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Monday, February 26, 2007

some thing to think about.

if you want to keep your mother or grandma happy then smile.
who could resist this big smile.thats my grandson TJ.he was showing off his big chumpers.he was also trying to get some thing to was after he got home form school.but supper was not to far off.his big smile worked like a charm.
love you Teg.

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fun monday

the pink and blue chair is where I blog. its the one at the far left bottom can just see the dark blue showing under the cover I keep over it.

I can sit and view the window and see the eagles fly over.the storm clouds roll in.the spider lighting flash across the sky.I can see the beauty of fall days on the hills to the west.
watch the sunsets many colors,as the sun goes slowly down.
I have wanted to change the room around many times.but I would lose my window to the I figure I have the best of both worlds here.SO THIS IS WHERE I BLOG.this is my entery for fun monday.

The snow storm moved in and left a fresh 6 inches of the new white cover.all the snow had melted the days we had 40,s and near the new snow covered over the dirty brown grass.the snow is pretty its true.but I would have loved it if the dirty brown grass would have stayed.I hate being in side and not getting out for poor van looks like a big snow bank.its white already so the snow makes it blend right in.
Anna and her hubby are coming to dig it out for me.I thank God for them.I was worryed I wouldnt be able to do it.Im short and the van is thank God for them coming.she is a sweet girl.she offered to do it.but Im sure her hubby will do it with her.they both have helped me so much.dont know what Id do with out them.

lately I been not as strong as I use to be.oh I can still do for my self,but Iam not the pack mule I use to be when younger.guess Iam winding down.but I can still take care of my self.and with the Lords help Ill be able to keep on know what they say the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.well I have the spirit of a 37 years old but the body of a 50 some year I aint as young as I use to be.

I talked to the hubby the other day.we talked about how the family was and how he was.I prayed with him and it was nice to hear he is doing better.o he still has problems with some of the thoughts.but he seems to be getting back on his feet.but then Iam not there so I dont know for sure.Id have to see for know for sure.I prayed the other night for him.just felt I should just spend some time in prayer for him.
what do you do when you dont know what to think or do about something?YOU PRAY!!!
I dont know how this all will play out.I know I care for him and want the best for him.but dont know what else to do but what Iam doing.
we are no longer the two people who were back there in time.we have come along way from there.the feelings are diffrent and the things that once seemed to fit together so well dont anymore.he is busy trying to find his way in his new life.

and me ,Iam trying to go back to being alone again.its not easy to pick up and go on. when you thought you would be with someone forever.only to find your going to have to move on alone.Iam not complaning just stating a fact.

I have good wishs for him.hope he finds what he is looking for.I feel some of his problem was he wasnt happy here.he has his own Idia of how to do things and it didnt fit with what Iam able to do.he is a nice man and he needs some one who is able to be what I cant be.he is skinny and in better shape then me.and he is younger.we had alot in common and enjoyed alot together.our interests were the same.only things that need to be there to hold two people together just arent there.

the last few days I have had alot of eagle or two times one flew over with some thing in its talens.and one flew soo close to the window it surprised me.I wish I had had my camera would have been a great picture.

the snow days were pretty.I sat and watched it snow as I did some reading and cleaned house.I thought we would get more then we did.but its still alot for one storm.there is one place that set a record for 21 inches in one thats alot of snow.I will be glad to get out and take some pictures of the snow cover.maybe tomorow when I get done from the dentist.

well Ill close for today.not much to write today.maybe Ill have some new and interesting things to write tomorow.God bless.

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

something to think about.

if you work hard and write a really nice post about your grandkids and the stupid "blog this" loses it and you cant find it.dont throw your computer out of the widow.just figure "blog this" isnt as good as they say it is.just try again and hope for the best!!!
thats all for today.I will try tomorow.God bless.

thanks for putting my blog over the 1,082 mart.

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your all flowers in my garden.thank you...

this is a picture of flowers from Lucys garden.they were so pretty that year.she has a green thumb.

1,082 hits on my blog.

boy I was supised today.I checked on one of the blogs I read now and then."its the little things".
and she was saying she had 15,000 hits on!!! well I was wondering how to find out how to see how many were on mine.

I checked my profile and there were {1,o82.}
thats I will thank everyone for putting mine over the 1,082. I sure didnt think Id have that many.

Friday, February 23, 2007

some thing to think about.

you cant really judge an other, tell you walk a mile in his shoes.

back in time to a peaceful time.

I needed to write some thing for my blog and this story came so I desided to share it with you.dont know what to do with it yet.may do more with it. would work in alot of leave it as it is or to add more.I will have to desided.
do any of you have any Idias if so let me know.have a really nice weekend,and God bless.

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peaceful place near the river.

the old Indain

{this woods is near a spot I love }

There once was this old Indain who lived way out in the wilderness at the end of this long dirt road.
He had lived there most of his life and wanted to keep it that way.
the wilderness was his only home.his people had long since gone into town and citys far from him and his family was gone.but he loved the guiet and the peacefullness of this place.
He didnt have anyone living near him for miles.and he was hopeing it would not change.

well one day he heard a funny sound in the woods.he listoned and watched.soon a big car drove down to a small clearing just a mile from his tepee.
he had made his way down the way and was peeking from behind a big tree to see who the intruder was.
a man stepped out and put a sign by the clearing.and jumped back in his big car and drove off again.
the old Indian made his way through the woods heading home.he had taken the sign and hid it in the woods.he wasnt able to he hadnt known what it said.but he knew if a white man came it wasnt too to pertect his life and home he did what only he knew to do.
as he walked along he heard the birds over head in the trees.their songs always cheered him.they seemed to follow him as he walked along.the sound of the river he could hear from just he walked over and watched a deer and her fawn drink.they didnt hear him or see he watched as they made their way up the hill and out of site.

He sat down and lay back on the grassy bank of the river and looked up at the sky.the clouds were big and fluffy.and he loved to see what kind of animals he could see in the shapes of the clouds.he saw a eagle,deer,rabbit.skunk,a dog,and bear.he fell asleep and dreamed of days gone by.

He was a young man again and strong.a mighty warrior and the son of a chiff.he had a lovely Indian priness for his wife.and he had a small baby son.his dream was of times he missed and longed for again.a time when the world was still at peace.
where one could walk for days and not see another human unless you wanted to.but those days were gone.

