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Sunday, July 30, 2006

some of these trees are 350 years old.

the hubby by one of the big pines. we sure enjoyed the hike back in there.its a mile hike and I made the whole way with out passing out.thank God it wasnt hot that day.hubby said he was proud of me.I was proud of me pretty darn good for a lady they said only had 3 weeks to live 9 years ago!!!aint God good?when He renews your strength He dont bet around the bush.when your in this woods its like a big cathedral it was so wonderful.thanks Lord for the chance to go and see it. Posted by Picasa

big trees on the lost 40.

and my back 40!!!!can you see a pink thong on that back porch!!!eeeeeuuuuuuu.but bet you cant use your back porch to put you ice tea on when your eating hehehe.just kiding but I bet I had you going for a while!!it was a good thing no one else was in the woods that day they may have shot me for mrs big foot.or at lest mrs big butt.if you get a chance to go to see these trees do it they were soooo cool.they are in northern minnasota.only place I know that logers didnt cut down. Posted by Picasa

hard work will keep you warm this winter.

I love to see the wood piled high in nice neat brings back memories of my childhood.when I use to go to the wood lot or swamp with my Dad to get time a bob cat was in the tree out side Dads tent he had in the woods to get warm in when they were there..the bob cat made a sound out side with me in side the tent my father came back and said I think you better come with me.I was about 5 or 6 at the time.this is a pic of my son in law kruze.he is a good guy.I aint the best mother in law in the world .but he has always treated me with respect.he does on the other hand tease the heck out of me.but then I do the same to you C.M.if you read my blog a comment now and then would be welcome.always welcome good looking men on my blog.heck I welcome good looking men on my lap to come to think about !! he he.hope to set by the fire with you again this winter and shot the bull.thank you for this computer it gives me a way to speak out what is in my heart.your in my mamaleann. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 29, 2006

only two didnt see death.

Heb 11;5.Enoch and Elijah were the only ones in the bible who left this earth and did not can read it for your self .this post is to a person who put a long drawn out post on my blog.first let me say thank you for your time to read my post.the seed has aready been planted in your soul.I pray the Lord Jesus christ reachs you before you split hell wide open.He said in the end times many false christs would come claiming all kinds of trash.and in my life time I have seen them come and are only one of many.there was one not to long ago in waco tex.and son young moon and ones that came before my your nothing new.see I know Jesus personly He saved me years ago.He has helped me every day sence then.He healed me of cancer.He healed many of my loved fact it was He who told me just the other night that the people who come on my blog were the ones who needed to hear the truth.well you see you need the truth.and may I add conceling as if you are really believing your self to be the messiah you are having big mental problems.Jesus came 2000 years ago and He fit all the Hebrew propheys.and when I asked Him to be my Lord He came into my Iam not a bible student or very smart in a worldly way.but honey I know who my savior is and it aint you!see I have the Holy Spirit to lead me in to all truth.and sence I been walking with His help for the last 36 years He has lead me into the truth.I know of another self proclaimed prophet.his name was terry.he had this idia he was some big player in this end time.well his bobble was poped to by the unless you really are the anitchrist you need help.see there is a man alive right now who will do the devils bedding.he is being controled right now for the end other words the devils last big shot just before Jesus comes back and kicks his worthless butt into the pit where he belongs.and it wont be soon enouph for me!now you need to hear this.if Iam wronge then honey you aint got a thing in the world to fear or lose.BUT if Iam right there is a Jesus and He is coming soon to rapture His church or believers.then you only have a very short time to take your head out of your back side and fly right.or wake up and smell the you need to get your self a bible.and you need to get on your nees and ask to be shown the truth.and just for the record I aint cathlic or any other religian.Iam a follower of Jesus I have a personal relation ship with Him.just like the 120 back in Jesus time.500 people saw Him after He raised from the dead.500!!!! and in one day a man who only days before denyed Jesus but after Jesus told him and the 119 to wait in the upper room to recieve power to go in to all the world to preach the good news. the Holy Spirit came into the room like a mighty rushing wind and filled them all 120 with the power and with the evidence of a new unlearned language.or tongs of the man peter went out and preached and 3000 were saved in one afternoon.and so you dont say that was then it dont happen now.well it did to me in my own bed in my own bedroom.and I use my prayer langage to pray when I dont know what to say in my own words.then I ask the Lord to tranclate and I can hear what the Holy Spirit prays through me.the rapture is talked about many times in the bible.the ark was the frist one and there have been others.its in 1 and 2 thessalonians also in revelations and in other places.but I am sorry dont know the books right off hand.but its in there.but I also know that its hide to those who refuse to see.the bible is for believers.if you dont believe what it says it will do you no frist must come to God believing.if you dont believe there is a God or you believe you are him then why should He give you the time of day.and it really dont matter if you believe He is or not.cause He is and He alone has the plan for salvation.and if you miss it its your own fault.all your money and all your learning aint going to keep your butt out of hell if you let Gods plan for salvation slip you for the record I care about every one.and want to see every one saved.but do me a big favor you can read my blog if you wish but keep your trash off my comments.your lies are offencive to have your own beliefs and you have a free will to believe as you choose God Himself gave you the right.but let me warn you {there is a way that seems right to man but the way leads to death.}forever is a long time to live in a place like hell.and believe me honey there is one.I know of people who have gone there and cryed out to Jesus to save them and He was mercyful and did.only because they did not believe there was a hell.well you need to get some help.your only one prayer away from goes like this.{Jesus Iam a sinner please help me .and save me I recieve you now.I believe you are who you say you are.and I recieve what you did on the cross to pay the price for my sins. amen}or use your own words God hears the sinners prayers.God loves you that is why He sent Jesus to die for you and me.dont be stupid and lose your may not believe in hell now but you will 2 secounds after your there.DONT GO THERE!!!!!!and for the record I read the end of Gods word the devil loses.he ends in the pit chained.he has already lost he is too dumb to know it.the two that didnt see death are the two end time prophets or witnesses that give the aintichirst the problems in the end time when he is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of those left Rev you may learn something.if like you say there is no rapture then this gravestone is to make you think, no one gets out of here alive.only Gods choosen ones.Jesus left us the truth so we would know when to look for Him.and to know when the false prophets would come.they are crawling out of the woodwork now!!!!!so to the believers I say look up brothers and sisters our savoir is coming soon.and He isnt going to step foot on this earth till after He gets us out of here.we come back 7 years later with Him to see Him kick the snot out of the devil and his trash!!! and Jesus does the battle for us we just watch.COME LORD JESUS COME!! but Jesus I pray the Lord of the harvest to send in the workers to get the fields harvested before you call us.Jesus ripe the vails off the eyes of those binded by the enemy,so they can see the truth.I stand under your athority in your name Jesus, under the covering of your blood ,I and my family.I stand in the gap for those you have intrusted us to pray for in Jesus name amen.thank you Jesus for this blog so I may reach those you wish to hear the truth.give me the words to say and the anionting on those words to touch those who hear.I ask also that you expose all the false prophets in the world for what they are.and pertect others from being taken in by Jesus name amen and amen. Rev20;1-15.the devils end.{Rev 19;1-21.tells about Jesus as He comes to kick the false prophets and all those who took the mark of the beast{666.} into the lake off fire or the pit. Jesus is mighty in battle He alone can defeat the aintichrist and the armys of the enemy.He already defeated him 2000 years ago on the cross.He used a simple thing to defeat the devil.He used great love. Jesus is the only one who went through life with out sinning.the book out now that talks about Jesus and some woman being married is trash. a pack of says in the bible Jesus would never have children .that His desendants are those who believe in Him.only people who are blinded to the truth would believe that trash.Jesus is Lord and He alone is the lamb of God.doyou honestly think some one who wasnt what He said He was could stay so emportant all these years?and why would the devil try sooo hard to copy every thing He did?you look it up in the bible you will see it.he counter fits every thing Jesus did.but he is still a loser.he trys to fool the world but praise the Lord the jews see him as he is and they speak out in the end time when he is in the new tempel and says he is God.then the jeg is can read it in Rev it says when the anitichrist stands in the tempel and says he is God.then the witnesses come forth and they get killed.but before that they witness for a time.its all there in black and cant pull the wool over the eyes of one who has already seen.and knows the truth.135 propheys about the end times have already come to pass.and Jesus has fit every one told about Him.its only the ones who dont believe who do not see.{one crying in the wilderness of siber space make the way of the Lord stright.}COME LORD JESUS COME!!!!only the perfect will of God will be on earth as it is in heaven. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 27, 2006

