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I'm a follower of Jesus...I Love the Lord!Iam a artist,love to write,I have two grown daughters,4 grand childern.I enjoy traveling.this is my blog and I say what I think.if you dont agree thats dont have to read it.sometimes I deal with so much crap,I feel like a farmer.check out my new blog "willow in the mist."

Sunday, January 28, 2007

53 years

this is me on vacation with hubby.a happer time in my life.the dog is willom our mascot.he went with us every where for a while.Id lay my arm on him in the car so my rist wouldnt hurt riding long hours.well these are the pictures I promised Erik{aka a very nice man }.there are a few so check them out.I didnt find many teen pic,s cause we didnt have alot of money back then.if I find some Ill post them some other time.well God bless you all.hope you enjoyed the pictures from the past.  Posted by Picasa

17 years

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9 years old

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me mom and my new baby brother

I know he was a big kid.he waighed 8 lbs 16 and half oncezs when born.he was a moose. Posted by Picasa

7th birthday gift.

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me at about 5 years.

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me at about 4years

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I was about 3 here.

was most likely shortly before or little after my grandpa died. Posted by Picasa

me on and easter candy.

my grandpa teasing he is going to take some.{look at that face.its saying dont come between me and my candy. Posted by Picasa

Grandmother and I

we are looking at the dead to the farm.written by Abraham Lincoln.its so amazing cause He has always been my hero.a godly man who did his best to be Gods hand in this world.its funny cause if it hadnt been for him and this farm I wouldnt have been family came from germany and greatgrandpa on my grannys side came over from germany late in greatgrandfather on my grandpas side came from england.but as I always say when people ask me what Iam I have to say Hinz 57.cause I have so many things in me.if someone is teasing about some nationality I get offened{just kidding!}if I sat down and told you all you would be surprised. I come from a long line of good people all the way back to Adam and Eve.but my favoret realitive is Jesus.cause as it says in the word Im a child of God so that makes Jesus my brother.thank God for a good family line. Posted by Picasa

me mom and Dad.

this was a happyer time in their lives.they were young and still in love.they had a little token of that was a wonderful time. my father was a farmer and jack of all trades and master of none.he is a very smart man and talented.but lacted the go in life to make it work for him.He had a blacksmith shop and welding busineness for odd came from miles to have their stuff fixed.I learned alot sitting in his shop watching every move he made.he would lift me up on a shelf near him and the old gray cat that watched him to.her and I would sit for hours just watching.its how I learned to fix things and how things went together.the cat and I could have taken over that shop given the chance.but she died long before and I didnt get to stay long there was a house wife and help mate.she did the milking when Dad had a welding job.she drove tractor cleaned barns and did the work of two Dad ended up taking addvantage of her because of it.she soon ended up doing the work he never cared aged her fast and caused her alot of hurt.she was a very good cook.her and granny were the best cooks moms home baked bread was the best.aint no one come close to her baking danghters are good but moms and grannys will always be in my memories.when grandpa died we stayed on to help granny run the farm.we lived upstairs and she down.the house was a large one.I look alittle like my mom and Dad.Im taller by almost a half a head then my mom.her 4 foot 11 inches was small.but she wasnt a little woman.she was stronge.if it hadnt been for her strangth when the divorce happened we wouldnt have made it.we were on our own.granny helped.and Dad sent 100 dollors a month.but it wasnt enough to make ends meet.but we made it with the Lords help and grannys prayers.  Posted by Picasa

Grandpa Grandma and me.

I was born in the fall of the year,when the colors God paints fills the soul with joy and gladness.the harvest is coming in and the spirit of thanksgiving is close at Granny never had a sister or a little girl of her own so she had prayed for a girl Grandpa wanted a little girl to.and the Lord answered their prayer.both my grandparants spoled me in a good way.they loved me like Jesus would be almost two and ahalf years before my grandpa gave his heart to Jesus and then one week later go home to be with Jesus.before He left us he was the best grandpa a little girl could have.He called me grandma loved me to and she got saved when I was in my 20,s.she lived till my oldest daughter was exspecting her frist child.Granny had her 94th birthday and left for heaven about a week later in her sleep.I loved these two so much.they made my life as a child stayed only a short time in my life.but made a lasting efect that is still here.grandpa prayed that day in the basement that his whole family would recieve Jesus.15 years later his pray was answered for me.shortly there after granny came in.and a few years later my Dad and new step mom.God answers prayers even when we have passed on.  Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 27, 2007

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my love for trees hasnt changed.

if you look real close you will see the little girl smiling back at you.this is a sycamore tree .hubby and I stopped in this lovely forest to take pictures of these lovely tree expert isnt here anymore so I hope I named them right. Posted by Picasa

the treehouse.

