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I'm a follower of Jesus...I Love the Lord!Iam a artist,love to write,I have two grown daughters,4 grand childern.I enjoy traveling.this is my blog and I say what I think.if you dont agree thats dont have to read it.sometimes I deal with so much crap,I feel like a farmer.check out my new blog "willow in the mist."

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Doris passed away last night and is in heaven with Jesus.we will miss her, she was a sweet heart.pray for her family they need your prayers now.the rose comes and blooms for only a little enjoy the beauty and the fragance ligers as a warm memorie to hold tell the time to see the rose again.hold this rose safe Lord tell we see her again. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 21, 2006

get me to the cross and I can find my way home.have a blessed and safe day thanks for reading and visiting my blog.hope you enjoy the pic,s and our addventures this fall.happy harvest time. Posted by Picasa

I would love to live on a lsland up north.there is a place we go that there are alot of little lsands with cabins on.its in a lpace that doesn,t flood.and it would be nice.this little lsland is too small to live on but I thought it was pretty with its fall colors. Posted by Picasa

hubby and I stayed in most to yesterday and desided later to go get some food and take a ride down by the river.we stopped and got some double chesse burgers and mickie D,s and some frys and hubbys strawberry shake and away we went.when we drove in to our spot the gesse were over to the left in a little cove.we could barely see them.but to or right the ducks were in the bay playing and eating off the bottom,so we got when ducks moon you its cute.they have cute little bottoms.but every one else can keep their butts covered if you get my drift.any way we sat and just enjoyed the nice evening.there was no wind and we could sit with the windows open.the sky was so pretty with glory rays streaming down from the clouds.them as we watched I could see something coming in the was moving fast and it wasn,t very it got closer I could see it was what I thought was a coot.but the closer it got the more I could see it wasn,t cause it wasn,t looked like a small duck but it wasn,t that hubby is trying to look it up in our bird book.the little guy was all alone and I felt sorry for him if he did,t have a mate.but way out in the river I seen another wake and here came one more.they came close to each other and moved off down river.the air was so nice last bugs cause the frost killed the nasty skeeters off.thank you Jesus for frost.there wasn,t anyone else down there so we had the place all to our was a peaceful time.a little wood picker was busy on a tree next to us.he was a small one.he was busy getting bugs.and there most have been a lot in that tree cause he was in it all the while we were there.the river was just Like a mirror it was sooo smooth.I love the reflections on the surface when its like boat came thought with a family in it.they looked like they had been fishing.I enved them and their boat.i love to go out on boats but its been years sence I been able to.Id love to have one of those canoes with one of those silent moters.Id love to go up river and see how many wild life we could sneak up on.Lord willing some day.oh hubby found the name of the little bird.he is a [pied-billed grebe] with his winter plumage.the gesse flew over and sang for us as they went by.they are doing their flying exersises for when they leave.the young ones need to build up their flying muscles for the trip.some canadian gesse range from alaska baffin lsland south to california,northern mexico and gulf coast.their fly way is over us..witch is odd cause we aren,t even guess we are special.cause we live close to where thusands of swans come every year to.and that is something to time my mom took me for my birthday to see them.they were was a day I will never was after I was finely feeling better after cancer and was getting my strangth back.the swans were a blessing for me.they were coming and landingon the pond by the hunderds.the sky was sunny and the clouds were lovely that day.and wouldn,t you know it NO DARN CAMERA!!!oh well at lest I was there and have the mental pic,s stored away in my mind. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 19, 2006

more colors to share from our addventures.the reds in the sumac is always a sure thing for a pretty pic. Posted by Picasa

beauty along the road.I love birch trees,the white ones are so pretty in the woods.I take pic,s alot of them.I love to draw things on the bark.making things with the back is fun to. Posted by Picasa