ducks in the bay

well I had to go out and get a few things.I did it early before the heat of the day started.I made my way over to the park.there was a nice older man there who feeds the birds and little animals.I stopped to say hi and see how he was doing in this heat.he said pretty much what most do ."I cant take this heat! I said yes I been praying it will cool down .I feel sorry for those who do not have air.he asked me how I had been .said my "hanging in there."he said he had to go out and get air for his little work shop.he said he just coudnt work out there with out it.we talked then about cameras.he asked what kind I have .I said a digtel one .he said he had three of the other ones with all the toys that go with it.he said it was too much to set it all up.I told him to go digtel.I had the other kind to.its too expenive.cost us nearly 500.for all our wedding and honeymoon trip digtel is the way to go.he showed me his camera and we talked alittle while more before some people came and I had to move the van so they could get around me.we said goodby and I moved on.well I want to share one more thing before I close.Dee is doing better she is home and seems to be feeling good.she was happy to be home.and my fathers operation went very kemo needed.and the polup wasnt it is a great praise report.thank you Jesus!!!I sat with my step mom at the hospital it gave us time to chat.dont get to see them much lately.anyway Dad and Dee are doing good.but keep them in your prayers,there is still rcovery time yet.{pray that the heat will brake and we can have some rest from this opressive heat.}but you know it talks about that in the bible.about in the end times the heat will guess its just one more sign of the time we are ready dear not let time catch you unawear.Jesus told us what to look man knows the day or hour but Jesus did say what would be going on.and its in the news day in and day out.{wars and romers of war.the holy land fighting.and waves that would frighten people,earth quakes and drout,people getting more you see we are in the time He was talking about.and to prove it He said technology would increase at an alarming speed! well what does that sound like to you?200 years ago we were riding we are flying in the skys.and you can hop on the computer and find out almost any thing.and its getting more and more addvanced by the get ready and look up cause it wont be long before we who believe in Jesus and are looking for him will be getting out of get ready.we will be going home soon,and I cant to you and please be ready.heaven wouldnt be heaven without you.dont let your window of safety pass you by.mamaleann Posted by Picasa

weeping willow in the mist

this is pretty lake hubby and I use to go to .we took alot of neat pics by the water.this morning it was so pretty.the fog was just lifting as the sun was burning it off.every thing was still and the willow and the pine looked like they were in some fairy tail story. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

this is how it looks now.

