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Monday, October 29, 2007

gone for a few days to lucys.

Lucy and the girls came up for my birthday.we are all meeting at Anna,s.then I have to go back with them to watch sar bear.I am sorry I havent been on much but I been so busy lately havent had the time.I promise when I get back Ill be more able to post.

thank you all for commenting.and I will have some more pictures when I get back.Anna and I went for a ride and saw a eagle on a tree near the water.Ill show some pictures of a old gerist mill when I get back.

happy harvest time to all.God bless you.I will try to be home around the 4th.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

two posts today.6 picitures

one morning Goeser and I were sitting by the bay window just enjoying the cool breeze and the company of the had been days sence we saw it.and I was sharing some kind words with him as he let me take the pictures to share on the you all could see what a handsome boy he is.and what a kind guy he is look at that face.well all at once we heard this wierd sound out side the window.I stood up and looked out the side window,nothing,then out the other window,nothing.then I walked over to the french doors.and there as proud as punch stood this lovely visitor.he just stood and looked at me as if to say hey I want to get my picture I took some of him.he just walked slowly away to the orcherd and he was gone.if you go down to the post below you will see what happened before he got to the orcherd.isnt he a lovely bird?

I couldnt believe he was so close and not at all afraid.the colors are out of this world.and he was a plump bird.I hate to say it but it made me remember grannys best thankgiving meal,maybe that is why he walked off alittle faster.maybe he saw me lick my chop,s.hee hee.granny made pheasent chicken and wild duck baked together.once long ago.I thimk of it now and then.

he is a nice bird,and no I didnt shut him and eat him.but he would have made some good eating.sorry but I was raised eating wild life now and then.deer,duck,squirrels,geese,turkey,pegion,rabbit,fish.we lived off the bounty of the land and raised our own food for a long time.
this will be short today cause I seem to have lost some readers.hope you who do read enjoy the pictures and the trip.
have a great day every one.God bless you.
remember to check out the other three pictures below.
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more from the trip.

this is "Cat"he is the owner of the house.well at lest he thinks so.he had me trained fast.5 in the morning he came to the french doors and rubbed his wet paws to make a sound and I would let him in.O he is very good at getting you to love him.his bright yellow eyes melt you.he also lay on my bed and would take his nap.

my step mom has this hanging in her livingroom to remember her grandmother.she did work like this and all the girls got some to remember her when she passed away.she was a cool lady.
she sure showed me up when I went with Helen to work on her fathers farm.the grandma was in her 80,s me in my 17th year.I begin to throw bales to the other girls and turned around to get another.
but in front of me stood grandma.she was asking me to through bales to her in UKrainen.I was afraid Id throw them too fast and she would get hurt or tired.but when we took a brake Helen said grandma is strong she wants you to throw them faster and not worry about her.
well she out worked me before the day was over.I went in for supper one tired girl.we but in alot of bales that day.I also went home with musles like a man.
but the thing I remember most was the cool family and the love they had for each our.and the food they made.both the women of the place helens mom and grandma could charm any one with their fine food.
I learned old dont mean weak..

here is Cat and if you look up in the picture you will see he isnt a good hunter.the pheasent is standing there wondering why cat just walked by him.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

something to think about.

this is another day that God made, are you thanking him for it? and are you enjoying it and looking for the blessings he put in it to bless you? or are you letting the devil steal your joy?
please be sure to go lelow to number one and read about my trip to the country.

the room I slept in and the view.(number two)go to nu one frist

this is the sunroom looking out the french doors to the brother did a very good job on the lovely notty pine he put on the walls.he is a talented young man he can do anything.he is like my father,a jack of all trades and master of none.Oh guess I should

this is where I sat to write in my journal.I took the picture sitting on the bed.
for the new people on my blog.that this is my step real brother is a bit of a weirdo.he has not been around for over 20 years.and doesnt want to be.he left when he was in his 20,s and didn want anything to be with us.he had been in a actcident and hit his head.he just changed so much.he didnt even see mom before she died, or has he come to see my father.but he sure was johnny on the spot to get mom,s money when she passed.enough said about him...its too nice of a day to talk about junk...

here is the sunlight over the bed where I saw the stars at night,it was awesome.I lay there and just felt so blessed to be able to stay for a few the morning I lay and watch the clouds floot over.and at night heard the rain hit the roof and it would put me to sleep with the sound.

