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I'm a follower of Jesus...I Love the Lord!Iam a artist,love to write,I have two grown daughters,4 grand childern.I enjoy traveling.this is my blog and I say what I think.if you dont agree thats dont have to read it.sometimes I deal with so much crap,I feel like a farmer.check out my new blog "willow in the mist."

Monday, August 28, 2006

morning glorys.

this is so pretty I just had to take the picture.its Anna,s pretty morning glorys.they have the deepest color.both lucy and Anna,s flowers are pretty.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

charlottes web on my window.

don,t go nuts its only a pic of a hold your horses and don,t freek.aint she cute.she has been eating the bugs by my window.and she has listened to the rules.{if you say out side you live.come in and you die.}smart she has stayed where she belongs.I like to watch her do her thing with the bugs who are dumb.she wraps them all in little packages and stores them for later.I have very few bugs that come in.and if I were her Id have picked her spot to.the view can,t be beat.but the wind sure almost blew her off a few times.but then she hides under the ledge.

hummer and moth at Anna,s

what the Lord does to intertain a bored city girl.aint He good!!!He always gives me just what I need to keep on keepen on.

hubby and the grandaughters on a fall day.

like someone once said "the best things in life are free.raking a big pile of leaves and jumping in it is fun.I remember when I was a kid doing it.or jumping on a hay pile in the hay was always fun on the farm.glad my grand kids have country in their gives you a love for life.Lord keep them country and close to you gets mean if you venture away from you.

He restores my soul.

the vacation was just what the doctor ordered.I didn,t work on the book but I sure got to rest.and I also had fun watching Anna,s humming birds fight over the feeder.they did fight maneuvers to out wit their enemy who was trying to eat the food.I did get some pic,s and will see if I can put them on here.I was able to also enjoy a good ol summer thunder storm to.thank God it was only the rain and thunder kind.but in another state it was real bad.they got 15 was very bad.and there was bace ball sized hail.never seen so big hail in my life!!if you had been out in it you surely would have been hurt very badly.and guess some were.we just got some well needed rain.I lay there in bed and just listened to the rain on the was so peaceful I fell to sleep.the other nights I was able to hear the crickets and frogs in the pond.along time ago my grandpa,s sister moved off the farm and in to chicago.for nights she lay awake unable to sleep do to the sounds from the street.she took a drive home and took her big tape recorder.she sat it up down by the swamp and let it run all was the kind of reel to reel ones they frist had so you got about 8 hours.and she took it back to the big city and before bed she put the tape on and let it run just loud enough so it drowned out the street sound.and she never had problems sleeping I know what that is like.cause Iam a country girl to and going to stay in the country just revives my batterys.thank you Lord for giving the kids a time to get way.and for them letting me watch their home and was good to hear the beauty of a summer time thunder storm.and a early morning rain storm.the sounds of the crickets and tree frogs.the wind in the tree,s and for the hummers coming to feed and fight.also for the little yellow bird who scared the heck out of me as he hit the window next to me to let me know they were out of food!!!yes Anna,s birds hit the window to let you aunt had chic a dee,s that would do the same thing.birds arent dumb.they know where God sends them to eat.and when the one who is feeding them aint being faithful they let you know. so if birds are hitting your windows they are saying God sent us here for you to feed alittle bird feed wouldn,t kill you!!!same with cats.if you got mice get a cat.and besides petting a cat lowers your blood its good for you.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

passion flower.

this flower is a flower that has the stages of the cross on it.there is a cross and more to tell you about Jesus.if even his flowers tell you about him doesn,t it stand to reason He is!!!!after all He created them.thank you Jesus for putting flowers at the very tip top of very high mountains ,just incase I were to drag my big butt up there and lay down out of shear lack of breath and see the delicate flowers you put in the elpine would say "if you made it up this high child to see this you can make it back down with my help to.Lord I love all your beauty,but ain,t no way this chic is dragging this 40 up no mountain.I know where the book stores are.and the discovery channel is on my I can see it all because someone else went there for me.and I can breath just fine right where I am.but thanks for putting the stuff there for the people who do go.and I love all you did that I been able to see.

lily in mom,s garden

hubby watering mom,s garden.

