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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Merry Christmas everyone.

this is Anna,s cat Omar.he is a blessing.he is wise and has been a loving part of this family for a long time.
he loves to get his picture taken and this one expresses christmas just right.

this was my christmas flowers last year.Ill take pictures of them this year when they are in full bloom and share them with you.
I am sorry I havent been on lately but I was out to Anna,s and just plan didnt feel I had anything worth sharing.
I was down and dont want to bring everyone else down.
so went out and visited the kids off and on and that always livens me up.

this is a picture of my little tree.I dont have room for a big one cause this place is so small.
so I do the best I can.this year I may go all out and put up every thing.that is if I get time.I figure why bother its just me.
and we get together at the kids why should I go throught the bother only to have to take it all down again.and mostly no one comes here then cause we are at the other this is my tree when its up.
I have a lot of stuff to put up but its packed away waiting for a bigger place so I can use it.
I am going into snow men.they are so cute and dressed so sweet.and they love me if I am fat or not.and if they arent good I can let them melt.HEE HEE..
at lest with a snow man you already know he has a cold heart.

got a surprise when I got home from Anna,s.opened the mail box to find a letter from the ex.he is still having problems.
and he was so nice to tell me he talks to the dead now.and that he talked to my mom and she wasnt in heaven cause there isnt a heaven.and she was wondering where Jesus he was nice enough to tell her she had to go to a planet.cause there is no heaven only a planet .
he said he still hears human voices,and he has learned so much from them.
I would write back and tell him the dead do not speak,and that I know my mom is in heaven cause the bible says so.and Id tell him that there is surely heaven and not a planet cause the bible says that to.
but he wouldnt listen Ill not answer at all.
I would tell him he is learning lies and he is talking to demons.but he would not believe that I do what I know to do.I pray for him.
and hope he will return to Jesus before the enemy of his soul traps him forever in the lies he is believing.
there is so much junk like these talking to the dead crap on TV.and so many people are being decieved by it.and its sad.
once we leave here we are in one place or the other.and we do not travel back and forth.we are there and we stay.but there are what they call fallen angles and

demons who will take on the apearance of a loved one and cause the person problems down the line.people who believe in ghosts and stuff like that are at risk.
I watched one program the other day.I dont watch it but for some reason I felt I should.and it was about a lady with a son who had a emageary friend he played with.(not all make believe friends are demon,s so dont worry)
at frist she didnt think too much about it.and as time went on the little boy played more and more with the make believe friend.
but one day things changed as they do in these cases.and the ture nature of the beast shows its self.
I had been praying about "why" people get into this mess.asking the Lord how it happens.cause normal people would not willingly let evil into their lives if they knew the truth.
well this lady found out the hard way.her son was being bothered by a demon discized as a little boy who had died.
but it was no little boy and it was a demon.
and when the lady found out what it was she had to drive it out of her home.
her son had changed so bad he was mean and hateful to his mom.looked at her with evil in his eyes and would swear at her and give her evil stears.
the person she asked for help told her some one had welcomed it into there house.and the welcome had to be stopped.
so she blessed the house and anointed the door posts and windows and commaned it to leave.
and for nearly 3 months things were fine.
but then the boy must have slipped up and litened to it again.and it came back.only this time it was stronger.
the lady didnt know what to do so she prayed and asked the Lord what to do.and she called the one who had helped her before.

he said to find out the name of the thing.and so one night when she was sleeping her son came into her bed scared and said he wanted to sleep with her and his she waited to see he was asleep and she walked to his room.
she sat on the bed and soon she seen the shape of a little boy in the door way.she put out her arms and it came to her.she hugged it and soon it turned into what it really was.a full grown was evil looking and it was not a nice little boy.
she had to get away from it.
she had to bless the house all over again and tell it to leave and go back to where it came from.and it finely left.
now some may say OH bunk...that cant be! but I am here to tell you if you mess with the ocult or talking to the dead you will one day see them as they really are demon,s discized as your loved ones.they come in as angles of light at frist.then when they have you hood winked then they start their real work.
now people who would rather believe in this stuff then God are at risk.people who believe the UFO junk to are at risk.