this is the little dog who would sit with me early in the morning as I did my prayer time with the Lord and did my journal.the little guys name is Goeser.he is a sweet easy going little guy.he only looks for love.and he was missing the rest of the family.he would sit for a long time and look out the window.many mornings I would sit and look out this window and wish I were able to live in the country soon.
I was never disapionted if I was still and didnt make too much sound.the birds would come to the crackers my step mom put out to feet them.till she was able to put up the bird feeder the bear knocked down last winter or fall.
yes a bear came to the feeder.they live off the beatten path way back in the wild.its off the road a half mile back up against a swamp and woods on two sides.and a 80 to the south and a 80 to the they are in a prefect setting for wild life.
my great grandfather loved his space.he picked this spot cause he loved to be srounded by land.and he picked a place with a creek on either side of his land.
but slowly the land had been given away to his big family and we lost some.but its still almost the same.cause the 80,s hold off the spread of people from the south and west.and the swamp and woods from the north and east keep building away.and hopefully will for the time our family needs it.the D and R.owns the land my father once did.that was lost when Dad ran around on it does not pay to be lose more then your happy to give up.
well I am going to close for today.
but need to say some thing.I cant get on some of your blogs.cause this darn thing will not let me.I have trouble even doing my posting.and dont know Ill do what I can and please bare with if you dont see me on your blog its not cause I left you its cause I cant get to you.if any one can please tell (Its the little things ). for me I have tryed to post to her and cant.tell her to come on mine and I may be able to get back to her then.I seem to be able to get to every one else.but havent been able to get to the ones on my book mark page so I have lost some and dont know how to find them again.this dang thing is getting to me.I have no idia what went was after a up date went go is not always better.wish they would leave things alone.
well have a great week and Ill post when I can.Iam still busy with doing some of my stuff.but tuesday morning I was writing and reading posts I could get to yet.and a story line came to me.I sat down at about 11;00am and didnt stop till nearly midnight when I finished it.its called "canyon road "and its a redemtion story.of a young man.dont know yet what the Lord wants me to do with it but when I know Ill tell you.
God bless you all and please bare with me with this dumb thing till I find out what the heck is wrong.may take a while cause you know how computer dumb I please forgive me if I cant
comment on yours for a while.
thanks for reading.
your friend Leannn.

trip to my childhood home.(number one.)

this is my childhood home.I moved away when I was forteen.
my step mom and I had a great time.the two weeks I was there.
like she said to everyone."we blabbed and eat and blabbed and eat.
she is a very good cook and we did eat very well.I felt like a human food compacter.
and it was so good.
she made borsht a heavenly soup from the UKraine.yummy yum yum..its made with beets and potatoes cabbage,carrots,
onions,and some kind of meat,she used chicken..
it was soooo yummy we eat it every chance we got.the smell was so good I could hadly wait tell it was done.

this is the tree they have in the sun room where I slept.its a pine of some kind I dont remember the name.but its a awesome tree.its way over my head and still growing.I could lay in bed and look at it at the foot end of the bed.

this is where I slept,the bed is a old family bed that use to set n the wedding room upstairs.when anyone was married they would get that room.the bed was put down in the sun room cause a lot has a new family lives in the home and new family comes to visit from the UKraine and other places.

My brother and some friends of his built the sun room on after the tornado went was a blessing in a way cause if it hadnt they may have never known the big beam that held up the whole one side of the house was so badly rotted that the house was sinking into the foundation.left as it was the house would have been so badly rotted that the foundation would never have held cause it was sinking when they started to build the basement they found the mess and was thank God able to save before it was too late.
the house is way over 150 years old so its a blessing its saved.its one of the oldest places in our county.
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Sunday, October 21, 2007

tracks of the storm.

the storm moved in and the clouds made me wonder if a toranado was coming.I had to look close to see it was only rain bands.

but as you can see it sure looked like a funnel cloud at first.

it was so cool to watch the storm as it moved in and the rain came.

the sky changed so much in only a short time .but then the storm was gone and the night was calm.this was taken before I went to my step mothers.we been getting so much rain lately that the farmers cant even get their harvest in some places.there were flood warnings or most of the midwest for a few days.I will be posting picture now for the next few days with the pictures I took at the farm.while I was visiting my step mom.we had a very nice time.
well Iam still having problems with the computer but Ill still post the only way I can.
have a wonderful week.and God bless.
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Saturday, October 20, 2007

moonlight blessing.

this will be a short post I still have things I have been doing.tonight I was getting the pictures set in my when I get time I can post was a wonderful day today so I got some stuff done.I was going go for a ride to take it all in but got busy doing some well needed cleaning and got side tracked.Oh well life goes on maybe it will be nice tomorow.
I tired to get on my blog tonight and couldnt unless I did it this hope it works now.hope everyone is fine and all is well maybe a few more days till I can put the pictures please bare with me.
God bless you all and have a great weekend.
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Friday, October 19, 2007

I am back.but need some rest.

