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Sunday, April 29, 2007

listen to God.

I am giving you a warning listen to God.

the next story is my way of telling a bare with me.
and dont read farther if you dont have a funny bone.he he...

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beside still waters.

As I was doing my reading in prayer time.I ran across something that has helped me alot in my walk with the Lord.its to be able to listen for the Lords voice.some times we think he has to do some great big thing to show himself.but he uselly just speaks in a still small voice.

I remember a story about Elijah.he was in some place and had destroyed over 450 of baals prophets.and Jezebe the Queen had desided to kill him.he took off on a dead run to the nearest cave he could find.he was in fear for his life.he was most likely worn out by all the powerful things God had done through him.after all killing 450 men by your self is some feat.he was huddled in his cave out on the far side of lost.and he was scared spitless.he was even wishing he could just die.
dont we all get like that sometimes.we have seen God do great things through us and we let our graud down and the devil comes spouting his trash and we get scared.

well Elijah was telling God how messed up he felt.and God said "what are you doing here?now Elijah knew what he was doing there!!!he was running for his life from that crazy woman!!!but God asked him in a calm way.What yah doing here boy?in other words why are you scared?didnt yah just see me kill 450 worhless prophets of the devil.why on earth are you scared of one sin filled crazy woman?

now Elijah was looking for some sign that God was still with him.God told him to go stand out on the mountain before the Lord.
and the Lord passed by.and a great wind blew the mountain and broke in pieces the rocks infront of the Lord.but the Lord wasnt in the wind.then a earthquake,but the Lord wasnt in the qake,and a fire;but the Lord wasnt even in the fire.but then in the stillness a sound of a gental still small voice,spoke to Elijah.(1 Kings 19:11-12.

Elijah was like us.he had seen God do some really big things.and we were all impressed with the bigness of it all.but when he comes to us gentally and speaking in his still small voice we dont hear him unless we are where we can.and its uselly when we are in deep doo!!!then we listen real well.we have no choice.we get so side tracked by life we forget how big God is and how much he can do if we let him.

we look at the devils storms and smoke screens and get all scared.but God isnt scared cause He knows what he can he has to get our attention so he can use us again.

I love Elijah he was a cool man and did so much with the Lord.Elijah out ran a chariot pulled by strong horses.and Elijah was a old man!!!now thats cool.he did all kinds of stuff,and tee,d off the devil every chance he could.God even took Elijah up to heaven in a chariot of fire alive.the man didnt die!!!now thats way cool.

well you see that if one man can be used of God anyone can.Elijah was a believer,and thats all it takes.and he didnt even have the Holy Spirit dwelling in him.the Holy Spirit was just on him.boy those old men and woman of God did cool stuff.and they listened to God and did as he said.

now I think it was Elijah who had to run around naked for 3 years .to get some thing across to the let me tell you I love the Lord and I listen.but there aint no way in heck I would have run no where in the buff for anyone.I dont even look at me in the nude!!!
Good Lord the thought of me in the nude is bad why unearth would the Lord do that?
(note from leann.I think it was Elijah but couldnt find it in the bible now.if Iam wrong Iam sorry.but there was one who ran 3 years nude. so if it wasnt Elijah some poor guy had to.and it worked to get the jews attention.)

well I thought about it for a while one day.and you know the jews aint any diffrent then any of us.God had to get their attention.and what better way then some old guy running around in the buff?the first site of him most likely got them to look.and they wondered what the heck was wrong with him.then they most likely just thought he was six bricks short of a load.then they most likely got mad at seeing his scrawny butt flashing them.and the women most likely got sick of seeing his tallywacker flopping in the breeze.and they most likely went to praying.(Lord this man is driving us Lord if your going to send us a naked man then send someone who at lest looks good naked!!! what are you trying to tell us?)

and I was thinking God was telling them they thought they were hiding their sins but they were as clear to him as Elijahs naked butt was to its funny to see how God did may not be the way we would but it did the job.

(a note from leann to all you sex staved women out there,so I dont get in dutch.NO GOD IS NOT GOING TO SEND YOU A GOOD LOOKING NAKED MAN!!!!he still believes in marriage so dont get any bright Idias!!!!HEHE...)

and if we look through the bible God did all kinds of odd stuff to get through to us.He will do what it takes to reach us.and if its a naked man ,a man dieing on a cross,a jackass that tells a man off.or what ever he uses,he loves us enough to get out attention anyway he can.and believe me we are just as hard to reach as the jews were.and the rest of the world now.

so what will he use now?

I been so busy lately worrying about the dumb past and the messes of the last few years I couldnt think of or hear anything.well do you know what woke me up?now hold on to your hats and dont get all huffy.cause this isnt a bad thing.cause it woke me up.