He woke up when a gray squirrel jump into the tree he was laying under.and a shower of bark rained down on him.he looked around to late to see the squirrel bound off into the next tree and into his hole.the old Indian got slowly to his feet and headed home.
as he neared his tepee he could see a fox running across the road and up the bank of the river. and disapear out of site into the woods.

the old Indian sat down in front of his tepee and smoked his pipe.he thought of how wonderful it was to have this place and he thanked his creator.
the night wind was picking up and he desided he needed to go to his larder to get some food.
so he put out his pipe and headed to see what he could eat.
he had dryed fish and some berrys and some meat he had to he took only what he needed.
and went to his tepee to eat.he fixed his food and sat out in the last remaining rays of the sun going down to eat his meal.
the night was warm and the air sweet with the smell of moss and leaves.the flowers that were in bloom sent their fragrance on the beeze.
a deer was just coming out of the woods across the river to drink.he watched her and soon her fawn came to.the fox he had seen earllyer ran across his road .and off to the under brush where he had his den.
he cubbled up way back inside and fell asleep. he had found a rat and a wood chuck to eat so he was he would dream peacefully for the night.and not have to run in the night to find food.

the old Indian could hear the night birds off in the deeper part of the woods where the shadows make it night earlly.and in the distance he heard a church bell faintly he has to strain to hear what it was funny he almost never heard it but tonight the wind was just right.and it drifted ever so lightly on the beeze.

some times if it was very still he could hear the train as it crossed the big bridge, way many miles over the mountain.he lay up against his tepee wall and enjoyed the evening.he was just ready to go in for the night.when he seen a bear on the ridge line in the forrest.

she had a cubb no two!he watched her come down the hill and drink and her cubbs drank ,and played in the water near her.she would lift her head as she drank to be sure they were ok. and that there were no male bears near.the cubbs jumped and rolled, and had just started to have fun. when mom gave them a grawl it was time to go.they followed her still trying to play.but as they went they had to keep her in site so they followed instead of played.

the old Indian was sleepy so he desided he should turn in for the night.he put out his fire and cleaned his pan with sand .and put it up side down near the fire pit on a rock. so when he needed to fry his breakfast it was ready.he took the fish bones and buryed them.he didnt want momma bear coming around from the smell of fish.

He lay down on his hides and blankets and reached over to close the tepee was dark and warm inside.the sun had hit the sides and it would stay safe and warm most of the night.if it got cool he had his many blankets to keep him warm.or the little fire pit in the middle of the sleeping area of his tepee.but tonight would be mild so he would be fine.

He drifted off to sleep and dreamed of his wife and family who had long since passed on to the creator.he could see their smiling faces and their lovely home. in his sleep he reached out to them.

As he slept the night birds sang far off in the forrest.a hoot owl said "who who"?as if to say who is snoring in my quiet home.the little foxes in the den down the road. were restless and were busy keeping their mother busy trying to get them tosleep.soon she nipped one and the others were fast to settle down.

the night wind began to blow and the sounds of the forrest were muffled by its sound.the old Indain slept on.

But as things that are good always seem to come to a end too the world far from him. minds thinking of ways to make money were about to end his guiet life of wonder and peacefullness.a man sold land to another. and soon the old Indain had problems he knew nothing about.his days of peace and wonder were coming to a end.but for tonight he slept in peace and his dreams were happy and free.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

five pictures of warm weather.

Everyone please think spring.I am getting ready for it.but the weather guy says winter storm on the way.THINK SPRING!!!!God bless you all.hope you enjoy the pitures and the post.

spring flowers at Em and Sars

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spring time on the farm.

Em and Sar playing ball.

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morning glorys

the flowers are from my Anna,s place.
I just love morning glorys.I always loved to see Anna,s flower

garden.its so pretty.

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the show off.

this little tree seems to be saying "look mom How pretty I am!!!
I just love the clouds in the back.and the color of the water that day.
it was one of those days you know God just wants to bless you.

and he did bless me sooo that day.
I hope these pictures bless you and give you some warmth
in your winter day.
to those who have warm weather your already blessed.
hope you just enjoy the pictures.

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Birch trees along lake superior.

wish I were sitting there today on the little bench that sits just down a ways from where this was taken.

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Erik{ the Very nice man}

They say we may be in for some snow and wintery condishens this weekend.I for one am looking for spring.and think many others are today Iam going to give some pictures of warmer weather.
yesturday was a nice day weather was warm and wish it would have was in the 40,s and some places it hit near it was wonderful.

But I had to go to the dentist so I didnt get to be out in it.but I thank God the visit went well.althow I got the shakes from the shot they gave was funny cause the girl working on me thought I was cold.
I said no just shakey for some reason.I shook almost the whole time.then just before she was done it seemed to stop.I have never had that happen.felt sorry for her,she seemed to think it was something she did.but it was the stuff they used.
my gums hurt some when I got home but soon it was ok.

And when I came home I had a very nice surprise.{a very nice man from across the big sea.had sent me a wonderful gift.}
I rushed up to my apartment to see what was in side.I opened it and in side was the prettyest wrapped gifts.lovely pastel mint green wrapping paper and pastel mint green ribbon.and nice notes to say why he was sending them.

there were two books from a lady I respect alot.{Joyce Meyer}one was her book Battlefield of the mind.that I had been wanting to read.{I had picked it up for the hubby and he had been reading it while he was here,and took it with him when he left.}so I hadnt been able to read it.the other gift was Joyces book Battlefield of the mind dayly devotional.

Now I know that when this dear friend picked out these gifts his hands were guided by the Lord.cause I love dayly devotionals.they are smaller and easy to take along with you when you go visit ,or just carry so you can read.and the Lord knows I like to take them with when I go to visit.its easyer then carrying a big book with.
Now this dear man doesnt know me very well yet.and he lives way across the sea and he has never seen me face to face.but he with the Holy Spirits guidance was able to send me just what I would have picked for my self.

Do you see how good God is to lead his kids to be able to bless someone they hardly know?well I guess I better tell you he is a follower of Jesus he is in fact my brother in christ.
His gift and thoughtfulness made my day.I almost cryed as I felt the love and the encouragement that dear man was sending to me.I was truely blessed.

Just for the record this dear man "Is truely a very nice man."not because he sent me the gift but because he has a heart for God and the Lord can guide him.
I was listoning last night to one of the lady preachers .she was on TBN.she said we have favor from God.that we will see people God picked to bless us.
People we dont even know or they dont even know us.she said God gives us favor with other nations.
well do you see that lady was speaking the truth.a dear man of God who I barely know, and who barely knows me. blessed me with a gift that was just perfect for me. yes we are in the time of Gods blessings and favor.His childern are being blessed in new others can see and know its Gods hand on them and not just by chance.

thank you my dear friend for your thoughtfulness and made my day and my year.God bless your giving with the things you need most what ever that are a very nice man.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Genesis 3;8-9food for thought.

The garden is once again able to be ours for the asking.and we can walk and talk with God once more.
All we need do is believe in the one God sent to us,His name is Jesus.

Acts 16;31.{believe on the Lord and you shell be saved}

garden in the mist.

