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Thursday, September 27, 2007

number three,go to number one and it will all line up.

If you look real close you can see the gulls just flying for joy.

What a lovely day to be alive.the sun was hitting the eastern shore.
and all the things the Lord sent to bless me.could it get any better.. ???

Yes it can!!!!then off in the distance I heard the sound I love to hear.canadain honkers on their way south.
I ran out with my camera to see if I could get a picture.but they were so high up this is all I got.but I thanked the Lord any way.cause he knows I love to hear them.and its just not fall with out hearing and seeing them.
I thought "id love if they came down here to spend the night"
but didnt say it out laud..

then two who were left way behind went over I got them alittle I thanked the Lord again for the blessing of seeing them that close.
and I went back into make supper.I was busy for a while and had been in the kitchen side of the cabin.
and hadnt really payed much attention to what was going on.all at once I heard geese up close and personal.I ran,or shell i say woddled to the door to see what was going on.

and my Daddy sent them right to my door.they were every where,on the water in the yard on the docks and all around.they were calling and was awesome.I almost cryed !!he sent them and I didnt even ask.I had only thought it.
"I hear you before you even ask,and answer your prayer."
I was blessed tell I couldnt be blessed no more.
they stayed out by the dock for most of the night.the few on the yard stayed over tell the next day and left early in the morning.
the ones in the bay left when a mean boater came and scared them away.
some people are afraid of birds now because of bird they hate all birds.well you cant get it if they are just passing through.and besides that if the Lord sends them to bless you he sure aint going to send some that are sick!!!
but people who dont believe in him fear every thing they dont understand.
God sent these to bless me,and I thanked him for the blessing and for loving me so much as to send them even when I didnt think to ask...
When he wants to bless his kids he out does himself.and when you thank him for even the littlest of things. he is just like any good father, he does more cause he knows you know it was him...
if I were to tell all the things he has sent to bless me I would have shelves full of book,s so I can only share so much.lets just say he loves to bless.
I wish I could make you see how much he means to me.and be able to give you the relationship we have, so you could feel the love as well.but that you will have to do for your self with his help.
there is no better person to have as your best friend or father then the Lord...
and even if no one believes I hear him or that he talks to me and sends these things to bless me.its ok cause I know the truth.and no one can take that away from me.
and to those who would say why do you hear God and I dont?
I say do you talk to him?
and do you believe he is who he says he is?
and above all do you listen? and do you belong to him?
casue all I did was ask him into my heart and for him to forgive my sin,s..the rest came after I did that...
but you know he had been trying to talk to me all my life.I just didnt know it was him at the time.

God bless you all and hope this trip sharing has blessed much as my sharing it with you has for me.
the time up in the north woods was a time of refreshing for me.a time to let God fill my tank and help me dump the past and move on.
I do have a future and it may not be what I thought,but it will be what the Lord makes it.I may not have some one to spend my life with,like a hubby.but I have much better,I have Jesus to walk by my side.
can a woman ask for anything better.

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number two.

Peeping tom alert...
I woke up to a lovely morning.had fixed myself some hot coco and was sitting watching the lake.when all at once I heard a sound.I looked around and didnt know where it was coming was a picking sound or scratching sound.
now I was hopeing it isnt mice! althow I like the little guys ,having themi n the house is no joy.
well just as I was about to get up and check it out.I seen movement and there was the little bugger.
he sat there with his beddy little eye looking at me.
I said boy you have guts to be peeping at a lady with her night clothes on.
he just kept staring as if he didnt care that I saw him.I said whats the matter,never seen a fat lady in this window before?
he just continued to stare.I said ok if your that beauty starved enjoy your self!!!!
he sat for a long time and just watched me.even if I moved he stayed..
soon he got his eyes full and left.
so dont think peeping tom,s wont show up in th you see they do.and they are even bolder then city ones!!!!but aint he the cutest thing you ever saw???
I know the Lord sent him to bless me and brighten my did just that..
if you push on the picture it will inlarge ad you can see him better.
he is a little chic a dee,right on the pine tree.

I took a ride to check out the colors.and they were getting so pretty.I drove down the high way for a while tell I seen this flash of color.

so lovely was the day I felt some how renewed and alive.
the problems of the past went and I was starting over anew.
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number one.