Anna gave me this for my dinning room.before it was a mess .now my whole apartment looks better.and all my stuff is inside the nice hutch.I love it thank you Anna.her and her honey was nice and brought it in for me.I was sure pleased wish now I had done it much sooner. at frist I wasnt sure it would fit but it works like a charm.her honey got it for her long ago.but they were able to get a bigger one from lucy, so they gave this one to me.its always nice to get something new to brighten your world.this has really blessed me.I need a change now and then.move stuff around or change a if I can get the other picture of the before to work I will do it .but when I tryed it wouldnt go I will try again.  Posted by Picasa

this is a before picture.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

more glory rays.

wish when the Lord moves me I could take this view with me.but I do have the picture to put on my walls.the Lord paints the best pictures. Posted by Picasa

glory rays and air balloons

one day I was watching the sky out side my window and saw these air I looked closer here were the golry rays under grandson TJ calls the rays of sun glory rays.and I think its a much better name then sun dogs.I watched them for a long time they came so close I could see the picture on was one more day of seeing treasures out my never know what you will see.tonight its storm off to the west .and the rains were great.we had flood warnings.thank God for the rain.the farmers will be thankful Lord! well this will be short cause its late.1;15 am to be on the good night and God bless.  Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 22, 2006

dont you just love pirates?

these two came up and surprised me when I was minding my own business sitting on the porch.they made some very scary faces at me.but they were so cute I just gave them some money for taking their pictues and they left me and went back to doing what ever good pirates do.they were very young for sporting mushstashes and goatees but guess they start younger now.they were nice pirates and all.they said they would be back later.and they did sneek back to spy on me .only I could hear them with all the noise they made under the porch.I had never been that close to pirates was a day I will never forget.Love you two pirates very much.NaNa. Posted by Picasa

big foot spotted in the midwest,or man that pumpkin is a good footstool.

I just had to do that!I needed a laugh and thought maybe you did to.yes those are my ugly feet.but they go real good with the rest of you can tell others you seen big foot to.and you wont be can say hey it had its feet resting on a pumpkin.and you will be sure no one else will have a story like that to tell.what self respecting big foot would let anyone catch him or her and let them take a dumb picture like this?you can also say that it was wearing when I was young that is what these kind of shoes were of corse they are some discussing things some lose moraled woman wear.yuck yuck.well one day my daughter and I went to a sale .I said Iam going to stay in the car so if you see a pair of thongs pick them up for me.well you would have thought I had said some world fameous joke.there were eeeeeeuuuuuus and oh I said you know what I not those things you cram up your butt!! so now I hear it all the time.Mom you want some leopard skin thongs?well Iam going to start saying yes as long as they are a size 8& a dont you figure someone will come up with shoes leopard skin desion one day?I would like them.they would have gone nicely with the pumpkin.well keep your eyes open you never know when a big foot or big feet will show up in your neck of the woods.if you can ,take a picture.he he .love to you and God bless. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 21, 2006

the ducks and a peaceful place.