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to walk in the garden in the cool of the day.

this is my mother in laws lovely garden.and its early one morning.the fog was just begining to lift off and move to the west as the sun burned it off.It was I amagined just as the garden may have looked to Adam and Eve as they walked and talked with God before all hell broke lose.
The grass would be cool on the feet, and the air clean and fresh.
the birds would be singing, and the little animals would be busy getting their morning snack.
the flowers would be at their freshest and their small would be every where.the deer would be with their fawns in the thickets nurcing them.the rabbits would be just done with their sleep and would be coming out of their dens to meet the day.

The beauty all around would have mostly done to Adam and Eve what it did to me.
I stood there and thought of home.I thought how wonderful heaven would be able to be near Jesus and see his face as we know that I had made it home and would be with him forever.
but then I also thought of how heart broken Adam and Eve most of felt the day their would came crashing down around them.

the snake who decieved them caused them to lose the only home they had ever known.yes it was their fault that they listoned to the snake.and yes both of them did.for it says Adam wasnt decieveed he just went along with his wife and sinned to.
So no girls the men cant blame us for the was both of them.Adam knew full well what God had told tact it was Adam who had to tell Eve.
So good old Adam knew what a mess would come if they didnt obey.but they did it anyway.they wanted to be like God.they figured they were missing out on something!! yup they were {sin} but it was too late .they eat them selves out of garden and home and the hell began.
The really sad part is they had always been like God.they were created in his image. so they gave up something they already had.
and when they were taken out of the garden it was to pertect them from doing something that would realy mess over every thing.they were taken away from the tree of {Life}.if they had eaten of that tree in their sinful state. they would have lived in sin forever.
but God in his mercy took them out, so down the line when Jesus came all could be set right again.

See God knew even then what He would do to get his family back.He knew it before the foundtion of the world was made what He would have to fact it says He knew us before it was layed.yup it says in the word He knew us all back then before it was even other words.
The mighty God who made heaven and earth knew us way before we were born.and He made a place for us in time.He knew we would be here in the time and place He made for us.
See heaven is a home.its a place God made for his family.a place where he can walk and talk once again with His creation,a place of perfect harmony and love.a place of beauty.peace joy happyness.a place where no one dies anymore,where lovelyness is all around.
But he needs to be sure that this time there is no one who chooses to mess it He did what He had planned.He sent Jesus to be our tickit to heaven.cause only Jesus lived a sinless life.yes ONLY Him.

There are firut cakes out there now saying all kinds of crap about Jesus.that he was married and all maner of lies.well they never read the bible or just read it and desided to lie any way.cause it says Jesus never married.He was waiting for us as his bride in a sence of the word,and we are his childern.when we become born again or saved from our sins.we are the childern Jesus was never able to have here cause He was never married.
Evil men try to make my Lord out to be nothing.well I know the Lord cause he saved me, and he healed me and he has changed my life and got it out of the pits I was I know the truth!!!and these men who say these things about Jesus never met him and know nothing about him!!!and they are liers.

If Jesus was what they say He was.we would all still be lost in our sins cause no blood would have been payed for our sin,s.
And the truth is Jesus came ,he died on the cross the way the prophets spoke of years before he came.and He did all the things they said he did.
And so yes Jesus is the messiah.but men have tryed to cover over the truth to keep their lies covered.
But it dont work cause day in and day out people all across this country and the world are coming to the saving knowlage of Jesus christ.they are coming into the kingdom of God at a record speed.

And even that is told of in the speaks of a time just shortly before Jesus calls us to come and be with him.that there will be a harvest of souls into the kingdom of God like no man on earth has ever seen before.

20 some years ago if one had a meeting to preach the gospel of Jesus christ.there would maybe be 100 come forward maybe only a hand full,maybe only one or two.but now if you have a meeting in a place nearly everyone comes forward.thousands of people are coming into the kingdom of God.
But you will never see it on the main stream TV channels cause they arent christians.the only place you see the truth is on the CBN,TBN,INSP,DAY STAR NETWORK or any of the others who tell the truth about Jesus.
I thank God for men and women of God who have given up every thing to tell others about Jesus.
Paul and Jan on TBN tirnity broudcasting channel.Pat on CBN,and all the rest like kenneth and Gloria Copeland who helped me learn my covenet rights as a child of God.

Had it not been for those people and so many more like Oral Roberts,Jesse Duplantis,Joyce Meyers,Paula Young,TD jakes. and so many more wonderful men and woman of God, I would be dead now.
Cause Id have never known how to fight cancer.or even be able to have heard the Lords voice in my hospital room that night. that He said "this is not onto death,but for Gods glory."
If I hadnt known my rights Id be dead now 11 years cause I wouldnt have known the truth about Isaiah 53.and the fact "Jesus bore our sickness and diseases upon himself upon himself so we dont have to."

We can if we want to.but we dont have to if we will take His word that says "by His {Jesus}stripes on His back we were if we were healed 2000 years ago by what Jesus did on the cross then why should I die of cancer?why should anyone?if we only believe as Jesus said we can have what He says.if we dont then it wont work for us. cause if we dont believe it dont work cause it only works by faith

Faith says this looks like it may not work but if Jesus said it I believe it and that makes it so!!!that is faith.
It believes the word of God ,is the word of God ,and takes it just as it is.{Faith is the substance of things hoped for the confident assurance of things to come.{Hebrews 11;1.} {faith comes by hearing,hearing by the word of God.Romans 10;17. }

In other words we cant believe unless we first believe Gods word is in fact Gods word,and second we most believe the word.
1 John 1;1-10 tells you alot in only a small little chapter.

I love the new is so full of Jesus it is like water to my dry and thirsty soul.I pick it up and see Jesus walking the dusty streets of the Holy Land trying to tell them that their Messiah has come.but just like it is now, the people who wont believe and didnt understand who He really was.

How it most have hurt his loving heart.I can see why he cryed the day on the hill over looking Jerusalem {Matthew 23;37-39.
How it most have just been almost unbareable for him to see his own people not recieve him.

I know I probbly wouldnt have known it was him eather if I were there.but when I did realize it would have killed it almost did when at 19 I realized it was in fact {my sins} that hung him on that I cryed I knew the love that it took for him to go to that crawl tree to save me!!!

For it took heavens best to be payed for a worthless sinner like me.the king of all ,left heaven to come here to pay a price of his own life and blood. to buy me and all the people who would believe in him.back from the devil and sin!!!!
I remember I cryed like my heart was broken in thankfulness for what he did and in shame that I had put him there.

but his words rang like sweet music in my ears.{"I did not come to the world to condem it, but to save it."}and my savior was saying "its for this I came to suffer and to die for you to bring you back home to the garden,and to be able to walk and talk with the father in the cool of the day once more."

thank you Jesus for the work you did on the cross for us those who have been blinded by the devil to know the truth so it will set them they may also know the peace of knowing you.Lord rip the vail down once and for all so all can we can get this place back to what you intended in the first place.

