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Thursday, March 27, 2008

a rose award for nice people.

your great and I value you.

This award is for mountain mama.
she has a nice blog and I like to see all her lovely pictures of her garden and flowers and family.check out her blog.
hope you enjoy your award.

a day full of blessings.

Easter with the kids was very nice.Lucy and the girls came to.they surprised us.Lucy got Anna and I lovely highdranga,s.mine is blue and Anna,s is pink.Thanks Lucy I love it your so sweet to think of us...
I will plant mine at Anna,s cause I have no place here to do it.I took pictures of the girls but didnt have time to put them on.Ill do it when I get more time.
we watched Jakes play on the camera cause it snowed and I had to stay didnt get to go to his play.but they taped it for me.
I was so proud of him cause he did a very good job.and its funny but the kid just looked alot like Jesus.he had to stand at the end and not move when he was hanging on the cross.
he didnt move at all cause I watched him.and if you know Jake that was very hard for him.he is a kid that is always on the move.but he did a very good job.I also think Jesus was proud of him to.the play covered all most the whole last few days of Jesus life.the last supper the garden the trial and his death.only wish they had also did his raising from the dead.but they faded out to black with him hanging on the cross.
and alot of people still think that was the end of the story.that he is dead.but then came easter sunday morning and the stone was rolled away.and the king of glory walked out of that tomb.and victory for all man kind was won.he lives, he didnt just fade away like the devil thought by killing Jesus even out witted the enemy killing Jesus the debt was payed for us all in full.because he lives so will we.because he payed the price we are free.
the day together was nice.Anna made a ham and corn ,mashed spud,s and a to die for banana nut cake with cream cheese frosting Yummmmmy...Lucy had fresh strawberrys to eat.they were good.we watched movies and was a nice time all day.Lucy and the girls had to go back the next I stayed over to.
the snow storm had dumped about 3 or more inches of snow.we had almost been clear of snow and the grass was peeking out here and there.but when I drove home the snow covered was pretty but when spring is on your mind and heart.snow just dont cut it.
the last few days I been working on my cleaning.I just seem to go from one thing to the other.not gettig much I keep plugging away at it.I need to start pitching stuff.I have to go through the closets and get rid of the things I dont use.I am from a long line of packrats.
my granny and family lived through hard times and she taught me how to pintch a penny till it screamed and how to save what ya mit need I save stuff I should just trash.and now that I plan on staying single.I can get rid of stuff .
so if I am not on much for a while you know I am still digging my way out of junk.I watched a show about a woman who had so much trash in her house her family didnt have room to live. now my place isnt like that.but it made me see I need to get rid of some stuff to.
so its spring and good time to spring house long as Iam getting rid of the past I may just as well do it right.well hope you all had a wonderful Easter and had time to be with familys.
God bless you all.have a great weekend.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

a trip to see the family for easter.

This award is for deborah tells on my blog "willow in the mist." what its for.hope you enjoy your award deborah..
Ill be with my Anna and her family for easter.Ill be going out early friday.Jake is playing the part of Jesus for their easter service,he is the tallest kids in his class and has curly sandy brown hair they said he looks more like Jesus.
so I will go out and stay over night so I can see him in his play.He has been going to do the play after school so they are ready when its time to do it.
we will be together and have our easter meal sat.with every one working at diffrent times its hard to get everyone together at one we do what we have a great week and a wonderful easter.
God bless you all.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy easter.He is risen

Happy Easter, for Jesus is alive.Easter isnt cute little bunnies.its the day life over took death,freedom defeated sin,hope over took dispair.
and the angles in heaven shouted for joy and shook the rafters of heaven. their king was coming home.
the devil ran for cover but could not find it,and ended with his neck under Jesus feet.
the name Jesus is above all names like sickness,disease,pain,sorrow, every name must bow to the name of Jesus and call Him Lord.when Jesus said it is finished He didnt mean His life.he ment everything His father told Him to do was done.the price was payed and the redeener had come.
now all we his followers need to do is reinforce His Victory.and if we believe its ture we can do it with his name and the power of the blood he shed.
when he had risen and over 500 saw him alive.he rose into heaven and layed his spotless work on the mercy seat.then he turned right around and came back here and handed the keys of the kingdom of God to his believers.He said I hand the keys of the kingdom to you.inforce my Victory.heal the sick raise the dead,desipple all the nations of the world in my name.
the keys are the name of Jesus ,his work on the cross,his shed blood and our faith in him.and our part of having recieved him as savoir and the Lord of our life.the Holy Spirit gives us the new birth and our prayer langage at the time we are reborn.
so yes Easter is an important time of year.its the day we were able to regain eden and once again walk and talk to God in the garden in the cool of the day, if we would only believe in Gods plan and who He sent to carry it out.
Shout for joy for our king has raisn and he lives forever more.God made a promise and He keeps them we are free for evermore.
no devil can harm us no weapon of his will prosper.
for we belong to Jesus and are safe with in His hands.we stand upon His work and know that he is real.we can not denie him, cause we feel him in our heart.
Happy Easter
tell all that Jesus is alive.
have a wonderful easter with your familys.God bless you all.if you havent made Jesus your savior please do will never regret it.
And happy St Patty,s Day to all .the top of the mornin to ya.and God bless ya.may the joy of the Lord be yer strength .and may yer heart be full of love.and yer home be full of blessings till they tumble out the door to you can bless somemore.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