I left early to go get a few things at the store.when I was done I didnt feel like going home right away.the air was cool and some clouds were keeping the sun from heating things I made my way to the park.the ducks were in the little bay.they were splashing and swimming along just a few feet from was peaseful and the air was filled with bird song.I closed my eyes and tryed to just enjoy the day. I could feel the Lord in the peacefulness.but my heart was still sad.what do you do when you cant fix can do it when your kids are little.its easy then.they get a problem and you can fix it or at lest make it all better.but when they get older its not so easy.and its at those times you have to turn it and them over to the Lord.I have always prayed for the best for my family.always believed the Lord would keep them safe.and for the most part He has.but all people have free will.and with that free will comes the problems in life.we can make choices.I heard about a young man who got in a fight with his mom.I dont know what the mess was about,all I know is he stormed out of the house and was going at a high rate of speed.and he wrapped his car around a who was to blame?some would right away blame I ask you how can you blame Him?he was suppose to come down and say johnny you cant get in your car and drive 100 miles an hour down the I will throw you on the floor and put my foot on your kneck so you cant go!now if God were to do that we would not have free was the mom to blame? well I do not know what the fuss was about.but she didnt drag him to the car and push him behind the wheel and say drive 100 miles an hour and wrap your car around the tree down the road so every day for the rest of my life I will have to drive by it and feel it was johnnys fault.he got mad he got in the car and he wrapped his car around that tree.he let the devil steal his life away because he made a dumb choice. when we make dumb choices we get in trouble.if you speed sooner or later you get a speeding ticket.if you drink too much sooner or later you will lose your family.if you smoke your health gets bad.if you take drugs you will eather die or be hooked on them and do all kinds of bad things to get them.if you make the wronge choices in live you will pay.God is not happy about a young man loosing his life.but He is not to blame.I heard about another mother who blamed God cause her son was drinking like a fish at a party.his sister tryed to stop him from driving home.but he would not liston.he drove off and got in a bad car crash.he is not right to this day.o he is alive and better then they said he would be.cause people prayed for him.but the mother stopped believing in God.she says it was Gods Iam sorry lady but its your fault.your son watched you and your husband drink all day day in and day out.tell he grow up and was able to do it himself.God did not put the booz in the kids mouth you did.children learn what they see.hopefully that lady will get her head out of her back side and come to her sences before its too day we will all stand before a holy God and I know we will not have the guts to use the lame a-- excuses we use now.Id like to see someone blame God to his we have to take and be honest with our selves and own up to what we do.if we dont we can never get the help we dad run out on my mom.and for years he had the nerve to blame her.he was a cheater from the very first.its just my mom never new.but when I was old enouph I set him straight.I told him he ran out on her not the other way around.he could not lie no more cause I was there and I knew the truth.he finely had to face up to it.he had said to me dont you want me to be happy?I was 14! I said dad this woman your running with is married and has 5 cant even take care of the two you have.she will drop you flat when she see,s mom doent want you any more.and shorty there after that is just what happened.sin never gets you any place but hurt and stolen dad tryed to come crawling back to my mom.but mom has brains.she could see he was only trying to get back what he hadnt valued in the first some times people do wise up and I have seen God put marriages back together.and they work good or even better then before.but its only with people who own up to the truth and change.there are a few of my friends who have had problems and they worked them out.with prayer and hard work.a wise man said there are always those who think the grass is greener out there.and most of them never find happyness again after that.God can turn things to good that the devil ment for to distory.but its easyer to not get into the mess in the frist is hard and gets even harder if you make dumb choices. I dont know why I felt like writing about this tonight.guess maybe I needed to get it off my chest.dont blame God for peoples dumb chooices.if your world seems like its falling apart then go to the Lord He will take you by the hand and lead you to a safe place.I know cause He did it for me.I have had my world fall apart alot in the years I been here on this old earth.and I been down so far it looked like up to me.and every time I called on the Lord he took my hand and lead me.I prayed help me be part of the answer not the problem.I could have let the messes in my life make me bitter and it did for a while.but then I said Lord let this make me better instead of bitter.dont let your past hold you back.if you came from a broken home do what ever you can to see your kids dont have to go though what you did. if your family drank dont you.if you do your part God does pay for your mitakes.believe me cause I know cause Iam paying for some of mine.what you sew you reap.but God can turn around a mess and turn it into a message. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

the rain came.

the sky was covered with the distance you could hear the streaked across the could smell the rain coming.the air smells so good when it rains.I sat and watched it coming closer.desided if I was going out to get some food I had better do it right I took off and stopped to get my taco salad and potatoe home just minutes before the frist rain hit the ground.the air was off cause it had been I could hear the rain drops on the came down most of the day.then it would stop and more would come.dont know how much but it was a good while before it finely stopped.dont know if it will save the grass but at lest the rain came.thank you Lord.the air was so nice as I sat by the open window and just talked to you Lord and watched the rest of the storm clouds move was a hard day for me.the things from this year have been too much at times.and for some reason today was a emotional one.I was mad and shaky and just uneasy.didnt know why so I just prayed.I hate days like has happened to me more then happened the day my brother got in a near death crash in his jeep.and it happened when a friend was choking to death in his car miles away in an other state.and each time I prayed cause I didnt know what was wronge.I knew who was in trouble cause they came to my mind.but didnt know what was going on only they needed help.and God was I rummaged around in this apartment trying to get comfortable.was less then simpathtic to my two girls.but told them I didnt feel just right.well I finely called to try one more time to reach a long time dear friend Ill call her Dee.well her daughter answered the phone and said she wasnt doing so please pray for Dee every one.she is a sweet lady.she has had enough in her life. she is in a nuercing home and she has some real big things to be the rains came and Iam thankful for that.but Lord how much is a person able to handle.I feel like I been having 10 ton wieghts layed on me day after soon as I roll one over on the Lord there is another one ready to take its place.Iam a stronge person but you can only take so much.I cant fix these things so I know only God can.tomorow we go see mom.but I feel like I dont have the energy to help want to go and build the person up your going to Lord help me be ready to cheer mom up.I dont think I will tell her about Dee.its her friend to.and they been friends has enouph to worry today was good cause of the rain.but a friend is sick and its hard to know she has already got more on her plate then she can handle now.and she is in her day I will know why all this junk has happened.but it doesnt help now.some will say its life.yes it is but there should be more good going on.but I guess it just brings home the fact that we are in the end times.the headlines and things all around us say so.get us ready Lord.sorry this is not up lifting and a happy or funny post.but I will not lie to you or be fony.if Iam hurting you will know.and you will know how Jesus helped me to.I will be with my girls tomorow to so that will lift my spirit to.when we get together we act like 3 is funny.lucy gets coffee and her mouth runs 90 miles an hour.Anna just lauphs.and gets us to lauph.I smart off and they crack up.I need a good lauph.there is more rain moving in.that is good.Lord wash away the bad and bring in some good for a change.we all need a good washing of your grace and mercy.please carry us all Lord to a place where we can all breath fresh air not filled with problems.thank you Lord for getting me through this day you are my best friend dont know what I would ever do with out you? thank God I will never have to find out!!God bless all of you out there.thanks for your prayers for rain.see your prayers are heard.have a nice night and we will chat again. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

the hubby and mazy were sitting together.