I was at my daugthers.and I was trying to fit back into the grove.but I was feeling like warmed over spinage.and the boys always like to have me come out.well I guess I wasnt giving them enough attention so my youngest grandson mooned he gave me enough warning so I shelded my eyes.but it made a point."hey Na na I need your attention.
granted I warned him I would take a picture of my ugly butt and wallpaper his room with it if he didnt stop that they both went ewwwwwwww and said we wont be able to sleep with that thought in our heads ewwwww!!!I said well then dont do it to me!!!!!they laughed and finely calmed down knowing they had my attention.we had a good time from then on.cause I was paying attention to them.

And no I do not approve of mooning.and no I dont take pictures of my ugly back side and wallpaper rooms.I just make threats!!!!and they work. so please listen to God ok.that way Iam safe from having to run in the all and all!!!believe me you dont want to see me in the buff!!!it would singe paint off a wall 10 miles Iam being funny but if your so far gone that God cant get your attention then I am scared.what will he use?is it a still small voice or worse?

God bless you all and hope your weekend is going great.thanks for stopping .and your friendship is a great blessing to me.
Lord help them all hear you.cause I dont want to have to do like Elijah had to.and Lord help them to recieve all the blessings Jesus payed to give them.

check out good old Elijah he was a cool dude.he had gots and he loved the talks about him in 1 kings.I just love to read about the guy.but I,m sooooo thankful they didnt have cameras back then.some butt head would have put a picture of him in the buff.and it dont trip my trigger.ewwwwwwww...

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the kids are mowing.

The kids are mowing today.and then we will be going for a ride up north.

we were going to go yesturday but the truck they use went on the fritz.
so poor Eric had to fix the dumb thing.he does pretty darn good to do the work on his own truck.
they are hard to fix cause of all the new stuff on them.years ago anyone could fix them.cause they were so its all that new junk that makes it hard.but he does good.he had TJ to help him.
me Anna and Jake watched movies tell they got done.then Anna made hamburger gravey.yummy yummy.
they wanted me to stay over but I desided to come home.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

something to think about.

We can fall in a pig pen,but we dont have to stay there!!!!

If life hands you lemon,s made lemon aid!!!

If yah fall get up and let God dust you off and keep going!!!

dont look back cause you cant change anything any way,but you can change tomorow!!!

today is the only day you can make better,tomorw isnt here yet,yesturday is gone,do what you have to with today!!!

love your family enough to let them make their own mistakes,but dont clean them up for them.

God cant help those who help themselves,so we need to tell him we need him.then he can work in our lives,other wise we are on our own!!!

the family tree.

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from little nuts problems grow.

I know I have talked about family tree,s before and how your blessed if you are able to roll far from the tree if its a nut tree.well I have told you I came from a very nutty tree.but praise God I was able to roll fast and far.O I still have problems and aint perfect.and I have to deal with as much crap as my farmer father had to only its a diffrent kind of crap!!! but its still a stinky deal some times.and spreading it isnt the answer.
well I was talking to a friend the other day.and she was saying why do kids blame their parants for the problems they make for themselves?
I said its easyer for them to blame someone else. that way they dont have to take a good look at themselves!!!!!

she said her oldest child was so messed up she didnt know what to do with her.she had two kids and she wasnt married to the father.and she was messing up the kids lives by running around with guys who were losers.she wouldnt do what was needed for the kids.and the mother had tryed for years to help her.but every time she did the child would blame the mother for where she had gotten herself through wrong choices.
she said the reason she couldnt make things work was her familys fault.
the mother said how can it be our fault?we have only baled her out after she got into the mess in the first place!!!we have seen her make dumb choices one after the other and warned her every time it wasnt a wise move.but she would tell us we were just being mean.we didnt care if she was happy or not!! we were just trying to make her do what we wanted her to do.
she would stop talking to us and we would just wait tell the fall came and then she would turn to us.then our help was good enough.but she would blame us for the fall to.if we had only done this or that it would have worked out and she would be happy.

I said your not to blame for the mess she got her self into.she is!!!and you need to step back and let her learn that!!!that is the only thing your to blame for, or trying to fix the messes she gets into.
every time she makes a dumb choice it isnt long before she falls flat on her face.and then she comes to you to clean up her mess.then she see,s you where right but she will not say so.she wants you to take the blame so she is able to feel good about herself.but the problem is she doesnt learn form her mistakes!!!and soon she is right back out there again making new ones.

you need to tell her you love her and wish her well.but your not her care taker anymore.that if she makes a big mess of her life then she has to clean it up.your her family and you love her but from what I see she is wearing you out with her mess.and if you dont take care of the ones who do listen and your wont be there for anyone.

we all love our kids and want better for them then we had.but there comes a time when we cant fix things for them anymore.they need to grow up and see they have kids of their own,and its time to act like it.
some people get married young or run around and live with people.and end up with kids.and they still want to act like teeny boppers yet.but the time for growing up was when the first baby came along.and if there isnt a hubby there to help then you need to be the one to do it!!!a child needs one sane person in the family.

