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Sunday, December 31, 2006

from my home to yours.

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dont drink you could wake up looking like this.

we dont drink we just look like this every morning.this is my sweet son in law.he braved a picture trusting that I would not put it on my blog.well I crossed my fingers.this was just to good to pass up.revenge is so sweet.its for all the times he teasted me for some thing I did.if he sees this he will ring my neck so if you dont hear from me again you will know what happened.  Posted by Picasa


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Happy New Years Eve.

thanks to all who read my blog.hope in some way my writings this year have blessed you and helped you come to know Jesus alittle better.that is the intent of this blog and its writer.I will share my walk with the Lord with you.tell you how He gets me through the tests and trials of life.maybe give you a laugh or you pictures from my addventures and just show you my world as best I careful tonight all my friends.and have a safe new years eve.I am sooo glad I got to meet you all.your all one of a kind and precious to me and the Lord.God bless you all. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 30, 2006

the farm

this house reminds me of my home in the country.its much prettyer by far,and we didnt have it land scaped like this.but the shape is almost the same.Kinkade paints like I wish I could.when I was a kid I loved the farm.Id run the fields and meadows and sneeked up on the wild life and just had hours and hours of fun all by my self exploring.those days were great.all kids should be raised in the country. Posted by Picasa

in my fathers house are many mansions

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

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Jesus is the light house for the soul in search of peace