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as I was checking some old pics for something a friend asked me to do. I ran across this picture of my I desided to put it on here so you could see it.we had only started it and I cant remember who took the had to have been some one out side the family.cause my family didnt take pictures unless there was a good reason.and Im sure this wasnt may have been my great uncel Bernums daughter who did.she was a sweet lady and liked to make kids feel important.anyway my other uncle Arnold on my grannys side helped us do the tree house.he helped lift the planks and the canvess for the roof and then we did the rest.we nailed the planks and hung the canvess and before long we had a nice treehouse.even had a can see the plank above my head where it would be once we got it all done.Im the one with the mushmouse hair cut.and the little boy is my cousin herold,and to my side laughing is my cousin sue.they were alittle hard to take.say maybe it was my uncle len who took the picture.any way this picture was taken the day my uncle Arney had helped me get the planks and canvess up in to the I remember Lenurd and his kids had come to visit.and we were just about to eat so he took the picture and we went to eat.wish I had one of the finished tree house but I dont.any way there was a plank floor upstairs,and canvess roof.and a small first floor were you could set and not be seen.Id sit there and dream for one could see me from the ground.and the birds counldnt see me from the I would watch them.they would feel something was there and look but they couldnt see was great.Id get up in the upstairs and watch the yard.I could see my mom hanging clothes on the clothes line.or granny going out to feed the chickens in the old pig barn.or my Dad getting ready to go cut hay.Id watch the driveway to see if someone was coming.or Id lay and just day dream alot about day dreams were far better then what really went on in my life.any way the treehouse was my place.I remember before we got the canvess up.I could lay on the upstairs floor and look out at the sky.Id lay there looking at the clouds.I would see what shapes or animals I could see in them.I loved that old maple tree.and at the time I felt it loved me to.I know that sounds dumb.but you know I believe that tree grow for the little girl who would play there.see my great grandpa planted those trees and Im sure he thought some day one of his grandkids would love that old tree.and you know she did.those days on the farm when times were still good, were the best times of my life.I had a wonderful time running the meadows and fields,down by the creek or little lake.climbing trees or just walking down to get the cows ,with the dogs by my side.the dogs would go all by them selves if told to.but I liked to be alone and we would go together alot.they would get the cows going to the barn and then we would just follow.the sunsets were always so pretty.the field was to the east and heading back we would face west.the big barn would look dark with the sun going down behind it.I would strain my eyes to see the sun with out looking right in to it.soon it would go down behind the wind break of trees behind the old pig barn.and the cool evening air would sweep could smell the swamp,and the pines.the flowers that were in bloom would be more fragrent in the evening.I would climb up into the hay loaft and lay by the big window and look out across the swamp it was heaven.I would hear the doves cooing high in the rafters.and the cows lowing downstairs.Id hear the calves outside crying for their milk.once in a while one of the farm cats would come and find me and lay down by me on the hay.I would pet her and the purring would almost put me to sleep.more then once I did fall to night my Dad came to find me.and I had fallen tosleep.I remember him yelling are you up there?I said yes I fell to sleep.he said well supper is ready and you better get before the woman put it away.I said Id be right down.I stayed a minute longer to watch the moon come up over the swamp.the fog would raise along the ponds and soon all would be covered up by a blanket of fog.I remember thinking alot of times how blessed I was.and thinking about was a good life there till the hell started.some how the enemy stepped in and riped away the good that God had blessed us with.but the enemy cant steal my memories of the good times.and its these times Ill keep in my heart forever.sin will leave doors open that will give entry to the enemy.I thank God Im learning how to shut doors so he cant!I remember how sweet the swamp smelled in the had a mossy flower smell mixed with beromgrass and clover.and the fog or swamp mist as my Dad called it intencified the smell.the fresh cut hay mingled with the clover and the night air.I just couldnt get enough of the smell.Id breath in and try to save the memorie.guess I knew some how Id need that memorie.the night sky had so many stars.and without 100s of light shineing I could see them so clear.I would sit out on the top of the old truck Dad used to haul the milk to the house.those stars were so bright.but now your real blessed if you can get far enough out in the country to go star many dad blame yard lights now.its almost like being down town.but anyway I remember when a little girl was blessed with the newness of life on a farm way out in Gods country.and those memories are a blessing to me. {I thank you Jesus for the good memories in my me bless others with them.}well everyone thanks for stoping.and I hope you enjoy my ramblings through the past.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