this poor lady was down to her last straw.she was to the point where she was wore out.and she needed some one to tell her to step back.and I did!!!I said I know what your going through.I am a fixer to!!!I was mother and father to my kids too.
and I did them a injustice.I didnt teach them how to make wise choices cause I sheltered them.I didnt let them learn the value of learning from their own mistakes.cause I didnt want them to I was always trying to fix things.I ment well but there comes a time when you need to step back and stop being a mother,and just be a mom.and that calls for saying its time you are potty trained.meaning if your going to mess up then you clean it up!!!!

and its hard to do.cause if your like me its hard to see your kids suffer from their own stupidity.but its the only way they will learn.but what is even harder is to see your grandkids suffer for it.
but if I have learned anything in this life is one most learn form their own mistakes.and if they dont they are doomed to do them again and again tell they do.

now did this lady step back?no she is still cleaning up her childs messes.and its only dragging her down farther.the lady isnt well and is in need of a vacation and rest.but that is far from her.she will keep on doing the clean up and the girl will still blame her.but one day the mother will be gone and then she will see it wasnt her mothers fault after was her fault!!!then she will have to grow up and clean up her own messes.and then she will be just in time to clean up her kids messes.and it will serve her right.cause her kids didnt fall to far from her nut tree!!

its not mean to teach your kids to handle their own choices.its just be sure they are old enough first.if you have done all you know to do and they still are messing up.then its time to do some tough love.step back and say that you love them but you are getting wore out by their bad choices.and get out of it.some people need to drop so low before they learn.

I have cousins who are dumber then a box of rocks.they have done nothing but screw up all their lives.and they have spent time in jail.and so did some of their fathers.they just refuse to learn.but then its time to step away.and it will make them see this is not the way life is lived.if one choses to live like that then they do it can only help someone who wants help.

do I feel sorry for these people?no they chose their own messes.they chose to live like this.they see the mess and feel it.they see the harm its doing to them and their family.but they chose to live it any no I dont feel sorry for them.I feel sorry for Jesus for the price he payed for people who dont care.that is the sadest part.there is help for them but they refuse it.

I feel for the mother who is so wore down she is almost at her wites end.but if she doesnt listen, then I see where her child gets it.this mother most make a wise choice to.she has to say."I love you with all my heart,but I will not let you rip the whole family apart with your mess.I will not clean up your mess anymore."the problem is will she come to her sences soon enough before its too late?

the only one we can blame for our problems is us.we have choices and if we make them we make them.and we are the ones to blame if they blow up in our faces.

Lord knows I have made enough mistakes in my life.and I did my share of blaming others.but there came a time when I learned a hard listen.
it was me who made the choice and I had no one to blame but me.
yes the devil made me do it is funny and people use it all the time as if its a way out.
but its not.
cause when we stand before God and say "the devil made me do it'.He will say yes I know but it still doesnt get you off the hook.cause I made a way so you could be free and you refused it!!!".
one day we will stand before a holy God and we will have no lame things to say to him.all we will be able to say is I plead the blood of Jesus.and he is my savoir and the Lord of my life.all the dumb things I did in my life are covered by the blood of Jesus.and the mistakes I made when I was dumb will roll off me like water off a ducks back.

so yes I grew on a nut tree.but one day I was given the blessing of falling off of it.and I was blessed again to roll fast and far from it.and I recieve a new tree to be under.its called the tree of life.and it grows in heaven.and one day soon Ill be able to see the one who planted it face to face.

have a great week.every one.and enjoy the spring weather.for give me for not commenting on your bogs for now.I been busy and I been seeking the Lords help to move on from a deseret place I been know your in my prayers and thoughts.I pray for you all the time.each night your lifted to the throneroom. and God knows your needs.God bless you all.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

the sun set out my window.

The sun set is always lovely out my window.

but I wish that when the sun goes down tonight that it will have set on evil once and for all.we see so much going on in this much pain and evil.killings go on all the time.for every one put on the news more are there that dont get on.there are rapes and abuse and all manor of wickedness.
I know where this evil comes from.its the devil who is the auther of this evil.but for as far back as I can remember I have heard people blame God.they say "Oh God killed my baby
"why did God kill my son or why did GOD DO THIS OR THAT?
why did God send that tornado to rip my life apart.why did God put this sickness on me?

I use to listen to this kind of talk and think.if God is this mean why would anyone rust him?I for a long time saw God as this mean old man just sitting there waiting for me to do some thing wronge so He could take his big stick of judgement and bop me on the bean.wack!!!!I lived under that lie for a long time.

then one day I met people who knew God and who knew how he was.people who actly talked with him and really had a friendship with that was cool.I needed a God I could have who would listen to me.some one who could tell me why the heck my life was so messed up.and some one who could love me just as I was.but love me too much to leave me that way.

its hard to know God when you never met him before.I had been in the church all my young life.but never met Jesus.Oh I heared things about him.things like I just told you.but that wasnt the kind of God I could when I met people who said I needed Jesus in my life I was confused.