this was a nice day.we were visiting at mom,s and helped her in the was so peaceful just sitting in the chairs and visiting with her.I always felt at ease when we were there.hubby called me this morning to say he had written me a whole page in the package he was sending guess that will be a change.he wasn,t able to even write a small thing before he guess the Lord is helping him express himself better. he is still not out of the woods yet but praise the Lord he can see the pathway to go to get out.I know the Lord uses the things we go through to help others who are going through things.and how do you help if you don,t I will be working on the book again so this will be short.and I will be gone for a few days on a needed I may not be able to blog for few days.but I will be back around the 26 of I will try to do a post to be here tell I get back. Isaiah 55; one of the verces in the bible I says Gods word will not return to him void.that it will do what He sent it when you say "my God shell supply all my needs according to His riches in glory in christ means just what it says.cause God ain,t poor,he isn,t sick,he isn,t confused in his mind ,he has the answers to any need you have.He wants you to prosper .3 john 2king james bible."beloved ,I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health,even as your soul prospers. and that doesn,t mean just means in what ever you need to prosper your marriage your emotions your relationships your health,what ever need you have.when Jesus said it is finished on the cross he ment it.He covered it all,meaning every need you have is covered.its in black and white and red in his word.the bible stands for B ,bacic I ,instuctions .B, before. L, leaving.E ,earth. so if you want to find out how to get safely through this messed up old world read the own,s manual.and if your having money problems debt means . D ,doing E everything. B but .T titheing. see its funny but even the english langage tells you what God they can,t say that when the word needed to be trancelated so we could read it, it lost its meaning.well you see God was able to tell you in your own langage that you needed to do things His way.well I got saved and learned about Jesus in the bibles I could you see they don,t lose just helps us dummys read to!! I been a tither for a long time.I give to help others take the good news that Jesus saves and God made a way for all of us to be able to come boldly to his throne to get mercy in our time of need.I can,t run all over to other countrys cause I don,t have the strength or the money but their are others he has called to I give so they can.that way when I get to heaven I will get the credit right along will those I partner if you want to get God to answer your prayers and help you in your every day life .then do things his way.and don,t think you will get him to answer it your in sin and know it.if your doing somthing you know darn well is wronge then you need to repent and get back where you belong.and their was this thing on the 700 club,God will not send you into sin to get you what you think you need.He doesnt work that way.the devil tempts you into sin ,God does not.

Friday, August 18, 2006

something to feast on.

THE GOOD LIFE,is not reaching out for,s reaching out for God and allowing Him to add to us all that He intended.this I learned from kenneth copeland ministrys.thank God for Gods faithful men and women.log onto, to get a free comes from then on.its got some very good stuff in it to help you grow in the Lord.there is also a kids magazine called shout.all free no stings attached.its just their way of saying hey we Love you and so does God.I been partners with them for long time and their teaching on the word and healing helped me be ready when cancer came knocking on my life.if it had not been for the word spokenby God through ken and Gloria Copeland.I wouldn,t be alive to be doing this check it out they will not bug you all and hope you find peace for your soul and joy for the jouney and hope for the Jesus name I pray,amen.

part of her lovely garden.