All alone.But not alone.
the kids left on monday and here I was alone.a sadness over took me and I was lonely for the frist time in a long time.for some reason I felt very alone.I was in a strange place far from home.the weather was not good to say the lest.
the rain was coming down like cats and dogs .and I was wondering what I could do to keep busy.and get rid of this nagging feeling of lose or lonelyness,sadness,just couldnt put my finger on the emotion.
and right in the middle of the guiet in the room,came a friendly voice.
your never alone my child."
and this feeling of a blanket of love covered me and I felt like all was well.I looked out the window and there sat three men in a boat.I hadnt even known they were there before.

for some reason seeing them there in that rain storm comforted me.and knowing the Lord was right here with me in the cabin,in fact in my heart.only 18 inches below my head.
I sat and said ok Lord what can we talk about today?its raining so hard I can heardly see those poor guys.and I havent the guts to go out to go anywhere,so what do we do?
I got my field glasses out and looked at those poor was three men,no ladys I know would sit in pouring rain and fish.
they looked content to be fishing when ya couldnt even see your hand in front of your face, the rain was coming so fast.
thank God they had rain coats on.I watched them for a long time.I wondered who they were.and if they would be so faithful to do some thing for the Lord?
I wondered if they were in need of money and they were trying to win the fish o roma money.
but soon they moved on and all I could see was rained for a good part of the day.and I read in my bible and just spent time with the Lord.
and at one point he said some thing.
(you all know I been thinking its time to move out of this small apartment and into a bigger place in the country.)
well I been asking the Lord to help me know if I should, or stay here.
and if I did move would I find a bettter place then here.its easy to pay for this place and all is taken care of snow removal,lawn and every I was just asking for help to know what to do.
and the Lord said "this cabin and the trip were to give you faith to believe site unseen I can find a place that works for you."
and as he said it my faith that he would guide me into what to do,came flooding in.
it would all fit together just like the trip did.
no problems no worry just do as he said and all fit like a comfortable clove.
so I looked up and the rain had stopped alittle.and here were some little coots right out in front of the cabin.I love to see the little ones.
they are so cute.they were bobing up and down in the rough water,and they reminded me.
God cares for the wild life and meets their needs.why wouldnt he lead me to safe harbor.he had always found me homes before.great places to live.wonderful places,always better then the why would this time be any diffrent?
the coots were busy feeding.once in a while one would disapair into the water and come up some place else.I sat and watched them for a long time.they werent at all afraid of the future.they knew God would provide for them.and if it didnt come it was their time to go ,before they couldnt take care of their selves any more.that is how I want to go.long before I am not able to care for myself.

I looked out again after doing a few cleaning tasks,and the storm had moved on and the sun was was going to be a lovely night.I thanked the Lord for the lovely evening.and the much needed rain for this lovely place.
also I thanked him for the insite to know all was well and he would provide.and all would fit as well as all the rest he did in my life.
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

number four,,go to number one and read first.

TJ relaxing after our ride to see the fall colors.he was laughing over some dumb thing I had said.
we had a great day together.
the kids came back later and Anna and I made supper.cant remember what.
it was some good eating we did up north.we had a roast she made one night.she put onion soup and a can of coke in it.and put it in the slow cooker.with carrots,and potatoes and onions.yummy yum yum!!!!O my Lord was it good.the gravy was out of this world.
next day I helped and we made shepperds pie out of left overs.with besket,s on top.yummy...
then one night it was that fryed chicken....
we sure didnt starve up there.
I had to take Jake over to get his ice cream so he would forgive me for making him go instead of staying with TJ and I..
he eat it in front of I felt he felt he had been blessed.I need to have him come over and stay alone one of these weekend,s.

All and all it was a nice time with them.they went home the next day late and then I was alone.
Ill write more of my trip maybe tomorow.
it will be of the 18th through the 23rd.
hope your enjoying the pictures and not getting to bored with vacation pictures.
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number three,fall colors..

This was one of the day TJ and I went for a ride.
His mom , Dad and Jake went back to do some work so they could stay one more day..I promised Jake if he helped Id get him DQ ice cream when he got was TJ,s turn to stay with me.
this tree was so pretty all decked out in her fall was by the enterence to the park.
This is a picture peeking through her branches at the little cove.
TJ and I had a nice time as we drove around.we stopped and checked out the park to see if it was a nice place to if they wanted to come up fishing they would have a place to bring their camper.its a lovely place.