I said to my self Iam a christain,I go to church,I was baptized as a baby.but the more I looked at those people I saw they indeed had some thing I didnt have.and I wanted it.their eyes had life in them.they were at peace ,I couldnt explain.I had no real peace.Oh for the good times Id feel calm.but when all hell broke lose all hell would break lose!!!!and Id have I wanted to know how to have peace in any time.

a soul with out God is a soul with out God.if you have never recieved Jesus you dont have God eather.Jesus said "I am the way the truth and the life,those who come to the father have to come through me".He is the way,He is the life.He is the truth".NO MAN COMES TO THE FATHER BUT THROUGH JESUS.
you can jump up and down and lay on rugs and chant and do all manor of crazy stuff.but if you dont do it Gods way your still lost.
God sent Jesus to you as a gift for all man kind.ALL OF US!!!!He gave us this gift as a baby in a manger on a stary night years ago.

this baby grow in the place God put a carpenter shop in a little town.he grow and lived a SINNLESS life for us all.he made things for people so their lives were easyer.carpenters build homes.they build tables and chairs for familys to set around.they fix carts for houses to pull.they make cooking spoons to eat off from.they make beds and cribbs for people to sleep peacefully on.they make shelves to store our food on.latters to climb higher.they make what we need.a carpenter is a man who knows what people need.they work with wood.they smooth it and stain it and make it into treasures.when Jesus worked in that carpenter shop he was telling a story just by being there.

one day he would hang on a unfinished old rough tree and his blood would stain the wood for us all.he would die and raise again and that old cross would be a treasure to us all who recieved him and what he did.
I have nice things in my home.smooth wood and nice things the Lord has blessed me with.but the treasure I hold more dear is the old rugged cross where my savoir hung to set me free.

all the religions in the world who have to do some thing all the not know Jesus or God.cause God already did it all.and when Jesus sat down at Gods right hand he was saying it is finished.

the religions who say you have to pray five times a day,or kill people to be a hero to get to heaven,or crawl on hands and knees across rocks,or say you have to wear this or that,or you have to say this or that over and over,dont know Jesus.He did all the dieing any of us will ever have to do.he was beaten and bloodyed for all the people who are getting spearsed and bloodyed are wasting their time.

salvation is open your mouth and say"God Iam a sinner,I need a savoir,I ask Jesus to be my savior and the Lord of my life.Jesus come into my life and make it some thing that brings glory to you.turn this messed up life around and make it some thing beautiful to show others, if you can save a old messed up sinner like me .then you can save anyone!!!!! give me the Holy Spirit to help me live as I should.thank you Lord for saving me and for giving me your Holy Spirit as my comforter.I am now born again and headed to heaven.thank you Lord Jesus for what you did for me the truth about you and your word.and rip the lies out of me, that the devil had placed in me.
In Jesus name I pray amen and amen.

Now I want to tell you about a few books and people that have helped me alot.
1.Joyce Meyer (Battlefied of the mind.)
2.anything by Kenneth or Gloria Copeland.(the love tapes.)were first from Ken )I think they were in Philly)
3.anything by Jesse or Cathy Duplantis.

4.anything by Oral Roberts,Richard and his wife.(Oral,s books were the first ones the Lord put in my hands.they helped me alot.)seed faith living was the first.
5.John Hagee.
6.T D Jakes.
7.Benny Hinn.(and dont listen to these liers who put lies about his ministry on discovery channel or the other channels who bash Gods men and women of today.they lie.)
8.Billy Graham.
9 Ruth Graham.
10.700 club,. TBN,CBN,INSP,.christian channels.
ask God to show you the truth about him and put the books and tapes and things in your life to help you grow.some of these places will send you stuff free to help you.they want you saved,and they arent after your money.but it does coust them alot of bucks to be on TV to help you to begin with.

for those who have computers here is some of the web pages.(just put them on you search thing and they should come up.)

but the hot line is just sit on your bed or in your chair and say "JESUS"and God is already listening.cause anytime you say his name you have Gods full attention.then just say father I need your help please show me what to do.He will help you.

Have a great weekend.and thanks for stopping.God bless you all.your in my prayers. and I will be around when I can to comment on your blogs.I been busy and havent had the time.when the weather gets nice I go out if you dont see me you know Iam busy.but I some times check and dont get time to just know I am thinking of you and I will get to my bloging again soon.


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enjoying the day

The little white guy I told you about last year made it through winter.this is dusty.he isnt as white as snow flake or the rest of them.but he is the only one I have seen.hope the rest of them are ok. he looks healthy and fat.and he seems to be happy.he sat there and let me take his picture so he isnt as scared as he was last year

these two were sitting just a few feet from me.they were talking to each other and looking at me.I was wondering what they were I
made it up.

Hey fred lets make believe its that movie the birds and scare the fat chic in the van.
Yah burt it would be a blast!!!but what if she shots us?
Yah fred I didnt think of that.lets just fly over and dive bomb her windows.
Yah burt I hate clean windows.Oh look she is feeding the ducks lets be nice and get some food.
sounds like a plan to me burt you go first.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

bitter sweet memories.