I don,t see much of mom because my hubby had a break down and ended up back home.he was very bad off for a while and it was very hard on me.for nearly 6 months I only heard from him once only for him to say he had feelings for me.I thought {ingestion?or what did you do scratch your butt before you called.}trying to keep my sence of hummer!!but I kept trusting God to work on the things I couldnt do.and one thing I have learned is you can,t make people love you.I put it in Gods hands and just kept pushing forward with the Lord.I can,t share all of what has gone on here.there just isn,t you will have to read the book when its time.all I will say is he has called and left a message on the voice mail saying he loves I don,t know for sure how I feel cause when he left I put my heart in the Lords hands.and it was the best thing I could have done.cause he heals the broken hearted and sets the captive I will share with you how He works this out.but you will have to read the book for all the details.the Lord had me take lots of pic,s before this all happened.and it was a great blessing to me .cause when I wasn,t able to see my sweet mother in law.I could get out my computer and going for a walk though her garden with her.I couldn,t even call her because he needed one safe place to be.see when your confused you need to get your self in a place where you can think if I had been talking to them he would have felt I did as the Lord said and only sent mom letters once in a while.she did to.and hubbys sweet sister the kings daughter would keep in touch.she is my little sister in the Lord.she got save by hubby and my you see when you trust the Lord good does come out of things you don,t I don,t understand why my husband left.but I do know that the story ain,t over yet.and God has a its His will and promise in my life I stand on.for the frist months of or marriage it was heaven.we were very happy.but some how something happened.hubby had been into some weird and odd things in his life witch I will let him fill you in on when he s some how some of that junk was able to decieve him again and mess up his I been there done that.when the girls were younger.I ended up in the wack ward.but praise the Lord he bought me out of it.and so you see I can kinda understand what he is going through.we all have sined and fallen short of Gods no my hubby isn,t a bad man.just one who needs God to get him on a stronge foundation{Jesus and His word} when your a young christain you need to trust the Lord just like a little kid would.basically cause you are like it says in the word "He{being Jesus} who has begon a good work in you will bring it to completion on that you see Jesus is the one doing the work not us.see if we could be good all by our selves we wouldn,t need we can,t work our way into heaven on our good works.none of us could make it.only He {Jesus lived a sinless life thats why we need Him!!!}if you don,t think you do then get your bible and look up the 10 comandments and see how many you have broken.then you will see like I did we all need Jesus !!! Iam ok cause I have the Lord holding me.and He is able to work this mess into amessage.and when all the details are in place He will help me write the Books He promised I would.Two are already in my shell and one Iam already working hope me telling you the truth will show you how to trust the Lord in the stroms in your life.nothing is inpossable for God.

my mother in law

my mother in laws garden

Thursday, August 17, 2006

love the colors in the sky.

well Iam back up and running.finely found out how to by pass the "mess "and blog.its harder then before but at lest I have a way to post.the flowers were the last pic,s I was able to sorry I havent been on for a while but I been trying.lets just say the thought to pitch this computer out the window did cross my mind a few times!!!!but praise the Lord where there is a will ,it will find a way.Jesus you are a awsome God thanks for helping this dumb chic get back on line.the Lord has helped me sooo much in this last few weeks its so cool.he helped me forgive someone when I wasnt able to myself.and he worked out a bunch of problems I couldnt do anything about.see one thing I learned about myself is I was trying to fix the things.yes I have been a fixer all my life.if its broken I will try to fix it.and I learned if I can its my job.if I can,t then its Gods the way you do that is you drop the pesky problem in Gods hands and "leave it the problem is not in the dropping it in his hand its the "leaving it there.see I have take it back syndrome.I say to myself gee Lord are you sure you know how to handle this?after all I been dealing with this for a long time and maybe I can just get a handle on it now if I just try one more time.and I struggle some more with it and get all messed up cause I cant do it and I put it back in the Lords hands.and he is able to I know Iam a slow learner.yes I should know by now when I cant do something.but the Lord loves me just as Iam and he just lets me try and then when I wake up he says."now will you let me handle it?you see he made us so he knows us.and he deals with you right where you again I say thank you Lord for your help in all the things .and please help others to learn about you through my mistakes.I pray they will ask you into their hearts and know you closely as a friend.and feel the same peace I feel being friends with you.God bless you all.sorry I wasnt able to be on and post.I missed being on and sharing my heart with you.hope some how you get help by seeing how the Lord helps me through my problems.

view from my window.

this the picture of one of the nights that the sky was so pretty.hope this posts.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Anna,s flowers.