Our father who art in heaven Holy is thy name. thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.Matthew 6;7-15.talks about how Jesus taught us to pray.

thank you Lord that your word is true .even thow in this world people still lie about you .those who love you and know you ,can have your word to lead us.Lord we long for the day when all the liers will be no more.and their lieing tongues will be heard no more on the earth.and those who believe will live with you forever.
Thank you Jesus that the day is coming .when you will come and step foot again once more on this earth, in the Holy Land by the eastern lay down the rain of your kingdom for 1000 years.
Thank you Jesus for your love and for all you have done.but thank you most for what you have done for me personaly.
Cause if you had not sent someone to me I would be still living in darkness,or dead in sin long ago.thank you Lord.

Thank you for the lovely gardens you have let me walk in and hear your voice .for the cool of the day and the guiet times of prayer when I can feel you so close.for the times when you helped me so I wouldnt be decieved by you could lead me safely this far.Lord thank you.

Only a short time ago in my prayer time a call came from deep in my soul almost as a war came up slow at first then faster and faster.
Only the will of God ,Only the will of God. over and over it rang out in my soul.soon it was coming out of my mouth,over and over it came.softly at first then louder and more powerful.tell it rang though out my whole being.then as it came one more piece was added.

{"Only the will of God ,,Only the will of
God will be done on earth as it is in heaven.}
And I knew it was a war is the will of God for only His will to be done on this earth as it is in heaven.He wants for all to know Him .and know the truth so the truth can set them free.yes Lord let it be so.

thanks for reading.and God bless you all.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

superior shores is where we stayed.

this beach is near the lodge and you can walk out the door and go looking for agates.hubby and I were on the beach for only couple hours and found some.I took my chair and plopped my big butt down in between two little ridges of stones and picked tell my hearts content.I found sea glass and lotsof little aates.nice ones to.hubby he had so much fun and found some was awesome day.the little gull was with us most of the time we were there.

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the real deal.split rock lighthouse.

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Split rock lighthouse

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Log cabin Homes by lake superior

this is a resort on lake hand cant think of the name.but I know its not too far from "two Harbors".hubby and I went in to see what it was like.we didnt stay there but checked it out in case some day we could.they were lovely.the views were awesome to say the lest.I love Log homes this was right up my ally.
but if I go Ill have to go alone or wait tell I have some one to go with.anyway this is a place if your up in northern minnasota check it out. two harbors is the little town you go through before you find it.this place is between two harbors and the split rock light house.its worth the trip.the senery in its self is worth the trip.I could live up there with no problems along that lake anywhere Id feel I were in heaven.

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view at my sink.

the cups you see my mom gave me the set of dishes for my birthday one year.I love blue and white and these dishes were in a store we went to on one of our trips together after my stepfather passed away.we were walking along and she seen them and told me about them.I said they were so cool.but I didnt have any money I just went away from them.wishing I was able to get them.but figured the Lord most have diffrent ones for me or Id have had the money to get them.
it was funny cause she went out to the car first and I came alittle later

when we got back to the place we were staying she gave them to me.I was so dont know how long I had looked for plates like them.andthey were resonable priced was a close out store.
mom was pleased she could give me something I really liked.the little mouse praying is from my Anna and family.they know I collect mice.and one praying is one I needed it is good for us all to pray and talk to the Lord.
The pictures are there to give the look of a window.I hate doing dishes without a window to look I found these pictures and it helps.the Little angels I found at a sale or some one gave them to me.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

a place to get a lift for your soul.

find merles name on my blog and go to her blog and check out the story of the paster with the hole to cover over in the church wall.heck check out her whole blog you will go back again and again.its like potatoe chips you cant read just once!!!tell her I sent you and tell her hi.she is a sweetie.

to all my Valentines.

Happy Valentines to you all and God sure to check out another memory from my childhood.its under this one.
guess its like fun monday.why I liked living where I lived.

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smokie,grandpa and granny

new baby on the farm,first grandchild.

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come on in sit down lets just talk about times gone by.

I desided today Id tell you about some more of my life on the farm.
when I was very young I had a chance to be with my grandpa Jack.he was the kind of grandpa every little girl wants.some one you can trust and look up to as a role model.
he was kind and caring and fun to be around.
O Im sure he wasnt by any means perfect.after all he was human.but as a child he was pretty perfect to me.
I remember one day we went for a walk to the creek.the corn was high and drying some, so it must have been high in the fall.and the road was dusty and the grass dry.
the air was cool and had just a hint of colder times to come.the birds were busy singing on the fence lines and grandpa and I just walked along enjoying the day.
we walked slowly so we could see the wild life if they were near.but that day I dont remember seeing any.they may have been there only it was grandpa I remember most.
he told me storys and made me laugh at things he said.he called me smokie and I was his only grandchild to date.others would come along but not for a while and by then he would be gone.I was about 2 and ahalf.and soon I would lose the person I felt the closest to.but today was a good day.

we got to the creek and walked along the water.the frogs sang and the draggenflys flew by us with their wings shining in the sun.they looked like fairys to a young child.I love draggenflys almost as much as I love eagles.the butterflys were on the mud that was dryed and cracked along the creek bottom.their pretty yellow wings folded up made them look like lovely pettles from some flower cast off from some unseen hand.I remember watching them as they sucked up the mositure.the red wing black birds sat on the reeds and bull rushes along the shore singing.their red flashs on their wings always amaize me.a turtle jumped or dived into the water off the shore.and glided across to the other side.
and slowly climded out on to the shore under some cat tails to sun himself.
my grandpa loved wild life and Im sure that is where I got my love for the wilderness and animals.we stood by the creek for a while just looking at the beauty around us.
you may say Aw I dont believe this chic could remember back that far into her child hood.
well you do when those were some of the best times of your life.and I believe God puts memories in a little girls heart to remember a grandpa who would be gone soon.
yes I remember grandpa Jack cause he loved me like Jesus does!!!

the day was so nice we must have lingered alittle too long .cause we heard the car horn that granny would honk if she needed someone to come.or she would just leen her head out the door and yell the name in this high pitched yell that sounded like would sound like a high pitched note at the end.
and believe me as I grow up I laughed about it.and years later so did my own children.
I remember my Dad getting so darn mad at her.he would just get to his trap lines in the swamp.and he,d hear this high pitched "Pauuuuuuuuul!!!and he would high tail it home cause he figured she needed him.and he would get the miles back across the snow and she would just say I was worryed about you.
O yah that made him real happy.finely he took a whistle with him and if she yelled he would whistle .he said that saved him from ringing her the lady but she more then once had me running home and I didnt have to hear her yell.Ill leave that for another day.

we started back slowly not wanting to end the wonderful time we walked by the corn grandpa was talking and telling me things. wish I could remember all he said but I dont.all I know is he was asking me things and telling me things.well he asked me something and I was telling him the answer when I heard this I knew it was him so I said papa.its you aint no bear. he had slowed down and hide in the corn behind me.he laughed his head back laugh and said yes its me smokie I can never fool you!he picked me up and hugged me and put me back down.and we walked back hand in hand.he was guiet and so was I, we just basked in the love and the beauty of the day.

some times Id see a worryed look on his face.and would wonder day we were playing in the livingroom.he was giving me a piggy back ride and he just went limp under me .I pulled on his hair cause I thought he was teasing and he came to.he said smokie you saved me.I didnt know what he was talking about tell much later in life.he said dont tell your grandma or she wont let us rough house anymore.but he told her himself.later that night.