I will be back on to show you some new pictures from my home place.I was at my step mom,s for longer then I thought I was going to be.she was going to be alone for 2 weeks not one as I had thought.
she said Oh I need you to stay till the 20th.but the kids came back one day sooner.
so Ill get back to blogging as soon as I can.
I hope you are all fine and well.God bless you all.
it is so good to be home.its nice to visit but so good to come home.

"Its the little things" I went down to check the mail so I could tell you if your gift was was so I opened it.your so sweet.thank you so much.I read a lot in the winter.and I was hoping for a book to read.this one is based on a movie I seen.I never read the book.the Louisana spice looks good for fish Ill try it as soon as I can get me some fish or shrimp.thank you so much for the nice words and for your helps a person know people do care.
the card is a sign to me that indeed you did hear from the Lord.see I love wilderness loon,s and the picture of the loon family was a blessing.I am going to put it in a frame and hang it on my wall.your note will be in it to remember my friend.also dear thank you for what you put in the card.but you shouldnt have done it.I know how hard it is for you now.but I also know God blesses the giving he will bless you the way you need it most.
your a good friend and blog sister..God bless you my dear.Ill be over to read as soon as I get my house cleaned and all my stuff put in order.

I missed you all and told my step mom about my friends on the net.she was interested to know about the bloggers.have a really great weekend and enjoy your self.(((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
friends maybe far apart in places here and there.but they are never far from our hearts,and never out of our prayers.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

end of trip pictures.

I was at Anna,s for a few I better get on the ball and put the rest of the pictures on.
this was the sail boat close to the dock.they had a lovely day to sail.

you can see the tall pines in this one.and the crows doing their flying dives.they were not to happy when I was getting ready to leave.they were going were the gulls.

the sun was getting low when I drove through town.and I could see how pretty the resort looked from the other I drove down to take a picture so you could see how nice a little resort it is..
I will miss the place and would like to go to it again.but I am sure Ill be going to visit another one.

Its a rainy day here and so after Anna and I went shopping and out to eat. we came back and unloaded my food and new presto skillet I got for only 24,99.its a awesome one.I took Anna to eat at DQ..we got bouble cheese bugers frys and she got a coke and I got a artic blast was so good but I got a brain frezze that hurt like heck.
we then went to one of the bargin stores.I got too warm and headed out to the van.
this will be short cause I been busy and just dont have much to share today.maybe Ill be more up to it tomorow.
the 6th I go to stay with my step mom for a few days while my brother and his wife and kids go for a trip out west.
she is putting my Dad in the home for the time my brother is gone cause she cant take care of Dad we will be there alone.
she didnt want to be all alone so she asked me to come.I really dont feel like going cause I am still tired yet from my trip.but Ill go to keep her will be like old times.I use to stay there when I was in my teens after my mom and Dad were divorced.
it was fun.she wasnt the one who broke up the family so I could like her.she was good to me..
well everyone God bless you and have a great week..
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Monday, October 01, 2007

happy harvest time

Give thanks to the Lord for he has blessed us with a harvest of color.... the weather is cool and the colors are coming on.its the time of the year I love.

the geese fly over on their way south ,you can hear them in the early morning and late in the evening.the air is fresh and has a hint of winter.every where you look are pumpkins and a bounty full harvest to be thankful for.
Have a happy harvest my friends.

view from the cabin window.

The sail boat came by now and was always nice to see its white sail flapping in the sun.

The duck who came to sleep on the dock in the sun light.

The day the gulls were following the can see them just flying in happy groups around the poontoon.

the day the sun made diamonds dance on the water.

Please look at the post below this one for the award roll.
the names and what to do is on it.and if you click on Audrey,s name in my comments it will tell you what the award is.
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nice matters award.

my friend Audrey gave this award to me and 6 of her other friends.

so I will give it to 7 of the ones I can click on her name in my blog and find what the award stands for.I had a hard time finding the way to just put this picture of the award on my blog.I tryed more times then I can count.guess I need someone who knows this thing better then me..

7.its the little things.
Please pass it on to 7 others who you feel should be blessed for their care in doing their blog.or if they just need a blessing.
I wish I knew how to put their blog sites on the side of my blog so you can see the ones I keep in touch with,but I dont know how yet.