I just couldnt let this slip away.mazy is a little pic hound always looking for ways to get her pic taken.I told the hubby to play along and pertend they were playing.and maz just did her thing.she has a way of telling what she thinks by just looking at you.mazy is lucys beagle.but I think she figures the people are hers.she is some dog.mazy milow and lil have given me alot of giggles.they have their own personalitys and style.aint nothing better then a dog who loves you.I have had my share in my life but only a few stand out as the ones God sent to help me through life .barny beagle was a humman in dog clothes.he was one of a kind and under that fir was angel wings.he filled our life with endless storys and love.some day I will lord willing share some with you.but its going to be hard cause I miss the little guy.but I know he is with my best friend Jesus cause I asked for the lord to keep barny company tell I get there.ember was another four footed angel.she had a sweet face and a heart the size of the sky.she helped us through some hard times to.there have been alot of little angels the Lord day they will have their storys told. thank you Lord for those four footed little angels and the blessings they brought with them .and for their way of teaching us about uncondishenal love .animals are here to bless us.treat them with the love and care they need.and they will always be there when you need a friend.hope you enjoyed mazy and the pics they sure give me a giggle when I see the.the hubby played his part well to.thanks mamaleann

watch the dog

mazy do you want to play mancala? sure gramps if ya dont cheat! Posted by Picasa

did you see that?

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Iam watching you buster.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

white squirrels invaid our town.

I remember years ago saying gee I would love to see a albino anything close up.I heard about them in school but had never seen one.then I remember the day I saw a young man who was was so odd to see a person devoid of color.his hair was white and his eyes pink.I was glad to know it was true that the teacher had not pulled my the other trash about evalotion.( aint no one going to make monkeys out of my ancestors.) but I was so amazed that there were so many albinos.I thought they were rare.but in the huds and my travels we seen more then 8.and all in one town.they were on diffrent sides of the city.but albino none the my step Dad use to think he was cool with 3 white patched squirrels at his place.but these are white.there is at lest 4 real white ones and the rest veryed shades of white and grayish white.they seem to be getting along with the gray squirrels ok.but they all live in their own little areas.thank you Lord for helping us see them it was a blessing to see them in the trees and even in the winter.and for the frist time I seen black squirrels.I thought they were only in one place I go for vaction now and then.its about 45 minutes from my home.was frist time I saw black squirrels was on my frist vaction there.but I see there are some here to.guess you dont know what you will see unless you get out there and look.people say they cant do anything cause they have no money.well to that I say.THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE!!!!! get in your car and go sit by a lake or river.and watch.besides seeing wild life you can see some pretty strange humans to.and they are just as fun to I was trying to think of what to write.and the albino thing came to me.but also the fact that God can help you if you arent sure what to do.He will show you what way to go if you need to know.boy I know I have been in places where I was so confused I couldnt find up or I asked for was when I had cancer.I was wondering if I had heard the Lord right.cause I knew He said I would write books.but here I was with cancer and didnt seem to be getting better but worse.I prayed and said Lord Iam ready to go.but I need to get my kids ready if I missed you some I need to know am I going to die? it was at night and I was sooo sick I was wishing He would say GET READY GIRL YOUR COMING HOME.but He said (this is not unto death but for my glory.)I said ok you tell me one more time so I know its really you and I will believe you and not anything He said it again.(THIS NOT UNTO DEATH BUT FOR MY GLORY! )so I knew I was not going to when ANNA came in crying with the bad news the doctors gave her. I listened she said mom they say you only have 3 weeks to live! I said well Jesus came into my room and told me I aint going to die guess I will believe him instead.she stopped crying and got a big smile on her face and said ILL believe him to.MY lucy said I dont believe what they has faith and I know she isnt going to die.that was over 9 years ago.and Iam still here.guess the Lord still has work for me to do.THE NAME OF JESUS IS ABOVE EVERY NAME EVEN CANCER! at the name of Jesus every knee shell bow and thoug confess that Jesus christ is lord.cancer has to bow to the name of Jesus.if you apply faith and stand on the word it has some say well what if I have faith and nothing happens?well I would rather be in faith no matter may say well what if I believe and I still die? well you will be in heaven.that is the ultimate do know you get a bran new body dont you? how much better then these old clay ones?yes leaving here is best.but some times we get to stay.but dont blame God for sickness and disease.its not from him.he heals it but it doesnt come from comes from the enemy.the lord wants you to know that you will see your loved ones who went on before if they trusted Jesus as their savior.little kids go right to Jesus hands.they havent sinned so they go to if you know where they are you know where to find them.I have more loved ones in heaven now then one day I will be back with family.cant wait.this old world holds no great draw for me. so when ever He calls Im out of I want to get as much done to reach others. I have been healed of alot of things.and no dout alot more before I blow this pop stand.but no matter what my need is He is able to provide what ever I need.some times people have to change some bad habits frist before He will heal you.if you are hooked on booz or drugs or cigs.or food you need to be sure your willing to give it up.and if you are He will help you leave it behind forever. I know boozers He set free and they were enjoying freedom.but they got cocky and thought they could handle just one.well wasnt long before they were right back in the pig pen again.once He frees you run from the old trappings.stay out of the bares,get new friends. and you will be fine.I use to smoke 3 packes of cigs a day.that was over 28 years ago Jan I know He frees you.a good paster named paster woods prayed for me.and Jesus freed me.and I havent gone what ever you need He has.He will meet you where your faith is.if it aint to big its ok I didnt have the faith to believe for my healing eather so that is why I called the paster.It was His faith not mine that got me when your ready call a paster who has faith.I called the pentecostal pasters when I needed help.Assembly Of God,the Spirit filled ones have the faith.the ones who say all that was for years ago cant heal a go to someone who knows how to believe and some of the others may know more now.but its been my expeance that the ones I said can help.but you can do the next best to God your self. He can hear just fine and if you mean buiness He will think about what I said.healing always comes it just comes in differant ways and in Gods timing.He answers prays three ways YES, NO, AND WAIT.some healing comes right away,some comes in time some in stages.but it comes.He uses doctors and He can heal with out them.but what ever way He chooses its God who does the healing.your doc only gets you in line for your go to God and dont be afraid to go to the doc.cause the Lord layed the desire to be a doc on the doc,s heart so he could treat you when you needed to come to him.but dont let him or anyone give you a death sentance.cause that is between you and God not you and one knows when its your time to go but God.He has given you 75 or 80 years so dont leave tell you and God are satisfied.this is all in the bible you can check it do I know ?been there done that.I aint leaving tell its time.and Iam going to expose the enemys tricks every time the Lord gives me the chance and the truth to share.Jesus is the answer to any problem you matter what it is.thank you Lord for the chance to share more with people.use this to free others.I pray your anointing will be on these words to set the captives free.Iam planting in good ground Jesus name amen and to all . Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 16, 2006