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number two the pumpkin tower.

Pumpkins pumpkins every where but no pie,s in site.

this is the pumpkins tower..
as Anna and I drove along we seen this cool farm all decked out in fall festivity.we pulled in and I took some pictures.I sure wouldnt have wanted to be the one who put those big pumpkin,s up there...if you look you can see the big pumpkin on the left smiling.

they had some good sized pumpkin,s.

Anna and I headed over by the park and the ducks and geese where there having lunch.
one goose is a farm goose who may have followed the ducks or geese.cause he is with them and seems to think he is one of them.he is a big boy.wonder if he can even fly.hope he finds his way home cause other wise he will get real lonely and cold this winter.
you can see him with his head down on the left.
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number one, more trip sharing.

Big foot and little bear siteing in the north wood,s..
yes teddy headed right to me when he came running in the I had to do a bigfoot siteing.remember I said Id do them now and then.he sure love to sit by me when I am with him.I guess it maybe cause he misses my mom.he love to sit with her to.the kids use to say he was babysitting her.she would laugh and say teddy loved her,and he did.she use to sneak him food when no one saw.
dont tell anyone but I do to.he is so dang cute how could I refuse?

Anna came back from the store with these pretty flowers as a gift and thank you for me invieting them to come and stay those few days.these flowers blessed me with lovelyness even after the kids went home.she gave me the little candle to.she is a sweet warm hearted you Anna.thank you.I enjoyed havng you guys with was lonesome when you left.

Little green tree frog,s are so cute.TJ found this one by the boat parking lot near the cabin.he jumped off TJ,s hand into the jeep.and TJ had to find him.he was between the seats.he called him cermit.

the kids took out the boat and this was when they were coming back in.just before they were getting ready to go home.
when the guys were out fishing one of the days Anna and I ran up to one of the little towns north of there.
they have some very nice stores and we like to shop town has a place called the crossroads cafe.its got the best darn hot beef,s Anna wanted to take me out to eat.I hadnt been there for a very long friend Doris and I would come there every time we came up north.and Id get the hot beef.yummmmy.O them baby,s are the best.I try to make them but just don,t teaste the same..
Anna had their patty melt..they are great to..
when we went to the store I picked up some journals small and large and mid.they are so nice and only cost me 1.39 large.129 mid,and 99 for needless to say I stocked up on them.
I do a lot of writing in the winter so this will save me a lot of money.
they have pen,s I like , 3 for a I stocked up on them .
we also found a little store with some cool stuff, in the town where the hot beef,s were.
the store had some rainbow clog,s in the window.they are so comfortable, I had Anna stop to check out he store.
they have all kind of goodies.we went through the whole store.finding little treasures her and there.
we both got some of the shoes and Anna got me another gift.
its three pretty plates that hang on a wall.Ill take pictures later when I get them on the wall and share them with you.
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Monday, September 24, 2007

some thing to think about.

if your in need of a new out look,then take a short can help you a lot.

please go to number one of my posts and read then it will all fit together about my trip.

number four,read number one frist then all will line up.

this is the view of the cabin facing the lake.I m standing on the dock facing it.cozy little home away from home.nettled in the big pines in the north wood,s.
a place to refresh ad stay here was wonderful.Ill write more about it in the next few days.if you enjoyed it so far tell me..

this is the view to the right as you look out the French door.or stand on the deck.

this is TJ checking out the dock and the view.he stood there a while just taking in the warmed my heart to know the Lord worked it out so finely I could do some thing nice for the kids.they do so much for me.

Well Ill write more tomorow to tell you about the fun we had.and show more pictures of our trip to the north woods and our view of the sure to go down to "number one" first and read. it will fit together then.
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number three,inside the cabin.

this is the couch by the big bay window the guys liked to sit had a cool view and with TJ on the other one all comfy they had to set here.
there is one of the big pines out side the window.that one is at lest 60 or more years old maybe even 100.its a big tree.

this is a small desk out side the boys room.its a nice place to sit and write.its across from the table to the left.
this is the boys room it worked good for them.
Jake took the top and T.J the bottom.and he had the window was cold but he likes it that way.
he takes after his Na Na.I had my window open to.
and you know I didnt take a picture of my room.I let Anna and her hubby have the master bedroom till they went home and then I moved into there.the bed was more comfy.the little room I selpt in was had two beds one full and one twin.the one I slept on was hard.but I was ok..

here is the master bedroom,its a nice room.the windows faced the lake.and the lake breeze came in all day long when you could have the windows open.
the bed was a queen and the futon we didnt need.
Anna and I loved the blanket on it.
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number two.view from the cabin.