lately I have heard of so much sadness and pain in peoples lives.people are looking for love.they look to other people.they turn to booz or sex or any number of things to fill that empy hole in their heart.but you know only one thing will fill that spot.see it was put there by God in the frist we would look for his plan.He says in his word "for God soooo loved the world He sent His only begotten son,that who so ever believes in Him would have ever lasting life."that empty hole is the shape of Jesus.nothing else will do I know you may ask.well cause I tryed it all and the only thing that fit was didnt, booz didnt, money didnt ,a new man didnt.nothing but Jesus worked.He is the only one who loved me like I wanted to be loved.He is my best friend,my comforter,my councler,my guide,my life and hope my every one can love me like He does.I feel so sorry for people who are out in the dating world and looking for a good man or woman in this genration.with all the free sex and perverted stuff going on now.there is no thought of faithfulness.or sticking to vows or even just going on a normal date.guess I better clear up normal for all the dumb butts out there.A normal date is one man and one woman who want to date and enjoy each other with out getting down and dirty on the first date.or even the second date or even the 25th date.some one who still respects them selves enough to wait for marriage to have sex.that is normal!now I know everyone is saying is this chic nuts or what?!! every one is having sex!!no every one is NOT!!!that is a lie.there are more out there who arent then them that are.the truth is those who have fallen for the lie and did go hog wild soon learned the truth.GILT is no fun.and men do not respect woman who give them what they want right cant have a good relationship with some one you stoled some thing who have sex with a woman before he marrys her ends up the under dog.ya Guys thats stole some thing that wasnt yours to have tell your name was on the line.and the woman shows men say if you love me you will!!I say bull if you loved her you would wait even if she was willing.I know you wont believe me but its true.How do I know ?well I have done it both ways and I know if you wait its better.what is better ?the SEX!!! all this hopping in to bed with every tom dick and herry is foolish and down right stupid. if not darn right lethel.if you are doing every one and they are doing every one sooner or later you get aids.Oh I am smart I use a condum you say.well honey it only takes one little hole to get PG.dont you think the aids bug cant get through to?and honey alot of people get PG using condoms!!there is a plan out there and its this.God has a plan for your life for good and to give you a future and a hope.but there is someone else out there who has a plan for you to and he hates you.and he wants to kill all the good God plans for you.his name is the devil!!!now come on lady are you telling me there is a real devil??you have to be joking!!! no Iam not joking!!!how do I know there is a devil?well cause Jesus said there is and because I use to be one of his best sinners.when Jesus saved me the devil cryed.he lost one of his best hell you can think Iam nuts I dont care.but there is God and there is the a devil.and who do you want on your side?me Ill take Jesus every time!!!like my friend Jesse says "what in hell do you what?the answer nothing!!!hell aint got nothing I want.but Jesus does!!I have a guestion to ask you.if there was a real bad thing coming and it would put you in harms way and you would never get out of it.what would you think of me if I didnt tell?you would say well Id be real mad at you and wonder why you didnt tell me.well there is some thing coming and I will tell you.Jesus is coming ck for his people.its called the rapture.{now there will be some who say that is not true.}well it is and it will happen says in the word that the genration that sees Ieasrl become a nation will see Jesus Ill let you figure it out.Ieasrl became a nation in year before I was I believe I will be alive to see Jesus come to get us.He said to his followers before he left,"I will come again as I have left.I go to get things ready for my fathers house are many homes or manions,if it were not so I would tell I know some will say oh there is no Jesus.but it doesnt matter what they say.every one thought that the earth was flat for years too but it didnt stop it from being round!!and besides it tells you in the bible its round. 1st and second thessaloneons tells you about the doesnt say rapture it says chatching away.but means the you need to be do you get do it Gods way.He sent Jesus to die for your sins.and we all have sinned! yes all of us.says so in the word."all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.what that means is we dont fit up to His standerds.He is a Holy God and cant look on sin.but He loves you and wants you with Him when you leave here .so He sent Jesus to die and pay te price for your sins.cause God knew you couldnt do it for your self.that is what he showed us in the old He made a {new} one .testement or covent.with out the sheding of blood there is no redemtion of its Jesus sinless blood that was shed to pay the price for your animals blood could do only worked for one year and then the people had to go do it again.but when Jesus shed His it was finished.once and for all.that is why the you can have the garden back and walk and talk to God through what Jesus did.its like you were guity of killing and stealing and all kinds of stuff.and you are in court and the judge is just about to say your guilty and sentince you to death.when in walks this stranger and talks to the judge.the judge looks over at you and says your cant believe your know darn well you should be frying for this cause your guitly.but here they take this stranger in cuffs and set you say to some one what the heck just happened?they say Jesus took the rap for you!! well thats as best as I can tell you.the time is short and you need to think about what I have need to make a choice.Heaven or Hell,Jesus or the even if you dont deside you still have made a choice.cause you are eather with the Lord or the devil.there is only two sheep folds.{those who belong to Jesus and those who dont yet.get in the right sheep fold.{Jesus forgive me a sinner,come into my life and be my savoir and the Lord of my me live for you and serve you all the days of my life and take me home to heaven with you when I leave here.amen.}that is a prayer you can say and He will hear you and do the rest.get a bible and read it.John is a good book to begin in .its Gods love letters to us.if you need Peace He is the only one who has it.God bless you and thanks for reading.hope it helps you to deside,we only have a short time.some will die before morning.some may not see next dont put this off.your soul is at will live forever some place make it the right place tonight.tell me if you said this prayer Id love to hear and be able to rejoyce with all of heaven that another soul made it. Posted by Picasa

to all my friends who are having problems.

a love letter from your father it and know He loves you and He values you. Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 25, 2006

our christmas with the Kruze.

check out the pic,s but be sure to read the story about our christmas 2006 .hope you enjoy it.thanks Kruze we enjoyed our snowy christmas with you and the ya.  Posted by Picasa

my flowers.

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Lucy, Em,and Sar bears tree.

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Ommie and the & Anna,s tree.

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lovely sun set night before we left.

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the earlly morning after the storm.

