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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

trip to the mississppi with the family.

The egrets were back and the day was lovely.I had stayed at Anna,s for a few days,had planned on only over night but the boys wouldnt let me go home again.
so we desided to go for a ride on sunday.we took a drive down by the mississippi.the swans were what we were looking for but they were long gone already.but the Egrets were there to bless us.
we took the van and Eric drove,as we rode along we seen eagles and their nests in the tree,s.we stopped at a cheese house and I got some cheese curds to eat on the way.

We stopped to watch the Egrets in the swamp.Jake used the teliscop to find the ones way out in the swamp then he called me over to see them.they are so pretty and the picture you can see how big they are.
we were going to go up to the bluff to over look the town and the river.but we saw the house boat rental and stopped there first.Anna and Eric went in one and talked to the owner.we were going to go down the river on one this year but its too much to do this we just day dreamed.the ride home was peaceful.both the boy caffen was worn off so it was guiet.
we just were in our own thoughts.we went to drop off TJ so he and his friend could go fishing and Jake said he wanted me to stay one more nigh so he could stay with him while his mom and Dad cleaned the eye clinic.Anna has a cleaning business.and Eric helps her so she can get done sooner.
so they drove home and dropped Jake ,I,and little teddy the dog off at home.Jake diid his school work and I fell asleep in the chair.those long drives wear me out.but it was a wonderful day.
we watched movies that night till boys had to go to sleep for school.then we all went to had been a long day.
Anna and I were talking the next day and we were trying to figure what to do for a vaction for us all.we needed to pool our money cause alone none of us could I was racking my brain thinking about where we could go.then I thought about a place hubby and I had gone few years back.and I told her about it.I told her to look it up on the computer.she punched it in and soon I remembered the name of the was called Rocky Shores.but I called a place called scotts cabins.he told me rocky shores was no longer open.but he said hehad a log cabin to we asked about it.he asked us when we were thinking about coming?Anna just throw out a date.he said gee that is the only time its open in that month.

so then Anna said hope Eric call,s cause we will have to see if he wants to go there.Eric had his hopes up on the house boat.but when Anna and I figured it out the money would not be as soon as Anna had said wish Eric would call.he called about 5 minutes later.I said this must be he Lord cause its all fitting frist Eric wasnt too up on it cause he wanted to take his boat.
so I said Anna just let the Lord work it out.if this is the place it will still be open when we call back after Eric desides.if not then the Lord has we just prayed and waited.monday I went home and just today Eric desided to take that one.well the place was still open and they set it up.
we go in june for sunday to wed.its up in michigin by silver city.porkipine mountain is only a little way down the road from our cabin.its a log cabin with 300 feet of shore line all to us.a place to have camp fire by the beach at night.a deck to set on and a fireplace made of river stone.all we were looking for in one place and the price is the Lord has to work te rest out so the money is all there at the right time.
there are light houses for me to see and a fort for the boys to explore.and they have waterfalls for the kids to go see.and some I can see cause they are easy to get to.I said Id stay with little teddy the dog whn they had to go it works for us all.I enjoy sitting at the cabin and reading or writing in my journal.
the guys want to go fishing so Anna and I can visit while they fish.any way I cant wait to will be nice to travel again.the Lord is making a way so I can go for a trip way off and dont have to go alone.
Ill be sure to take some pictures so you can see the place.and the high lights of our trip.

I have to go for today cause I been gone and need to get some stuff you all have a wonderful week.enjoy the weather and stop to smell the flowers.look for the little things God is sending your way to bless you.those things are free and worth their wieght in gold.dont stumble throught your day with our eyes down cast look for his blessings and you will see them.a bird who sings out your window to bless you.a cardinal that flashs his lovely red body in a tree near you.a good buy at the store on just what you need.a friend stopping by who you havent seen for a while and having time to just visit.someone telling you how they value and love you.

God does good for us every day.dont miss his blessings just cause the devil throws a few things at you to mess up your day.God has good for you not bad..remember that and you will look for the good,and brush off the bad.God loves you and he blesses us cause he loves to.

but if your exspecting only bad that is all you will see.believe me I speak from experance.I looked for only the bad cause it seemed it was all that came my way.till one day I said Iam sick of seeing only bad.Lord show me the blessing your sending my way.and my eyes were open to the things he sent.

God bless you all have a wonderful week.count your blessings at night and you will see how much better you sleep.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

spring rain brings the flowers.