great american lake home.

I woke up this morning with rain hitting my windows and lovely storm clouds covering up the I took the time to shut off the air for a while.dont know how much we did recieve but Im thankful for what we did.thank you Lord,but send more please.a good alnighter would do long as it was slow and not more then we could use.the grass is dead in most places.only green where the sprinklers are used.while I was enjoying the guiet of not having the air on I truned on the travel channel.there was just what I needed.they were showing a program about lake I settled into my recliner and took a vaction by chair.I need one bad.but untell the Lord pervides this will have to do.these places were waaaaaaaaay out of my money range.but boy were they some hum dingers.I sat there and wondered where and how these people got the money to afford these places.they are simply out of this place is called Eagles rest,one Shady point,there was one called garnet loma on lake was soooo cool.the man that built it was a genius.he could build me one any day.the views were breath taking.much better then this one I took on one of our many trips.but it is a view I like.anyway I dont need a million dollor home just a home of my own.I dont need 26 guest rooms or 15 fireplaces.just room for my family and me.a lake view out side and the money to live there the rest of my life.the energy to keep it up and the hospitality to share it.and the blessing of the Lord on it.I love lake superior.its shores are lovely.twin harbor has a lovely place to look for agates.I had made a promise to a friend years ago I would take him to lake superior to hunt nearly 26 years later the Lord helped me keep that promise.we went and he found some and so did I.yes we are rock hounds.I have all kinds of them waiting for my own home.Lord willing I will put them in a rock garden.we found a place also where you can find crystals .the hubby went flippen wild over them.and so did I.he just looked around a while and saw something shiney in a hole in the side of the chiff and sure enough there were crystals.the hub sat for nearly 3 hours taking them out.small ones big ones.they were the neatest.I sat and cleaned them as he dug them was a day I will always remember.we worked as a team.the view around there was so pretty to.but just as I couldnt figure things could get any better.a whole flock of canadan hookers landed in a pood near was the end to a simply wouderful day.the hub and I have taken many wounderful trips north,south,east,west.we have been blessed to see way over 150 eagle siteings on our travels.bear,geese,ducks,coyotes,gulls,sand pipers,lounes(people and birds),fox,eagle nests,and so much seeing some of the most beautyful country in this USA.door county is sooo pretty.we stayed a week there in a was the best can go all over that place and never be too far from where you stay.the prices on the off season is very good.we went in october.we had the place all to our selves.the washington Island is soo guanit and old reminded me of some other country.the red bushes in their fall color were so lovely I simply had to stop and take pictures.the little homes and churches on the Island were pretty to.and every where you looked was the lake.some places the shore was calm and you could go rock hunting.but at others the waves hit the shore in big loud ponding was on one like that the hub desided to go look for was rainy and cold and he goes looking for rocks.I was afraid he would get swepted away.but he promised to stay close to the bank.but as I watched from the car I seen the beach being washed away near a home down the was being washed away at a alarming rate.I woundered if the people living there seemed no one was out and doing some thing about it.and it was only about 50 yards from their house and moving fast closer.big chunks of beach were going.and it didnt look like it would stop any time soon.but guess if you live by a big lake on the wind side you run the risk of loseing your beach.well the hub came back cold and wet and had a few pretty rocks for our collection.he was very glad to get in the car.he was so busy looking at the sand in front of him the waves had come up and got him wet.he was surpriced,scared him alittle to.well the clouds are still going over but no rain coming out.hope it does before they move on.its going to be hot in alot of places today.the midwest is under the gun poor people who dont have air.they say chicago and a few more citys could be they were telling the elderly to go to shelters where they can stay cool.I rememder one year hearing they were giving out fans to people who didnt have them.Lord help those who need to stay is my way to stay cool with out find a deep pan big enough to get your feet in comfortablely.fill it half way with cold water.and put your feet in it.then when you feel cool take them out ,if you get warm again put them back in.when the water gets to warm,get more cold water.I had to do this once when it was so warm the air didnt work.I started to feel sick and like I was going to pass out so I prayed and the Lord said to put my feet in cold I hurryed and got some.and it worked has gotten me thow some warm days in my life.if your water dont get cold put ice in that works good to.and a cool shower before bed does to.that way your body cools down and it takes a long time to warm up again by that time you are asleep.well God bless you and stay cool.hope you are having a great day.look for theLords little blessings.He sends them to show you He loves you. John 17;20-24 psalm 5;11-12 psalm 13;5-6 psalm 9;10.I like the living bible its easyer for me to read.the New International version is what these were taken out of.what ever one you have they say almost the same.they comfort and give hope.a day with out Gods word is like a day with out sunshine.the word of God is the food of your soul.if you feel hungery in your soul its cause you need Gods word.feast on the food that will nourish your soul. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 15, 2006

