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I'm a follower of Jesus...I Love the Lord!Iam a artist,love to write,I have two grown daughters,4 grand childern.I enjoy traveling.this is my blog and I say what I think.if you dont agree thats dont have to read it.sometimes I deal with so much crap,I feel like a farmer.check out my new blog "willow in the mist."

Thursday, September 28, 2006

color along the creek. Posted by Picasa

fall beauty. Posted by Picasa

this is the pic my hubby gave to is my favorit pic.his mom has the rest and told me I could have this one when I asked .it is just like the wood stove we use to have when we had worked on his Dad,s farm.I missed that stove and would love to have one just like it again.I love wood stoves.any way hub is a very good artist I will be glad when he starts to paint again.Lord get him on the ball.we will need alot of pic,s for our new home when we recieve it.  Posted by Picasa

yesterday Anna and her hub me and hubby all went to see mom.she was awake and doing good.and breathing on her own.they have told us that she will be getting out of this place and they will be moving her to a place near us we hope.then they will work to get er on her feet.theyfeel she can do it.where only a week or two ago they had said she would be on the tube forever.and may never go home.well sep on her birthday we prayed for her by laying on of hands.and in only about two weeks the news changed to now we wait and see what goes on now.she is doing alot better.but has a way to go.she has been just laying so she hasn,t real good muscle the need to work with her pray that the Lord will help her and give her his strength cause she will need it.  Posted by Picasa

the other day hubby and I when for a ride to the bay near our was a lovely day and we sat here by the water and just enjoyed the view. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Jesus is the rose in my life.without him my life would stink.but his perfume covers the stink of my sin,s and his blood washes me one is perfect but the Lord.we only do the best we can with his help.people who don,t understand us, who don,t know the love we have found in him, are missing so much.people who look for that love in people are let down.only Jesus is able to love us the way we rose stood out for all to rose rose of lovely perfume.lovely o the eye to see.lovely forever to me.crushed upon the ground it hadn,t come to stay.lovely petals on the sand, mens souls to save its rose was crushed for me and you.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

when I was a teenager a long time ago way back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth.{that is what the grandkids say about me and G ma.}me and two friends headed down town to go pick up angora yarn and stuff teens need to servive.well we had finished and headed back to the car.there was anews paper laying on the as I slipped in I moved it and got smacked full force in the face by the biggest moth I had ever seen.he lit out of there amongst screams and people flying out of the car from all I sat there in complete shock.the two girls with me finely looked in to see if I was ok and the big mean moth hadn,t eaten my face off or killed me.they both cracked up laughing and I said "what!!!!??? they finely stopped their laughing and said to look in the I did,my face had moth wing dust all over it.and it didn,t feel so good if you have never seen one of these moths up close and personal then let me tell you they are big!!!at lest as big as my face.but he was pretty and I scared the poor guy.he was just trying to get out away from those screaming ninnys,and to be honest they didn,t do much for my ears eather.well let me tell you one more experience with a moth.thank God it wasn,t as big as this one but it made its presence known.I was laying in bed getting ready to fall asleep when in this big room one little moth desided to fly in to my if you have never had a moth fly in your ear you have not lived!!! I could hear him in there and he wasn,t happy!!!and I wasn,t to happy eather.I did every thing to get him out and stop the sound of him eating my brains out!! no he wasn,t but I was afraid that is what he mit do.well all I managed to do was push him in alot I called my grandma to drive me to the hospital,she said you have what in your ear.I said a moth!!! she said are you sure?? yes gram I can hear him telling me to free him and he is not too off we went to the we got in there and the nurse looked at me like I was some kind of waco when I told her there was a moth in my ear.she said "are you sure??yes lady I can hear him and feel him in there!!!so she looks at my ear.a foot away as if he would fly out and eat her face like alien.she says I don,t see anything.I said lady he is way she gets this long tweezer and puts it in my ear.nothing comes she says again there is nothing there.I said lady there is a moth in my ear!!!!!get it out now!!so she takes her finger and gingerly pulls my ear so she can look in and do what she should have before.and finely she see,s it and gets hold of was good sized to be in my ear.she looks at it and says guess you did have a moth in your ear.I look at her and think she is the I have moth dust in my you think the dust from the other one drew that one?sure hope not cause I don,t need no more moth dust for the rest of my life.Lord I love to see your creatures large and small but please keep them out of my ears thank you.well have a good day all of you and don,t dream about moths ok they do stay way ow guess the two that incountered me told the rest to stay away from people cause of all the people I told this to no one else has ever heared of anyone else having it happen so rest easy it was just a weird thing that happened to me.  Posted by Picasa