I have a good Idia from a friend in the holy land.a list of blessings. { I love to walk in the forest in the fall.the leaves crush under our feet and the smell is like a fine perfume.the air is so fresh and the woodie aroma is coca with some one you love,as we cuddle by the fire.a big chocotale bar to share with your sweetie.a big blowl of home made soup on a winter day with a big slice of home made bread and a large glass of milk.hearing your grandkids say I love you NaNa and I missed you.and getting a big hug.laying in bed at night and lestening to the thunder in the distance and watching the spider ligthing race across the sky.hearing the rain drops on the roof,and smelling the fresh rain washed air drift in the window on the night breeze.taking a ride out in the country and sitting by the lake or river and having a picnic lunch.watching the eagles fly when we see them.there are so many things to be thankful we drove by the river and just sat and watched the geese swim around by a sand was so peaceful.}have a good day all and God bless you. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

my desire is to live by the river or lake where it doesn,t flood in a log home big enough for visiters.that has been my dream and longing for as far back as I can remember.but I need the Lords help there or it will never happen.this apartment just isn,t doing it for me.Its too darn small for two and bearlly big enough for one!!!! Posted by Picasa

hubby and I want to get a RV or camper so we can go away on the costs so much to go to would be nice to just have something to hitch to the back of something and go.we found this camp site on an addventure.just on the other side of the trees is the water.I use to go all the time to cabins or just go to a motel or some place to get away and get refreshed but its been a while sence I could go for a long time and stay.with two of us now its harder to do.takes more money and food.I went up to my mom,s little camper about 11 years ago and just stayed for a week.I only had very little money and took only a little food.dryed soup mix and lunch meat and oreo cookies for snack.I went out to eat only once and once more when my mom and our friend came up to see me.this trip was a God send.I seen geese and deer.and a bear visited me late one night and sniffed though the open camper window,it woke me out of a sound sleep and made me deside to shut the window alittle more!!! it was a time alone with the Lord.I spent alot of time asking the Lord for wisdom and found out alot of things in the word.every day was a blessing.early one morning I heard the canadian geese and I ran out to see a V of them fly over the camp early morning a little red squirrel woke me up.he desided it was soooo much fun to climb up the tree next to the camper and just down and hear the loud sound it he did it three times.well I desided I didn,t like the loud sound,so I waited tell he came up on the camper and I hit the camper as hard as I could.and he did one of those running in 10 directions at once before he lite out across the woods at a high rit of speed never to be heard form again.I lay there and Laughed to my self.then I felt bad cause I thought what if he was a old squirrel and he had a heart attack?I felt sorry all day.but he did try it once more the next day,and I wasn,t sorry when I scared him off again.4;oo in the morning is too early for the early evening a quail would come along the camper and look in the window to see if I was watching for her.she wasn,t at all afraid. she would eat the bugs and scratch the leaves and eat what she found.she came every night but the last night,but I may have missed her cause I had taken a ride and came back late.I sat along the lake and drew pic,s of the place ,s I sat in my journal.and I just enjoyed my self sooo much.wish I could do that again some,s camper isn,t much good any more so can,t do that.and we are trying to sell the land its on.its not by the water and althow its pretty there its not the same without mom and Dad to go there with we would like to get some land by the lake or river some place.Lord willing that will come to pass some day soon while we can all enjoy it yet.when Dad was still here we all would go up there.but when he went home to be with Jesus we all lost the feel to go up ther much.we never went all together after that.but my last trip up there will stay with me was only a short time before I got cancer.and the memories of that time got me through to be able to travel again when the Lord healed me.then He sent hubby along and we traveled all over for a while.tell the mess with his mind started.and money got we wait on the Lord cause He promised we would travel again.well I could use it.hope this story of my trip in the fall to the little hen {that is what I call mom,s little camper} fills you with the wonder of being able to get away and get refreshed.hope you take the time to enjoy some thing you don,t normally will give you a new out look.God bless you all and pray the Lord will give me and hubby a way to get away for a few days.we both need a refreshing and time alone with the Lord. Posted by Picasa