awards for friends.

on my other blog called willows in the mist I have this award for my blog the next few days I will be giving them when you see your name on my blog then come get your award on the side bar on willow in the mist.

today it goes to Renie Burghardt.

thanks renie for telling me how to do my awards on the new blog.

a sign in the sky to remind us of a promise.

( I will never disstroy the whole world again with another flood.I will give you this sign to remind you of this promise)
and every time you see this sign you also know there is a God.
I dont know about you but I love rainbow,s.I love the color and the way they look after a storm.this picture is from a few years ago.we were coming back from visiting mom at the hospital.we all were feeling a little low cause she wasnt doing so well.
and we came around a corner and here was this lovely rain bow.the colors were so lovely and every thing looked perfect. it was almost as if the Lord was saying every thing will be ok.
I worked on my story most of the evening yesterday. and as I did I desided I am going to cut back on blogging some.I have some blogs I love to read they are up lifting and so lovely.and they make me feel happy when I read those I will still be visiting.
but there are a few that have been hard to read and hard to know how to deal with.these people believe in sex before marriage and I dont want to get roped into that mind set again,(I was there done that and learned my leason) ,or are into things Iam not, and believe in things I know are not true, and others are just too indepth for me on things I have no interest in.some have too much stress and its because of choices they make.
I have been able to find some very nice blog friends.and they are like hidden treasure when you come across their blog.they share things to help others and care for every one it seems.
but the others are hidden heart aches waiting to last night I prayed about it and went down the line with the Lord and deleted the ones cold turkey.I just have to stop.its not easy when you get to know some one and care what happens to them.but some times its best to just keep away.
I was talking to someone the other day and asked them how people can be so blind and not see their own mistakes. she said "well then they would have to face up to it and do something about it".and its true you can tell someone what the problem is but if they dont see it ,its a waste of time.
I know I make mistakes every dang day.I say things and do things that I know I shouldnt.and then I say Lord see!!!!I aint cut out for need to get someone who is!!!!
I wish I could just be like some people and just over look every thing.but then I am not like that.
a while ago I had a friend who was having some problem,s.she was so low I was afraid she may do something dumb.I tryed in every way to help as best I could.but she never took any of my one day when she was complaining and saying she didnt understand why God was doing this to her and her family.I said he isnt, its your choices that are.
she got real mad at me and wouldnt talk to be for a I just let it go.her other friend was always telling her it wasnt her fault she was having all these problems.and so my friend
stuck to the simpathy voice.and those who would pat her on the back and say your doing good.your so smart and so strong and bah bah.and it was a lie of corse.but it feeds a ego and if ya dont want to change, lies are what you want to hear.well thats ok if ya are in fect doing good.but if your not who do you want to hear the truth or a lie, or keep on making the same mistakes over and over?
me I want to hear the truth and deal with it.when I was at Anna,s we were talking and watched a movie.and there was something said on it.and when we were talking about things Anna said "mom that movie had some thing kinded wise.and she said the guy said some people dont think they deserve love.and you were married to men who where in love with other things instead of you. one was in love with his ex wife.and the last one with himself.
thats why this time with the Lord and Anna helped me to see my choices in men was my problem ( I am going to change).and my choice in some blogs.just like its best to get free from hubby its also best to go cold turkey from some blogs.(I could of gotten mad at Anna but what she said made sence.and because I know she loves me she wants to help.)
thats why if I dont show up on some blogs they will know why from this post.I desided the less stress I have the one needs to watch someone else self destruck before their eyes.and once some one said."your not to blame for the pain of someone who doesnt take the addivce you give them".and its can try to help and try to help, and if they dont liston then your not to blame for when they fall on their face.
that is my biggest fault I am a fixer.I try to fix things that are broken or messed up.but when I cant I feel so worthless.but I need to understand some people or things cant or dont want to be that is something I need to pray help the ones who do want help and to let the rest make their own mistakes and learn the hard way.
I was on a blog with a 20 something girl about a year ago.she was a lovely and smart caring person.she was having alot of problems with her boyfriend and her family.she would say how hurt she was by the way he treated her.and he was a drunk to boot.her family wasnt very supportive and acted like she was dumb.