these flowers were so pretty I just had to take a pic of them.I sat out by Anna,s garden when I was there.soon I saw a humming bird fly by me and hover over the glads and soon he was gone.sometimes we are only given a short time with some things to enjoy when they are here we must saver the time we have.people have come in and out of my life.some were worth the time some werent.but all have a part to play in our person I knew was a compulsive lier.I didnt know it at first,but when I started to see it more and more the friendship started to fall apart.and soon was gone.then there were the trouble makers.and those you distance from even faster.but the ones who make a place in your heart cant be step father was one,my granny,my grandpa,jenny,a teacher named mr chapman,and a study hall teacher whoes name skips my memorie,all people who went out of their way to touch my life.then there are those you think are good for you that arent.and they come and go need to spend time with the people who are worth your time cause know one knows how long you have with grow so fast and need our time.soon they are grown and its never the day your playing with them and the next they are bringing home their kids.yes anyone who has grown kids knows what I mean.I know my father couldnt under stand why my brother and I didnt come to visit him ,we came to visit my step mom.she was the one who kept the lines father had run around on my mom and payed little if any mind to us as kids.then he couldnt under stand why we had nothing to give answer "you get out what you put in,if you put no time into your kids you get none back."I forgave my Dad but we have never been able to say more then a few words to each other most of my life.there isnt the bond there that my step father made with me.I called him my Dad cause he was.he was there and he loved us and made a home for us.but wish my father had cause my life would have been much better.but the Lord is good He sends people along to stand in where others your kids and teach them to live as if they only had one day to live with the ones they love.and do the same your self.cause one day all of us will leave sure you gave the ones you love a reason to remember you loved them.there is nothing or no one worth loseing the love of your kids or loseing the time with them.I had those in my family who loved me grandpa was one.he let me know I was on his mind.he walked with me and talked with me.and I was only 2or3.but as young as I was I still remember him and the fact he loved me.he died when I was 3.the times I spend with my grandkids is good when we are all together.but its even better when we are one on one.cause you can give them your all.I remember holding them as little babys and being afraid cause its a blessing from God to be given a child to love.and its God saying I have faith in you dont blow it!!!I was so afraid when I came home with Lucy.she was small and I wasnt sure I was going to be a good mom.and I prayed Lord you need to help me.and He did.Oh I know I made big mistakes,but I did the best I could with what I knew.and God did the rest.none of us will do it all right.we just need to do our best and ask for help where we screw up. life is short use your time wisely.know one will remember how many days you worked,but your kids will remember the time you spent with them.dont wake up some morning and wonder where the time went. and your kids are grown. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

this was the other hopper on Em,s hand.

helped me figure how to use the closeup on my good.wish I had learned to use it sooner. Posted by Picasa

Em,s little friend.

he sat on her hand for the longest time.finely her Dad said he must be looking for a home!then she found another one and he sat on her arm for a long was as if the Lord wanted to bless her.he was the cutest little grasshoper.yes I know they eat everything in site!! but even cute things can be bad.I think she called him hopper.  Posted by Picasa

today we got together for em,s birthday.

it was a cool day and cloudy,infact it looked like rain all day.but it held off so everyone could play dodge ball.Anna had super for us.then we sat out and just enjoyed the day was nice to just set and to talk to them all.kruze played with the kids he had a good time.good Dad , wish my kids father had been a good miss alot when they dont have their father around.but their father was a booz hound. but em and sar have a good Dad. they went fishing after I left so hope I hear the fish storys.I would have gone to but I dont like back fishing .I find I get more skeeter bits then anything Iam a boat fisherwoman.that way you can fish and out run them pesky skeeters as well.and if you get bored you can go for a ride.I believe in coming perpaired.Anna,s hubby did the hot dogs and one had to duck and cover today when he lite the grill.he has been known to singe his eye brows and some of his arm hair everyone heads for the hill when he lites the grill.he he.I love my son in one can take their place in my heart. they make me laugh and tease the dickins out of you was a blessing day.all of us had a good time.happy birthday you and sar very much!!! Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 07, 2006

pretty fall leaves and a swan.

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two eagles in the tree,fall last year.