some day I would like to have a pontoon and be able to take the grandkids around the lake fishing .my son in law Anna,s hubby wants one to.he has been waiting for the Lord to give him one for a long Lord please do what you promised and get his boat fixed for him.and then let him be able to take his family out on it and zip along like he has wanted to. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 25, 2006

well peace has returned!the Lord some how worked through this dumb country girl who is computer ellerate and got this thing working.but please don,t ask me what we did cause for the life of me I do not know!!! all I know is I been pressing bottens and thinking about opening the window and teaching this dumb thing to fly and all at once it was fixed.see this isn,t my blog its the Lords.He made a way for me to get it.and its belongs to I said look Lord I don,t know what the heck is wrong,and this is your blog so if you want the dumb thing to work you fix it!!or it will learn to fly.I made a promise to him long ago to get stress out of my anything that stresses me out that I can get rid of I no ladys don,t kick your old man out it doesn,t work that way.but you can use the same principle there to!anyway sence this is the Lords blog and this computer isn,t cheap and the Lord knows I love to post on it what he gives me.he was so gracious to fix the blaim he deserves a big PRAISE THE LORD AND THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!ain,t he a loving father and great friend?  Posted by Picasa

today has been one of those days when you would like to spit and pull your hair out or kick something!!!!!! this dumb computer is giving me trouble and its about 2 minutes from learning to fly if you get my drift?its a good thing I have a smile on my face in this picture cause at the moment I feel like anything but smiling.I don,t know squat about these dumb things so its just me and the Lord to figure out what the heck is if I can just figured out I may get the double pic of the trees out of there.if not it is stuck bear with me and over look the extra pic in my blog.and pray that the stress will turn to peace when me and the Lord get it fixed.thanks.your seeing the real me I have problems to and need the grace of God to get me through.  Posted by Picasa

this is another shot of some unique trees by the reminds me of me from the back.hehe. Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

have you ever seen some thing or some one you thought was less then attractive?and you just made some mean or just plain dirty remark?well I have!! Iam not saying Iam proud of it just telling you I do dumb stuff Iam not proud of.well when the hubby and I were up in two harbor by lake superior,near the lighthouse.I saw these two tree, frist I thought they sure aint so lovely.but then I stood back and looked really looked at them.and you know they are beautiful.if you could see the shapes and the way the light came throw them.the way the veiw from the back round showed would have seen what I seen.they were unique to say the lest.any tree can be beautiful but only a few can be unique.guess its the same with people.any one can be beautiful in their own right but not all can be unique.God made us all different and to fit in to the special place he wanted us to fit.Pray that I well see the uniqueness in everyone I see so I do not miss the view that comes through them.  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 24, 2006

this is for my new friend Lloyed.never be afraid to tell other about one you love.that love comes to you from above.his hand is always on your life.he shows it by sending you a wife.he helps you all along your way and gives you sweet rest at the end of the day.he hears your problems calms your fears and makes all worry disapear.he takes your hand in times of need.and always your prayers he problem is too big for him,and to him your desires are just wims.he is with you not matter what and he has given you all the good things you have don,t be scared to tell your love after all it came from above.loving Jesus isn,t a weakness its our lifes blood.yell it to the roof top and all around so others can hear and be found.God bless you Lloyed may God give you the boldness to be what he intended you to be.the sky is not the limit with don,t limit him and you can do all things though him for he gives you strength. Posted by Picasa

