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Thursday, July 24, 2008

a jewel that flys.

I love the hummers.they come to Anna,s feeders.they bless her so.
I been busy this summer.visiting the grandkids and enjoying the weather.
TJ had his party for graduation.Anna and her hubby worked to get it all ready.they worked on the house and the yard.all was lovely.alot came.
my step mom brought her potatoes salad.I beans,Lucy made a salad.there was ham sandwichs with cheese,chips,and a yummy cake.
the weather held off till time to eat and we got a call that a tornado was spotted and everyone came in the house.the sky was black and the wind came up.but we just got nice down pore of much needed rain.
Then this tuesday Anna ,me,and helen my step mom and her sister geana got together for a veranikey party.its a UKrainian dumpling.the step mom made the dough and we each made fillings.I made crabmeat onion,s and cream cheese,Anna made parm cheese and cottage cheese and potaoes and dill.step mom and geana wild cherrys.
let me tell you those cherry ones were the cat,s meow with sweet cherry surp over them.yummy yum yum..we had a great time.they are sweet girls.
I had a problem thow, I was not handling the heat so well.Anna,s air was on the it was I couldnt teast the sfuff till I was able to go in the living room after I stuffed my dumplings.I did try the cherry ones and half hour later was on the run to the ladys room.
lets just say nothing stayed in long.I had the back door troots.and again when I tryed later the same thing I didnt eat anything for a long time.
well this will be short on this blog.go to my other one for the up date on the summer.
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