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an old time christmas

I packed up all the things for the trip.and settled back tell Anna called to say they were on their was raining a little off and on,but it wasn,t I figured we would be just would be good to see the family for christmas ,even if it would have to be in shifts. Anna called and said they were close to the apartment so I headed down to the van to wait.seemed odd to not see snow and to watch the rainy drizzle.thought about christmas,s past and how it was snowy and cold.but this was like fall not christmas.soon they drove in and Eric and Anna loaded in my stuff.into their already over loaded subberban.I just had a feeling it was best to ride with them.{it turned out to be a wise Idia.}off we headed into the drizzle and darkening sky.we road along talking and laughing about Anna,s cats and their antic,s on max always has to be sprinkled to keep him away from the he sneeks and takes tree ornaments in the basement and hides ommie sits on the branches or on the gifts under the tree.and looks out the window. friendly is one who is just intested in looking at the tree.or if max is under it friendly and max will year when ommie was small he climbed up into the branches and layed down and went to sleep.Anna found him there.funny the tree didn,t tip over.but then cats have been climbing tree,s for longer then we been having them in the house at we drove into the night the snow started coming down .line upon line of christmas travelers on both sides of the highway headed to their destinations.we all said a prayer for all to get safely to where they were going.Eric drove along well with the big trailor on the back,layedoned with the two tables and the bed.the bed and kichen table went to kruzes place.and the patio table went to Lucys.the snow was really coming down now.and it was finely looking more like a northland christmas.the christmas lights along the way were cheery and pretty.soon we begain to see cars in the ditch.and the rode was lining with snow.Eric kept the big truck on the road.I felt safe but would not have drove along as fast.we came around a off ramp and another car was in the ditch.others were helping them.the closer we got to kruses the more it snowed,and it got icey.when we got to the country road to his place we were cutting our own kruze always says "this road never gets plowed!"and guess he was right it wasn, we slipped and slide and almost went in the ditch at the enterance to the driveway.but Eric under protests from the back seat from the family did keep us out of the deep ditch.had we went into it we would have needed someone to pull us out.and we may have all been hurt.{thank you Lord for angels on duty.}Eric righted the truck and trailor and headed down the wasn,t plowed and his four wheel drive got us up it.the van would not have made it!we drove up to the door and then the fun begain.all the stuff needed to be unlaoded.and it was snowing wet snow and rain by the time every thing was unloaded those unloading were was the bed and box spring and that was where I was suppose to sleep.Kruzes table from Mom was wet and the girls busyed themselves to wipe them down.the bed and boxspring went up to the spear room and would have to dry before anyone could sleep on it.and as the doors were shut in the house the lights flickered now and know how you have a feeling that something is going to happen and you just don,t know what.well that is what we all felt.we all settled into kruses nice cheery home.him and the girls had it so cute.the tree and his little villages were so cute.and the wood stove was toastie was almost christmas like the ones I knew as a kid.everyone was busy doing things.the kids played together.the guys watched something on TV.and Anna played games with the girls .me I went into the family room to reflect on the events of the drive down.and my own was warm under my fleese cloat all wrapped up in the comfy chair.I could hear the storm out side.teddy Anna,s little dog came in and lay by my legs so I could rock him tosleep.see for as far back as I can remember I have wigled my foot from side to rocks teddy tosleep and me sometimes to.that is how I sat for a long time.every so often the lights would flicker and come back on.Kruze came now and then and put one of the dogs out.Id say boy its good you have your wood stove and candles in case they go out .he would say that is why I got it.well soon the lights would go off a little longer,and this brown efect would happen.I figured sooer or later we would be in the dark.the rain and heavey snow was cloating the lines.the big white pines in the back of the house were covered with ice and snow.some branches were hanging to the ground. we were having a good old winter storm.the wind howled outside the family room that faces north and west.I sat and thought about the wonderful times we spent holidays here all together.I missed knowing mom wasn,t here.also the girls and Kruze would be alone here this year.wish I could do something to make it all better!but I can,t and it hurts.only God can do a work for them.I was thinking along those lines when Kurze came in and sat down across from me and said how you doing?I said its hard knowing mom aint here .but we are still able to be together.we talked about the fact things weren,t the same with Lucy gone.but he said he was ok.the girls were taking it harder.but they would be ok to.we talked about the fact we would all stick with him and that wouldn,t change.Id still be his mom and he would still be my son.that would never change and no one would take his place in my heart.I told him how it was hard for me.I had almost stayed home cause I didn,t feel much like christmas.but came anyway for the kids.{I love Kruze he is a wonderful man.he deserves better then he got this year.} but God has a way of healing the soul and mending the heart.good will come to Kruze I have no dout in that. when he left the room I thought about my son in law and his gentle caring ways.he cares about people.he is a blessing to my family.he reminds me of Leo my stepfather.the girls are sooo blessed to have a loving father who cares about them.he spends time with them.and that is what kids need at times like these.they need to know they are loved. the storm ragged on out sided but we were safe and warm.the lights kept on flickering. and long about 8;30 or nine they flickered once more time and went out and didn,t come back on.we were at the mercy of the storm and poor light company workers cold and away from their familys on christmas.just to find the problem with the lights. the candles came out and were lit and put in the rooms we needed them for me and it lite up the room with a warm glow.