well praise the Lord!!!!! mom may be moving to a place closer to home.but not in the way we thought.they feel now she may be able to get off the beathing tube and get on her feet and come home.they are sending her to a place where they work with you to get you on your feet.she will have to work hard so pray for her to have the strength to do it.anyway its a answer to prayers and we hope she can be home soon.10 months in the hospital is too long for anyone.YOU GO GIRL AND ALL OF US ARE PRAYING FOR YOU SHORTY.Iam proud of my mom she took this hardship with faith and a smile and never gave up even when the going got real hard.always a smile and a word of help for us when we were down.MY MOM IS A AWSOME CHIC!!!!she is strong and she maybe just a little chic but her heart is as big as any strong go mom and get out so you can give God the you G MA like the grandkids call herdon,t tell her I told you but this is her little sweetie.he comes in and dances for her and just makes her day.HEY ITS GOOD TO HAVE NICE SENERY WHEN YOU AREN,T FEELING SO GOOD and mom has had alot of very nice people taking care of her.Lord bless those minsitering angels of yours in the hospitals in the world.we don,t know how hard it can be for them to be around the sick and dieing.give them what they need to do their job with a smile and a prayer.thank you Lord for the good care my mom got and for the good care I recieved to when I needed it. Posted by Picasa

when the storms of life move in and you need a beacan in the night to guide you, turn to the lighthouse.the Lord is like a lighthuose perched high on a hill out on a rocky cragg,showing its light for all to see.the waves may be high and the weather beyond belilf.but if you will follow the light you will move safely around the rocks and past the shore safely on your way.the storms will come and the waves will beat your little craft but the master of your ship will get you safely home.this light house is one my huddy and I seen on our trip to the big lake on our annivercery.sweetie took this shot. Posted by Picasa

did you know that some of Gods creatures mate for life with just one mate?did you know that they stay alone sometimes if they lose that mate?life is never easy but it can be alot better with the one God put you with.he knows the kind of person that is right for days people just go with anyone.but God has one person just for you.but he will wait for you to ask him to show who.and one thing to know is he will not send you someone if you are already married.God doesn,t work that way.some people act like God isn,t following his own rules.well he does!!he loves us and will not hurt anyone else to make you happy.I know a person who was unhapppy in their relationship.and someone payed them a little attention and soon the person left the one they were with and went off with the there were kids invalved and it messed up a whole the two who went off together figure everyone else has to just get over it.well it doesn,t work that way.there are hurts and pain and problems that will go on for a long time from this.and like most things that start out wrong it will not be a happyly ever after.when you add sin to the mix you soon have a bigger problem.a year went by and the two felt so much gilt for their stuid act that their relationship soon ended.and they were alone wondering what the heck happened.but then there were more problems.they were alone and the people they had loved moved on and the kids were doing their own thing and making the same mistakes.but the worst was the person finely realized they had really loved the one they had left and that person had really loved can be so sad when people don,t listen to God and not fall into lies and sin.Gods plan is for familys to be together.and he will help you build a strong love and strong family {if} you will let him.but if you choose to go the way of sin you will have a big it or not that is true.if animals and birds have enough brains to mate for life, then don,t you think we should be wise enough to do the same?and no I do not believe you should stay with a abusive person or drunk.but if you have a good mate stick with them and ask God to bring the love back that was there to begin with.marrage isn,t easy but it can be better with Gods is fulled with object leasons all around us.we would be wise to learn by them. Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 22, 2006

the colors are coming in and the fall is coming n we drove along it was clear that the colors had come in fast in only oe day.the trees along the drive back were so pretty.I tryed to get them but the camera just didn,t do them justice.but this pic was on one of our trips to the lake near us.the sky was getting so lovely with the storm clouds moving in and the sun hit this little tree and he was in all his I just had to smap this shot. Posted by Picasa

this the other lighthouse called split was so lovely there.the day was good for looking at the beauty of the lake.we found this place to take the picture from a lady who worked there. Posted by Picasa

the walk along the shore is so pretty and peaceful.I love birch tree,s so you will see them now and then.the Lord gave me a hearts desire we walked along the smell of poppler leaves on the ground was so sweet and it blessed me so. Posted by Picasa

the waves are awesome by this place. Posted by Picasa

this is one of the lightouses we went to.we love to see them and take pic,s.they will be on our wall in or new log home. Posted by Picasa

this little bird came by us to keep us company.I called her sarah. Posted by Picasa

this is the agates beach where we found some three years ago.we were on the beach for about two was fun.and the view was worth the time even if it was cold then. Posted by Picasa

this is the landscaping out side the place. Posted by Picasa