my christmas gift from all

here is the stove Kruze I promised to show you.its so cute I love it.and its sooo nice to set and watch the flames as its snowing out side.I will have to put it in a better place when i get time but for now its ok here.I took the money from little sister,Anna and Eric,and you Kruze ,and my mother and father in law and some from everyone one got me this little stove.I love it everyone.thank you so much for brining one of my dreams to have a fireplace in my home.even if it isnt a real one its a blessing just the same.and it will work till I get a real one God willing.and if I do need heat this thing kicks off 4000 btu,s and that would work any where if I needed it. Posted by Picasa

O to fly like the eagles do

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one sitting in the tree.

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the eagles near the dead deer.

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a day full of Gods blessings.

I desided I had been in the house too long.I also needed to clean off the snow on my I called Anna and said I think I will take a ride to warm up the van,and cheer me up.
so I dressed warm and headed out to the parking lot.the poor van was a big snow drift.its white already, so it looks worse with snow on top.but soon all the snow was off and I was on my way.
it was a lovely mild day.there were clouds left over from the snow storm we had had.the front hadnt moved far enough away to take the clouds with it.
I stopped frist to get some gas.the price is going down 2.09 thats not bad but still little high for my taste.see Im one of those who can remember driving into the gas pump and putting 75 cents in my trail bike and driving all day.but thats a diffirent time and place.
with my tank almost filled I headed out to the west.I called Anna again and asked if she had eaten yet?she said no ,so I said hang on Ill pick up something.I stopping at micky de,s and ordered some double cheese burgers and frys and two chocolate shakes.the smell of the food was making me hungery.I almost had to take a fry.but I was a good girl and waited to eat with Anna.
I enjoy the ride to Anna,s takes me through the hills and wilderness area west of my place.there are always deer and wild life to be seen.every time I go for a ride out there I see something.I drove along enjoying the day and the songs on the cd player.the warmth from the heater and the music was calming away the cabin fever I had felt at the apartment.
As I drove along I had this feeling I was very blessed.I had been down for over a year,but the last few months had been matter what I tryed to do I wasnt able to pull my self out of the feelings.
But today the feelings changed to hope and a new begining.I felt the hope raise up inside of me.I felt the Lord was giving me a fresh new spirit seemed to raise above the feelings that had held me down for months.
Some times you dont know what is the matter,or why you feel like you do.I had all kinds of reasons to feel like crap!!Lord knows I been through the wringer for the last few yeas.but I had been able to lift above the junk before.but this time was diffrent.
If it had to do with mom or the mess with hubby,or the problems with the other part of the family I didnt know!it was just too much for me what ever the problem.I had just carryed too much.
Today that was going to change.I was feeling light at heart and for the frist time in a long there was life after heart ache.
I looked over the beauty of the country side as I thought about the last few years.and to my delight there close to the road was two big eagles and two crows eating from a deer carcas.
I hurryed and turned around just in time to take some nice you know I love to have eagle sitings. they flew up and I thought Id miss getting good shots but as you see the Lord blessed me by keeping them close.
They flew up and came back and landed in the trees.they didnt want to fly too far from their lunch.the crows would not be as scared of a van as the eagles seemed to be.they were big ones.most likey a mother and father.I didnt see any young ones from this year around them.but they dont hang around for long after leaving the nest.
they sat in the trees for a while so I could get the shots I wanted.and I felt very you know how many years I had gone without seeing eagles?well lets just say most of my the last 20 years the sitings have been over 200 by now or more.its as if the Lord is blessing me as never before.on our honeymoon the hubby and I seen so many we lost count.he had never seen a eagle in the wild before him and I got was as if the Lord was saying when you trust me I will give you the desires of your heart.
I sat there looking as the last eagle flew off some where to the east.and I closed the windows and headed to Anna,s just up the road.she and the boys see the eagles fly over their place now and then.
We eat and talked about the sadness in the world.about the poor kids who are taken by waco,s.and about the poor girls who have been killled makes both of us mad.she feels as I do.that the ones doing this stuff should recieve the death cant reform waco,s.only the Lord can.but lock them up and hope before they get fryed that the Lord saves them.but keep them off the streets!!!
then we talked about the eagles and soon it was time for me to go.if I waited tell the boys got home they would want me to stay,and I cant say no to them.I needed to go now before they got home.I hugged Anna and said I love you and she did the same.she said call when you get home.I said I would.
I drove back to the east where the eagles had been, hopeing for another siteing but they were gone.not even the crows were near the dead I just drove along thinking about the day.
there was a semi truck going up the hill way ahead of me.he was going very I just drove long looking for the eagles.soon the truck was right in front of me.and it wasnt just sat there with its lights on.I disided he most not be able to get up the I backed down and took another I looked back he was backing down the if it had been me I would have freaked in that big truck.backing down a big hill with that thing would have given me stress and most likely a good number of new gray hairs!!!
I wondered why in the heck he was backing down?but I figured he most have his reasons.and besides I had never been on this road before. and soon I seen why I was on it.when I had been talking to Anna about those eagles I had thought "Id like to know where they rost! well to my right as I came over a small hill near a farm.there on the top of a small hill on the top of a big dead tree. sat the two eagles rosting for the night.they were all comfey on their own branch.and they had a birds eye view of every thing around them.I wanted to take a picture but knew it wouldnt show up,cause they were too far I just took a mentel picture and thanked the Lord for showing me. the drive home was nice and peaceful.the shadows were laying the way I liked to see them.that time of evening is always so was cloudy yet so there was no sunset pictures to take.I got my stuff out of the van and headed in for the night.
Called Anna and said I was home and told her about where the eagles maybe they can go see was a nice day for a ride.God bless you and thanks for reading.