I wish I was camping or at lest some place in a cabin up north.I need a vacation like you wouldn,t card on my camera is shot so tell I get a new one I can,t take any new pic, I will use what I have for a while. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 16, 2006

hi girls we miss you and love you.this was a very good day.we all had a good time together.the best things in life are you two very much. Posted by Picasa

we miss you to you. Posted by Picasa

hey kruze if your out there we miss ya.em and sarbear you all. Posted by Picasa

when we were out to the orchard,we saw these sheep along the can just see the one peeking over the top of the fence in the middle of the pic.he sure was looking at was so pretty in back of the pen.they looked content and happy in their little pasture.its like us as followers of Jesus if we trust our shepherd we can live in peace and be happy under his care.after the church service we desided to go see the family.I called on my cell phone to see if they were we went out there and they were playing the game of was funny to listen to them playing the game.Anna invited us to stay for supper so instead of gong home and eating the tuna salad I had made we stayed to share their was good.she is a very good cook.both my girls are.anyway we had a good visit.the two grandsons played chess with grandpa.and TJ played cards with me.I didn,t know how so my sweet son in law played it for me to show me how and smoked TJ,s was a peaceful enjoyable time with them.thanks guys for the nice time.wish we could do it more you all very much.  Posted by Picasa

its been a lazy day today.its cloudy and rainy and cold sweetie and I just desided to stay in.I guess all week it will be not so nice.we don,t need rain now cause the farmers are getting their harvest and most need to be dry.this rain is good for the other things thow so let it come.sweetie is making his chicken quesadillas for supper.he makes the best.we take turns cooking.and he helps with things to like dishes now and then.and he takes out the trash without having to tell him 900 times.he comes and sits by me on my recliner and we cuddle.we went to the new church yesterday,it was like going home after a long time away.but I have never been there before.see I have been to other churchs but never felt I belonged before.they eather looked down their noses or didn,t like how I dressed or they were just weird.this was the answer to paryers.I have been to over 5 churches.and I finely said Lord I need help here to find a place I feel like I can trust.and so for years I just let the Lord teach me.and he has been faithful.for a long time he just lead me all by himself.yesterday I left the church feeling a peace I haven,t felt in a church for a long time.the Lord had promised to help me find a church home.well I thank we have found it. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 12, 2006

thank you Lord for your artist hand painting the colors of fall. Posted by Picasa

here is a pic of a barn for my son in law if he is reading my blog here kruze is one for doesn,t have signs on it but it was a pretty place. Posted by Picasa

the leaves were flying I feel sorry to see them go.I always like to pray they will last.but soon they will be gone.enjoy them while you can. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

flowers and pumpkins at one of the orchards. Posted by Picasa

Happy harvest time.the bounty of Gods blessings be upon you.this is a pic hubby and I found on a fall color addventure.ain,t the little scare cow cute?I do not celebrate the devils day which is halloween!! I use to cause I was taken in by the lie to.but I found out the truth about it.and I desided if its the devils day way on earth would I as a christain have any thing to do with it?so I rejoice in the bounty of the harvest.because only God gives us our blessing.he sends the rain to water thethe fields and the veggies,flowers,that bless us so.He sends the cool weather to bring on the fall colors and keep the farmers cool as they bring in the harest to feed the Its Gods month not the devils!!he don,t have nothing cause he is a I give all the glory of the fall and the harvest to GOD AND GOD ALONE!!! HAPPY HARVEST TIME TO ALL GIVE GOD THE GLORY AND THE PRAISE FOR THIS TIME OF YEAR. AND TELL OLD SLEW FOOT TO TAKE A HIKE!!!!!.better known as the devil.why give someone who made so much pain and problems here on earth any thing?  Posted by Picasa