Did I need to wonder if the Lord could find me a good place? No!!!this place was awesome.the knotty pine was so warm and made every thing look cozy and comfy...I sat down in the recliner and just thanked the Lord for out doing himself again.I was speechless.all I could say was thank you Jesus.the view as you can see was worth every penny of the 875.00 I spent for the week.I couldnt wait for the kids to
come and see it.I had left earlly so they should be coming soon.

the colors were just coming on so I knew it was going to be a lovely week.
I just sat and enjoyed the place while taking pictures.I knew Id have to share my trip with I started taking the pic,s as I sat down.
it was a cold day,cause a cold front had moved in.and so we had to have a small bit of heat.the stove behind me came on and was making sound.
that gave my goofy grandson the chase to come in and scare the crap out of his old NaNa.he went booo.and I almost filled my pants.lost a few years as well.added a few gray hairs also.
I said good Lord are you trying to get rid of me?I aint payed for the cabin yet so you better wait!!!
HE LAUGHED AND SAID HE WAS SORRY HE SCARED ME>HE SAID HE THOUGHT Id hear him or the Lord would warn he usely does when the boys are being little goofs.he put his arms around me and gave me a hug.
ya well I was wondering if I should go change my pants.

Just kidding but close!!!

he looked around and said this place is awesome.he headed out the door to the deck.this is the big couch he liked to lay on while here.and may I add his brother and Dad wanted it to.and they all conned each other to get it when they could.
Anna even lay on it a few times to relax.
it was a nice place to lay ,the sun would come in and warm you on the days it was cool.
the kids played chess on the coffee table in front of the couch.
and we all sat around one night and talked about the things the Lord had done for us.its good to tell the kids often so they will remember and tell their kids what the Lord has done.

this is the French door to the also shows the recliner I didnt pick.well I sat in it frist but after almost going butt over tea kettle
on my back side I moved it over and put the other one there.
my son in law almost went over with it ,so I didnt feel so bad..
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(number one) the Villa,trip to the lake.

I drove along the high way on my way to the cabin.
didnt know what it would look like only had to trust the Lord had picked a good one.
as he always has in the past when we went away.I had called one place I really wanted to go only to get sticker shock so bad it made my hair stand on end!!!!holy moloy 1800 for a week.good Lord was it gold plate or something?
no just a log cabin on a was cool I may add hence why I wanted to stay there.but it would have made my penny pinching nature hurt for a long time.
as I found out it was not the place we were going.
so I looked through my flyers from the town I felt maybe we would go.since it had been the place the Lord had me go before.
cool place with friendly people and small town life.all built around a lovely six lakes.
I said ok Lord where we going?I looked at a few flyers and just didnt feel they were the I sat there I kept coming to just one.
I had been there before years before.
way before me and hubby got married.but I had stayed in a little two bedroom one.this time the kids were going to come up for a few I needed at lest a three bedroom.and with comfortable beds for all.
so I called the place to see if they had anything.
the lady answered and I told her what I needed.she said O you need the has three bedrooms,a deck facing he lake and its a nice place.there is a dock and lawn chairs.
so I said Ill take it.Ill see you the 14th.I asked if I could stay till the 23rd and she said yes.
when I drove in her hubby said just go and get settled in and Barb will come over later.
I headed the van to a long drive went back through big pine tree,s and was near a small wood,s.
from the out side it looked very small.and not too classy.but I desided to give it a chance.I walked in to the place and was very pleased.

the yard was nice and the view from the yard showed me the lake was pretty.and not just a little peek of the lake a big wide view.
the place was very nice ,clean and well kept up.every thing was new and looked as if they had only remodeled a short time before.the windows were big and let in a lot of it was bright and friendly.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

this is me.

this is a picture of me.its about two years old.and I look the same only may have a few more fat cells hanging on.I am doing this cause some lady was writing about people who put pictures of them selves that are years old.or of some one else.well this is me...its only picture I have of me right now that isnt too old.what you see is what you get.I try to be as honest as I can be on my blog.
Iam not perfect or even close.and I say what I mean.
it gets me into deep doo some times.but if your like me I would rather speak the truth then to lie like a if any one was wondering who this old lady is and if I am for real,well here I am.and yes I am for real...