storm clouds before sunset.

psalm 86;7In the day of my trouble I will call to you,O God,for you will answer me. psalm 40;11Do not withold your mercy from me,O Lord;may your love and your truth always protect me. psalm 4;8 I will lie down in peace ,for you alone,O Lord,make me dwell in safety. psalm 12;7 O Lord, you will keep us safe and protect us forever .( sometimes a person has too much on their mind and it seems sleep will not my life I have had more then my share of those nights. so one night I was in need of some I prayed and asked the Lord for help. the psalm 4;8 came into my not knowing what it said I got up and got my bible.that psalm has helped me many a night to fall tosleep in peace. ) have a good day this will be short cause I m not in the mood to write today.God bless you a keep you with in the protection of His hand. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 14, 2006

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beside still waters He restores my soul

today was a long day,I turned on the news to see what was going on in the world.the heat was talked about and the lack of rain still is a problem in alot of places.but the thing that stuck out to me most was that there is fighting in the holy I know Jesus said there would be no peace there tell he came I know there will be cant have peace when you live next to people who want to get rid of you all together.that land was given to Gods people the jews long ago.and he has not taken it away from them.many have tryed in the past.but God always stepped in .so its no different now.God said to the jews "I will bless those who bless you,and cruse those who cruse it is wise to pray and help our jewish friends.they should never have given up the land they just did.they made a big cant give a part of your land to terroist and figure you will live in just does not I feel sorry for the palestieans who are just looking for a place to live.the ones who are just people like you and me.but I have seen how some of them act.and I know they cant act like that and be good peace loving people.they burned the churchs and things people held dear.and laughed at our sorrow at the time of 9 I wonder how anyone can say they are peaceful.sence I been alive that area has been fusing and how could anyone think peace would come.and the other countrys arould Israel are just as bad.Iran and Syria support terroists.Lebanon has hezobollah terroists.its one big snake pit over there.Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the president of Iran is the devils boy of today.just like Hitler was long ago.the Iran pres said he wanted to get rid of the who do you think that sounds like.yes we are in the last days.with the news following almost word for word the bible in revelations.its time to be sure your ready for the Lords return.too many nuts out there with too much power and no brains can make this world a hellish place.its time to pray and ask God to once again bless us with peace loving countrys around us.and ask him to pertect us from snakes we willingly let into our country.its sad when people say they are peaceful but talk about killing us off in their so called I believe in letting people come here who are decent peace loving people .who just want raise their kids and make a living and enjoy the american dream with us.but when they want to make this grand old lady another Iraq or afganistand then I put my foot down.enough is enough.why did they come here to enjoy our country if they wanted to mess it up?they left their countrys cause they arent good places to now they want to go back to being trapped?seems pretty dumb to me.for the record your welcome here untell you try to take my freedom away.then you got a fight on your hands.I dont want to live like those poor people lived.I enjoy my freedom.I dont want to be treated like they treat their women.I enjoy what Jesus did for me.and he is the only one who is alive.all the people who believe in mear men are just believing in a empty promise.Jesus is the only one who can save a sinful soul. I know because he saved go on a plane that is going down and the only name you hear being called for help is Jesus.buttah ,mohamid,or the devil cant save you.only Jesus can.all those others are this may ruffel your feathers thats ok,cause if it wakes you up to the truth good.cause I dont want to see anyone burn in hell because of stupidity.and whats this trash about these young men believing there will be seventy virgins waiting for them.if they would read the bible they would see we are spirits in heaven not flesh and blood.and Iam sorry but I seen some of those boys, aint no woman would want them.who wants some man who kills inocent people just wanting to get home to their familys.the heros were the men and woman who took fight 93 to the ground to save inocent people the terroists were going to hit.they were the heros, that took guts.those are the ones God was with.not the terroists.they are not in heaven enjoying 70 virgins.they are where murderers and terroists belong (Hell.)so a hero is someone who saves lives not takes them.these men were cowards.they killed inocent people!you are decieved and you need to wake up and smell the skunk behind this kind of thing.his name is devil,satan,the dragon.the snake,the father of lies,the enemy of your souls.Jesus is the only name under which man may be says so in the bible.and if you dont believe the bible then your lost.and if your lost no one can save you then if you refuse Gods salvation through Jesus work on the I cant make it any plainer.I will just pray you who need to hear this will.there isnt much time left to get right with God.and maybe even less time for you.none of us know when our time is could go tosleep tonight and not wake up tomorow.or you could walk out your door and be hit by a one knows the days he or she has dont screw around with your soul.forever is a long time in the wrong place.(Jesus I need you please save me and show me the truth so Im not decieved.I dont know if this woman knows what she is saying or not.all I know is I want to know the If you are real and if you can save me from this messed up life then please do so.I know Iam a sinner.your 10 commandments prove I need a savoir please be mine and help me live for you.fill me with your Holy Spirit and power so I can become your son or daughter in Jesus name I pray amen and amen.)Jesus help those who need to see this find it.then use it to get them saved.I pray this in your sons name amen. I pray for peace in the holy land for your people.for peace in every home and on the streets on jerusalem and all of Israel.fight their enemys Lord and show the world our God is God.I praise you for your mercy lasts forever.I praise you for you and you alone are worthy to be are mighty in battle and stronge on your peoples hear us when we call to you with sincer hearts.Lord one person can only do so much.please I pray the Lord of the harvest to send in the workers to bring in this harvest of souls in Jesus name I who believe as I do pray for peace in the holy land.pray also for the countrys where people are stopped from knowing the freedom of believing in Jesus.right now there are countrys that will put you to death for believing in Jesus.that is why we are in Iraq and those people have the freedom to hear the truth.if they choose not to, at lest they had the chance.this country was raised up to free those who are inslaved no matter how they are.Russia was given the chance and she is still open to the gospel of Jesus.but one day she will close down again but by that time all who were coming in will be in. china is another.if you saw a persons house was on fire wouldnt you tell them? or would you be afaird you would offend them?no you would do what ever it took to tell them.well there are people all over this world who,es lives are burning up and if they dont hear about Jesus now it will be too late.I dont want to get to heaven only to find you didnt make it cause I didnt tell you so I tell you.if you listen great.if not your not on my I aint writing this to just the few who read this now.but I hope it touches them to.Im writing it to those who will read it in time to come.I aint some great writer or famous person.just a house wife with alittle time on her hands.guess that is way the Lord layed this blog on me.He can use anyone.He gave us a great commison.yes us!!He said go yee into all the world and preach the gospel to all people.yee is you and me.ya you!! and me.we have the ablity to reach people.and we are able to do it.we can send money to help those who will go to the other countrys. and thereare good men and women out there who will go.Jesse Duplantis,kenneth Copeland,Benny Hinn,Paul cruch,marilyn Heckey,and many many more.and dont say those people just steal your money.cause its a flat face lie.the Lord is useing them.dont you think He is able to stop the ones who are doing wronge? he already did.some are gone.but those who are doing his will are stiil going stronge.find your way of going and go.dont get to heaven and be ashamed when Jesus says how many souls did your reach? Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 13, 2006