I talked to her for a while and told her she was young and lovely and deserved better then the guy she was with.I told her how hard it had been for me when I had married a it had hurt not only me but my children and my whole family.I told her that this guy sounded word for word just like the man Id married.
I said please dont make the same mistakes I made.I said you can do better.she listoned at frist then she got mad at me because she said" this guy was nothing like the guy I married," and she was mad cause of my faith. and because I didnt liston to her sad story of how bad she felt cause of how this person treated her over and over.and she told me not to come on her I said ok have a good life.
well one day I was going down my list and saw her blog was still on my I went over to see if she was ok and doing better.and praise God she was in a new town miles from home,and the drunk was gone.she had a great job and she was doing good.I felt proud of her cause this girl had the guts to change a mistake in to a new life.she changed and she desided she wanted better.thanks Lord for giving her a new start and a new begining now please help her find a man who will love her the way you do..
I am not perfect and I know at times I come off like a know it all or what ever.someone said that to me a while back "you act like a know it all." I felt bad about it for a while and went to the Lord.I said Lord if its true that I come off like that then I am going to just keep have given me alot of things that helped me and I like to be able to help others.but if that is all they think then Iam failing you and myself.
the Lord said if you dont share what I have showed you to help you,then what kind of a person or friend are you?I said Lord they dont want to hear it.he said the one who told you
"you come off as a know it all" is a person who wanted to be like you because of the relationship you have with me.he has enveyed your walk with me for a while.
I said Lord it doesnt make it any easyer to know my heart Lord and that I want to help.but Iam not good at it.the Lord said I didnt say I wanted perfection I wanted willingness.I am able to use even your mistakes to help others.cause people themselves make all kinds of keep sharing and caring and Ill send the ones who want to hear.and if they dont then we move on to those who do.he said I give every one their own free will.
what they want I let them have.if they dont want what I have done for them I will not force them.
so Iam moving on from some of the blogs.doesnt meen I dont care or wish the best for those people I just meens its time to move on.I tryed to help but I know I can only tell how the Lord helped me.and I aint very good at it, but I do my best.the Lord knows my heart and thats all that matters to me.
have you seen that in the last few years there has been a haterd for the Lord and christans.I find it on the blogs and some web sites.(yes some christians give me a pain in the drain to.)
but I mean these people are just full of hate and is hard to see people hate a loving God so much.
one blog screamed "there is no God or Jesus".and I thought how sad this person is all alone in more ways then one.and he or she will never know the love that God has for them.its so sad.
I couldnt make it a day with out him and his love.I am so thankful that when two christians came up to me and said "you need Jesus in your life". I was smart enough to liston and do some thing about it.( I remember when I read this in the bible "the fool says in his heart there is no God.")and I thought aint that the truth! I knew what a fool Id been before I met I knew full well just what it met.
well this is hard to do but its some thing I need to do.I will pray for the others but like the Lord has to do some times, you need to let people have what they want.
the man who is the father to my girls is still a drunk.he still has a family but his wife lives in her own place and he lives in his.the kids are shy and with drawn and scared.just like my girls had become while we were with him.I am glad I moved on for my kids sake.they deserved better.
I told him once when I saw him "God gave you a new chance,dont blow it."
If I have come off as anything other then some one who cares.then for give me its not my intention to look like a know it all or what ever.I know I by the world standerds am not real smart.schooling was not my strong point. so my spelling and some of my writing is not up to all the high IQ people out there.and some people have a problem with people who arent as smart as they are.just like some people who dont like people of color.
but I care about people and want to help.if I saw I was doing no good at all Id stop this blog and do some thing else.but for some reason the Lord aint done with the till he is Ill do the best I can.
thanks for the blog friends who have stuck with me.and you who believe in prayer and a loving God of mercy,grace,hope and forgiveness and so much more.please pray for me so the Lord can help me be better at this so I aint wasting his time and mine.or anyone elses.
and pray for people who are headed for hell and suffering and dont believe it or see it.only God can reach them before they slip into forever.
also please pray for a family I know they have to make a choice soon and it will change things for them and their kids forever.also for my cousin mike who is a paster and is very sick with the flew.
God bless you all and have a great day and new week to come.sorry so long but havent learned how to shorten my writing.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

another day in Gods creation.