Pray for those who lost their son.
stop calling him names and try to
see why he didnt get the help he needed.
see if the pills that are no answer,
were in fact the things that caused
this.pills only mask the simtums.
the root problem is emotinal,or spirital,
and needs to be delt many others
will have to go through this before
someone does some thing?

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pray for his family.

Today the news spoke of the animal who killed 32 people.they ran him down and called him all manor of things.they showed his face and made him out to be little less then human.yes he killed those fine young people and he killed teachers who touched lives.
but they forgot one thing.Jesus died for him to.he died for the sins this young man did on that day.
and they forgot the pain and the sorrow of others who loved him and also lost their loved one.
this young man was troubled and he was let slip through again.people knew so why didnt they do some thing?why did they sit back and only say some thing after its too late?depressed people are at risk!!!!they can kill them selves plus others.they arent in their right mind.they are sick.they need help.

but its far too late now.the damage is done and no one is coming back from that day.but will anyone find out what set him off.was it a life of harrasment from kids who didnt let him fit in cause he didnt have the look?was is not fitting in.was it a bad home life or was it just the hard ships of life.or was it he didnt know the Lord.people dont just one day slip a coge and go and kill 32 people for no reason.there is always reasons.this young man was having problems and others knew and did who is the animals?the ones who did it or those who knew and looked away?

pray for the family of this young man.they lost to.they have a hard roll ahead of them.will they be able to live in the same town,will they have a job to come back to.will they be safe to walk the streets.will people treat them as they have the memorie of their sick son.

pray for them cause the saddness and lonelyness and fear most be beyond standing.

we should send out our prayers and love to the parents of this young man.

CHO SEUNG HUI is the son of someone.he is a mothers son a fathers son.and a brother to his sister.and he no longer has a chance to get the help he needs.and no one can turn back the time and change the thing that happened.but we can forgive and give grace and reach out to everyone who is hurting.yes what he did is uncalled for.its sick and its evil and it was done by someone who was decived into believing that if he did this he would feel better about what ever was causing this pain and hell he was in.instead it put 33 people in the ground.and caused a wave that will keep washing over this world tell it is stopped by forgiveness.


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Monday, April 16, 2007

A day for prayer.

Pray for the ones who lost loved ones today at Virginia tech.the school massacre.
and for those who are in shock and for those who were wounded.
32 killed and 28 wounded.
a young Asion male came on campus and killed two in a dorm and then went to another part of the campus and killed 3o more and then killed himself.

Lord when will people value life again?will it come when we stop killing unborn babys in their mommys wombs?will it come when games stop coming on the market that teach people to kill.will it come when we see that we need to turn once again to you.will it ever come?
Lord have mercy on us,and save our children .there has been so much of this in the last few shows the enemy is targeting our young people.evil people under the devils contral are being sent to the schools to do harm.
we need to be able to make not only our borders safe but or schools as well.please teach us how to once again be able keep our selves safe.

We need you Lord to pertect us and our children.we cant be with them at all times so please pertect them Lord when we cant be with those who have lost their loved ones today.comfort them and give them the grace they need to go though this time of sorrow and sadness.
help this country become a safe place once more.where all life is valued no matter whoes it is.a unborn baby,a person in a nursing home,kids in is life and all need a safe place to live.


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Sunday, April 15, 2007

the storm clouds.

the storm that came through the day we thought we were really going to get it.they had said we may get tornadoes and hale,and high came fast rained and left.but it sure looked bad when it came in.

lunch time at the park.someone feeds the birds at the park.I like to stop in and see who is there for lunch.this day it was two ducks and this crow.they were nice enough to stay so I could take this shot.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

go to the post before this one first.

I drove to the camp site and checked out the places I would like to stay.the one is near the water.and I will be able to see the lake from the camper.and its close to the showers and bathrooms.
this picture is of the fishing dock at the end of the was so pretty I stopped to just enjoy the color of the water and the beauty of the day..the birds were singing and I could hear geese off in the distance.

I could have just sat in that place and fallen asleep listening to the wildressness sounds.but I had a few things to see yet.I drove along the water till I seen something in the water around a little bend in the road.

there in the water was a animal I didnt know what it was cause I was still too far away.
I was careful and drove as close to the water as I was able to get a good shot with the camera.
it was a young otter.he had a fish and was eating it on a little stump that was sticking out of the water.he saw me and didnt know if he should stay or leave.he jumped into the water and then desided he better take his fish he came out on the stump again.then he desided he should leave and eat some where else.
He didnt like some lady watching him and snapping pictures of him while he tryed to eat his fish!!!he went in the water and was gone.
but I already had the picture so it didnt can see him on the stump in the water.I sat for a short time and was thinking how good God is to bless his kids.
I was able to see a otter in the wild.I had seen one years ago when I was a kid.but this one was more of a treat cause I am not out in the wilderness as much.and this was a blessing.
the animals come out in the winter cause the park is deserted and guiet.and I came on a day that was mild and here I was able to see the otter.thank you Lord for the blessings.I sat for a little longer and desided to drive back through once more before I left. being by the water always refeshs I drove through once more.but anything that had been there was gone now.I looked once more at the two spots I had picked to camp.and then headed out of the park.