the hubby and I were on another drive to see what the Lord would bless us with.and as we came around a corner I saw these two full grown eagles in the tree.hubby pulled up as close as he could and I got out and took these pics.they stayed there tell I got pretty close and then they desided I was too close and they had to fly was awesome to see them fly.they do it so well.wish I had kept the count of seeing them up.but I know it is way over 200 siteings by now in the last 3 years.this morning I was talking to my step mom,and the eagle was flying past so close to my window.I told her and she thought it was sooo cool to see them so much.she said Dad is doing much better.he is in a new room and he called her last night to talk a while.but keep him in your prayers cause he still has muersa.not sure on the spelling?its a staff infection in his lungs.he is healing from his operation thow thank you Lord. today I finely made the soup.I put leeks,carrots,potatoes,onions,cabbage,ham,garlic and some good spices,dill ,cloves,alspice,and one knoss veggie soup mix.I boiled the ham bone from easter,and took the meat off then cut up all the veggies and cooked them in the broth and now its in the frig to get the fat to come to the top.I will take it sure smells good,hope it tastes as well.last night it was cool enough to shut off the air,and I slept better then I have in a long was able to keep it off tell late in the day. lucy headed back today,the girls stayed with Auntie Anna for few will start soon so its now or never!this summer has sure gone fast.but me Iam looking forward to good old fall.that is my favorite time of year.the colors and the smell of the air,and the aroma of the moss and leaves is soooo good.walking in the woods and stepping on poople leaves sends up a fragrance you just cant beat!!!wish they could bottle it.they have tired but they havent done it yet to suit me!!!the fall hubby and I got married was the most beautiful fall I ever remember.but then it could be just cause I was in love.but it sure was pretty.we followed the color across the states.and were blessed with glorious pics.but dont have them on my blog cause we were still useing the old camera.we called the one day "glory day."it was sooo pretty.the colors were so vivid,and we came around a bend in the road and there were four poople trees in the middle of green trees.the pooples were this lovely bright yellow and the sun was shining on the looked just like God was out lining the trees with the sun.the sky in back round was the most beautiful neon blue.I made hubby stop so I could take a pic.there is more to this story but I will leave it for the book.the little cabin we stayed at was by the water.and our view was of the lake out our bay window.there was one sugar maple across the lake in full was the only red along the whole shore.we just stood there and marveled at its beauty.the time spent there together was the most fun I had in years.we had a banana split and shared it as we watched the moon come up.we danced on the dock by the bloat landing to our song as the moon drifted in and out of the clouds.we drove along the shore of the whole lake just to see what it was was a time I will always hold in my heart with warm memories.yes fall is my time.I love to set in the woods as the wind blows the leaves down around you.or I like to drive along and see showers of leaves blown in the wind.the air has a hint of winter in it and smells so fresh.the canadain geese fly over.and the swans land in lakes and ponds here and there.its the time of year God paints His best pictures.everything is in its finest attire.I remember one fall just after I got out of the hospital after cancer.I was feeling much better and it was close to my birthday and Mom desided to take me and the kids for a ride.we ended up by this place were the swans come before going to where they winter over.they were coming in to land.there were thousands of them there.and no one had a dumb was the most miraculous day!!!it was as if the Lord had Mom bring me there to restore me.cause as I sat there my soul was strenght was restored and I was soo blessed I just sat there and thanked the Lord.the sky was so blue and the sun on the water made every thing look like a dream or alittle like I think heaven will look " perfect"!!! the kids and Mom just sat there and remarked about how awsome it was.those swans were the best meds I could have had.and being able to share it with the ones I loved was priceless.but wish they had all been there.I can feel the same feeling now as I tell it.thank you again Lord for that day,and for all the other ones you blessed us with on our addventures. I know some one calls days like that "God whinks".and that is a good name for them.tell me about some of your "God whinks "please!make them short cause of the comment place is small.but I would love to hear. I have had alot of lovely fall was when Dee and I went to a cabin north of us.I rented it and she brought the food.we stayed for a was a awsome cabin right by the lake.we saw eagles and gulls and we enjoyed our selves so much we hated to go home .we took a ride all over the lake on a was so cool.I did some art work it relacked me so much.I have to be in the mood.the Lord worked it out for me and Dee to go a few more times before she got sick.Mom and Dad came up to stay a few times with us .so that is my post for today hope you enjoyed it.sorry so long.but you cant say much if you dont say much!!God bless you as I know he does. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 06, 2006

the last roses of summer,last year.

we all got together and went to see Mom.we hadnt been up there for a little longer then we had to the weather being soooo hot .it does a number on we got there today about 2:00.she was asleep and I walked up and said hello.she got a big smile on her face.I said we didnt forget you if that was what you were thinking.she said she new that. the girls had all stopped to get their hot coco and coffee to wake up with.she looks great and is doing good.but she is not doing her stuff she needs to get her strength back.and to be honest after years of fighting with her to get tough and fight to get back on her feet.I just desided she has to make up her own mind to do it.she is on the full vent breathing tube,and it seems like she isnt able to get off and breath on her it is hard to know what to do.her apartment sits and waits for her.but I wonder if she will ever go back?and its hard to think she will have to be told.there are things we have had to keep from her.and I dont like that.but she has enough on her plate.guess no one else has been up there again to see her,besides us.and they live close to where she is.but go figure,they are the ones who said we didnt visit her enough.people amaze me!but then its that way alot.people seem to think if they yell loud they can cover up the fact they arent doing what they are supose to do.but the truth always comes out.this post will be short {I can hear yells of o thank God from all those I hate to read people}.I was awake tell nearly 3:oo last night.I went to bed but just couldnt fall I just talked to the Lord about alot of stuff.finely fell asleep in a peacefulness hadnt felt in a felt like the Lord just held me and calmed my mind.all of us consisted of Lucy,Anna,Em,SAR,and me.Lucy drove up Anna drove back.I left when we got back cause I was so this is the day in a nut shell.goodnight Iam going to saw some logs.and dream of better days and happy times.God bless your little pea pickin hearts. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 05, 2006

