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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

the thing with techology

first let me say that I should have been born 200 years ago cause me and techology hit heads all the time.I got my computer,my son in law helped me get.and wouldnt you know it the dang thing waited tell i had all the juicie details of my messed up( flippen) life like my daughter says all the time.anyway i had all this stuff ready to print in my blog and the flippen computer blew a what the heck ever computers blow and shut down deader then a cheating husband caught bare butted in the wrong bed!me and my son in law turned the room alittle blue no we didnt swear we just steamed the phone line to the flippen company.only to hear them hem and haw and back paddle finely they said they would send us a new addapter have to forgive my computer talk i am as computer illerate as moses.but then he has been in heaven a long time and maybe their computers work better.after all the lord seeded the smarts to make the darn things for His glory.what you thought some dumb human thought it up by himself?boy has the world pulled the wool over your eyes.anyway i'll be with out a computer for a few days cause they are sending it but i go home today.yah its the pits you will have to sit glued to your computer screen breathlessly waiting for my next post, yah right!!!i dont claim to be a great writer so if i get my two lovely daughters
to read the darn thing ill be blessed.and if i'm real blessed my grandkids and my son
in if you like my blog great, if not great too ,just dont read the flippen thing again. it will leave more room for those who do.i will not loose any sleep at night.
i learned long ago you cant please everyone so dont waste your time even your best and dont sweat the rest.God made us all different.thank God He did. can you just imagine if we all looked alike.well guess i have to fly, see you on the flip side if i get my computer fixed soon if not i'll have to wait till i visit my daughter and her family again.God bless your little pea picken hearts tell i chat with you again.
mamaleann over and gone!!!out of here!O how do you stop a cheating eye candy looking husband from drowning? take your foot off his neck. or not!by by you all.

Monday, May 22, 2006

This is My First Post...

Hello Blogger World...