as I drove along the lake I desided to drive along the west side of the park.and along the lake from there.and Iam so glad I did.cause there sat a goose on a log sunning himself.
if I had been able I could have snaped a shot of him and the odd looking ducks.
but a car was right behind me and there is no I missed the shot.
I hurryed and went down and turned around and headed back.and was able to get this shot.
he sat there and let me take his picture.there were other ducks off to the left but couldnt get him and them in the picture.but this is a cool picture anyway.
I had to leave then cause another car was I headed I drove along I was thinking about when I come up to stay.and the time Ill have to take pictures and enjoy my self.I love to camp.but cant do it the way I use to.

I would take my tent and little twin bed and off Id go up north about 80 miles form home.Id drive slow and enjoy the Id pull out of town the cares and worrys would melt in the beauty of the drive.Id forget the things that had been so worry some at home.
the closets that needed to be cleaned.the house work that needed to be done for spring.problems that needed to be worked out,all drifted away as I drove.
Id get there to the land at around lunch.set up the tent and unload my stuff.and then go get the water in town,and eat.Id drive out by the lake to see if it had changed.and sit for a long while and just write in my journal.draw what I saw,and just look out across the water.

the nights in the tent were the best.Id pray and talk to the Lord,and listen to the night sounds.the night birds off in the forest would sing me to sleep most nights.once early in the morning off in the distance I could hear wolves or coyotes.they howled and it was so cool.I never felt scared or alone cause the Lord was with me.
Id make my meals in mom,s camper but sleep in the couldnt hear the wilderness sounds as good in the camper .so that is why I slept in the tent.
every thing always teasts so much better up north in the wild.I havent figured out why but it mom and stepDad always said "its the air"and maybe it is.
the air is cleaner and fresh,and your so dang hungry you could eat a bear.I remember mom,s pancakes, bacon and eggs.boy that was doing her breakfast would wake us all up.the smell of bacon and egg frying on the cool moring air is just too tempting to sleep through.yummy yum yum!!!!

but this time I was alone.and breakfast was some sweet roll and tea.Id sit and read in the camper for a while and then write in my journal.
by then it would be time to take a drive to the river.there was a cool log cabin over by the lodge a few miles I would drive there and sit by the river a was peaceful and pretty.Id take my lunch some times and just stay gone all day.find places to sit so I could draw my addventures.I didnt have a camera working then.and the money was needed for the trip,not to get pictures Id draw them.
one fall it was the best time I ever had,also the last time I went up there to camp.little did I know it would be the last time with my tent and the last time Id be able to camp there by my self or camp at all.I enjoyed that trip the most.

the leaves were all ablaze with their fall colors and the weather was perfect.the time was just right for me.the Lord had worked it all out to bless me.the maple tree down by the falls was so was blood red and so beautiful.the sky seemed so blue,more lovely then I had ever seen it.every thing was intence and breath taking.I remember wondering why every thing was so alive and wonderful.
I remember just saying Lord its so beautiful.thank you thank you.
I drove along the wilderness roads and was just like a little kid with a new toy.I felt more alive then I had ever felt in my life.
I met people and talked about the Lord and how he had always been there for was like this time was just for my blessing.

I read a few books that even blessed me.I had put the books there years before and found them and read them.they were even a blessing.the storys went along with what I was was as if God had put every thing in place to refesh and revive me.
a thunder storm came through on evening and the pitter pat on the roof from the rain sang me to sleep.

early one moring geese came right over top of the camper and were so cool.the Lord knows I love to hear the geese in the fall.and watch them fly over in their V,s.the time was ment to bless and get me ready.but at the time I didnt know what for.
but I learned a year later.and those days would help me in the years to come.Id run back there to that time in the wildreness and Id be refreshed.

that october and early september was the time I would remember when the next year rolled around.
my step Dad died in september,and then christmas time found me sick and needing to go to the doctors at my daugthers.
I ended up having a DNC there only to find I needed to go to the doc when I got home.see the doctor down there found I had cancer but he didnt want to tell me tell I seen my own doctor.

the Lord knew he needed to get me ready for the time Id be layed up.almost two years before Id be able to get around like I once had.and the tent was gone and my wanting to be alone in the wilderness was buryed under a cain to walk with and a feeling of being weaker then I had ever felt in my life.for a while didnt think Id ever do things like I use to.but the Lord knew He would bring me back.the devil tryed to kill me off,but the Lord healed me.

Now I can hardly wait till I can go and camp again on my own,just me and will be cool.Ill take the time to take pictures and share it with you.well guess I better get this post done or someone may come and miss the whole story cause this part took me so long.
hope you enjoyed my ride up to the park.and the memories of the fall I spent in the wilderness up north.


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trip to the park.