He said smokie pulled my hair and brought me grandma looked scared.I remember grandpa playing with me and sitting me on his lap as we listoned to back to the bible on the radio.we would do the study with them on the papers they sent us.grandpa would make sure I answered the guestion frist before he wrote it down himself.and I was pretty good.and years later that word would draw me into the kingdom.{bring up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.}

grandpa was sreaching for the Lord these lovely days,and he found him on his knees in the basement of the farm in my childhood home.he was praying for his soul and the souls of his family, in that basement.and his prayers were answered 16 years later for his little smokie long after he had gone home to be with his savoir.

I remember some time later my father come and waked me from sleep early in the morning.and carry me to grannys bedroom.there where my sweet grandpa use to lay,was my cousin mary.she wanted to make me feel better but what she said would cause me great harm for years.untell the Lord could reach me and tell me the truth about that day years before.but today a sweet lady said what she thought would help a little girl to weather the passing of someone dear to her.

she said through tears and the sound of grannys soft crying."Jesus took your grandpa home!"I looked around the room looking for him.but grandpa or Jesus werent there.I felt all eyes on me to see what I would do.I remember feeling I needed to be strong for granny even thow I didnt understand one tear ran down my face and I wiped it away and was just still.I dont remember much of that day.but the days that followed spoke of the fact Jesus was with us.

I remember the day he was buryed.and granny was up stairs with mary.I was dressed in a pretty dress and my hair was all fixed in rag curles.and I walked into the room.and as I did I found myself saying,"you ladys dont want to cry,grandpa is safe with Jesus and he is ok."my grandma was so shocked she just sat there.cause I was bashful and wouldnt speak much as a kid.granny took me in her arms and mary said "out of the mouths of Bab,s He shell lead us."then at the table with a full house I stood up to say the Lords prayer.and granny was so surprised.and she had right to be,cause if you knew me like she did. you would know when I stand up in front of alot of people my brain sets down!!!so the Lord spoke through me again.

a few days after grandpa,s body was layed to rest.granny and I were walking back from the old horse barn where the chickens were.and as we neared the old motal T ford grandpa drove. I stopped dead in my tracks.there was someone in it.I pointed and both our eyes were fixed on that looked like grandpa was there.and our hearts jumped for joy.but all to soon the sun shown in and old bill seen that we were coming and he jumped out to come and greet us.grandpas dog missed him to and had some how getten in the car to feel close to him.the night grandpa died the poor old dog had howled on the porch.Dad said he knew when it happened and howled this sad mornful cry.Dad said it almost made him cry for the lose the dog felt.

but we loved old bill and I said granny if it had been grandpa in that old car Id have locked him in it and never let him go again.tears came to grannys eyes as they are to mine now.and we walked to the house.
many years have passed since my beloved grandpa left for heaven,and many more years since my granny winged her way there,and only a very short time since my step father and my sweet mom left.but I feel as close to them as if they were in the next room.cause I know where they are and I will see them again soon.
time passes and the lose is healed and only the sweet memories of them remain to link up with their love.and we know they arent really gone cause their love is still in our heart.and when we think of them a ribbon of love tugs our hearts. and I beliveve also tugs theirs as well .to let them know we are thinking about them and them us!

the years as a child on the farm hold alot of wonderful memories.ones that held me and carryed me through the hard times ahead.some of the other memories were not as good and surely didnt do me any favers.but made me the stong person Iam today.not cause Iam so strong but it lead me to my strength {Jesus.}

If you enjoy my storys from the past .then tell me and Ill keep telling them now and then when my heart lets me.these storys bring tears of joy and hurt some to.its been a long time since my grandpa hugged me and my granny.and I do miss them.but if you enjoy them Ill keep telling them.not all of them are tear dont worry.

thanks for reading and let me know if you would like to hear more?I will write the story of my life one day Lord willing.but who knows when? so till then we will have to do it here.God bless.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

prayer for me tomorow I go to the dentist.

Im surely not looking forward to tomorow.I dont mind going its just I have to get my teeth cleaned and I dont care to.but I finely found a dentist that would take me.believe it or not they will not take people on bager care in my town.what good is it to have a card if you cant use it.I just thank the Lord He lead me to a dentist that would.I been looking for two years.and Ill be darned if I will drive one hour away to see a dentist when they have a million in this town.where has the heart gone in the medical field?use to be you called a doc or dentist and they took if you havent got big bucks they say sorry suffer.I know alot more people then me who have had to look and drive way away to get help.pray I can get my teeth fixed.I need some replaced.Have a nice day.

Gods promises.{and a little to think about.}

I fall asleep in peace the moment I lie down because you O Lord,enable me to live securely.
Psalm 4;8The Lord is the one I turn to when I know I cant change things.and I fall asleep cause the father knows what to do.

The Lord will give power to his people.The Lord will bless his people with peace.
Psalm 29;11knowing that God longs to bless you makes life alot easyer.

Let go of your concerns!Then you will know that Iam God.I rule the nations.I rule the earth.
Psalm 46;10If God is in contral why should I fear?

