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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lord send the fall.

Lovely cool nights with the sounds of canadian geese winging their way south.brightly colored leaves falling in the breeze.the smell of the leaves as you step on them in the woods.Oh the fall weather and the beauty of that time of year.God showing his handy work all around.
send the fall Lord and make it stay longer then ever I can enjoy that time of year before its gone.I love the fall of the year.I long for it.but before it comes the hot and muggy,s hit.yuck yuck..I hate that time of year.the muggy sticky nights,when you cant seem to get comfortable.when the sheets feel like your sleeping in a damp swamp.the fan doesnt even seem to help at times.
give me the fall over the hot and muggys any day..
the fall is the best time of year.the sky seems the prettyest because of the color all around.the animals are happyly cathering what they need for the winter.they fix their little homes snog and warm.they bring grasses and leave and make warm little bed, keep them warm in the long winter nights.
fall is the time I feel most alive.I love to go down by the river,s or lakes and watch the beauty around me.the leaves on the surface of the water.flooting so slowly down stream.the sound of the rippling water,the cry of the blue jay letting all know there is someone in the woods.the fluffy clouds drifting by.the hint of winter in the air.the harvest all around.

going to the farmers market down town.seeing the veggies all aranged in pretty ways on tables of those who sell them.the flower lady,s who sell the flowers in bunches.
they look so pretty in there pails of water.the gords and pumpkins.its the best time of year.when all over the harvest says God has blessed us once again this year with the fruit of our labers.and we give thanks for his blessings.

Fall is a golden time of year.the rich color is so seems almost too pretty to be can stand on a hill and look down into the valley and wonder how God made it all so he could make each season so wonderful.
but then I remember cenesis and what it said."God created it and saw it was good."He wanted a lovely home for his family to live.he made it to please us.

Its very hot here.the hot and muggys are here for a few days.I picked up Anna and the boys and the little dog teddy, on monday and we all headed off on an addventure.we went to put gas in.and then headed to B K to get some burgers and frys.then we went to eat along the river.
the day was over cast and kept the heat was muggy but cool enouph to go for a ride without the air.there were two guys fishing.but it looked more like they were just enjoying the day.
a few fish jumped in the water.and the birds sang off in the woods.we eat and just enjoyed our time together.the oldest grandson said we have to do this more.we use to do this all the time I miss it.every week or so we would go and have a addventure.the youngest boy said he missed not doing it to.
so the times I spent taking them on addventures blessed was time well spent.memories well stored away for the times to come to look back on and treasure.
we headed out and desided to check out a way we hadnt gone for a while.we headed to a wild life area by the river.and just took our time as we drove (Anna drove).one place lead to another along the way.and soon we were back to places we use to go.
1.a old swimming hole.where as kids I took my girls with their boy friends.
2.a old cemetry a very old one.early 1900,people born in the 1800s.
3.a road down a hill that is only sand,
and we were alittle scared we drove down that way.we got just down a ways and it was almost empassable.TJ had to get out and put rocks in the holes so we could keep going.
poor Anna was scared and asked me to get in and drive.but I let her cause its good to learn.
I remember once years ago when I was on my honda trail bike.and came flying down that hill as only a teen can do.not worryed cause we are all invinceable.
well I saw that there was only a small little bridge of hard sand for me to pass was no bigger the the size of a small book and the length of my arm.every where else was drop off.and I couldnt stop or Id end up losing the bike.I prayed Lord help.and headed for that little sand bridge.I flew across it and ended safe on the other side.
I look back now and wonder how the heck I made it with out going off into the wash was a drop off that would have taken me down into the valley below.and there were trees and rocks and Id surely have ended up hurt bad or dead.but the bad part is no one would have known where to look for me.
thank God for little sand bridges.and for his forgiveness for the aragance of youth..
we headed over to the road that I seen the eagles and their nest on.I pointed out the nest and where the eagle sat on the tree and let me get so close to take his picture.
as we got closer to the farm that is there.we could see that they had a fire in one of their shed,s the smoke was still coming off some of the wood.
they lost all kinds of machinery.there were alot of people there helping.
a farmers life isnt easy.
we drove on and I pointed out the road to the seraster pool.and told the boys the story of when one of my Dads friends swam out too close and got sucked in and drownd.
a servaster is a area where the water is sucked down into a under ground cave or some thing.and the water above acts like a tornado in the will suck what ever comes into it down.the boy or young man who died was sucked in and it took a few days for the body to come up.
the farmer closed the road so no one else would do the same.
we drove on home to Anna,s.the boys asked if I was staying over.I said no I had to get going.
they had a fit cause they said I had to stay watch movies with I said Id stay and watch a movie before I went home.well then Anna said you have to stay for supper or you will miss the cake I made.well I desided after smelling that cake I better stay.and she made beef and noddles and peas and sweet tators.yummmmy...
and that cake was out of this world.boy cream cheese frosting..boy I should have taken the rest home with me.but I didnt and now I am wishing I had...she is a good cook..
I headed home and got back in time to just rest the rest of the was still cool enough to not use the air.and sleeping was ok to.but today the air has been on since before noon.and me I been doing some of my house work.
they say tomorrow will be even it will be a day of in side.I will get my stuff done.they say 90,s.
Lord send the fall.cause then I will bloom again.fall is my time of year.
have a great week and hope the weather is nice by you.and if it
isnt, I hope it will be soon for you to...
pray for all the people who have had flooding by them..
Love Leann
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Blogger Mountain Mama said...