{ now it was just like back on the farm at home when I was a kid.we lived way out in the country back in the 80 surrounded by swamp and woods to the back of us and 160 acers all around us.our driveway was half mile long.and when the ligths went out we were the last ones to get them back on cause we were last on the line.and if it snowed we were in for the long could be days before the snow plow got us cleared out.we would use oil lamps for light, and our trusty old oak wood stove in the basement to stay warm tell tectnolagy saved us again.}the TV off the guys just visited and the kids played games with was getting late by that time so soon it was bed time.I said I would sleep on the couch in the family room.the boys ended on the floor by the stove and uncle Kruze on the couch by the wood stove to keep it going.Anna and Eric and the girls up stairs in the bedrooms.soon everyone was in bed.flashlights to help if potty time came in the dark.I could hear talking for a short time but soon all was still.only the storm ragged on outside.I lay there saying my prayers and thanking God for the safety of Kruzes home.and for Eric,s driving down.I would have been white kunkling it all the way had I had to drive myself. the sounds of the storm and stillness lalled me tosleep.morning dawned clear and lovely.the tree,s were covered with snow and ice.and the eastern sky promised a great day.and there was the problem as clear as can be for the lights going out.{the bottom line on the light poll was hanging on the ground.Kruze called around but coundn,t get he did the next best thing."call the sherif."and say our light line is across our road.soon they were there with the lights on.and the furance and lights were on.{but it was a nice night with no TV no computer,and just family to share the sleet, snow and ice storm of christmas 2006 at the Kruze christmas.{I for one loved it.Mom would have loved it too.she loved this charming home with its trusty woodstove.and the sweet guy who stocked it for her.} we spent one more day and night with Kruze and the girls.had hot beefs and scalped potatoes for supper.sausage and cheese for lunch.and visited and played games.watched the little movies {cars}with the younger kids and Anna in the family room.I had never seen it.{if you haven,t you need to its tops.sooo cute and clean!!!and the senery is lovely.}great time was had by morning Kruze was off to work.and we cleaned up and got ready to go to Lucys.we got there about 9;oo ish.unloaded her stuff from grandma.the patio table and chairs and some boxes of stuff.her tree was cute,and the apartment was decked out with charm.they had to go get a gift for Kruze from the girls and so everyone left but the boys and me.we sat and watched TV while they were gone.the Ham I brought went into the oven before they left,and was smelling good by time they returned.we settled into enjoy our time.Lucy showed me the apartment next door that was open.and the next one she has to paint. sweet little sar bear said Na Na you should move into it! then her ,Anna and Lucy went down to put some clothes in the washer in the wash and teddy the dog headed back to the apartment. {if things were different I thought,Sar bears idia wouldn,t have been too bad.}we watched TV and Lucy put her lacy table clothe I gave her on her has the last supper on it.I got one for Anna with the nativity seen on it and one for Kruze with the last supper for his table to.also gave the two son in laws flannel shirts just cause I love them. {we weren,t going to exchange gifts.} we watched some movie but can,t think of the name.the kids were laughting when I woke up from a nape.Anna was sitting on the floor by Lucys chair,Lucy in it.once Lucy came over and we hugged and said we loved each other.I can tell she isn,t feeling well but she don,t say much.also can tell life in praidice aint all its cracked up to be.but what can I do but pray?the potatoes were on the stove and the greenbean hot dish and ham in the oven and soon the whole apartment smelled soooo good.we soon were eating and saying how good every thing teasted.the gravey and ham truned out great.greenbean hot dish too.we had a friends pickles that were great!!!lets just say "train man thanks for pickles that were out of this world!!!" the girls opened their gifts as we watched.and we did the dishes and visited tell it was time to leave.we had to take Lucy to where her car was so all of us loaded into the subberban.and headed was a nice night and the roads were clear.the christmas lights along the way were so pretty.the moon was just a fingernail but pretty none the same.we laughted and talked on the we came near Kruzes place I wondered how milow the dog was,and thought about Kruze alone when he got home from work.I prayed for him.the Lord would be there and the three loving dogs.people may screw you over but your dogs love you can count on them.soon we were to Lucys car and the girls and Lucy pilled out and Lucy and I hugged and said we loved each other.we waited tell her car started and we all went our ways.for a long time I just looked out the window with my has changed soooo much and not for the best for any of us.its just diffrent.the family is smaller and those who made it up are eather gone to heaven or in the hospital,or living some place else.death no one can stop, it sneaks up on the best of us and sends you for a loap.but choices are harder to handle.cause they could have been different.but like it or not choices were made and now they have to be lived with for better or worse. Kruze didn,t choose to be alone this christmas,two others planned that mess.and must live with it.I didn,t plan on not having someone.but hubby desided his pride and the meds had to go.but he is back on them anyway like it or not.and he spent christmas in the waco I spent it with those who do love me.and the ones I can count on.and Jesus is always there for me.what ever I don,t have ,He steps in and is for He was my partner just like He has been for 37 I sat alone in the family room. in the flickering candle light His love covered me,and helped me not cry when I thought about all the bad in this last few years.His comforting voice said "I will never leave you or forsake you."and helped me remember mom is safe with Him.and if I go on alone I will still have Him with me.and so will the girls and Kurze.and He will see they have a clean new start.and what ever Lucy does the Lord will help her as much as she lets Him.but nothing good comes from something started in sin.there is aways a high price to pay.hope it was worth the pain it caused everyone.but I know it wasn, never is!glad this year is almost over.the hope for better next year gives me the desire to go says in the bible "I know the plans I have for you,plans for good and not for evil,to give a hope and a future."that gives me hope and strangth to go also says."what the devil ment for destruction,I will turn to good." so no matter the Lord is in control.and next year will be better. MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL WHO READ.thanks blondie for stopping in and leaving a were the only one.thanks for being faithful. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 21, 2006