I know its ture cause my ex is hearing voices and he was doing the same thing here.and these voices are not leading him to God but away from if some thing is leading you away from God and his love ,it should tell you who it is just by common sence.

but some people dont have any.why cause the enemy has desivied them cause they would rather believe a lie then the truth.
I am telling you this so you know.I can back this all up with the word of God,but dont have time today.
all I can say is if you mess with this stuff your going to come to the end of your rope and then it will be too late.
there are demons on this earth,just as there are Gods angels.
and the demons do evil and the angles do good.and they do not changes roles.

(and Jesus said there were demons and angels here so its not just me saying it.)
you welcome into your life these things when you would rather believe in UFO,S then God.
or talking to the dead or furtion tellers.why go to some one who reads the stars when you can go to the one who made the stars?
now I am sharing this to let you know the truth.
you may think I am nuts or wako.but its no joke.this stuff is real and its not make can only come into your life by doors.and one is the belieif in UFO.S and talking to the dead.ocalt,witch craft.
the bible says to not be invalved in these things, for a good can get you into a mess real fast.

I have run across things in my walk with the Lord that scared me.and I didnt know about before this.
one of our friends little boys was having nightmears so bad he was scared to death.
we had to pray for the little guy.and one night as I watched the 700 club Pat Robertson said there is a little boy who is having nightmears so bad he is afraid to go to sleep for fear they will come again.the Lord is healing him right now and he will never have them again.I claimed the healing for him and he has never had them again.
so you see things can come that only God can deliver from.
please please if you been watching those dumb shows about huntings and the talking to the dead friutcakes please do your self and your family a favoir and stop before you welcome some thing in to your life you cant get rid of.
now this may not be a nice post for a christmas post.but its a warning to keep you safe.and if it helps one person to stay safe then its worth it.
one day the eastern sky will roll back like a large blanket and the trumpet of the Lord will blow.and those who believe in Jesus and what he did for them on the cross will leave here in the blinking of an eye.and then it will be too late to be saved from the mess to come.
Jesus believers will be safe in heaven for 7 years while the rest is done down here.
its called the rapture or catching away,or gathering of the staints.
and so you know we will not be taken away in a UFO.thats the devils story for the rapture to keep every one from knowing the turth.
now you can believe me or not its up to you.but you will not be able to tell me I didnt warn you cause I have.
make this christmas the best ever.recieve the "christ" in christmas and when the call comes you will be ready.

This is all you need to do.
Jesus I know I am a sinner,I mess up all the time and do things I dont want to do.I cant seem to do right even if I please save me Jesus from myself.I do so want to go to heaven with please help me to be the person you intented for me to be.forgive all my sin,s past preasent and me live my life for me all about you.and help me tell others so they can be saved my eyes to the truth so the devil cant pull the wool over my eyes any more.
and make this christmas the one I finely see what "christ"mas really means.
now come into my heart Jesus and give me the faith I need to believe.fill me with your Holy Spirit and with life.
in Jesus name I pray amen and amen.
now let me pray for you.
Jesus please help all who read this to be able to know the them to not put off another day with out knowing for sure they are them feel your tugging on them in their them to know what is ture and what is the devils lies.Lord show them your self so they know your not just a story of long ago but a live person who did the only thing to get them back where they belong with God.
show them you love them and have always loved them the lies in this world so they can tell others the truth so they can be saved.I know Lord there will be believers who read this,but there will also be those who are still sitting on the fence.please help all who read this blog be saved.
Jesus if all they get here is empty words then I have wasted my time and your,s.I ask that you anoint my atempt to reach others with your anointing so that who ever reads will know you better and be able to make the choice to recieve you Jesus so all are ready when you call.
for those who think I am a crack pot please open their eyes to you Jesus so they can see you.
I dont want them to see me but for them to see you.please Lord use my heart felt paryer to reach bring in more people this christmas to fill your heaven.
I ask it in Jesus name amen and amen.
I am doing it early cause its been busy here and I may not get the time I love you all and am so thankful for you.
you are dear friends and I am glad to have met you all here on my blog.I have enjoyed reading your blogs and sharing your storys pictures and seeing your talents as writes and as friends.
you have all touched my life and made me a better person for knowing have been here when I needed a kind word or a reason to go times when I felt like stopping this blog and giving came and told me to keep has blessed me to pray for those who have asked for prayer,and for those who didnt, but put their needs out there so I could pray.
like someone told me a long time ago.
"you cant get help if ya dont ask".
prayer works.I have seen it in my life and in others.
I seen a little baby healed and saw his picture on his grandmas blog.his smiling little face was there to say I am an answer to prayer.
check it out.its mountain mama,s little grandson.if you look on my comments you will find her on it and go to her blog and skan down in her old posts to where her prayer was asked for the little guy.I dont remember what was the matter but it wasnt good.but here is the little guy all better and smiling from ear to ear.
and Raggedy she is better and back with us.check out her blog to.go on my comments and you will see her name click on it and check out her story.
prayer works.
I could go on and on about the wonderful things Jesus does when we ask.but it would be longer and I know some of you hate to read long drawn out for you Ill stop.