its over cast today and mild.they say the rain may come in about 3:00 or so.
the birds are singing in the park.and for a long time a cardinal sat on the big maple tree and chirped his little song.guess his is looking for a mate.
the men are working in the park yet.they seem to be putting in some pipes for something.there already is water in the park so I am not sure what they are could be to house electic lines.
they have christmas lights up for christmas and maybe that is what they are doing.some times people steal the lights off the tree, maybe its a way to stop it.
the air smells fresh this morning almost like it rained some place close.I would love to hear some thunder and see some flashes of lighting.I see the storms move in from the west and its so cool.
A few weeks ago it was snowing and you could hear thunder and see lighting flashing.we call it thunder snow around here.
when I was a kid on the farm I loved days like this.Id go for a walk to the little lake or to the creek.the wild life would be busy making nests or singing in the bushes trying to draw a mat.I would be careful not to scare them off.
the robins were the ones that always hopped around on the ground showing off their bright red big belly,s.and the sand hill cranes would call from the swamp.the frist time I ever heard one it scared me.Id never heard a sound like that around our farm before.and if you ever heard one it sounds wierd.
I walked slowly to the place I heard the sound and looked around.soon I saw three big birds fly over me.they were so big I was shocked.when I finely got home my Dad said they were sand hill,s.and they hadnt been on the farm for a long time.he was shocked to see them back again.he also said dont mess with they when they are nesting.cause they have some pretty big sharp bill,s and they would pock my eyes out.
now I dont know if its true or not cause I never did mess with them to find out.but guess what Dad told me helped a noisy little kids to keep her eyes.I wouldnt have found their nest anyway.cause they nested over across the swamp near the old pine Island.and there was no way to get over their cause the road was too wet and the path had long sence filled in with swamp grass and cut weed.
I remember the day I was walking down the path past the ran along the edge of where the old cabin use to be .it was where great grandpa first built when he came to live on the land.there were alder brush ,black willow, oak tree,s and elms along the could hear the ducks splashing and qwacking in the creek.when I got close they flew off scared.
I sat down by the bank near a old badger hole next to a old oak tree.I lended my back against it.I was in a small dip and around me was soon I was able to see the ducks come back.they didnt see me behind the grass.but I could see them.I sat and felt good cause I was able to see the ducks and enjoy them.they splashed and played together.there where 4 or 5.
then a blue jay flew over and called out when he seen me.he cryed for a few more times to "say stranger in the woods". but no one payed any mind to him so he flew off.I desided to move on before my granny would call for me.
I was just coming to the start of one of the ditches my Dad had dug out with his ditching machine.and a voice said be very quiet and peek through the long I walked very still to the long grass.and was ever so careful to part the grass.and there in the water no more then 5 or six feet from me was a mother swan and her yearly and the father.they werent scared cause they didnt see me.
they swam around eating bugs and keeping the young one away from the shore.I stood for a long time just watching them.that was the first time I knew God liked to bless little kids.even ones that didnt belong to him yet.cause it would be years later till I asked him to be my savoir and the Lord of my life.
but the day He showed me the swan,s I knew it was his voise.many other times as a kid He showed me things that blessed me.and one other time He saved me from getting hit by ball lighting.I was walking along near the fence where it met at a corner.the Lord said run and stop away from the fence so I did .about 5 feet away from the fence I heard the wire making odd nosies.and looked at the top wire.and along the top a odd looking ball of asid green was dancing along and jumping over the came at a high speed and when it came to where I would have been standing it jumped out about 5 feet and dispaired.
I stood there wondering what the heck it was.and knowing if I had been standing there I would have been in its path.I found later it was called ball lighting.but I wondered if it had been caused by electec fence on.but I never seen anything like that before of sence.
have any of you have something like that happen to you.or have you heard of ball lighting.if so please tell me.
have a great weekend and God bless you all.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

this speaks for its self.

yikes a nightmare in the making...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

something to think about.

(you cant fly like eagles if you hang with turkeys.)
the turkey is a pretty bird but they can only fly so high.and they cant go where eagles dare.
dont get me wrong I like turkeys I have had a few as was a tom called goober and he was the nicest bird.loveing and kind.he was my grandsons friend to.TJ was only a little boy and the turkey took TJ under his wing and would follow the kid every where.if TJ would get too far the turkey would stand in front and not move.guess he knew TJ was little and needed watching.goober loved to be hugged and would get all happy and fluff up with the atention.but goober never flew.he just walked around and strutted his stuff.guess he didnt know he could step mother raised him form a egg and goober thought he was some thing other then what he was.he was loved and he had a good life.but he didnt become what he was suppose to.and in a way that is sad.

I love thunder storm,s.

if you look close you will see two birds in the tree.I dont know what they are but it was so neat to see them so close.
this was taken a few years ago at my son in laws home.a storm was coming and the sky was lovely.

this is a picture from the past.the apple trees were in bloom and a Dove and his mate were sitting on the lines.a storm was moving in.
I look back now and think of how pretty every thing was that day.and how soon alot would change.nothing seems to stay the same for long.the storm moved in and washed all the dust away.and knocked off some of the apple blossoms and they lay on th grass and sand.the hay field turned greener and the flowers came up.the air smelled clean and sweet.
I love spring time storms they sweep in and wash away the winter,and bring in the newness of spring.its spring again in the land.soon the apple trees will bloom and the lilac,s and crab apples will be crowned in glory.and the birds will be nesting in the trees.the sand hill cranes will be back and their calls will fill the early morning and the evenings.
spring is a time of new beginings.and life seems to start fresh. have a great week everyone.and may your spring bloom in your heart.

Monday, April 07, 2008

a major award for travistee.

this onces for you blue eyes.its for going above and beyond.for sharing your life with others.for having to start over in a new world and not changing.for doing the best you can with what you have.

hope you enjoy your award.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

this ones for merle.

your great and I value you.

This award is for my friend merle;she has given me a giggle and lifted my spirit many times sence I found her blog.she is a sweet lady and one of my dear blog friends.this ones for your merle.if you go on my sister blog "willow in the mist" you will see what the award mean,s.
love leann.
there is one under this post for audery.
till I get all the awards out, Ill be putting my other posts on "willow in the mist".click on view my profile,then scroll down to the bottem and then click on willow in the mist.I will be keeping both blog,s.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

audrey gets the rose award.

your great and I value you.

this rose award goes to another friend of mine dear Audrey.
she also has been a dear blog friend for a long time.
thank you audrey.enjoy your award.
love leann
check out her blog sh has a thought for the day.and she is a girl who loves the Lord to.
today I am putting my post on (willow in the mist) the sister blog to this one.just click on my profile and click on willow in the mist.God bless you all.