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the fall color from a few years a place far from here.

I went to Anna,s and we had a visit to see my step mom and my father.he was home from the hospital and was doing alot better.I went in his room and talked with him.he looks so much older and so much more skinny.
I talked with him about the old days when his life was much better.and things were good.he got tears in his eyes and said he wish he could talk better. I told him it was ok and that I loved him.he got tears again.
my half brother took the kids down to the little lake.and then my step mom took me on their golf was a bumpy ride but I enjoyed it.

it reminded me of years ago when she and I use to put the kids who were baby,s at the a cart and hook it to my Dads tractor and drive all around the farm till they fell was so fun.
then she made supper for us,home made taco,s.yummy yum yum...
the two boys went nuts over step mom is from the Ukraine and any thing she makes is great...
it was a great day for all...

poor Anna had the starting of a tooth ache and she was taking something for it.I told her she would have to go in and get it fixed.thank God she was able to get in the next day.and put it on a card.cause she had a infected tooth that needed a root cannal.
and if you have ever had one you know how fun it is if the stuff they use doesnt deaden it.

well she went in that Monday morning.I was asleep and she didnt wake me.
but the Lord did only minutes before she called for me to come and get her.she was so sick and in I was glad the Lord had woke me and I was dressed and ready.I met her at the place she was going to get the med,s.
I forgot to tell her not to get codean cause me and my mom would almost die when we took it.I took one pill and thought I would die.

well she got her stuff and she drove home and I followed her.she made it home ,and I got her some thing to eat and she eat and took the pill.
she was out in a flash 10 minutes later.she slept for hours not moving a 5;00 almost 6 hours later I told her hubby to see if she was ok.
he had a heck of a time waking her.she got up and went to the bathroom and I fixed her some thing to eat and she took another pill cause she was in bad pain.she was out tell 11;30pm and I fixed her some little thing to eat and she went to bed for the night.

the next morning I got her something and she lay back down on the couch.but this time she was still in pain and the pill didnt seem to help.and about half hour or so she was sick as a dog.

she got up and ran to the bathroom and felt like throwing up.she tried but couldnt.the phone ran and we had to go get her youngest son from school.
I didnt want to leave her alone so she came with.she got sicker and time we got to town she was very sick.
I picked up Jake and she was trying to throw up.she still couldnt so we prayed and she did throw was green.and I was scared.her hubby came cause Jake had called him to come.

I told him Anna was so sick.he said to go talk to the dentist to see if she should do something else.I headed over there and the office girl said take her to the doctor we went to the hospital.they got her in right away.and he said the pill was the problem.he said if me and mom had problems with the pill then it seemed Anna did to.he gave her some thing to help stop the feeling of throwing up.and we headed home.

she got home and I made her eat some chicken soup and yogert.I know it helps your tummy get back on track.she didnt want to eat cause she didnt feel good but I said you cant take Ibperofern on empty tummy.she eat and took the med,s and went to sleep.she woke up later and felt better.and today she was good but she lay down and only did a few things.we watched movies and just took it easy.I came home it was a good thing I stayed for the extra days.if I hadnt been there she would have not had help.not that I can do much cause I aint as young as I was.but at lest she wasnt alone.

well this is going to be short cause I have alot to do before we go up north and I aint even this will be my post till I get back unless I get everything ready and have the time.

I will be gone from the 14th through the 23rd.I will be coming home that day.but may be too tired to post so Ill post when I can.hope everyone is fine and every thing is going good for you.God bless and Ill see you when Iam get back.I may not get to comment on your blogs till I get know I am thinking of you all.

please go on the post below this one and click on the name" Anna "and send her a get well hello.she is back on line after being gone a long please say hi and tell her to get back to blogging.she feels she has nothing to give and she lost the ones who were on her please welcome her back on line.thank you..

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