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Monday, June 26, 2006

addbenture in my shoes.

sence my last post I had the blessing of having my granddaughters stay with me for a week.we saw the eagle and one day the geese with their little family at the river.I was able to take some closeup pictures of them.if I can get some help I will put them on the post so nice to see wild life so close.but as we were enjoying them and they werent afraid of us and stayed close.a car drove in with two teen boys.I seen them get out of the they did one headed over by us he was busy throwing rocks.I just had a feeling if we werent there he would be pelting the little geese.well we waited for a while to be sure they were ok and started to move on. the minuite we left he was busy with just what I had I turned the van around and went back.I was sure to see that was what he was doing, and sure enough he I stuck my head out the window and let a beller out of me so he new I was none to happy with his lack of brains.he just made believe he wasnt doing what he was.but by that time the geese had taken the little ones down a ways away from harm.why do teen boys have to be so maybe that they were never told how blessed a person is to see wild life up close and personal.or it could be they were just let do as they some parents now days seem to do.if I had even tried to do some of the things kids do now my mom would have ended my life in a real harry.but guess the days of well behaved kids is all but gone in some familys.makes me wouder what this world is coming to.but then I know ( the end. )well the girls and I went on owr way to see what other things the Lord would bless us to see.we got down the way a bit and the geese found us.they came up on the shore near us again.almost like they said we can trust you so we will stay by you.the girls and I sat and watched them for alittle we drove out of the park the boy who was pitching the rocks was busy pelting his friend by that time so guess he doesnt care who or what he hurt.the boy needs the bourd of education applyed to the seat of knowlege many times.but if he hasnt learned anything by his age its pretty much a wast now to try to teach him much.Iam glad the girls love wild life as much as I do.I have taken my girls and all four a of my grandkids on addventures.they were just little ones when I started taking them out to see the eagles and the ducks and geese near our homes.we would go to the lakes and rivers.explore the shores and woods to see what blessing we could 5year old grandson was with me one day and after hearing us call our trips together addventures.when I called him and his mom so we could go.he said I comin nana I got addbenture in my shoes.he was busy shaking his little daugther and I laughted and sure got a kick out it.our day at the park ended on a happy note we stopped so the girls could play on the toys they had a good then we headed back to their home after the week was over.and I finely got my computer thats the news in a nut shell.well guess I better see if my daughter can help me see if we can put the pictures for now.mamaleann is out of here.