more we didnt save for seed.

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the hubby and our find.

I love to hunt wild moshrooms.this two puffballs.they are the biggest ones I have seen.we found them last year one one of our many trips.we havent gone in a long time but I will explain one day when I have a long time and the words to I didnt kill him off with mushrooms so dont get your undies in a bunch.any way we found these on an addventure.we were over joyed.years before I had finely found one on a farm me and my family were working just so happens it was on hubbys dads farm.I was going to cook it that night .at that time hubby was my friend.he was upset cause he thought we would he tryed every thing to stop me.I told him they are ok.that there are no puffballs like the large ones that will kill you.but he wasnt buying it.well he left all upset and mad.well next morning we over slept.and we were to be out milking.and my friend was waiting out there for us.and none to happy I may add.he finely called his mom and said please call them I think they died from eating the puffball.she called and found we were we run to the barn to show the poor guy we were ok.he was very happy but waaaaaaay mad at me for scaring him so. how to cook peel off the thick outer layer.make sure the inside is all white and clean of bugs.then slice it in bread size slices and fry tell light golden it and has a mild flaver like button mushrooms only much better.these have a very smooth you will know them right off.they grow in yards,fields,meadows,cow pastures(but be sure there is no cow muffens on those!!! they look just like a big all sitting in the grass. Posted by Picasa

my dryed flowers

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drying flowersand waxing

I love roses there my all time favorite.I find they dry well on my chain lamp.they hang high out of the way.and the air condishener breese hites them.they dry colorful and fast.they hold their shape well to.I love dryed flowers in can spray them with you favorite perfume and put them in any room in your house and the smell lasts a long time.and one thing nice I have found is if they get dusty just spary them takes the dust right off.waxing works melt some wax (canning wax works)melt it slowly.then take your fresh roses and carefully dip them in so they are covered completely.make sure the wax runs down inside the flower to.(but be very careful so the wax does not get on your hands or arms.)waxing was how the victorion ladys did their drying.the flowers look just like fresh for a long you can have fresh looking roses in the dead of winter. hope you will try it.roses are the only ones I know for sure work well for both.but if I try others Ill let you know. there was a note in a magazine about how long they would lady said she had some and they were 25 years old.they were alittle dusy but still pretty.she said she blew them off with her blower on the vac.sounds good to girls let me know how yours turn out if you try. Posted by Picasa