sun set in the winter sky

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christmas with the family

a white christmas is maybe on the way.only hope it holds off till we get to where we are going.its been a busy week and Iam glad its coming to an end.I feel like Iam 80.Iwent out to find the gifts for the grandkids.and found I couldn,t get what I wanted cause it was out of they will get I ventured out to get the ham and it was raining pitch forks and hammer handles.yes I was dumb just goes to show my Dad was right when he said I didn,t know enough to come in out of the rain.O well I didn,t have a choice cause tomorow we leave and I needed gas in the van and a ham.Iam all packed and ready to go.don,t feel much like christmas this will not be there and the other family is it will not be the same.I am going for the kids and the grandkids.wish I could change things but what can I do.I just put it in the Lords hands.we will spend the night and day with kruze and the girls then go over and spend the day with lucy and the girls.then come home the next day or that evening.I called the hubby to thank him for the letter he sent was nice of him to do it.but it doesn,t help me.I need someone I can count on,someone who will be there for me.but every time I look to him he would I guess if I have to handle things alone then I may as well be alone.He feels there is still hope that some how God will work this out.well it would be nice if the good we did have would come back. but that is not going to happen.I just can,t pertend that what we had is still here when it isn,t.he broke his promise to me and I can,t trust him any more.and to be honest it scares me to even think about him coming back.I have heard and seen too much to believe it could be anything but what it was when he was here.just talking to him tells me he is still in need of alot of help.and if he gets off the pills it will be the same.he still says its the pills that are the I know I made the right choice when I asked him to leave.hope he finds his way and see,s that the pills are there to help stablize him.if not then I do not know what will happen to him.well its late and I need to get some sleep.have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.thanks for reading . Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 17, 2006

