted more then any thing to stop..I prayed and asked Jesus to take it away.cause I felt it was a bad testimoney.well what do you think He took away first?
No not the cig,s,he took the two pots of coffee addiction away first.then later he took the cigs..
but slowly he took things away that I did not even know were no good for me.they just went and I did not even miss them..
I lost friends,and at first I was upset but soon learned they were not real friends any way.God will help you to be a better person.the one you always wanted to be but were not able by your self to be...
em I perfect now???no!!!
it says in the word."He (JESUS)who has begon a good work in you will bring it to completion.."that means he aint done with me yet...
and yes Id love to be perfect holy like he is...Heck I pray to be... but I still live in this body.and some days I feel less saved and say things I know I should not. and do things I know I should not.but the difference now is I ask to be forgiven.before I didnt care...I was a sinner and that is what they do best
now I am a sinner saved by grace...grace is unmerited favior.
so now when I do some thing I ask to be forgiven.and do I sleep around ?no...
do I steal?no..God meets my needs...
do I need a man to complete me?no Jesus does...I am complete in him...
do I smoke any more?no..
do I need to drink booz?no...
do I need drugs to get by?no...
do I need things?no...
I can have things if I want them.I do not need them...and if I do need something like a new dress or a new what ever.all I need do is ask the Lord.and soon there it is...and most likely cheaper and better then if I would have lusted after it...
God gives us the desires of our heart,as long as they are good for us.
now some one asked me once.
does God like to give you the desires of your heart?
I said yes he long as they do not go against his word or will...
this person was in love with some one else,and had left their spouse and was running with the other person.
they tired to tell me maybe God sent that person along so they could meet..
well I said there is one thing wrong with that mind set..
God does not send some one else along when your already married!!!!
no God did not set that mess up,the devil did...
that affair did not last long.see some thing started in sin does not last..if it did people would figure God agreed with them and their sin..he does not...

I have found from years of seeing just plain life.
people who think the grass is greener soon find they have to mow that grass to..
and they have done studys and found people who leave some one for some one else. soon want the other person back that they left.
and if they cant get them back they dont find true love again...
out of a few people I know I have seen it my self...
but if those people will ask for forgiveness and deside to fly right the Lord will help them to have a clean start..
but if they act like they did not do any thing wrong and act as if it was the other persons fault..they stay in limbo for a while..
cause if your not willing to change and be honest with your self,then you will not be honest with God..and then he cant help you.
but if you are honest with him,he will help you...

that is why I love Jesus...
that and so many other reasons I havent the room to put here..
if not try him you will like him..
thanks everyone for stopping.
have a great weekend,and God bless you...
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Blogger Belinda said...

I loved your five things Leann!

6:07 PM  
Blogger Merle said...

Hi Leann ~~ What a great post - you
always tell us so many sensible things and good advice about our Lord You certainly are not dumb Leann - Spelling isn't as important as getting the message across and you sure do that. BTW Your spelling has improved so I guess the Lord helps again. Thank you for your comments - I am glad you liked the Mouse story -he had the last laugh in that story.
I am so sorry it is too hot for you, and hope the cooler nights stay for you. I know too well about
saving on the bill. Take care, my
friend, Love, Merle.

12:07 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks belinda for stopping by.

its always nice to see your smiling face Merle.thanks for your nice words.its still hot here and will be for a while yet.I just stay in or go visit Anna.that way I do not get so I feel like a shut in.
my oldest girl Lucy and her girls are coming tomorrow to visit.they will stay the night.and then go stay at Anna,s.she has more room then me.
God bless

5:11 PM  
Blogger Mountain Mama said...

Well done Leann.
I was blessed to have a grandma who taught me about Jesus at her knee. I have always been a believer. Oh I went astray, like many do, but I never denied Christ. How could I? He is the air I breathe and the life of my spirit. Without him my spirit is dead. Even when I was going to bars and drinking and dancing, I was telling my dance partners about the Lord and suggesting they make a reservation for their ever after. Maybe I wasn't a very good witness at that time but I pray at least one took it to heart.

I hope many read your post and accept Jesus into their hearts.
Thanks for a wonderful post.

5:35 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

thank you mountain mama.for your comments.thanks for stopping.Iam glad to hear your on your way to heaven to.yes I was a little wild child for a while to.but the Lord kept calling me and finely I came home.

9:09 AM  

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