Monday, January 22, 2007

needle point

this is one of my treasures I found at goodwill one day.I liked the colors and the hard work that went into it.the price was right and I desided my home was the right place for it.I wondered who made it and if they would be sad to see it at goodwill if they made it for someone.but I figure I would treasure it if the one who had it didnt."no matter where I rome my home is always home sweet home." its nice to visit but OOO so nice to get home. Posted by Picasa

Deuteronomy 8;18 Acts 4;29-31

"But you shall remember the Lord your God,for it is He who is giving you power to make wealth,that He may confirm His covenant which He swore to your fathers,as it is this day." {Acts 4;29-31 "Grant that your bond-servents may speak your word with all confidence,while you extend your hand to heal,and signs and wonders take place through the name of your holy servant Jesus."....The place where they had gathered together was shaken,and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak the word of God with boldness."

I cant wait till spring.

I love the smell of spring flowers.they are pretty and I enjoy bringing them in side to sit on the table and in the bedroom.Im lookingfor spring.  Posted by Picasa

view from the front door so to speak

this is for the nice man.Vickie asked him to show a view from his front door.and He asked all of us to do the same.but Im alittle late in doing it.but here it is. Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 19, 2007

Happy birthday big girl.

Im sorry I didnt get it on here sooner but I for some reason was behind a week on my calender.guess Im getting old.I love you bunches and hope you had a really good day.your growing up so fast.I wish I had more time with you.but we cant always have what we would like.I miss you alot.see you when I you little one.your Na Na. Posted by Picasa

Philippians 3;13-14 Isaiah 53;5

Philippians 3;13-14 "one thing I do;forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead,I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in christ Jesus." Isaiah 53;5 "He was wounded for our transgressions,He was bruised for our iniquities;the chastisement for our peace was upon Him,and by His stripes we are healed."

A bridge across time.

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