sunset in winter in my favorite spot

psalm 23.He restores my soul by still waters. Posted by Picasa

as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

I was thinking today about how this would is.not the earth ,that belongs to God! but the world system.back when I was young we could read and study the bible in school." YES IN SCHOOL !! aint that something?you could even pray and use the Name of God in reverence. and no one would say a thing cause most believed in a Holy God.but now just sence marilyn somebody had prayer taken out of school we have the messed up world we have today! now its only been out of school for a short time .think it was in the 50s or 60s.but look at the mess!!!and people are so dumb they dont see the truth! heck I flunked school so bad,my report card looked like it was shot for all the red on it.but I can still figure out that kicking God out of the school did some major damage!!! kids are nuts now days.they bring guns to school and shot their teachers and fellow students.they have sex in the school and believe me they didnt do that when I was in school.and we still called!!!!it makes me dam made!!!what the heck was wrong with you older christains when that fruitcake marilyn what ever her name was,was getting prayer out of school?why didnt you do something?she was one dumb woman with a big mouth and no brains.but you have the Lord backing you and you did nothing!! so now I see my poor grandkids suffer cause you did nothing!!and yes I do vote.I proudly voted for G.W.BUSH.why cause he believes like I do that there is a God in heaven and a day we all stand makes me sick to see the way this world has become.this was at one time a christain nation,but it is not that anymore.oh there are believers living here.and God still does help because of that.but there are unbelievers here who put a stain on the face of this country.dont figure that your goverment will pertect your christain rights.cause we may not always have a God fearing man in make up your mind now to vote or you may not be able to.and you maybe pulled out of your home and disapear like in other counrtys,because you believe in may what Iam saying.but do you remember Hitler?well people sat by and did nothing well he was coming to power.only after he slaughtered 6 million Jews did someone get off their lazy butts and do something!!if its going on in this world it invalves YOU!!!!this is a small place Honey and it is getting smaller all the I know Iam just some dumb little no mind house wife off in tim buck two,and dont have a big ear for my little Vioce to be heard with ,but Iam doing what Ican,are you?this may never be heard by anyone but a few but Iam doing what I can.wake up people there is all kinds of just plain crap going on in this world.babys being killed every day in botcher shop abortion can we sit by and let that happen under the lie its not a baby? its a baby!!!!!it was at the secound it was conseved .it wasnt a tishue.its a baby!!!now sence I cant stop people useing my money for killing them cause the goverment does it.I will say Lord forgive me and the others who feel the way I do from being held accountable for these childerns deaths.please Lord I know they are your children and you care for everyone.please open the blind eyes to the they stop taking inocent lives.and please get this country back to what it once was ONE NATION UNDER GOD.cause there is still a remnent here who love you and still say "IN GOD WE TRUST!!!!wish I knew what else I could do Lord but for now this is the best I can do.and as you see Lord no one but a few read if you want people to read it you have to get them to it.I will leave that to you.cause Iam real blessed if I can even work the search thing on this computer.and there will be a few out there who think Iam wacky cause I talk to you like I do.but prayer is talking so that is what Iam got one on my blog all by your self Lord and maybe get the ears to hear and give me the boldness to say what you lay on my heart.and if I mess up and say something I shouldnt then forgive me.but like you say" truth spoken in love does more then lies to make someone feel better.}I miss how it use to be in this country,when I was young and things were still simple and people still believed.I miss the fact that kids could learn about you yet in school Lord!I miss the freedom we had to stop things in our citys and towns that were not right.I miss the fact that at one time people knew you didnt want the government to stop people from enjoying christmas just cause some didnt believe in you.I miss the fact that little kids use to be able to sing Jesus loves me in school ,with out some mean teacher saying you cant sing that in makes me sad of the fact that when kids graduate from high school and collage they are being stopped from saying thank you to you father God for your help.or saying your name at all.and I take my hat off to the ones who do it anyway!!!it makes me sad to see how this country is being changed more and more to look like Russia, china,and other places that stop your word from being long as Iam alive and have a way and the strenght to speak out with your help I will.all I ask is that you give me the things to say so I can Lord.this is my prayer.and I wrote it here so people know how I feel. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 03, 2006