have you ever liked to climb tree,s?well when I was a kid on the farm I had a wasn,t much of one but I made it with some of my friends.and we weren,t much for carpenters if you get my drift.we use to climb up and sit there and feel like the most blessed.the tree was a big old maple tree my grandpa had planted years before.and it was my own place to go when I needed to be able to think of things.many times the problems I had would disapair when I just climbed up and sat down.its big old branches would cuddle me . and no one could see me way up there under its canopy.I would hear the little birds who called the big old tree home.they didn,t even know I was I could just enjoy them and their home with out scaring them.I would dream in that tree.I wanted to write a book some day that would touch others lives.I had this dream for as long as I can remember.I know its a dream the Lord gave me.cause even though I got out of school and could bearly read second garde.the Lord saved me at 19 and He helped me learn to read.I was sitting in a old rocker in my little home with this big bible in my lap and I was crying cause I couldn,t read it.I cryed out to the Lord and said"Lord how will I learn about you if I can,t read?the Lord said just start and I will do the rest.that was 37 years ago september.and you see my spelling and my writing are much better.oh I aint perfect yet but praise the Lord now Iam second year may be even better cause its been about 15 years since they tested me.and two books sit in my cupboard.the Lord had me write them but don,t know what He wants me to do with them yet.but guess they are His books so He can do with them as he person was let to read them and they helped guess they are for others.any way the big old tree helped me dream the Lords dreams for my life.this tree would have been a good one to be in my would have been so cool.but Iam glad for the tree I did hope you have a place to go to have your dreams and you can be alone to enjoy the beauty of the things the Lord put here to bless go enjoy the blessings and have a good day. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

do you ever feel you need to just fly you wish you could do something but don,t know how to do it and you just keep making mistakes and don,t know how to do the right thing?do you ever want to help and it seems you make the mistake of making it worse.well I do alot.but there isn,t much you can do but pray.and I have had to be the bad A-- in the problem and speak the truth and then I get hated.and you know it aint fun.but if it gets peoples heads out of their back sides its ok.even Jesus had to try to reach people.but they hated him to.if you see things on this blog you don,t understand don,t feel bad I don,t always understand it my self.but life is short and you do the best you know how with the Lords help.sometimes you have to give people over to their own chooses.and let the Lord open their eyes.some times its people you care alot about.but we have to just let them learn the hard do the best to pertect them when they are little and try to teach them to do what is right.but when it comes right down to it they have to live life the way they want.they eather make the right chooses or they mess up.well there is a saying."you are not responsible for the pain of those who do not take your advise."and that has helped me alot in the years since I heard it.I need to learn to let people face their own mistakes.and learn by themselves.but when its someone in your own family its still want to wake them up.but a sleeping fool see,s nothing tell he wakes up and then he may not see pray and you do what you can but the truth is they still have to pay the piper.I let my anger and my heart get in the way of wisdom.and now its going to take the Lord to work it out.but some times you are better if you aren,t stuck seeing the mess go on.some times the Lord free,s you from the pain of being too close to the mess.well guess its time to distance from the says in the word if some one has done wrong you are to go to the person and tell them.if they still don,t listen then you take someone else along to speak to them.and if they don,t listen then you take someone from the church and talk to them again then if they still don,t listen it says treat them like a tax collector or that is pretty clear.they didn,t like tax collectors or you do as your told and let the rest to the Lord.all I know is I wish I had wings to fly away to a place where there is no more pain and no more foolish people who do dumb things and hurt others like the school killers and the sicko,s who hurt kids and the other junk in this world.but we live in a imperfect world so guess the hope of heaven is all I have till I can get there.sorry so deep and not joyful but truth is what I promised.pray for me and hubby cause we are having some real problems.can,t explain now cause don,t even know how to explain.all I can say is we have a unwanted visiter in our home and we need it gone.God bless you all and I pray the Lord for wisdom for you and his guidance and his peace in your life and homes.and the answers to all your needs according to Gods riches in glory in christ Jesus. Posted by Picasa

here is one more of the bubbys pic,s.the lighting was bad so it doesn,t look as good as it does up close . Posted by Picasa

on our trip to the in laws we were blessed with the moon just before sun was so pretty but the pic just doesn,t do it justice. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Em and sarbears new kittys.can,t remember their names.but aren,t they cute?they weren,t scared of us when we sat on the porch and talked to the girls.we when to visit the family on wednesday and stayed over.nice to see them and be able to see the fall colors.the girls were busy with their school work.and we had fun just being with them.winter will be coming soon so I wanted to go and visit before the snow flys.thanks kruze and girls for the nice time.we would like to come you all.we tired to see Luzy to but she was busy.maybe some other time she will find the time.kruze lit the wood stove and it was so comfy.almost fell asleep sitting there. Posted by Picasa