A child will be born for us.A son will be given to us.The government will rest on his shoulders.He will be named:Wonderful counselor,Mighty God,Everlasting Father,Prince of Peace.
Isaiah 9;6His name is Jesus and he is my best friend.He is what ever we need.and all we ever need!!

with Jesus you have everything,without Him you have nothing.
life with Jesus is heaven,life without Him is the pits.
but death without Him is Hell...

a Thomas Kinkade painting.

this painting by Thomas Kinkade reminds me of my home on the was shaped some thing like didnt have the gingerbread on the porch or the big window on the left .but it was shaped just like it.
to the right behind all the bushs there was a basement stairway.there was a steps that went down from the out side.Dad use to use it to drive his cars on to work under.there was cement sides and the steps down ,worked good to sit on as he worked.there was a wooden door at the bottom.and right inside it was the pump was a smaller room.almost like a long nearrow hall then a room.the pump was at the very back of the room to the left as you came had a sand floor.then there was another door way into a bigger room.this door way had a door to.

this room had a sand floor to.for years it was called the dirt celler.that is where all the veggies were stored for the long cold winters.there had been clean sand and the root crops where layed there to stay cool and fresh.they would put carrots and onions,sqaush ,punpkins,potatoes,cabbage,beets and what ever granny and mom didnt can or get time to do tell we could eat it.the room was used for that use for a long time.

it also was used to hang Dads hides he was drying.he hung them up on the celling to dry tell the time came to sell them to the guy who payed him for the pelts.there would be mink,beaver,muskrats,what ever they were paying for that year.Dad ran a trap line in the swamp on our land.he had traps set all the way through it .he would trap in the winter when the weather wasnt to bad.he would take his sled and walk the trap lines.I never liked the fact he killed animals for a living.but wasnt much I could do.I always felt sorry for the animals.I didnt like to go into the sand room cause Id see their pretty fir hanging and it made me feel bad.and I didnt care for the smell.there was always a funny smell.

the hides are cleaned of any meat and skraped.but still the drying causes a smell not unlike death.but not as bad as if it were let to lay in the Dad would wash them in something that would tan them.but dont remember what.

the next room was the wood stove room.we owned a big "old oak"wood was a massive thing.potbellyed and able to heat the big house with no problems at all.every room toasety warm.right to the you walked out of the sand room the big old oak sat there almost smiling at you.its big pot belly with its grates and door looked like a metal santa.I loved that old stove.the stove pipe went out of its left side and hooked into the chimney that went all the way up through the house to the roof.we had two in the kichen for the little wood stove.and the one in the livingroom for the old oak.there was holes in some of the upstairs rooms for places to put a stove pipe in and another wood stove if needed.but we had them with covers over them cause we never needed to use them.
I liked the covers they had cool pictures on had the picture of a pretty old time home stead.I had that one in my room for a while.I slepted in the brides room.people who stayed there who just got married would sleep in that room.guess you would call it the guest room now.

there where five rooms upstairs.a big stairway coming up and a big hall would turn left at the top of the stairs and go to the briddle was a lovely sunny south facing room with two windows to the south.and along the west wall close to the floor were smaller windows that let in light,but didnt open.they ran along the whole wall.I think there is five.
that room had a secretry in it.that is a dresser like that had rounded glass and shelves and a desk you pull out.I loved it and kept my drawings and journal and keepsakes inside.
the bed was high backed with designs on it,both foot and head.there was a old rocker covered with pretty clothe that sat by the windows.Id rock and look out side and day dreamed.
the wall the wood stove would have been on. was unuseal because it wasnt square it was rounded.there was no corner so it gave the room a femmine look.there were very old pictures on the was a cottage in the woods with flowers and rose arbors and lovely paths of was of three horses that had big scared eyes because to their backs you could see a storm coming,with lighting was a cool picture only I felt sorry for the poor horses for them being so scared.

the little room next to the briddle room was a big closet.there was one small window near the floor for light.but it did little to help cause that room was stocked floor to celling with you name it.over a 100 years of cast offs and treasures no one wanted sitting out but didnt want to through away.picture frames of long gone of lovely unknown places.odd and ends of shelves and things I dont even know what the heck they were.and couldnt see well enough to even guess.I use to hide in that room when kids would come.but no one would find one liked the room cause it was so dark.and just looking in it for a kid would scare didnt me of corse.cause I knew it was safe.but the other kids I would always win cause they couldnt or wouldnt find me.

the next room to it.was another guest room.smaller and plainer.not much in it but a bed and dresser and one window to the north.and two small near the floor for more light.the bed was old and not to ornate.and the dresser small and to this room was the loading room.another big closet tipe room Dad used for his reloading room.he louded his own bullets.and worked on his guns and had his black powder and shot gun shells and other things in and my brother were told to stay out of that room or we could get we stayed clear of it.besides it was locked most of the time.and when it wasnt Dad was in it.

next to that room was the entery to the other side of the house and my mom and Dads bedroom.the door to that room was always shut.cause my room was in the one next to theirs while I was little.moms room was big as the kichen down stairs under it.the room had two big windows one to the south and one to the north.on the picture of the house it is the room above the porch.the briddle room is the one to the left of the porch upstaires.the one next to the porch to the left was grannys bedroom.

my bedroom is small and near the small stairs to the window and the chimney for the down stairs wood stove.the hall is next to my room.and it had a small window.and a sewing michine sat in front of the Dad did leather work.and used the sewing michine.I think at one time it was used by a cobbler,or shoe maker.never did find out who it was.if you look on the picture you will see one window up above where the celler stairs is that is my bedroom.only there should be two room and the hall window.

the stair way was there to.and lead down the kichen.the kichen was big.had to be cause it had many doors in it.the stair door the pantry door as you came down the stairs to your left.and to the right the out side door to the north.and to the right of that door.the livingroom door.there was the sink between those two doors.then to the right of the livingroom door is the door to the basement.then to the right of that door the south door to the out side porch that you see on the picture above.the kichen also has alot of windows.two to the south and two to the north.but they closed one in when they put more shelves only one is left to the north.on the other side of the kichen is the door to a small bathroom that faces east.the only one in the house for had been a bedroom before.very small big window.

to the west was the livingroom and grannys bedroom off that.the livingroom is very big.and has two large windows to the north and two large ones to the west.and the chimeny for the woodstove and a huge garate in the floor for the heat to come up.I use to lay on it and day dream in the winter.grannys room is to the south of the livingroom.its a big room and sunny.with its two big windows to the south and two to the west.the other stair way to the briddle room is in her room.her room had a big spoll bed and it was so comfy.I use to sneek down at night across the dark house to sleep with her after grandpa passed away.cause I knew she didnt like to sleep alone.her room had all kinds of kneck nacks and cool stuff from my greartgrandmas,and aunts and uncles.and a big oval picture of my granny that I loved cause it was of her as a child.Ill put it here one day. well I said all this to say this.

the sand room is where Dad put the turtles.snapping turtles to be persice.and if you know anything about snapping stay as far away form them as you can.they are contankerous to say the lest.and the aint very cute or anything else for that matter!!!.

well this one year times were hard and Dad needed he hear about and new thing people were into.turtle soup and eating turtles. they have 7 kinds of teasting meat on them.they are good to eat.if you know how to clean them.granny made one by frying it once and let me tell you it was darn fine!!only at the time I didnt know it was snapper!!
well one thing we had alot of was swamp land , creeks and little streams on our land.
well unknown to me or my brother {or later Id find out my granny}. my Dad was trapping turtles and putting them in the sand if we had known I wouldnt have done what my father told me to.
one day he felt he should have some fun at my expence.and so he said smokie go down stairs and get me the axe from the pump room.
now I would have to go through the sand room to get to the pump being a good child I went down the stairs to the sand room and wondered why the door was shut.well I opened the door a crack and figured I should turn on the was so dark in there.