one ripple in the water

someone once said one ripple in the water can keep going all the way to the sea.but I dont know if its true or not.but I do know one ripple in life can go a long way and change alot.a good ripple can do good things in a life.but a bad one can do alot of bad.and it can last for years.a word said in anger that you dont mean.a promise not kept.a need you see and do not meet if you could have.time spent with a child while they are young.saying I love you when you feel it instead of waiting or thinking the person someone the benifit of the dout even when your not sure they are telling you the truth.trusting even when its hard untell you know for sure.this life is full of ripples and things that make it hard to do the perfect thing.but we can try to do the right cant stop a ripple from happening in the water.but you can in life if you try to do what is right.and when you do blow it you can ask for the Lords help and He will . there is never just one way of doing any thing but if we use the common sence the Lord gave us we can get along pretty well.the Lord gave us some guide lines to go by.and if we go by them we will be able to handle things pretty I dont always know just what to do,and more then likely I mess up now and then.but when I do the Lord always helps me.I aint perfect just forgiven.there is not one of us that is perfect.only one who was ,is Jesus.thats why He was called the perfect lamb,or scarifies for our sins and mistakes. some days I just wish the Lord would take me home cause its not a easy world we live in.but guess he aint done with be honest if I were God I dont know if I would have put up with us this long.I seen a cartoon once it showed God in heaven and all the mess down here and it said DONT MAKE ME COME DOWN THERE!!!!!!! but you know that is just what he did.he came as our savoir some people will have a hissy fit cause I said that, and I dont give a rats patudie if they do cause its true!! no one else could have done takes a Holy sin less life to pay for a sin filled one.and the only sinless one I know of is Jesus.if he hadnt been sinless it would not have you see the trash book out there is blowing hot air.and when the auther stands before the living God at his day of judgement,it will not be long before he is in alot of hot air on less he repents of the lies he wrote wrote about Jesus and gets forgiven.see you are acountable for your actions dont get to come back many times and do it right like those who believe you keep coming back as diffrent people.see it says it is apointed once unto man to die and then the judgement.ONCE!!!! not 4,5,0r 10.ONCE!!!you have one life one soul and they both will be judged by God.not anyone else.Hebrews 9;27.tells us the truth about how long we have to get it life time,or about 80 years,and that time goes be wise like the Lord said to be ,and make sure the ripples you make are good ones cause the others are hard to stop once they get rolling.Jesus said to the believers "if any man sin he can come to the father and ask for forgiveness and I with be faithful and just to forgive his sins.1 John 1; althow you cant stop ripples in the water you can stop them in life.the blood of Jesus covers every thing.I know this isnt a easy world to live in and there are so many temptions out there to try to mess you up.but if you will just come with a honest heart and a repentent soul you will get what you need from the Lord.He forgave me and set me on a safe footing .and if He will do it for me He will do it for anyone.but He cant do a thing if you try to do it on your own.and you cant!!it says all have sined and fallen short.Romens 3; we all need a savoir.the Lords love is what we all been looking for all our lives.we try all kinds of junk to fill that hole in our hearts.but it has just one thing that fits.see its Jesus shaped and only He fits into it.cant put booz in it dont fit,sex,things,new clothes,houses,cars,new man ,new woman,more money,new fix,what ever you been trying wont fit.the only thing that will is Jesus.believe me I know I had tryed it all.only thing that fit was Him.His love is the high I was looking is still a pain some days but I got a loving best friend to help me.He stands by me when no one else does.He holds me in the storm when Iam alone.He gives me His strength when I have none of my own.He loves me just the way Iam,but loves me too much to leave me that way.people will always let you down.aint one person on this earth who can meet all your needs or be noble enouph to do you right all the time.but Jesus will!!He has never let me down even when it looked like He may the long run it was clear He was right there all along.and in my life I have had much chance to test His faithfulness.and I can say HE IS FAITHFUL!!!!but I cant say that about anyone else.oh my family comes close.but they still let me down .they are after all if every one turns on you,you have one who will not ,His name is Jesus.and He loves you more then anyone else ever could. He died for your sins so He could have you with Him in heaven when you leave here.and to be with you while your here. some may get sick of me talking about the things I do.thats ok they have their right to like or dislike what ever they want.but one day something the Lord layed on my heart may be just what they need to hear or remember.Iam thankful for two people who said something to me.they said "YOU NEED JESUS IN YOUR LIFE!!and you know they were right, I did!!!try him you will like him.dont go to heaven with out Jesus ,you wont be able to without Jesus is the pits,death without Him is HELL!! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