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memories from the past.

one year I wanted to give my Mother and father a nice christmas gift so I started to think it over.a gift they would not get for themselves.I had time yet so I looked around and could not find anything that said I really love you and am glad I have you.I was getting very upset cause it was very close now to christmas and I still hadn,t found what I wanted.well when I drove past a place I caught something out of the corner of my was a horse and the ctest little looked like cinderella,s was all white and sooo pretty.little lanturn lights on both sides and it just said" this is it!!!"I drove in and talked to the owner.he said it was $ 2'50 a person for a 15 minute I went to pick up my girls at school and when we got done with supper I told them to go get ready and dress they went and got readyI told them I had a surpise for we pulled the horse and wagon was just pulling in.the girls loved the horse and asked his name.we got in and were off on our was a nice night not too cold .it was sooooo nice to hear the sounds of the woods.the horses sound on the road and feel the crisp winter air on your face.we enjoyed it so much and were sorry when it was over.and I knew it was just right for mom and Dad for the next day I called them and said they needed to come out so I could give them their gift.we eat supper and then got ready to go .the girls stayed home cause there wasn,t room for all of us.I drove down to the place and the horse and carage were just pulling up.and it was sooo had just turned dark,and it started to snow lightly.and the bells some where were playing.and some where someone was playing christmas we came though the little woods the snow fell more and it was so pretty. mom said this must have been what it was like years ago. when My mom had to go to the place down the road up north with her carage.Dad just looked out the side and said its so pretty with the snow falling like this.the bells on the horse jingled and sounded so charming.for a minute or two we just sat and took it all in.I thought how wonderful it would be to have a carage and a horse to do this all the time.but all too soon the ride was over and we were back in the car heading left a warm feeling in side to know I gave Mom and Dad something that gave them good memroies.we all had wanted to go for a ride on a slaugh on a winter night.Mom had said it more then once after our ride.but we never did get to.alot of good christmas memroies will come out this year as we get together.or maybe it will be too soon. thanks for stopping and hope you enjoyed my memories from christmas past.I would love it if you shared some of your,s.peace and good will to all. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 16, 2006

let it snow let it snow let it snow

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my little christmas tree

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Im dreaming of a white christmas.we have grass,brown ugly dead grass. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 14, 2006

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home sweet home.

its nice to visit,but so nice to get home.Anna her hubby and I been getting the stuff out of mom,s apartment.not so fun.its hard to do it knowing its fineal.that she will not be back there.and its odd seeing someones life being devided up to who ever wants it.and if no one does it goes to good will or some play liked the things she had.don,t we all?but you know that the things we like others may not.I treasure the things the Lord has blessed me with.and I got to thinking some day my stuff will be gone through.and a good lot of it will go to my family if the Lord calls me home before the rapture.and so while we went through the stuff I picked out the things that will remind me of the times mom was here.I surely don,t need the stuff I have too much in this apartment as it is.but I just can,t see mom,s stuff go with out me or the kids taking some to remember her.some was given to kruze, Em,and sarah.and some to lucy.kruze got the bed and table and a few other things.he hadn,t recieved much from Dad when he passed away so we made sure he did this time.lucy got some baskets she had made for mom and some other stuff Anna and I thought she may want.she did,t come to help so we did the best to be sure she got some.the two girls got their grandma,s doll loved Indain dolls.Anna was tired and had sooo much to do today and so it was hard on her.but there was alot done in the last few days.all the stuff was boxed and every thing taken to the place where they took it.the only thing now is the big stuff.and that will go out next week.I feel bad cause I ain,t much good anymore.Iam not as young as I use to be.and I have too much weight on me so I get tired out I wasn,t much good to Anna.I did the best I could.and her hubby helped with the rest.they make a good team.wish I had found a team mate who would stand by me when I need it.but that has not happened.Iam proud of Anna and her hubby.they have been married a long time and they stick by each other.Anna and Eric came and helped me get my stuff in the house.I told them they didn,t have to but they wouldn,t liston.I tired to get as much unloaded before they came but they beat me to it.any way I got alot put away but I feel it I took a big brake.they had to go to a game with Jake and TJ.but the Jakester couldn,t play cause he broke his rist the other night.poor kid was in alot of pain.we prayed for him before he went to the hospital.but he had prayed when it happened.any way this has been a long busy week.I called the hubby to tell him merry christmas .wanted to cause I will be gone around christmas..he is still having problems.I know we will not be together as man and wife no more but wanted him to know I still hope he makes it ok.any way some day maybe Ill look back and this year and be able to find something good to say about it.but for now its not the year I want to remember.2007 will be a year of miracles I hope.thanks for stopping.{o I tired to post on a few of your blogs and wasn,t able hope I can figure out what the heck is wrong.}God bless you all. Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 08, 2006