I couldnt figure why the other door was
shut out I kicked open the door so I could see to turn on the light and heard a kind of grawl.I looked down instead of reaching in for the light and there in the darkness were eyes and the uglest things I had seen.
I let out a scream and was up those stairs in record time to the sound of halereous Dad was almost rollong on the floor.trying to say did you see them big turtles down there.and where is my axe?I didnt stop to answer I ran to granny in her garden and told her Dad had monsters in the basement. she hadnt known about his last little endiver.she came in to the house and his name was screamed and his turtles were out by the next week.and never came back.

now my father could never figure why I didnt trust him.yah I wonder why!!!he did things all the time.he thought he was being funny and his friends thought it was funny, but not me.some things are funny but some arent.if I hadnt seen those snappers before I walked into that room I could have gotten hurt bad.they latch onto you and its hard to get them to let have to pry their mouth open.and some times you have to kill them to do it. but Dad thought it was funny to send his little girl down to get scared by snapping turtles.

well I have memories of good snapping turtle storys.I would be driving along and see a poor snapper going across the road.and Id stop and get him by the tail and get him off the he wouldnt get run over.I dont know how many I have saved in my life turtles and leather backs,and painted turtles to.I cant stand to come along and see one of them run over and smashed on the road.but the other turtles you can pick up by the shell.the snappers you stay away from their you pick them up by the tail fast and hold them out way way from you and put them down fast and get the heck out of there.cause they dont know your saving them.and they may not thank you if you get my drift?Ill share another story about a turtle later when I get time.

hope you enjoyed this memorie from my past.God bless you and thanks for reading.

all rights resevered for this story and all the others to do with my life.feb 12,2007 PLS.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

something to remember in times of grief and trouble

Come to me,all who are tired from carrying heavy loads,and I will give you rest.
Matthew 11;28
Jesus said to her,"I am the one who brings people back to life,and Iam life itself.Those who believe in me will live even if they die.Everyone who lives and believes in me will never die.Do you believe that?
John 11;25-26.
God is faithful and reliable.If we confess our sins to him,he forgives them and cleanses us from everthing we,ve done wrong.
1 John 1;9.

the ice is nice and thick,its time to go ice fishing

I promised a while back to tell you about the time I went ice fishing with uncle Arney and my father.I was about 5 or 6 and still lived on the farm.and I had wanted to go for a while but had been too young to go.mostly cause my Dad had said so.but for some reason this time I was able to go along.
I think it had to do with Arney, my Grannys brother,He was a sweetheart and liked me.
my father had little time for kids unless they were other peoples kids.then he would bend over back wards to be nice.
any way this time I was going to be able to go mom said she would make peanut butter sandwichs and hot chocolate,and make cookies to take with us.but she said I would have to stay by Arney and the fire so I wouldnt get lost or cold.and I was to stay away from the hole they cut in the ice.
and she said Id have to go to bed early cause they leave very early in the morning. to get to the place up north where they fish.
so I was a good girl and did as she said.
but the problem is child gets all exsited over something new,so I wasnt able to fall asleep fast.I lay there in my bed up under the eves of the house.and day dreamed of what it would be like to go fishing.

I layed there for a long time listoning to Dad and Arney talk downstairs at the table.they talked about what they would need to take so I would be warm.and so I would have things to keep me busy.and Arney said theyed need a big blanket to lay on the ice if I got sleepy.
it seemed to me Arney was the one who cared more about my comfort then my Dad did.cause Dad had all the fishing stuff figured out.while Arney had the things for me figured out.

some how I managed to fall asleep.and woke to my mom getting me up when it was still dark out.she said do you still want to go?I was tired but I could hear Arney down stairs say" come on little girl its time to go fishen."I was up and ready before all the stuff was in the car.
mom got the food ready and the hot chocolate in the thermus.and she got some things for me to play with if by chance I would get bored.I dont even remember what it was cause I didnt have to play with it.

we were all loaded in to the car and off we went.the drive was long so I tired to stay awake to see the pretty senery.but I fell asleep listoning to Dad and Arney talk about what place they could go .where there would be a wind break,and what to use on the hooks.
I remember waking up when Dad said come on we are here.

every thing was unpacked from the car and we headed out on the ice.Dad went ahead with a long pole he used for testing the ice for weak spots.Arney carryed the other stuff for me.they would get things settled and go back for the rest later.after they got the hole cut.
they got all my stuff piled near where they were going to fish.

Dad shoveled the snow off the ice in the spot he was going to cut the hole.he placed the snow in a semie circle around me.and made it high enough to lean against and to break any wind that may come from the south.we faced north where a little woods was along the bank.we were in a litttle cove and pertected on three the woods to the north and west,and the bank Dad put around the back of me.
then he begain to cut the hole.he told me to not look at it cause the ice mit hit I covered my face so I wouldnt be hit but still watched.for the life of me I cant remember what he used to cut the that time they didnt have all the ogers and stuff they have now.I think he just used the heavey steel pole he had to smash away tell he was through.I remember it had a sharp end on he most have done it that way.

Arney busyed himself getting wood and getting a good fire started near me.I remember going and helping him get wood.we walked to the little stand of woods to thhe west of us and picked up dry limbs and little branchs.
when we came back Dad was done with the hole and had a little fishing pole in the water in the hole.and was staring to make a new hole when Arney took over.Dad said are you hungery?I said I could wait.we settled on a cookie as we sat by the fire.

we didnt say much other then we talked about how pretty it was where we were.the sun had been up for a while and the sky was coming alive with pretty pinks and purples on the few clouds that were in the eastern sky.the sun shown on the new snow we had from a few days before.and it looked like diamands were thrown all over the top of the snow. I remember going over to make sure it wasnt real diamonds .Dad and Arney laught.
Arney had his hole done and his pole in the ice hole.and we settled down and were guiet.Dad said now we need to be guiet so the fish wont get scared away.I remember asking Dad if they had ears?he and Arney laught again.and he said yes they had something like ears only not like ours.
we all settled around the fire and leaned on the little snowbank Dad had put there.the blankets had been put on top of a old pice of canvas.and would stay dry.the food was in a little sack inside Dads back pack he used for trapping.he had a trap line he ran all winter.
he would trap beaver and muskrats,and other things and sell the hides.that is untill the DNR screwed him out of his right to use the land.
I remember him cleaning the hides in our basement and hanging them to dry in the sand room.I also remember him having snappers {snaping turdles}in that sand room but Ill leave that for another time.