rain drops on the pood..

the rain drops are hiting my window.the sound is so good to hear.and my windows needed to be washed.maybe now they will be clear.I use to let the window washers do them ,that is tell they came in and broke my shades and took one down and didnt put it from then on I said I didnt want them in my apartment.those darn mini blinds aint cheap!well for the frist time in days the air is off.its peaseful.I desided to just sit and post some thing before I start my dishes.guess every one is gone today.lucy called me today guess it was a miss mom day. then sar bear called me guess it was a miss nana day thats ok I missed them both to.the rain moved on and the sky is clearing alittle.hope it stays cloudy for a while.I ran out earlyer to get a few things at the store.desided to make soup.I love soup of any step mom makes the best beet soup think its called borscht.Ukraine is where she came from when she was about 2 years old.the story is so cool how the Lord provided for them the whole way.see they had to flee for their lives.the russians killed her two uncles and were coming back for the rest of the they left with grandma grandpa the mom and Dad and the two girls.helena my step mom and her sister .the family had a hard time but praise the Lord they made it to the USA.they make their home in the midwest and one day she became my step mom.but she is more like a sister or friend to me.I also got a sweet brother James and now a sister in law and little niece and thank you Lord for my family.the Lord can take hard times and turn them around.He is so faithful.I will ask her and maybe I will be able to tell her story on my blog. every time I hear it it gives me the goose bomps cause I see how the Lord helped them to a new life know we all have a story to fokes came from Germany on my fathers grandmothers father came before she was born.I remember her speaking alittle German to me.guess the frist was how they said you see He was in my life way back as a child.I remember looking at the German hymnal and bible at the words.they intreged me.and I new the bible was something inportant and valued.because granny took tender care of grandpa use to put me on his lap and we would listened to {back to the bible broadcast on the radio.}I remember him and I doing the bible studys together that they sent was my frist studying about Jesus.I was about 2 or three at the was just shortly before grandpa went home to be with Jesus.19 years later I gave my life to Jesus and the prayers my grandpa prayed for his little smokey were answered.he prayed in the basement just a week before his death to recieve Jesus and for his whole family to be saved. and one by one we been coming never give up on anyone.cause if you put them in Jesus hands He will bring them into His kingdom.I never found out why grandpa called me smokey.guess I will have to ask Dad.and there is a verse in the bible that says bring up a child in the way of the Lord and when they are old they will not bepart form it.and so you see Iam living granny would tell me things about Jesus are like sponges they listen to people they trust.that is why you need to be careful who they are around.because not all people can be trusted.this old world has alot of wolves in it and I do not mean the wilderness be honest I would trust a wolf more then some of the teachers in collages now or high schools or churches.if they arent believers you can hear alot of just plan crap from them!!! and even some times there are some very miss guided men in the preisthood.just cause they are in the church dont mean they can be trusted!!!they are after all men.guess they figure if they mess around with little boys it isnt a sin.well think again boys thats what God calls it.only He uses a harsher word.its a stink in His nose!!!! you can get a child ready for the world, but if you dont get him or her ready for this life and the one after, they have been jepped.wish I had known more to help my kids with.but the Lord is faithful He steps in and does what you dont know if you trust Him to.the storm clouds are moving in again.hope it cools way down and I can open windows. Ephesians3;20. 2 Corinthians 9;8 Acts16;31 psalm 91 . these are some good word to stand on.they have helped me .you stand on Acts for your whole family to be saved.God bless you and yours as I know He already does. tell we chat again . Posted by Picasa