this is the view from the eagles nest.this is the view I see every morning and every evening.God placed me here and its a blessing.I may not have a big place as apartments go this one isnt all that big,but what it lacks in space it makes up for in view.
its my billion dollor view.
this is a picture I call glory was one of those days when you just know God is calling to the world and saying,LOOK UP ITS ME.I AM HERE I do love you ,see this is how I speak when you cant hear me any other way.
GOD THANK YOU FOR ALL THE BEAUTY YOU SENT MY WAY TO REACH ME.and forgive me when I didnt know it was you.

This day is the day the Lord has made and I intend to rejoice in it and be I sat looking for things to write today.I looked out the window and high over town were three eagles circaling on the up drafts and rejoicing in the beauty of the day.
I watched them for a while till they moved out of my view.and I longed to be one of them for just a day.
what wonderful things Id see with their eyes.what wonderful places I could go to with their wings.what wonders they see and do.
the places they build their nests are high above the earth.they can see for miles and enjoy a view some of us will never see.but then I looked out the window and knew God had put me in this 7th floor apartment with a eagles eye view to bless not only me but from time to time Ill share a picture or a story of how the Lord blesses me here.
today is lovely and mild,with little wispy white clouds here and there.and the birds are out and flying here and there passed my window.last evening just before dark I looked out and saw a white dove almost hanging in mid air.he was just sitting in one place with his wings working the air so he could stay there.if he had not done it Id never have seen him.and just as I looked and seen him he flew off across town and then came back by and did it one more was as if he was saying look at me God sent me to bless you, so heads up girl and be blessed.
it was so cool.I wonder where a white dove comes from.we dont have any in our state that are in the I wonder where he was from.we have morning doves and pigens but no white doves.this little guy was all white.
I know on the the islands there is a dove that is so white and lovely.but none here.if anyone knows of another dove that lives in the midwest please tell me.I looked in my field gide bird book but couldnt find if you can help Id be so thankful.
well its time for me to close for today.and I wish you a wonderful weekend and a great new week.God bless you and keep you safe in the palm of his hand.and bless you with the beauty of his creation every where you go.

Friday, March 14, 2008

thank you Renie

My dear friend Renie Burghardt gave me this award a long time ago.but I just was able to go and get it.thank you Renie you are so sweet.
I wish I knew how to put it on with all the other ones people have given me but I dont know how.maybe some day Ill have a grandchild who does.I get so stressed out when this darn thing goes on the fritz I just say Lord eather fix it or Ill teach it to fly.soon its working again.
this is a pretty award thank you again.Renie...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I am back.

I been to the mountain to be with the Lord.I needed to get away and pray and work things out.but you cant live up on the mountain tops forever.cause its in the valleys you become closer with the Lord.the mountain is lovely and the view maybe breath taking.but as lovely as it is you cant grow may be able to see for miles but you cant stay there forever.the valley is where the friut grows.

arent these little guys cute?

sorry its been so long.but I been busy and just didnt get the time to post.

this has been a long dry time for me.just could not get in the grove and write.seemed like I had nothing to give.felt empty as a kemps chocolate milk when you suck every drop from the bottle.
it wasnt that I didnt do anything or have fun.or even have things to put on in picture form cause I do.I just couldnt bring my self to post.I didnt feel in side I had any thing to say that would be of any help to any of you.and I hate to just spout useless I would look at the computer and say Lord I have nothing to help them with.and Id feel so empty.

one day I said Lord if you dont help me Ill just stop altogether.

and as I spent time with him I begain to heal.this winter has been a time of rest for me.a time of sheding the old and the past and starting fresh.a time of renewing my spirit and refreshing my emotions.a time of thought and a time of letting go of what needs to go.