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the valley of desiding.

as I thought about what to write tonight I went to one of the blogs I found.and as reading His angel story.I ran across someone elses blog.its called {its the little things,}and the friends blog is {very nice man}you can find his on my last post.check him out.Oh and so all my friends know.if I knew how to do that link thing Id have you on my blog.but don,t know how.I said I am cumputer alliterate!!!so know your bookmarked in my thingie but the rest I don,t know.well anyway.the lady with the blog.told her story and its cool so is the angel story its cool to.but they both started me thinking.there are over 6 million people in this world and only a small amont of them are believers.Oh some of them believe only what they believe is going to send them to a very hot climit someday if they do not learn the I will make this as short and sweet as I can.there is a God HE IS REAL !!!he has a son named Jesus who He sent to die for your sin,s. yes sin,s He gave us the 10 comandments to show us His standerd,s.and none of us passed.we have all fallen short of those standereds.Jesus lived a sinnless life for us cause we couldn,t do was proved in the old testement that no one could do it.thats why He sent Jesus and the new testiment or covenet.Jesus died and rose again on the theird day.he payed the price so we could have right standing with God again after Adam and Eve blew it.all we need to do is ask Jesus to come into our heart and be our savior and the Lord of our life.and He does the that sounds simple.yap it is.God does things that way to confound the wise and learned in the world.He uses the foolishness or foolish to get His point across.the bible is true and it has all you need in it to make it.if you will only use says in the word of God."if you have boke one of the 10 commandments you have broken then all.}thats pretty plain.if you lied you did.if you used Gods name in vien,if you stole,if you looked at someone to lust after them you did.and there are more.all of us have broken them if we are honest with our selves.but even if by chance you think your says you still have one sin held agains,t you.and that will get you a hot climit too.its the sin of not recieving Gods way of salvation{JESUS}.yes not recieving Jesus is the only sin held agains,t you right now.see when Jesus died he took all the worlds sin on himself.and God is not holding those sin,s agains,t you anymore.but he is holding not recieving Jesus as your savior agains,t recieve him.why go to hell for something you don,t have to when someone already payed the price for you? its like this >your gilty for killing someone.and at the same time you stole alot of money,and you did alot more besides.well your in front of the judge and He is tee,d off big time cause your a real bad seed!!!He is about to throw the book at you and slap your sorry butt in the slammerand throw the key away.well in walks this man who you don,t even know and he talks to the judge.the judge gets this wierd look on his face and says let the prisoner stand there in shock cause you know darn well your butt should be frying.but they come and take the cuffs off your sorry hide and tell you your free.and they put the cuffs on the other guy and as they do he smiles at you with love in his watch him go with them in ask someone what just happened and they say Jesus took the rap for you.!!! Posted by Picasa