I sat between Areny and Dad as they talked.the fire was warm and no wind hit the little pertected space we had.I lay back my head and fell sleep.when I woke up the guys were pulling a good sized fish out of the hole.and Dad put him in a bag on top of the ice.the baged move for a while and then stopped.
Arney had a fish by him to.they put something on the hooks and were soon back resting on the ice again by me.
Dad said its getten unto lunch are you ready to eat.I had slept for a while and was very hungery.Dad got the frying pan out and popped the peanut butter sandwichs on the pan and heated them up.he gave me some hot chocolate and the sandwich.and nothing teasted so good as that.the peanut butter was warm and melted in you mouth.the crispness of the bread made it chrunchy.and the hot chocolate washed it down .we eat the sandwichs and had cookies ,and buns with cheese for if we got hungery for later.{dont think we even eat them.we were so full from the other stuff}

another fish got on someones line and another and another.the day seemed to go by way to fast.but the memoie would last me for years.soon the sun was getting ready to go down in a few hours and the wind from the north was picking up and the leafless trees werent much help to stop it.the emebers form the fire blew over on us .and Dad said its time to get going .get your stuff I picked up the little bag mom had gaven me with my toys.but I hadnt even looked inside cause I had too much to watch and hadnt become bored at all.the guys picked their stuff up and we headed to the car.Dad got the car started and then went back to put the fire out.
Arney got me in the car and gave me a cookie.and soon Dad was back with his steel pole and the bag of fish..

I remember thinking wish we could have stayed for just a little while long.but we were running out of Dad headed the car towards home.I was awake and watching the pretty senery.the pine trees and the woods along the road.the little creeks and streams we went over.the small towns we went though.the cars we pasted and those that pasted us.I watched guietly and listoned to the guys talk.but pretty soon it was dark and I most have fallen asleep.cause we were home when I woke up.and Granny and mom were fixing supper.and asking if I had fun and if I was good?Arney said he didnt know I was along I was so good.
He told about me helping him get wood while Dad was making the ice hole.he said I was so hungery I almost eat all the fryed peanut butter sandwichs. everyone laught.I remember someone asking how many fish they had but dont remmeber how many.
but I know there were alot cause it took both Dad and Arney a long time to clean them.

we eat supper and all settled in for the had milked the cows while Dad was gone, as she had to alot of we just rested the rest of the night.

I went ice fishing one time a long time a ice fishing shanty out on a big lake.but it wasnt as fun as the day I went with Arney and Dad up north and sat out on the ice and eat fryed peanut butter sandwichs and drank hot chocolate.

the ice shanty had no windows and the inside was dark and cold.the ice hole was easy to see down and watch the fish swim by.but it wasnt fun without being able to see the sky and feel the cold air on your cheeks.or breath in the smell of a camp fire.I just thought I surely wouldnt go to all the work to come out here and fish in this dungen.but alot of people do.

but then there are those who have shantys that are better then the apartment I live in. I watched a show on them and thought now thats the way to go.some have TV stoves to heat it and cook,and beds and decks. and you would not believe all the stuff or the price they pay for these places. some people live in them all back and forth to work from them.its amazing.they have little villages on the ice.little towns it seems in other places.they had a movie called grumpy old men that showed you what its like.I love both the movies.if you ahven seen them your missing it.{Grumpy old men,and Grumpyer old men 2.}check it out.I think the ice fishing one maybe in the second one.

well hope you enjoyed my ice fishing tail from years gone by.and if your ice fishers be careful for thin ice it can bring a good day to a end fast.and also bring life to a end also.thin ice is not heed the warnings!!God bless and happy fishing.say try some fryed peanut butter sandwichs for me.they are yummy.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

something to think about.

Mark 8;36
What does it profit a man or woman, to gain the whole world and lose his or her own soul?

Anna Nicole Smith 1967-2007

Dead at 39 years old.the last few months of her life were filled with heart break.her sons death seemed to end the joy of the fact she had just given birth to her baby girl.just as it seemed she was finely getting back on her feet.and maybe found love or at lest something close.she ends like this.pray for the family.her little girl now without a mommy to love her.and a hearing pending that she has two so called fathers.poor little girl.pray for the man who stuck by her through it all.I dont know if he was her hubby or not.but he has been there for her all this can be hard without someone who will stick by you.Anna is no longer suffering .but the ones left behind are.pray for them.

Anna will be remembered as a lovely woman.but also for some very bad mistakes in judgement.but we cant judge her.I didnt know her heart.only God does.I pray as time was running out she called out to a loving father and He recieved her.

she has had a life filled with ups downs and everything inbtween.but the fact is she is still a person and christ died for her to.I dont know what her relationship was with seems it wasnt close by some of her actions ,and the way she lived her life. but Im not here to judge. I just wanted to say.her money and fame couldnt keep her from pays to be ready.none of us know when our time will come.but we can know we are ready! when you see people like her. and know that all the smiles and fonyness is hiding some pain.then pray for them.she was a very unhappy young woman.she has been exploited by people all her life.if she had been happy she would not have had to take drugs to get by.

being in the buisness she was in is degrading to say the lest.people dont want you cause of you.they use you for their own desire.yes she let herself be used but why we dont know.people do things for diffrent reasons.make dumb mistakes they wish they hadnt.but the Lord still loves them.and He died for them can only hope that they were ready when it was their time to leave.

I always thought she was a beautiful woman and wondered what plan the Lord had had for her life.if He could have reached her and showed her.what could have He done with her life?

there have been so many people who had lives that could have been so much more.but were gone before we know it.its sad that we will never know.
all we see was the painted face the fake smile the drugs efects.the fancy clothes.the big homes and the fame and glits and glitter.but we dont see the pain and lonelyness.the feelings of "is this all there is!!!"that everyone with money and fame asks sooner or this all I get for giving up so much of me for?is there no reward for what I have worked for but this emptyness?I have seen them come from all walks of life.sports,acting,singers,news reporters,rock stars,goverment workers,TV stars,and just plan people form every walk of life.they all sooner or later ask "is this all there is?

Some have tryed to end it all because the pain is so much they cant stand it.they have it all but have nothing!!!they have tryed it all but still find life empty and meaningless.then the Lord in His mercy can finely reach through the junk and say "you cant enjoy this all without me".all the stuff wont do it.all the fame wont do will only be happy when you are back where you were ment to Gods family.

and one by one as they see the truth they ask the Lord for His help.and then life becomes clear and worth living again.I pray all the ones who are looking for the lord will find Him .

pray for the family of Anna Nicole Smith.and remember she is a person that Jesus died for to.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

blue glass and Grannys lily

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I need a break!!!

I just need a break!!!I been blogging and trying to keep up with answering and commenting on others blogs,and I feel like my eyes are going to pop out of my flippen Ill see you tomorow.

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