I have told you about the two letters the hubby wrote that I didnt answer.just thought it was best to stop and hope he got the hint and moved on.but it didnt work.he sent a letter at was a nice letter.but it had the sound of "I know you still care but you need to have me only as a friend."

well Iam not waiting around for him.and he needed to know that.I wrote and told him as nicely as I could.that it was a blessing when he left and I had already moved on and he needed to also.he asked if we could still be friends.

well it would have been nice if he had been one.but he wasnt.every time I needed him he was never there.and when we were married it was how on earth did he honestly believe we could be anything after this.

so I just told him I was getting the papers and for him to forget he ever knew me.he is the kind who doesnt miss it will be easy for him.when I sat down to write the letter it was hard to know how to put it so he would I asked the Lord to help.

and it flowed out easyly.and as I sent it I felt free.the bond that had held me to him was gone and I was free.I wish him well and hope he finds what he is looking for.but hope he stays single till he is able to love someone more then himself.cause onless he learns to love someone more then himself he will never be able to meet anyone elses needs.

I could have told him all the reasons why we ended as we did but he would never understand or take any of the blame.and I could have gotting mad and told him off so he knew full well why things didnt work.but whats the use?its all water under a bridge that isnt even there anymore.

so its just best to do it this way and move on.I told him "we had what we had,and we lost what we lost."its all there was to I feel sad?

maybe alittle for the people who had something good and let it slip .but it would never have worked cause he was too in love with himself to ever love anyone else with his whole heart.if anyone asked him for the same thing they were giving he ran.cause he was the one who needed all the attention.his needs were more important then anyone elses.

some times if you love you have to let go.if it belongs to you it comes back.if it doesnt it never belonged to you.its never wrong to love.but it is wrong to love when your not loved back."you need to have love to".you need your needs met is far too short to stay with someone who doesnt meet your needs.

I found out something this dry spell.I fall in love with people who do not love me the way I love them.I for some reason dont feel I deserve I dont know why that is.but it must be true.cause every man I have been with, loved something else more then me.first hubby loved the beer more then me.number two loved his ex more then me.and three loved himself more then me.

well you know I have been thinking and the truth is I am worth more then that.I to deserve to be loved.and I have made up my mind to stop looking to men to feel loved.

I know who can meet all my needs and love me like I should be loved,its Jesus.and he is healing me one step at a time.when he said to let the past go and move on with him so I could live.I said Lord I thought I had!!!He said know you only moved on.but you need to see the reason why you are where you are.

and now I see,I looked for treasure in the wrong place.if you want love that will last you need to go to the love that is able to.that is the love of God.

I dont need to be with a man,cause I know I can make it on my own.having a man was only a heart ache and sorrow for me.but now I can live and be who God intended.I no longer need to be worryed about pleasing a man who didnt care anyway.or meeting someone elses needs who didnt care about is too short.(enough of that now. but needed to fill you in so you knew where I been and where I got out of.)

I was out to see Anna and the guys.I went out for the day and ended staying over night.jake and TJ said your not going home!!!!I said guys I aint got a nighty or clean clothes to where!!!they said who cares we aint going to see ya sleep in the raw!!!!and we will be gone tomorow so we wont smell ya!!!

I said" ish" you guys I cant sleep in the nude!!!!and I dont want to stink.they said their mom was the one who would have to put up with it so they didnt care.and every one laughed as Anna said ewww and giggled.I tryed to go out but Jake was sitting in a chair by the I was stuck.

I am glad they love me yet.a 18 year old grand son who still loves to be with his old Na Na is a treasure.and my 12 year old Jakerbe still loves me to.yes I have good men who love me.they see the good in me.and know I love them.I think my son in law in his own way loves me to.he just likes to pick on me.

thank God for Anna she is my best friend.we went to goodwill and ran around town the two days I was there.I dont know what Id do with out the kids.

some people could care less about family.they invest all their time in out side people.and pay little attention to their family.and then when the family is gone they cry like they they cry cause they missed out in people who really loved family who love me are my reason for living.

we still have snow here but the grass is showing here and there.the spring pictures I put out on last post, were to help all you snow bond people to hang on spring is just around the corner.we have sun today and its mild.but we may get a cold snape again so I was out to enjoy the 40,s.

we are on the last leg of will be gone soon.and the call the dove will be heard in the meadows and along the water ways. the warm sun will melt all the ice and snow.and the birds will build nests and raise familys.the leaves will soon come out and we will see a whole new begining.the long snow covered days and nights will only be a enjoy this time of rest and a slower time.soon the spring will spend us all up again.

God bless you all and thank you for sticking with me. even when I wasnt able to be here.I will try to comment again soon.I know Iam way behind on reading your blogs.but let me say you have all been in my prayers.have a great weekend and a even better new week.

thanks for reading and God bless you.