Please pray for the ex cause he needs it...thank you..

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Blogger Merle said...

Hi Dear Leann ~~Lovely post and I am glad you are back with us. But if you want a rest, then have it and just post occasionally to let us know you are OK. Thank you for the nice words about your blogging friends. We do
appreciate them and you. Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

6:40 PM  
Blogger Gene Bach said...

You go girl!

6:00 AM  
Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Leann,

Omar is soooo handsome! Beautiful kitty, with unusual markings. He looks right at home in the Christmas setting. And your Christmas flowers from last year look lovely. Can't wait to see them in this years photo.

I have a small Christmas tree as well. My granddaughters put it up when they were here. Your snow men are adorable.

Your ex sounds like he has problems. Maybe if you pray for him, it will help him. I felt the same way about my ex, and I had a hard time forgiving him for the longest time. But I finally did in my heart, and feel better for it. He is deceased now, anyway, and I hope he is resting in peace.

Thank you for the lovely prayer, Leann. Post when you have time, and enjoy the blessing of your family and we'll be here when you have time to post again.

Have a Merry Christmas, filled with love, peace and joy.


3:48 PM  
Blogger audrey` said...

Dear Leann

My Christmas tree is very tiny.
Take care =)

8:08 AM  
Blogger deborah wilson said...


Omar is a beautiful cat! I love the way that cats show their affection, they are so sweet and eager to befriend.

I haven't put up my tree yet, never do until about 2 weeks before Christmas, but right now I'm trying to find my snowman. He sings and dances and rolls his eyes.

Your tree is beautiful, there is no need to have a big tree if you are going to celebrate Christmas at your girls. I'm sure that you will have a wonderful time!

Just please be sure to get some pics of the snow - O! how I wish it would snow here...

9:26 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks for stopping everyone.its always nice to have friends on my blog.
I will take some pictures of the snow.we got 4 to 6 inches some places got more.

9:47 AM  
Blogger Anna said...

Nice photos mom and "Professor Omar" would be pleased to know his photo is on your blog he so loves the camera he knows hes handsome and really works it..You should go all out for christmas even if its just for you always make the house seem cozy, I can help I bet you would feel much better. luv you

5:53 PM  
Blogger Kathy Finfrock said...

I've been gone for awhile and just now got the chance to get caught up on your blog.
I know you worry about the ex and his soul and his illness, but don't you think God has a plan for him? See the whole bad thing about him is his illness. You can't rationalize with him; you can't argue with him because his illness is mental. Do you think God would punish someone who had no will of his own? Maybe God's plan was to bring you to his family. Maybe God has other plans for him.

12:13 PM  

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