I headed up my favorite drive along the river.and I figured Id find a good place to camp when Anna and her hubby pull their camper up there for was a lovely day.mild and sunny.I sat in the van with out my was a change from wearing all those darn winter things.

as I drove along I was on the look out for anything the Lord had for me to see.
but there didnt seem to be much as I just drove along the river.that in its self is beauty enough.the
sky was so clear that not even a cloud was seen.
the houses along the way where cleaned of the winter dead grasses in their yards.and the people where ready for spring flowers cause the gardens and flower beds looked like someone had been getting them ready.
I came to one of the farms that had stopped being a working farm long ago.a son and father were raking and doing yard work.they didnt even see me when I went by,they were so busy getting the work done.
they had a very large yard to I figure they didnt have time to pay any mind to some fat chic flying by in a big white van.

when I came to the town where the park is I seen the fire danger was high.on the sign at the DNR office,smokey bear was waving and telling me to fight forest fires by not starting them.
I came around the bend and seen that there were no geese in the lake.they come to that place and sit along the little Islands in the lake.but today there werent any there.
I drove past the info office and the ball fields,along he little drive past the boat landing and past the houses where all the deer use to be .when I had stayed here at my uncles for three months to watch his house for them.but today there were no deer.
I drove to the ranger station and went in to get the info I needed.the ranger was there drinking his moring coffee.

His name is mike.I told him about why I came and he gave me a bunch of papers on the numbers of the camp sites ,and the prices ,and some other stuff.we talked for a while about the park and the day.then I told him about the Lord healing me of cancer.also let him know I was a follower of Jesus.

then I asked him about being a ranger.cause the grandsons are thinking about it.we talked alittle more and he said you need two years of collage and some natural resorces back round.and the one place to get the training is in a town where we have the boys could go and be able to stay with family.we talked a little more and I moved on.

the picture above is what was waiting for me as I pulled into the first part of the can see them in the water by the two pine branches.push on the picture and they will get big.I will go put the other pictures on now.

this is number one picture .

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more of the stones.

they were made in 1871 to 1889,or longer.the ones I seen them on were for a girl 22 years old,and young most have been in a time when sickness killed younger ones.if you press on the picture you can read some of the writing.
the 22 year old girl is on the first one I put on the other day.

all I know is they are pretty and the person who made them did a wonderful job.they are true works of art to tell that there lays someone who was loved.and the people who rodered these must have loved the artists work.

its funny to see only a few of these around.cause they are so lovely.and they held up so well.I would like to see who did them and find out about the person.maybesome day I will.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

grave stone I like.

You can put truth in the grave,but it wont stay there.
the man who said that was Clarance Hill.

He is very right.
I love the saying you cant keep a good man down.that fits Jesus to the tee.

I have been busy and so I haven't had time to Ill just place this small one now and come back when I do have time.
have a great weekend and God bless you all.thanks for stopping on my Easter post.

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Have a great weekend.

Thanks everyone for stopping on my Easter post.

I hope your all having a wonderful time with
family and friends.this is a picture of my grannys
lily.its very old and for some reason this year it
didnt bloom.Oh well maybe next year.
have a wonderful passover,Easter,resrrection
day.God bless you and yours....

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Time to remember.

the cross and what Jesus did is the most
Jesus came he died and he rose again...
and because he lives so do we....
we live and and move and take our bearth and our life

through him....

important thing in our lives. for without it

Easter would be nothing but another day.

or mearly a day for easter egg hunts and bunnys.

But Easter or R
esurrection day as it should be called! is the day our Lord Jesus christ raised from the dead and defeated the devil .and bought back his people from the wages of sin.he defeated sin and death.and gave us the chance to have the garden and the kingdom of God back here with us.he restored the right for us to walk and talk with God,and again be able to call him father.and be his childern.

his raising from the dead was the best gift man kind could recieve.yes christmas he came as a gift from God to us.but it was Resurrection day the gift became a freedom call through out the land.for when he stood alive after concoring death and the grave no one or nothing could stop him or us then.

so this reurrection day go in peace and know if you have recieved Jesus as your Lord and savior.then you are free to live as he from sins power,and death can no longer bring fear to you.because he concored death and the grave for you.

that is why it says in his word."O death where is your sting?,O grave where is your victory?"

when I leave this place eather by the rapture or if he calls me home before it.I will leave and be with him the second I leave my body.

now that cant get much enjoy this resurrection sunday.and tell your friends and family and grandkids.the real meaning of this holiday.dont let them think its a day with only bunnys and egg hunts.tell them the real meaning of this wonderful day we share.
and give thanks to the man who loved us all enough to die and raise again so we could have life worth living.

these pictures were from a book called the frist has lovely pictures as you can see.and tells children the story of the very frist Resurrection day.the auther is Paul L Maier.and is illustrated by Francisco Ordaz.
Iam sure the bible book store would have it.and if not they could order it for you.