I would say you love Autumn Leann! LOL
I do too, but somehow it makes me feel sad too all at the same time. Having to say good-by to all the flowers and things I have loved throughout the spring and summer. However I do enjoy the long winter rest.

9:01 PM  
Blogger Lois said...

Oh. now I want autumn too! Beautiful post, Leann. Thanks!

6:04 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

I love the weather when its not so hot.then a person can enjoy the out door,s.but when it gets so hot you have to stay in then I can do without it.
fall is the time I enjoy the most.I miss the flowers to.and I miss the spring rain storm,s.but fall is the most lovely of all.thanks for stopping mountain mama..

6:08 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

Lois thanks for stopping.glad you liked the post.

6:12 PM  
Blogger it's the little things... said...

You are so talented, Leann. Honestly, you write about things in such a 'down-home' way.

I don't know if you remember there was a real famous book out a decade or so ago called "The Rules"? It was about city girl's way of hooking a guy which was basically to not call back until the third call, and always say you were busy if he asked you for a date within three days of the call, etc.
Anyhoo, it was a manipulative pile of horse manure.

I see you writing a real collection of down home wisdom. I know your life isn't easy, but you are so blessed with the fruits of your experience.

9:30 PM  
Blogger Belinda said...

Five Things to Love About Jesus.

You've been tagged Leann!

8:45 PM  
Blogger fifi said...

Hi Leeann,

I adore reading your loving descriptions of the world around you.

I love Autumn too!

3:14 AM  
Blogger The very nice man said...

Hi, Leann, just a quick note to say that I am back and all is well!! Weather here a bit mad but nevermind! God bless!!!

10:35 AM  
Blogger audrey` said...

Hi Leann

Lovely pics!!!
Have a very blessed weekend =)

2:27 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

its the little things.thanks for your kind words.I would love to write a book.but for some reason the thought of doing it scares me.I do have two books already done in my book shelf.but lack the know how to find what to do with them.
I have had some people read them and they say they touched them in diffrent ways.
I just wish I had someone to take me under their trust worthy wing and help me find a person who could tell me if they are good or just clap trap..
thanks again for your kind words.
but I cant take the credit for the comes from my walk with the Lord and the things he has taught me.and from falling flat on my face so many its easy to say "hay dont do that cause your going to get hurt.cause I know cause I been there done that..

I dont do tagged.but I will write what I like about him on my blog.
but then I do that almost every time.

fif thanks for your nice words and I am glad you enjoy reading my blog..autumn is great...

the very nice man;so glad to hear your ok.I was begining to worry about you.hope the weather gets back to normal where you are.its hotter then hello hear...fall is looking better by the day...

Audrey;glad you like the pictures.
have a great weekend.

12:46 PM  

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