I found this book at a sale and picked it up for my grand kids.its good to remind them what this holiday means and why we come togther on this day.that way they will never forget the reason that Jesus came. and no one can steal the truth from them.

in this world so many lies are going arould.the da vinshi code and all the other junk,like those liers who said they found Jesus bones.and his grave.Good Lord I pitty the people who lie like that.and the people who believe this junk as well.

if Jesus were dead then it would mean we have no hope but to live and die and then nothing!!! but I know better.I listoned to the lies for a while when I was younger.and found life very empty and meaningless.then I recieved Jesus and now I know the truth.once you meet the man.NO ONE CAN LIE TO YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!the Lord did as it was said in the bible.and he did as it says when he came he was baptized by john,he went into the dessret he had a ministry for 3 years,he lived a sinless life,he was crusified dead and buryed in a borrowed tomb,he rose on the 3rd day,and he asended in to heaven after 40 days of talking and letting himself be seen so we knew he did what he did.he went and layed his blood on the mercy seat in heaven and came back to give us the keys to the kingdom.
He said greater works then me shall you do beause I go the father.He said Ill send you the comforter who is the HOLY SPIRIT.

yes he did as he said.and look what the early believers did. they rasied the dead,healed the sick,and much more with the truth he gave them.3,000 people were saved the day peter recieved the baptizem of the Holy Sprirt.because he spoke with power.
but today we been hit over and over with it dont happen no more.To that I say bull!!! it happened to me.I recieved the gift of the baptizem of the Holy Spirit when I recieved Jesus as my savior.I didnt know what it was cause my church had taught it didnt happen anymore.I had to call the people who told me about asking Jesus into my life to find out what had happened.

I can pray in a new laugage and recieve the meaning of the words the Holy Spirit prays through me.I have been so blessed at times when I didnt know how to pray in my own langage. and prayed in the spirit and recieved so much help, and comfort as I could hear what the spirit of God was praying for me,through me.
Jesus told his followers back then "go to the upper room and do not leave tell the Holy Spirt comes on you.and gives you power."

they waited all in one accord and soon there was a mighty rushing wind or the sound like ocean waves and toungs like fire were on each one and they begain to speack in other toungs.
and when Peter walked out of that place he wasnt a sissy anymore he spoke with power.he wasnt afraid anymore of those he had been afaird of before.
3,ooo people heard him speak and 3,ooo gave their lives to Jesus.and the world would never be the same again.that power is still available to believers today.
but there are those today who still try to say its not for today.well I tell you if I had not recieved this wonderful gift from the Lord I would not be able to speak as blodly as I do .for I would be still the little sissy I was before.

I have seen alot of things in my walk with the Lord.things that wowed me and stood me still in my tracks.things that amaized me.things if I told you, you may not believe me.but they are I know this goes on every day.
Jesus is still alive and doing what he promised.I have recieved healings for my self and for others in my family,and for people I dont even know.I have seen things done that were inposable but still have I know Jesus lives. AND HE IS THE SAME YESTURDAY.TOAY AND FOREVER!!!!!

rejoyce with all of us this resurrection day.for the lord he lives and he is who he says he is.if others do not believe then its not our flault,for we have told them the truth.what they do with it is up to them.its the freedom the lord has given to each man to believe or not.he did not make us pupits.but my prayer today and always is that you will believe and be saved.for I believe with the lord.he says in his word " I WOULD HAVE THAT NONE WERE LOST. BUT THAT ALL CAME TO THE SAVING KNOWLAGE OF JESUS CHRIST."

that is my prayer for you this time of year.that when you go to the tomb you know it is empty for he has risen.and because he lives you do to.

have a wonderful Resurrection day this sunday.and know that your in my heart and prayers.God bless you all and have a wonderful time with friends and family.and share the truth of this day with all who will hear.

The Lord is alive he is raisen!!!! go tell everyone!!!!!shout it from the roof tops and to the valleys and all around '
the Lord is alive....HE LIVES!!!!!

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

best friends.

Have a Bear-y nice day.remember its april fools day so someone doesnt pull
the wool over your eyes.God bless you all.
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the name for this picture.

I went back to the picture and looked at the names the girls gave me.
and they were both so good I desided to use them here is the name
of this picture.two of the girls helpd me out and another one picked one of
the names .
(The guardian )
Raggedy gave me this one.thank you for the great works well.
(keeping watch)
Merle gave me this name.thank you for the great name works well.
(the guardain keeping watch)
and because I loved both names I conbined them to make a wonderful name.
and thanks to Audrey for picking Merles name to.thank you all for helping me

this picture will be one of the ones hanging in my home when I get it.I will put a plaque on it saying
your help me remember the ladys who helped me name it
(The guardain keeping watch)
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the eagle and the nest.

this is the eagle on the farm near the cemetery ridge.
this is the nest I was telling you about.its almost in
the center of the picture.I havent desided what name
to pick yet for the other picture of the eagle.I almost
forgot two of you girls gave me names.I need to go
back and check it out.Ill pick one of them today.
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